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    Well I was saving my 1000th comment for something special, but you will do. Everything that has happened to you is Tribot's fault. Your methods are perfect. You beat the system, but stupid old tribot is the reason you lost 600m. You botted. You goldfarmed. You got banned. No bot out there is unbannable. Spoiler alert: If jagex could detect tribot, this site would be shut down. You got yourself caught. Get the fuck over yourself.
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    Stop thinking you know everything. Back to your parents basement. Now.
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    I just got 99 strength from 70 in about 2 weeks dhing for 10-15 hours a day. I was gaining an average of 85k xp/hr. Here's my review of the script Pros Very reliableVery efficientGreat customizationReasonable pricingSupport for all prayersSpecial weapon support (see cons)Banking & Potion buyingCustom inventory setupAnti-ScamCons Special weapons are a bit buggy1No lifetime option1) Sometimes the script will use it's specified special weapon and then not switch back to the main weapon Possible features ABC2Barrows item repair (I can see that it's in development with no eta)Flicking prayers such as piety for extra xp would be a great feature Overall rating ------------------ 9.5 / 10 Overall, this script is 100% worth the money, and I would recommend this to anybody planning to train combat stats. Thanks to erickho123 for the script, hopefully this review helps
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    Char's actually just ints on the ASCII table, so you can compare them with ints. Table for reference: http://www.asciitable.com public static Char RANGE_START = 'a'; // apublic static Char RANGE_END = 'e'; // epublic boolean charTest( Char char ) { return ( char >= RANGE_START && char <= RANGE_END );}public static void main( String[] args ) { for( String arg : args ) { if( charTest( arg.charAt( 0 ) ) ) { System.out.println( arg ); } }}DISCLAIMER: untested, might have off by one errors
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    flax spinning is #1 and lowest ban rate in game
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    I have created a full list of every script that has ABC2 implemented thus far. You can check it out here. : https://tribot.org/forums/topic/61045-abc2-premium-script-list/
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    Whenever I try to edit a post or my signature and I get asked to complete a captcha, the changes I made do not get saved. This only started happening when I started to get the captchas where you just have to click the box. edit: It worked when I got the prompt to select the images, but when I do not get that prompt it does not work.
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    Unless you guys work for jagex, theres no telling which code will get you banned here
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    Really? Here I've been all along looking for items which could lose me as much money as possible.. When I should have been doing the opposite..
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    Buy script AlphaCrafter V1.9 Features Progressive crafting You can create your own task list (Smelt 5 golden amulets > Tan x amount of hides ect) Save & load task lists Script arguments support Tanning Soft leather Hard leather Snakeskin (swamp) Snakeskin Green d-leather Blue d-leather Red d-leather Black d-leather Spinning Ball of wool Bowstring Crossbow string Magic bowstring Armor Leather body Leather gloves Leather boots Leather vambraces Leather chaps Coif Cowl D-leather armor (temporary disabled) Jewelry All rings All necklaces All bracelets All amulets Locations Al kharid Falador Neitiznot Port phasmatys Edgeville Gems Saphire Emerald Ruby Diamond Dragonstone Onyx Glassblowing Beer glass Candle latern Oil lamp Vial Fish bowl Orb Latern lens Dorgeshuun light orb Battlestaffs Air Earth Water Fire Script arguments This enables you to start the script without having to use the GUI. In combination with tribot's client starter, this will help you to get up and running almost immediately! Instructions The following parameters can be used: profile - This is the name of the profile you want to start. (Must be created & saved in the GUI) mouse_speed - (Optional) This is used to set the mouse speed. Default is +-105. Each parameter will be in the following format: option_name=value If you have more then 1 option, you need to separate them with a space. Examples profile=cannballsprofile mouse_speed=120 This will run the profile that is saved under the name 'cannballsprofile' with a mouse speed of 120. mouse_speed=80 profile=profile3 The order of the options doesn't matter profile=test_profile The mouse_speed parameter is optional. Note: If your profile name contains spaces, you should replace the space(s) with an underscore Future updates Progressive crafting Kill cows & tan hides (Hybrid mode) Pottery Bug reports Please try to describe the bug as good as you can and provide a screenshot if necessary. I will fix the bugs as soon as possible. I will check daily on this topic, but if you wan't to contact me directly, feel free to add my skype: AlphaDog209 Changelog 28-08-2016 V1.9 Added ABC2 support 30-05-2016 V1.8 Script arguments support Few bug fixes with the paint when you were using a task list 21-05-2016 V1.6 You can now save / load tasklists 19-05-2016 V1.5 Fixed bug with dragon leather armor Updated jewerly smelting interface ids 19-01-2016 V1.4 Added task queue system Added TTL (time to level), amount of items made, items/hour to the paint 01-09-2015 V1.3 Fixed battlestaff crafting (wrong ids) Blue dragon leather should be fixed23-07-2015 V1.2 Molten glass bug fix Added all dragon leather armor25-05-2015 V1.1 Edgeville smelt location added 19-09-2014 V1.0 Initial release
