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    Decided to rent out my dedicated server for a month and see how it goes. This server is hosted out of my home and the specs are as follows: Dual quad-core Opteron 2389 for a total of 8 physical cores16GB RAM256GB Crucial SSD50Mbps/unlimited bandwith connectionThe server is running Windows Server 2012 R2, and is accessible through Windows Remote Desktop Connection, though you may install whatever you wish. Will come ready for you with Java and TRiBot installed. Through testing I am able to run 12-15 clients maximum depending on the script. Looking for $40/month, PM me on TRiBot.
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    @Post that pm is not edited. It did indeed come from you. Unless you have an explanation or refund, you will be banned.
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    @nfekted Tri's AIO combat script does this, so does USA's Fighter
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    Over the past week or two, there's been a load of new users who are claiming the scripts they use are hacking their accounts. The thing in common with nearly every single one is that they're using F2P scripts. I find the likelihood of all of these people downloading gold generator 2.0's hard to believe. Perhaps one of these threads or people should be looked into? I'm sure all these people you guys are roasting are quitting, which are customers we're losing from Tribot forever, in limited/dying game.
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    TRiBot Rank & Title List Administrator @TRiLeZ @Usa @Todd Super Moderator @YoHoJo Moderator @Crimson @erickho123 @Flax @iFluffee @Montreal @The Black Tux Contributor @Gregdw Ex-Staff @Blade @Crimson @FallenShadow @I M Elmo @J M C @Mat @Matt @Mute @mjmfighter @Thebat @TheD @Vancouver @Zainy Support @chrismoon @Crimson @Dukat @Encoded @erickho123 @Flax @iFluffee @ITryNotToTroll @Matt @Mute @TacoManStan @Twinky @Vancouver @Zainy Premium Scripter @AlphaDog @Arckos @Aropupu @Assume @daxmagex @Druid @Encoded @erickho123 @iant06 @J J @JoeDezzy1 @karlrais @Laniax @Leespiker @modulusfrank12 @Mute @Netami @NewBotterFTW @RuniteRocks @Starfox @TacoManStan @TehRhio @Tri @TRiLeZ @Usa @warfront1 @Worthy @wussupwussup @xCode @Zainy Scripter @c#2Bot @Final Calibur @Integer @ITryNotToTroll @peticca10 @WillB These are sorted alphabetically. This list is updated often.
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    @angelrod12 Should be added now in the latest version. Restart your script without using the rerun button to update it. You need to enable it by going to Options --> Banking options and ticking the box for Crafting guild deposit box Let me know if there are any issues. I tested it only to the extent where it would click on the bank chest after your inventory is full. (my account can't access the bank) Announcement for everyone: I have been thinking of rewriting aMiner (just like I did with aAgility v2) and I have now started the process. My aim is to make the script much more better by offering as many options as possible and more antiban options. I will be adding things like new and better GUI, improvements to motherlode mining (more customization), autoleveling, more custom tile selection options, pickaxe upgrading with customization, coal bag, gem bag(?), maybe even smithing after mining(?). I will also think of adding wilderness runite mining (finally) and blast mining. Usage of teleport items to bank and going back to mine(?), usage of clay bracelet(?). I will be looking for ideas when I have completed the basics and will also be releasing a beta version which will be available for testing for all lifetime users of the script. This update will be free for all current users and future users once it's done.
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    As useful reply as most of yours have been. @Nodemaster I don't think there is one, many have requested one. Maybe use one of the AIO fighters? I guess banking will not be possible with them tho. Edit: As you probably figured out, Mute's AIO slayer seems to support skeletar wyverns.
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    I don't know, check. https://tribot.org/repository/
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    When someone uploads the source to a script, the repo automatically scans it for functions TRiLeZ has blacklisted. If it finds any of those functions, the script will not be added to the repo. You can try to upload a malicious script to the repo, and see what happens. It won't get through.
