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    Would just like to make this thread to show my gratitude towards tribot and this awesome community. A few years ago my main was permanently banned on OSRS for macroing. This was when weath was recently hired, and bans were skyrocketing through the roof. At the time I didn't know the ban rates were high, so I decided to keep botting after a 2 day ban and I was quickly permed from the game. Over the years I've tried multiple times to recreate my account, which had maxed melee, 99 magic, barrows gloves, and over 80M xp. I failed 10+ times recreating my account, usually getting banned before 80 combat. Although I had been with tribot since April 2013, I only found out about looking glass a few months ago, and decided to give it a shot. Soon after, I was over 80 combat. Few weeks later, I was at 100 combat. Finally after ~2 months, I maxed melee. Fast forward a few more weeks, and I have successfully botted all my skills to be able to get back the stats I had on my previous main before it got permanently banned. To finish off, I just wanted to say that tribot is currently the best bot in the market. Although many don't believe in it, looking glass is amazing. ABCL2 is amazing. Both are among the many factors that I believe kept me alive for enough time for me to remake my main that I've tried many times to recreate. Would like to say thank you to @TRiLeZ @Usa @Todd for creating this awesome client and community. Wouldn't have been able to go this far without it. Would also like to thank everyone on discord, definitely had some fun times with you guys in there, namely Paradox Sibbernski Killumatic Starfox & all the others that I can't recall atm as I just woke up. Would also like to thank Fatdoobie for helping me out with the many botting habits I used. For everyone who's interested in creating a main, I will be releasing a free guide which would elaborate in detail all my botting habits that I believe got me this far. TLDR; Max main got banned permanently as weath was first hired as cheating specialist for osrs. Tried over 10 times to recreate my main, finally was able to do it with tribot. <3 you all Love, Mark
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    Please stick to one thread and edit it instead of making excessive ones each time you have more gold to sell.
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    Notes: I have only been able to test this setup procedure, on Debian 6.0, 7.9 and 8.1 (as they are all DigitalOcean provides). I can assume if it works on those, it will work on the other distributions in that set, but there are no guarantees. Secondly, this script requires root privileges to run, do not try and run without root or you will encounter issues Thirdly, this script and tutorial, will guide you through the process of disabling root logins on your server, creating a new account which you will use with root privileges, and changing the default ssh port. If for some reason you feel those are not good things to do (they are, leaving root logins enabled opens you to a world of issues) then you can edit this script yourself, or skip those steps in the guide. Do not post here complaining you can't login as root, you should never ssh as root after you setup the server, and I refuse to promote that terrible practice. Lastly, there are some redundant commands in the script, however they do no harm so I'm not concerned with them at the moment Step 1. Acquire a non-setup Debian VPS (Recommended Debian 7 x86) (http://www.waveride.at is a personal favorite) Step 2. Download PuTTY (PuTTY Homepage) Step 3. Download a VNC Viewer (TightVNC is my personal recommendation, use whatever you prefer) Step 4. SSH into your server, and get to a root prompt (SSH in this case means to connect via PuTTY) (NOTE: YOU MUST BE ROOT) Step 4a) Open PuTTy, you should see a screen like this Step 4b) Enter your Server IP Address into the box that says Host Name (Or IP Address) Step 4c) Enter your server login details and you're done Step 5. If you don't care to learn anything, and you really just want the server setup and done with, go ahead and run this command (32 Bit) apt-get update && apt-get install -y sudo wget && wget --no-check-cert 'https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/81527571/Debian%207%20(32%20Bit)/install32.sh'&& chmod +x install32.sh && ./install32.sh (64 Bit) apt-get update && apt-get install -y sudo wget && wget --no-check-cert 'https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/81527571/Debian%207%20(64%20bit)/install64.sh'&& chmod +x install64.sh && ./install64.sh The command above installs sudo and wget (Installed by default in Debian 7.0+), downloads the install bash script from my Dropbox, gives the script run permissions, and then runs the script. If you'd like to view the script before running it (which you should): 32 Bit 64 Bit Step 6. When the script starts, it will prompt you for the following information: Hit enter after entering your information for each question What would you like your user account to be named? Must be lowercase This is going to be the name of the account you will be using from now on, as root logins will be disabled (over ssh, you can connect as this account and then switch to root afterwards, just not directly connect as root). Just type in the name of your account in all lowercase, for example bots What port would you like to use to ssh to your server? This port is the port used when you use