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    pFisher Welcome to the pFisher, a simple and unique all in one fishing bot! Features Dynamic wait times before moving to next fish Mouse keys dropping Custom inventory listener Simple and clean exp dropper Experience / Yield tracker Beautiful and simple movable retro style paint Handfishing/Powerfishing support World Hopping support (supports F2P) Antiban calculator + odds & ABCL Supported Areas Al Kharid Barbarian Village Barbarian Outpost (Must have at least 15 agility / strength & started sub quest) Catherby Draynor Fishing Guild Karamja (F2P deposit box) Lumbridge Swamp Observatory (OP powerfishing) Rellekka (Must have Peer the Seer sub quest uncompleted in Fremennik Trials) Seers Village (North of bank) Note: Ported proggy from another bot Note: Ported proggy from another bot
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    My goal is to be able to pay my uni & a house by the time I'm done I've started staking on August 28th 2015. profits made so far 6,034$ CAD, roughly 4600$ USD
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    About a year ago, we launched our Reaction Timing and Other Playing Data project, where we asked our users to play RuneScape for a few hours while running a script which records their reaction times, actions, and other playing data. About 6 months ago, we started statistically analyzing the submitted data in hopes of releasing the most human-like anti-ban the botting scene has come across. Today, we are happy to announce that we've completed this task, and have made some discoveries which will dramatically improve our anti-ban. There are three main improvements we've implemented upon analyzing the submitted data: click point selection, reaction times, and typical human behavior. Click Point Selection The points which bots choose to click play a large role in whether bots look like a human, or a bot. A large problem many of our competitors have is that they use randomization for a lot of things, and think this will help disguise their bots. However, humans aren't random. We all follow similar patterns and trends. Let me show you what I mean. This is a picture of how a typical bot chooses to click inventory items, with standard randomization: This is the method used by a lot of our competitors. Because they use standard pseudo-randomization, every possible point which can be clicked has the same chance of being clicked as any other. This, in essence, is what is means to be random. From the human data we've collected, here is how humans actually choose which points to click: As you can see, there is a major difference between the two. Humans tend to aim for the center of the region they are clicking, and end up clicking a point which is near the center. The points are normally distributed around the center of the region. We know Jagex tracks mouse movements and the points which are clicked. So is it possible to determine if someone is a bot just by how they choose points to click? Totally. The difference between the two pictures is obvious. We originally noticed this difference many years ago, and I made an algorithm which I thought would be more human-like than the standard point selection. Here's the click points which it produces: It's slightly less bot-like compared to standard random point selection, but still far from human-like. It wasn't until I launched the data collection program and analyzed the submitted data that I was able to create a human-like point selection algorithm. Here's what our new algorithm produces: Compare this image to the image of the points which humans chose to click. The difference? There is no difference. I've made a point selection algorithm which accurately models how humans choose points to click. Let me juxtapose the two images: The left image is of the points clicked by humans. The right image is of the points clicked by TRiBot using our new algorithm. Is it possible to determine a bot was active just by looking at the points chosen to be clicked by our new algorithm? Not at all. This is just one area which has been improved because of our data collection project, and one less piece of evidence for Jagex that a bot has been running. Note that our algorithm isn't just for inventory items. It is applied throughout our API, and used for object clicking, NPC clicking, interface clicking, etc. I'd also like to point out that this algorithm was originally released during the summer, but I thought I'd include it in this post since it resulted from the data collection project. Reaction Times The step we've taken which is more dramatic than above involves reaction