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    What do you want me to do? Handle scripting, sales, support, and run a script for thousands of hours across every different system and network possible while also attending college? Because that's what you're asking. We all do our best. We do not have support teams or sales teams or QA testers. We have ourselves and help from customers who are the ones running the scripts for thousands of hours. Scripting for Runescape is a gig like no other. Let's say I write a script that has high requirements to entry of 400 hours of training and quests. I am able to write the script and test it a good amount but the one constant in the botting world is bound to hit -- being banned. I now have two options, I can release the script as it is, having fixed the vast majority of bugs and issues or I can train another account up, hope it doesn't get banned before getting the requirements and end up going through the same thing. This is all while someone breathes down my back demanding the script be released because they trained an account for it and now it went to waste. Obviously I am going to choose number one. And to another point, the game world is constantly changing and things break that we have absolutely no control over. Jagex can up and change 10,000 IDs or shift tiles or move monsters or even make a method completely obsolete. I don't run my scripts 24/7 -- hell I barely run them at all, I don't have time to with everything else going on. We have to rely on users to report issues and yes, sometimes they have to be our testers because we just don't have the means to test at that time. That's the way this world works, and if you don't like it, leave. If you have a problem with a script and you feel it isn't be addressed properly, go and file a dispute. If your issues is valid, you'll get your money back. There's nothing to complain about here.
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    Or... (You might want to brace yourself for this.) GET A REAL JOB
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    Just a small update, woke up to this 15 hr logg, seems pretty good for boxing and my first 50m+ logg. I will continue w/o stopping the script to see if i can hit 100M in a sesh.
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    If it wasn't for SCAR and SRL, TRiBot might not even exist. That's where I got started into coding scripts/bots. Good memories.
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    Damm dem memories!! The forums are still going if you want to learn/make a macro script for all types of games
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    I'm going to keep this short as I can but I think it's worth saying: I work as a software developer in the server hosting industry and I can speak from experience that trying to off-load Q/A testing to your customers is immoral. The software delivered is always as-is and to leave it up to the customer to find your bugs, write detailed bug reports, and generally 'work for you' is a quick way to lose your customer base. I'm not saying being detailed when it comes to asking your customers to describe a bug to you is a bad thing but it is time consuming, and when the bugs you're currently dealing with prevent your customer from using the software, that's when we run into problems.. This paradigm is also recognizable with a lot of scripts and their script providers on this site. It seems to me that some people on this site, I won't name names, are doing the exact thing I just described. You write up your code without testing it farther than a 5-min run through, because you think, well I'm a developer, I know what I wrote is logically sound, it worked at first glance, and it's not my job to Q/A. Well guess what, you don't have a Q/A team! I'm not going to tell you what to do and how to run your business, but I want to point out to you that not only is it frustrating to have developers like this in the community that write faulty code, but it's time consuming for other people and lowers the standard of premium scripts. People pay for your code. It is YOUR responsibility to test your own code and make sure it works for longer than at least an hour, I mean come on man... If you can't do that, it would probably benefit you to hire someone that can. I vote with my money, and when I find these kind of script providers, I won't buy any of their scripts in the future. Really guys, some of the premium scripts in here are a joke and this is the very reason why. Rant over. Thanks for reading.
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    Alright, thanks you #1!
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    Alright I'll do that. I have a lot of antiban in the script but it doesn't execute yet. I really dislike abc2 delays. It's incredibly inconsistent and always really high. Abc doesn't take mouse movements and whatnot into account which makes it even more botlike. You could move the mouse to the next object and abc will still wait between 2 and 15 seconds before clicking just because it's programmed poorly in that regard in my opinion.
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    I've used scar/aryan/rsbot/kbot/nexus/rsbot/powerbot/rsbuddy/tribot, needless to say, i've seen it all. Anyone remember when gh0st infected rsbot? I remember keeping the old jar file on my desktop and rarely updated and evaded the hack by about 2 weeks, it's rumored he hacked hundreds of bills and bought a house
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    been suiciding this from 60-91 so far on a maxed zerker in aprox 1 week
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    Yes. Give Virtual Buddy a try, I use them myself and they work perfectly. https://virtualbuddy.org/
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    Removed. @HendiBendiTendi feedback system is only for if you have done a trade with a user. Please don't abuse the system. @ohParadox please don't mention me in the dispute section, I'm subscribed.
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    Q/A team with a small market like runescape scripts? That's not gonna happen, there isn't enough money for something like that. 95% of time, users report false bug reports because of a client or user based issue. They are extremely vague and there's no way to see what's wrong without a detailed report. All premium scripts are (now) reviewed by @USA and @TRiLeZ. Furthermore, all premium scripts require a 5 hour proggy when submitting the application. Another thing you have to consider is sometimes the scripter has no control over something breaking if its caused by Jagex. These are generally fixed by script writers in a reasonable time. Honestly, here's how I see it as a developer: Fill out a report to see if it's a script/client/user error OR A. Schedule an appointment and remote control user B. Exchange countless messages that could be answered by the bug report BTW, most bug reports take like 5 minutes to fill out. You may not be a Q/A tester, but you shouldn't expect help if you're not willing to put in some effort. Posting shit like "won't work, fix plz" doesn't help us whatsoever. Besides, if you have a problem with the script, collect evidence and REPORT it. A script that keeps breaking constantly and not fixed within a reasonable time is worthy of a complaint. You may/may not qualify for a script dispute, but it most certainly raise the administrators of a scripter with poor performance.
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    Reporting in! Long live SCAR/Simba/SRL! Great community, my first introduction to RS Cheating! I believe even @TRiLeZ got his start there! Some crap I made: Resource Dungeon Miner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSFNPTWTtKw Gatestones for A++ Magic XP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hr8rme-U038 And who could forget, the bot reporting bot!
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    Sounds like incorrect user/pass on the proxy.
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    problem with restart is that the bot loses track of the 4 hours limit and it tries to buy items that have reached the limit. maybe it can be coded so it will only restart the script if its unable to grab the price instead of using the*0.65 *1.35 forumla? id say i get at least 1 "logging in..." on a daily basis.
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    >never botted >has account on a botting forum and posting..........
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    Another session completed.
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    If you are botting a hotspot it is best to avoid those hours imo
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