PuTTy to access your server, the default is 22, please change it from 22 to make your server more secure. I recommend something kinda random, such as 6754. Again, just type in your port number of choice What port would you like to use to vnc to your server? The default port for this is 5901, if you want to continue with that port type in 5901 or type in any other port of your choice. What would you like your ssh password to be? This is the password of the new account the script will create, type in whatever you want your password to be, you must enter a value What would you like your vnc password to be? This is the password used when you vnc to your server, it can be anything but you must enter a value Step 7. Now that the information is entered you can sit back and relax, and the script will do the rest. When it finishes, you can go ahead and VNC into your server and run your favorite botting client For anyone you doesn't care what the script does, this tutorial is finished! Please feel free to spread some love for the time I spent writing this tutorial, and perfecting the script For the advanced users, or anyone who isn't just going to run something that I claim is safe, read on and I'll walk you through every command, well most of 'em Command Explanation apt-get update - This command checks the repositories included, for any updates to the Debian software, and updates them automatically apt-get -y install sudo wget nano - This command is slightly redundant, and I just noticed it. Anyways, I'm not fixing it because there's no harm here, but this command installs: sudo (Allows other users to run things as root) wget (allows you to download things from the internet, via bash) nano (A nice bash text editor, which is merely my preferred option over vi [the default bash editor]) sed -i "s/Port 22/Port $sshport/g" /etc/ssh/sshd_config - Replaces the phrase Port 22 with the port inputted at the beginning of the tutorial, if you're running this by copying and pasting each command, replace $sshport with your port of choice. Or, use nano or vi to edit the file /etc/ssh/sshd_config and change the port there echo "AllowUsers $name" >> /etc/ssh/sshd_config - Adds the user account inputted in the being to the list of users allowed to connect via ssh replace $name with your user account name, if you're doing this yourself sed -i "s/PermitRootLogin no/PermitRootLogin yes/g" /etc/ssh/sshd_config - Turns root logins off by replacing the line, skip this if you don't want to turn off root logins chmod 600 sshd_config - Assigns the correct permissions to sshd_config, this command is also unnecessary as of now. service ssh restart - Restarts the ssh service to make the changes take effect, this will not close your connection apt-get -y install xorg lxde tightvncserver - Installs Xorg a LXDE component, LXDE a lightweight desktop environment and TightVNC Server, which will allow you to use VNC to connect to your server sudo adduser $name --gecos "First Last,RoomNumber,WorkPhone,HomePhone" --disabled-password - Adds a user account without a password, if doing this yourself, replaces $name with your desired name echo "$name:$sshpassword" | sudo chpasswd - Changes the password of the account just created, replace $name with the account name, and $sshpassword with the desired password sudo adduser $name sudo - Adds the created user to the sudo user group, which will allow it to run commands as root, replace $name with your desired account name mkdir /home/$name/.vnc - Creates the .vnc directory echo $vncpassword >/home/$name/.vnc/file - Writes the vncpassword to a file, change $vncpassword with the desired password vncpasswd -f </home/$name/.vnc/file >/home/$name/.vnc/passwd - Creates the password file used by the vnc server, and writes the password chown $name /home/$name/.vnc - Changes ownership of file to the user you created chgrp $name /home/$name/.vnc - Changes the group of the file to the user you created su - $name -c "vncserver" - Runs vncserver as the created user su - $name -c "vncserver -kill :1" - Kills the vncserver process as the created user All the curl and wget commands are used to download the popular botting clients, and OSBuddy, places them in a created folder echo deb commands are used to add repositories to Debian to download java (Google Debian JDK8 webupd8 for more details) apt-key gives the server the proper key to connect to the repositories echo oracle allows the script to auto accept the java license agreement chmod 777 /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/lib/security/java.policy - Gives permission to policy file for LG The rest of the commands install firefox, allow the Java Runtime to be seen, create the tightvnc service (so it autostarts) and modify the vncport. If you genuinely have questions, hit me up on Skype: HiFluffee Update January 19th, 2016: Updated both sh files to disable root logins properly, had a mistake in the code. The script also converts any capital letters in the account name to lowercase. If capitals are present the account doesn't get created. Update February 29th, 2016: Fixed the sh files to allow automatically allow connections via VNC to a custom port on reboot of the server. Update: March 2nd, 2016: Now automates keyboard, character and encoding selection Update: March 6th, 2016: Automatically picks Java to open Jar files, and removes Screensaver Update August 20th, 2016: The script now installs TightVNC which fixes the VNC crashing error when too many programs are opened at once.