times. First, let me start off by saying how important having human-like reaction times is when it comes to evading bans. Problem number one is that bots typically have very low reaction times. Most humans aren't able to have these low reaction times, at least for very long. In turn, this increases the amount of XP and items gained while botting to very high levels; levels which aren't human-like. It's very much possible that Jagex examines the playing efficiency of players to determine if the player in question has used bots. They simply have to look for players with very high playing efficiency. The second problem is that reaction times produced by bots are typically evenly distributed between a minimum and a maximum reaction time. Jagex can catch on to this based on the delays between actions via their server, and determine whether a player is botting. Let me now divulge into both problems using the human data we've collected. Most, if not all of our competitors advise scripts to use random delays between actions. Does that sound like a reasonable way to evade Jagex's banning system? Instead of having a constant delay of 550 milliseconds between a pair of actions, having a random delay between 450 and 650 milliseconds between the pair of actions? The problem with that is once again, humans aren't random. Here is the delays resulting from having a random delay between 450 and 650: The delays are evenly distributed between the minimum and maximum, with a mean and median in the center of the min/max, and of about the same value: 550. Using the human data we've collected, here is how actual human reaction times are distributed: The human reaction times are right skewed, and obviously much different from the bot produced reaction times. How different are reaction times generated by bots vs. reaction times of humans? Very different. Is it possible to determine if a player is botting based on the reaction times? Absolutely. Just look at how different the above images are. From this discovery, I sought out to create an algorithm which generated reaction times like a human does. Here's what my reaction time algorithm produces, given the same input factors as the human reaction times: Using nine different factors, my algorithm has successfully re-built the human reaction time for all different click scenarios. If you compare the two histograms above, you'll notice the means and medians are about the same, and the spread of the data is about the same. If Jagex were to analyze the reaction times of a bot using my reaction time algorithm, they would be completely fooled. How is my algorithm so accurate? There are many factors which contribute to the actual reaction time of humans. Humans by definition aren't random. These factors all contribute to the probability of a certain reaction time. Though analyzing the submitted human reaction data, I have identified the nine most significant factors which contribute to the reaction time of a human. These nine factors are all taken into consideration of my algorithm to generate a pseudo-human reaction time. Let's juxtapose all three histograms: Which of the captured reaction times were produced by a human? Which of the captured reaction times were produced by a bot? The first set of reaction times was obviously produced by a bot. But you cannot tell that the third set of reaction times was produced by my algorithm because it closely models the reaction times of a human. RuneScape bots have existed for over a decade, but most of them all still have this problem. We seem to be one of the few botting platforms to have properly addressed this problem. Typical Human Behavior A problem which has been prominent with bots for over the past decade is "typical anti-ban." This is where script developers think checking XP randomly, rotating the camera randomly, opening the music tab randomly, etc. is effective anti-ban. This is not effective anti-ban for two reasons: Humans aren't random. Typical anti-ban is. A pattern will form with typical anti-ban, in that these random actions are performed every X seconds or minutes. Humans don't check their XP programmaticly every 5 minutes. Humans don't randomly rotate their camera every 3 minutes. Human behavior nowadays involves multi-tasking. Humans will often switch tabs to reddit, facebook, etc. Bots don't mimic this behavior. From the human data we've collected, we've discovered how to more accurately model human-behavior. One of the improvements we've made is that our bots will now make the mouse leave the game screen area, to simulate the player using reddit, facebook, etc. And no, we didn't just come up with an algorithm to arbitrarily or randomly decide on when to simulate this behavior. We statistically analyzed the human data to produce an algorithm which accurately models how a human behaves in this area. This is just one of the ways we've improved our bots in simulating human behavior, but is one of the more important aspects. A Note About Character Profiles In case you didn't already know, TRiBot uses character profiles to differentiate all of the RuneScape characters using our bots. A character profile is a unique set of attributes of how the character will play the game, which is generated for each different RuneScape character. Say