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    never assume. It is being fixed, Trilez is working on it. I myself found a solution, you can do a number of things to help them, using same IP, card, make sure billing information is fine, they have added phone verification after issues I had with the system. They are aware of our concerns and are working with members towards a solution. Just be patient
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    1- Try restarting your bot. 2- Check if you are loading "local scripts only". 3- Try cleaning cache/.tribot folder inside the %appdata% folder. Good luck UKF
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    @HackRain Just an idea, not sure if it would work: Install dropbox in %appdata% on all of the VM'sRename the dropbox folder to .tribotLog into the same dropbox account on all of them. And they should all synchronise.
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    @Doomed Hey man, just fixed it sorry for the wait. @razerr It doesn't currently support banking from wyverns. @nsnlol It doesn't support iron man looting at the moment, but I plan to add it soon! Update: Added failsafes for attack methods, fixing the problem doomed was having. The script is running perfectly for me
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    Crazy idea, create 1 thread, for all your needs. A lot easier to keep track of ^^
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    I don't see why I'd lie about a script that I'm not affiliated with at all working well? I'm earning 300-800k/hour, very rarely below that and I believe I've hit about 1.7m in one hour (of course it's just an outlier as i basically struck gold with a single item, but the point stands, the scripts great). There are a lot of people complaining on the thread (including me a few times lol) so I wanted to leave something here for potential buyers to see as a vouch. I run the script with full AI control so even more kudos.
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    If you bot safely, you can still have a chance. In my experience, 2 day bans don't affect how fast you get caught again. Its not like they flag your account or anything. Tbh I botted before and after a 2 day ban, and so far I've lasted longer whilst having a 2 day ban than I did before I got the 2 day. Probably because I drastically changed my botting habits. Hopefully I didn't just jinx myself
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    The best logic I have found behind optimum waiting is you have two conditions and one variable, One that should reset the timer of your loop, causing your player to wait an additional amount of time One that should be in charge of breaking you out of the loop The approximate waiting time that is long enough to detect an action that would cause your timers to reset or breakout appropriatelyLooking something like this, public static boolean sleep(Condition reset, Condition breakout, int duration) { long timer = System.currentTimeMillis() + General.randomSD(duration, 500); while (timer > System.currentTimeMillis()) { if (reset != null && reset.active()) timer = System.currentTimeMillis() + General.randomSD(duration, 500); if (breakout != null && breakout.active()) return true; General.sleep(General.randomSD(50, 25)); } return false; } Conditional.sleep(new Condition() { public boolean active() { return Player.isMoving() || Player.getAnimation() != -1; } }, new Condition() { public boolean active() { return Inventory.getCount(item) == 0; } }, 3000);
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    There isn't a such a thing as a low ban rate; you get banned or you don't. As Sphiinx said, don't bot on any account (regardless of the script) that you're not willing to lose.
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    This is how I do it while (isRunning) { // script main loop // the following isn't necessarily in the main loop, but is called from the main loop if (animation != idle) { if (waitCondition -> animation == idle, timeout) { // wait for idle animation waitCondition -> animation != idle, timeout // wait for non-idle animation } }}
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    Whats your prices like? Do you only do packages or individually as well?
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    Also note W49 is a tournament world and W17 isn't on the list for some reason
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    he's not the owner/founder. he is just the community administrator.
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    This is my first real Runescape script project because this script is currently 100% functional I am putting it up in beta for free. Stamina Potion Use is Currently NOT a feature Current Features: -Walks to Altar -Tries to teleport if under attack -Custom gui, allowing to bring custom foods, or even no food at all -Randomized walking -slight anti-ban -Smooth obelisk interaction -Eats while walking -Teleport's back to Edgeville Features To-Come: -ABC2 -Stamina Potion's -Running while walking to Obelisk(Currently only checks run at bank) -More orbs -etc.. Please Post Any Bugs as I will be happy to fix them! Current Version: 1.00 Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1735
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    don't try open mic stand up it will destroy your self confidence lol
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