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    Welcome to the community! There's a few things you should know off the bat! Trilez steals monkfish Script creators didn't hack you Don't post in dispute threads unless you are directly involved Everyone is supposed to give me 20% of all gold they receive @Assume has a big shlong @YoHoJo is the best person to buy and sell gold with
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    My name is Case sensitive on discord Becareful of imposters - I NEVER TRADE VIA PMS EVER. Unique ID: 460089618331860993 or click here to join my discord and open a ticket: https://discord.gg/b47uuQH Why use VirtGold as your Service provider? in business since 2016 over 250 Positive feedback from customers Over $1k in donations across various forums Everything is 100% hand trained and all work are monitored Provide sufficient updates frequently Terms of services ~:
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    I am selling Bonds 1.25m ea, if you want to buy, leave me a pm
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    Fixed Got an onyx gem on the 18th kill today. good welcome back.
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  6. 1 point
    jarrodosrs, I ended up getting the client to work by re downloading java. Maybe that would work for you?
  7. 1 point
    Taco said he will attempt to fix this issue in the next script update. There is no work around this bug other than restarting the script.
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    20 data collections are required for access.
  9. 1 point
    Received a ban, but strangely it was only a temporary ban - My fault though, fell asleep and left the bot on for 24 hours without human timing as well.
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    1 Auth (Purchasing the script once) Instances are how many bots you can run using 1 Auth Example 1 Auth = 2 instances You buy the script once and you can run 2 bots at the same time. Buy 2 auths ( buy the script twice) and you can run 4 bots at the same time. Hope that helps
  11. 1 point
    I do have a very long shlong. I also sell private scripts, feel free to contact me.
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    Nvm my skype worthy, fixed by deleting cache and restarting client Rebooting the zulrah train. will be posting proggies and new setups with times shortly. trying out tormented bracelet builds.
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    Yup. https://gyazo.com/94582fe828bf622016574f95861e29bf https://gyazo.com/5ca4074e60d8fe55ad482bc564d70050
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    I just stumbled across your thread and wanted to thank you for being one of the few script writers that supports his script with constant updates to meet demands. You're not even a premium scripter or scripter rank and still do better work than some of those who are!
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    I don't let people shit on my ideas. I understand that what you are going through, i have suffered from it and same as my partners. I feel as if being proactive in this business is definitely helpful, don't solely focus on just your botfarm and stress yourself out. Manage priorities and do what you can within your means.
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  17. 1 point
    You should be added now. Link to v2: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1814
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    @Liam. maybe add a afk guthans way? and allow us to change our own interval time would be nice! i believe with guthans we only need to interact every 20 minutes if you are in constant combat
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