you are botting on two different RuneScape characters: Mike and Molly. Mike and Molly will have two different, unique character profiles. This will change the way our bots play the game on each of the characters. Character profiles have been integrated with click point selection. Each different RuneScape player will have different ways of choosing points to click, and will still follow the human model. Character profiles have been integrated with reaction times. Each different RuneScape player will have different reaction times based on the factors which contribute to reaction times. Character profiles have been integrated with human behavior simulation. Each different RuneScape player will behave in different ways in terms of doing things other than the current task at hand. So not only did we create models and algorithms to accurately simulate human game play, we extended everything to be based off character profiles, so that no two bots are too much alike. Implementing the Algorithms So now you're wondering whether these algorithms are automatically implemented in every script, or if they have to be manually implemented by scripts. Well, our point selection algorithm was automatically implemented, to be used by every script. But reaction times and human behavior simulation have to be manually implemented by scripts. To allow scripters to implement these algorithms, we have created a new utility: Anti-Ban Compliance 2 (ABC2). The aim of ABC2 is to allow all scripts to implement a standardized anti-ban, backed by character profiles, and most importantly, human data. Read about implementing it here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/60720-guide-to-implementing-abc2/ So far, the following scripts have implemented ABC2: Delta Cooker Delta Fisher Delta Miner Delta Woodcutter aAgility [Premium] A Note About Scripts Implementing ABC2 Upon running scripts with ABC2, you'll notice that they have lower XP rates than scripts which don't implement ABC2. Why is this? Because as I've said above, bots are a lot more efficient than humans. To accurately portray a human, bots must be of the same speed as humans. This is the cost of human-like anti-ban. If you don't want to get banned, your bot should behave like a human. If you aren't satisfied with human-like XP rates and resource collection rates, then feel free to use scripts which don't implement ABC2, but you can expect to be banned. Another thing to note is that sometimes ABC2 produces really high reaction times, up to a minute or longer. So if your bot seems to just be idling doing nothing, it's probably because of this. No, those high reaction times aren't a bug. It's how humans play. Humans don't have consistently low reaction times like bots do. Sometimes humans have very high reaction times, and that can be because of many different factors. ABC2 mimics this. Conclusion Thank-you for reading this post. I especially thank all of the people who contributed to the Reaction Timing and Other Playing Data project. We have come a long way in creating the most human-like bots because of the human data we've collected. I cannot stress enough how important statistically analyzing human game play is in creating human-like bots and anti-ban. This isn't it. We will continue collecting different human data for all areas of game play, and will continue making algorithms and models which simulate human behavior. I have a long list of areas which we will improve. TRiBot will always be the leader in human-like botting. By implementing anti-ban based on real human biometric data, we ensure our long term success in the fight against bot detection. Thanks, TRiLeZ, TRiBot Staff
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    All users have a credit transfer limit of 5 credits every 31 days. If you would like to increase that limit, you must go through the verification process listed below. Please submit the forms with information by email at [email protected] All information reviewed will be kept secure and confidential. *All images sent for verification must include a hand written piece of paper with your TRiBot Username visible. Level 1 Credit Transfer Limit: 125 credits every 30 days Level 2 Credit Transfer Limit: 250 credits every 30 days You must have already completed Level 1 to apply for Level 2. Your phone number from above will be called to verify your identity. You must provide a credit card number for verification. The name and address for the card should be the same as the information given in the above form. You may not use a prepaid card for this. The card will be charged $5 as a fee, and for part of verification. 1 - Photo ID must be government issued including, but not limited to, a driver's license or passport. The ID must not be expired. All four corners of the document must be visible. 2 - Proof of Address must be a utility bill or a letter from your municipal/provincial/state/federal government showing your address.. The document must be dated within the past (90) days. Do not hide any information. All four corners of the document must be visible. This document must be different from the Photo ID1, 3 - Second piece of ID must be government issued. This document does not require a Photo ID. All four corners of the document must be visible.