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    ...always use start script, never use re-run ◄Mute's AIOSlayer► BUG REPORT FORMAT: TRiBot freezing or white GUI? Read this first: DO NOT POST THAT THE SCRIPT WON'T LOAD. PM ME INSTEAD AND I WILL HELP YOU. Current Revision: 5.2.1 click above to BUY now! GET YOUR DYNAMIC SIGNATURE! REPLACE "Everyone" WITH YOUR TRiBOT FORUM USERNAME! [url=https://tribot.org/forums/topic/22657-20][img=http://download.mutesscripts.com/products/dynamic/slayer/Everyone.png][/url] CURRENT FEATURES: ALL MASTERS SUPPORTED! - Agility shortcuts - ABCv2 Level 10 - Antifire support - Bone burying (add bones to your loot table first) - Can start relatively anywhere - Cannon support for all tasks (Dynamic tile finding) - Custom loot table - input exact item names with proper casing - Ectophial support for canifis tasks - Equipment switching for mage, range, melee, prayer, dragon, and wilderness gear See GUI picture above - Fast point mode (Turael 9 tasks - whatever else next task) - Loot Logger - Looting support - NPC Contact - Popular foods supports - Potions support - Prayer Support (You may select what tasks you wish to use prayer on) - Pure support (Attack style preservation & task skipping) - Ranging support (no safe-spotting) - Runes or tab support - Slayer dungeon support - Slayer helm as gem support - Special attack support - Support for slug salter, reptile freezer, shroom sprayer , and gargoyle smasher unlocks - TASK CAMPING AIO COMBAT - Task Flagging Skip tasks via Turael or via points MONSTERS SUPPORTED FOR NORMAL SLAYING: MONSTERS SUPPORTED FOR CAMPING: RUNNING THE SCRIPT: 1. Buy the following items: 2. DISABLE ALL WARNING INTERFACES USING THE DOOMSLAYER 3. MAKE SURE CLIENT INPUT IS OFF, AND YOU'RE LOGGED IN. NEXT, Start the script! FAQ: Q: Will this script work on my pure, low level account, or lvl-1 slayer account? A: Yes, just use a low level slayer master. This script automatically keeps your combat style the same. Q: What is the NPC Contact feature? A: If you're a lunar user, this is for you. Allows you to get new tasks from slayer masters without having to go to them. http://2007.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/NPC_Contact Q: What is the task skipping feature? A: If you select monsters, in skip tasks, and you get that task the bot will go to Turael and retrieve a different task (Hold CTRL to select multiple). Q: What does loot valuables loot? A: Q: What is the fast point mode feature? A: This feature will get 9 tasks from the turael slayer master, and a tenth from the slayer master you originally chose for very fast points. Q: What is the task camping feature (AIOCombat)? A: If you choose to camp tasks, the bot will act as if you received the task from a slayer master, and continually kill your selected monster. The camp tasks feature supports all of the features inherited from AIOSlayer. Q: Does this script use prayer? A: You may select whether or not to use prayer on the main tab of the gui, and you may also select which monsters you wish to use prayer against on the prayer tab. Select multiple by using CTRL + click. Q: Does this script switch equipment? A: Yes, though you must set your equipment on the equipment tab of the gui, by selecting the corresponding checkboxes, and pressing set equipment on each contained tabs (Mage based, Melee based, Range based). What the tabs are for, for example: Mage based means, it will be using whatever armor you set on this tab against magic type monsters. Q: Why does this script sometimes automatically skip monsters? A: Because such monsters aren't coded, and need to be skipped to continue. (I.E. Spiritual mages) Q: How many accounts can I run off of one auth? A: Two (at one time). Q: Why is the price so high? A: This is a slayer script that kills over 80 different monsters. You are entitled to all future updates if you purchase as well. If you need any help, join my discord chat: ...always use start script, never use re-run
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    I had my tribot account hacked (I'm hoping an admin will read my recovery request in the recovery section soon) but I offered the hacker 500m if he told me how he done it and he confirmed this: leakedsource.com The above website stores usernames passwords email addresses secret questions etc. of 1000s of hacked websites and databases, I recommend you check the website to see if ur username is listed and if it is change all your passwords at least for the accounts it lists. I was suprised at how much of my info was on there and I checked some other usernames and it's pretty scarey what they know.
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    Would help if you could spell service?
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    To any staff member that processes my account recovery request within the next 5 hours
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    Please follow through on adding nature chests before the seasonal release, otherwise I wasted my money.
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    99 prayer from 70 costs about 170M. 1-70 costs about 9M, so 179M on prayer 99 herblore atm is roughly 2-5gp/xp depending on your level. Use https://rsbuddy.com/efficiency# to see what to make. Anyway I'd say it would cost around 60M Con would be another 150M at least, for 99. So total around 380M for all those 99s
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    @Mark - Just bot on alts to provide money and resources for your main.
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    Thanks dude, yeah I'll definitely still check on the forums every once in a while, but honestly the new forum makes it very hard for me to monitor the threads I've posted in, which is something I used to check everyday before the new update Have no reason to keep botting, I've achieved everything I had on my previous main I may do a goldfarm in the future if I need the cash, but right now I have no plans for it. I used sigmamagic to bot magic, got really high with that. I've also used a couple of gathering skills from aropupu (aminer, aagility)
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    Just an FYI, only 3 people in this community have over 1000 feedback.
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    best auto responder of any script i have ever used
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    requesting updated picture @TRiLeZ
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    Request: - Background Account Switcher Description: - The script would preferably read accounts from a text file, and switch the logged in account every x minutes Payment Amount: - Can be negotiated Payment Type: - TRiBot Credits Time: - The sooner the better, but no real rush. Additional: - The script needs to run in the background, like Sigma Mule for example, so another script that completes in game tasks (i.e. wooductting) can be ran over top.
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