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    I was just watching some YouTube when I saw J1mmy's new video was released. This guy is absolutely hilarious. I kept most of the laughs muffled during class but I completely lost it at 4:55 Please go watch this guy, you won't regret it.
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    I believe this feature no longer works since Jagex added a captcha & other changes to the signup process. TRiBot scripter @FinalCalibur has created a (cheap) paid tool for this, if you want to contact him.
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    restarting sorted it out after i moved it to canafis bank, took a couple of minutes to realise where it was once started but it worked. the trial was very good other than that hickup, will probably buy the script for 2 weeks.
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    If you're on a botting website for a game it's typically inferred that you have some form of problem solving skills. All that was required is 2 google searches, looking at numbers to see which is higher/lower, and then to make an educated decision based upon that. His question was similar to me asking "Should I use iron scimitar or adamant scimitar? Iron right?" A better question would be "is it worth it for me to grind to 55 slayer for slayer staff on my obby mauler? If so, do any of you have suggestions on how to get my slayer up? Also, I see that dramen staff has some decent stats for 0 attack requirements, do you guys know of any other weapons I can use until I have 55 slayer?" That would have: Shown some effort into research was done, but that he's still looking for more information. Polled the forums for training recommendations from people who have maybe already made an account like this Possibly provided alternatives to the two weapons he was looking at.
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    You can convert to ASCI values and loop through them.
  21. 1 point
    I don't want to compromise myself too much but I'm in one of J1mmy's upcoming videos, I think he said it'll be out in 2-3 weeks. Only started watching him yesterday but he's absolutely hilarious!
  22. 1 point
    Lol i started earning trust by doing services and selling gold, At least I'd like to think that
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    No, you have a maximum number of instances (# of times you have that specific script currently running) per authorization (purchase). Sometimes instances stay open even after you end script or close the client, and they will usually end on their own after like 30 minutes or so. You can also try to manually end them in the instance manager in the user panel.
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    I was banned on several accounts during the time Tribot was detected. I botted carefully and couldn't understand how I got caught, I babysat and made sure I didn't catch any reports too. This was without LG of course. Now after Trilez claimed Tribot is undetectable again I decided to ditch LG and just use the normal client and I've botted up a fresh account to 1600 total and haven't caught a ban yet. The client is without a doubt undetectable again. tl;dr: Client is undetectable.
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    Why would anyone do this.. They sell an account, get 10%, You recover, They have to pay 100% and you're risk free.
  26. 1 point
    You don't recommend the script because you were too stupid to figure out how to use it. Good joke.
  27. 1 point
    Added new scripts to the list. @TacoManStan Tau GE Exchange @Encoded Auto Fisher Pro
  28. 1 point
    I had a few items that had this problem, but it usually fixed itself after a while. Don't think you need a good internet connection for this script, only a stable connection would be important. 200k with 30m is quite good, if you make 1% profit of your cash stack p/h then you're doing a great job. Just keep trying out new items till you found some good ones.
  29. 1 point
    How much is everyone making per hour? I'm making around 200k an hour and i feel like it should be making more than that with a 30m cash stack. I think my list might be booty
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    This will do, or you can just use autochat... public class Spam extends Script { @Override public void run() { while (true) { Keyboard.typeSend("Your message here"); sleep(5); } }}
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    Version 2.0 will be released at midnight PST. What's new? Auto Fisher Pro version 2.0's major additions are 6 new locations which include 2 new fish, ABC2, and the web panel. On top of these additions, the GUI has gone through a complete overhaul and is now written the newest Java GUI technology, JavaFX. Supporting all of this is a completely rewritten code base that implements what I've learned as a programmer the past year. Hopefully the performance difference isn't noticeable as I thought the script was pretty flawless already. What's changed? The only changes that have been made is the removal of the Catherby progressive mode. This mode was rarely used (looking at data from the past 3 months, not a single user had used the mode) and I didn't feel the need to add it into version 2.0. New Locations Burgh de Rott - Requires questing to access, but is about the same as Catherby in terms of closeness to a bank. This location only has shark fishing spots. (Burgh de Rott currently unavailable until I get the required quests done.)Observatory - A river fishing spot near Castle Wars which offers a secluded location to fish trout/salmon/pike in P2P.South Baxtorian Falls (Rasolo) - A niche river fishing spot that allows you to sell your fish to Rasolo. (The sell option will be available sometime this weekend.)Tree Gnome Stronghold - A safe place to level fishing in deadman mode (if anyone still plays that). Otherwise a secluded location to fish trout/salmon/pike in P2P.Wilderness Resource Area - Dark crabs have been added, however I strongly do not recommend fishing them. I got killed by pkers multiple times when testing and if you hop worlds you have to pay the 7500 coin re-entry fee which takes away from your profit. (PKer detection and re-entry to the resource area currently not supported. If I get multiple requests to add support then I will.)Zul-Andra - Sacred eels can profit over 350k /hr at the current scale price. Of course profit depends on your fishing level and cooking level. If you were unaware, Piscarilius (Zeah), the location where you catch anglerfish, has been supported since release and is not a new addition to version 2.0. ABC2 Anti-ban Compliance version 2 has been implemented. You can enable and disable the reaction times in the GUI via the settings tab (disabled by default). Web Panel The web panel is a third party web app I have developed to give you an overview of your current active accounts. If enabled via the GUI, clicking on a row in the accounts table will display a screenshot of the last time the session data was updated. Sessions are updated every 10 minutes. The web panel also is where you can get the code to display your dynamic signatures as well as generate arguments to run the script via client starter or script queue. You can find the web panel at http://osbots.net/ To login you will be using your TRiBot username and a 1-8 digit PIN. Your PIN will be available in GUI under the Settings tab when you start the script. Once logged into the web panel, you will have the option to change your PIN. ​If you have any ideas on additions to the web panel I would be happy to hear them! FAQ Q: The GUI is blank, what do I do? A: Update your Java. More to be added if needed. Piscatoris Fishing Colony and Burgh de Rott are currently unavailable until I complete the quests to access them or someone lends me an account for a couple minutes. I plan to do the quests this weekend.
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    You wear pants on the toilet? Not saying it is now, but Jagex have absolutely detected Tribot and we didn't get shut down. Have you already forgotten what happened a month or so ago?
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    I highly doubt that a legit player would flawlessly type the same number 1000+ times in a row, that seems like a huge factor for me, legit players dont do this My way isn't good either, I agree that it creates a pattern, but so does typing the same number Many people doesn't pay any attention to what they write, they just bash in a random number. Only typing numbers that has two characters could also be a ban factor. I like to believe that the more randomization there is, the less is the ban chance, and that seems to work for me. Chill down mate.
  37. 1 point
    lol...login screen detection. made my morning.
  38. 1 point
    You're free to disagree, but you are wrong. If you use your code, it forms a clear pattern over time that is undoubtedly a bot. If you type the same number every time (which a human is definitely capable of and do all the time), there is no sure way to tell if it is a bot.
  39. 1 point
    That will get you banned faster than pressing 28 every time.
  40. 1 point
    Should be randomized imo, a script that always would use "28" is very botlike, Jagex could easily catch onto that. I just randomize the random using a static method, could be improved but it's better than just using the same value every time public static int getRandomNumber() { int random = General.random(0, 5); if (random == 1) return General.random(28, 99); if (random == 2) return General.random(100, 999); if (random == 3) return General.random(100, 9999); if (random == 4) return General.random(100, 99999); return 28; }
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    Never thought I did, and no need to be rude, you're the one coming off awfully immature right about now. Can you answer the question please? Which is what it was.. A question..
  42. 1 point
    I don't think you understand how Conditions work .The condition will always return true because you have stated return true; Where is your check for the interface changing? Example: Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() { public boolean active() { General.sleep(100, 200);//reduces load on the CPU return Interfaces.get(interfaceID) == null || Interfaces.get(interfaceID).isHidden();//if this becomes true it will beak out of the waitCondition //and return TRUE(used this) }}, 3000);//3 second time out(so it will break out after 3 second even if the condition was not met AND it will return FALSE(use this)) so this will return true when the interface hides itself or become null(no longer in the game).This mean the interface was closed so it will break out of the waitCondition and continue. O and you can use the Timing.waitCondition in if statments(isn't that amazing XD ) Example:(i'm really spoon feeding you now) if(Timing.waitCondition(new Condition() public boolean active() { General.sleep(100, 200);//reduces load on the CPU return Interfaces.get(interfaceID) == null || Interfaces.get(interfaceID).isHidden();//if this becomes true it will beak out of the waitCondition //and return TRUE(used this) }}, 3000)){//3 second time out(so it will break out after 3 second even if the condition was not met AND it will return FALSE(use this))//timing condition returned true lets continue with the code here}else{ //o no Timing.waitCondition return false, something fucked up, we need to deal with it }
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    It may also be worth noting that account age does, in my opinion, appear to have an effect as well as many other small factors. If you create an account and begin botting on it within the first 24 hours you are, again in my opinion, MUCH more likely to be caught than if you were botting on an account which is 6+ months old. As someone has mentioned previously, your break handling doesn't appear to be that great. Playing for 8 hours to break for 5 hours then continue for another 8 is not very realistic, even if you do break every 2-3 hours within those 8. Also, if over that entire time you were doing the same thing such as alching or fletching, your chance of being 'noticed' will be amplified. With regards to the LG, I haven't personally tested it, however this is due to me not requiring it. I take a lot of care over my botting and it appears to show through when reflecting upon my ban rates. Take care of your bots and they will take care of you (cheesy statement).
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    I would recommend simply alching any item that isn't more than 270gp loss. With no skill requirements you can usually find multiple money-making methods hitting 250-300k an hour which you can use to sustain your cash stack, which you can even do simply to break up the constant alching. In order to lower overall investment just use a low value item such as gold bracelets. You COULD make the gold bracelets yourself to gain a small amount of smithing experience and 'save' 150gp from your losses per alch. However assuming you make 1k bracelets/hour that is only saving you 150k per hour, when other methods can provide you with so much more. Just food for thought.
  45. 1 point
    Ahh, a fellow ClusterFlutterer victim. Lost 5 maxed combat accounts, one lvl 120 dung account, over 30 99's across multiple skillers, and about 5b worth pre-eoc gold. My two biggest losses were my maxed vesta/rapier/morrigans staker and my p-mod account. I really miss those days...being able to run soul wars bots for weeks at a time, suiciding combat, dungeoneering was literally unbannable...rip. Great tips overall, I'm sure many will find this helpful.
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    You must tick the checkbox "Enable Chain Questing" and then the "Open Chain Manager" will be enabled and able to press.
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    I´d recommend that you to take out your calculator and let the bots run for 1hour and then use your maths skills
  48. 1 point
    The script is running extremely slow, when you put the ore in the hopper, it waits there for like 20 seconds. Then when you go to the sack it waits like 30 to pick it up, then walks to the bank takes another 10 seconds. Then when mining at ore vein, after you clear one it takes like 10 seconds for it to process which one to go to.
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    0001:02:00 +- 0000:02:01 0000:18:02 +- 0000:02:11 Once 0000:59:02 +- 0000:03:21 0000:33:49 +- 0000:00:42 Once 0001:30:20 +- 0000:02:10 0000:19:02 +- 0000:02:21 Once 0000:58:01 +- 0000:21:00 0000:21:39 +- 0000:02:01 Once 0001:02:00 +- 0000:12:01 0000:28:02 +- 0000:03:24 Once 0000:58:29 +- 0000:01:29 0000:39:02 +- 0000:02:13 Once 0001:28:09 +- 0000:12:32 0000:12:32 +- 0000:01:21 Once 0001:23:22 +- 0000:02:32 0007:42:33 +- 0000:05:32 Once If that helps and no it isnt exactly 1 hour with 15 minute breaks it was an example.
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    @erickho123 Suggestion: Have it turn off all ingame volumes.
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