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    Hello everyone, I am posting this to let anyone who wants to join know that I am now hosting a Discord chat for TRiBot users. You can use this chat to talk to other users, ask questions, or simply hang out in the chat. We are the most active botting chat so far with over 40 users online at all times of day. You can use Discord on the web, or download the application for Windows, Mac OS, or Linux if you prefer. You can find the Discord site here. To join the chat, simply follow this link and you will automatically join the chat once you accept the invite. All members are welcome, and even if you don't have anything to say you are welcome to afk in the Discord chat. It is required that you make your Discord chat username the same as your TRiBot username so it is easier for other members to identify you. You also must register an e-mail with discord; this is to prevent spam accounts from joining (sorry). I reserve the right to permanently ban anyone from this unofficial chat for any reason. TRiBot Discord Chat Roles: @administrator - All tribot admins get this role Your username separated from other members in a nice and shiny red color Ability to do any action in the discord chat except manage the server @moderator - All tribot mods get this role Your username separated from other members in a beautiful green color Kick and ban members Remove messages Move members between channels Create an instant invite to the discord chat Mute members Deafen members Ability to use the @everyone mention to notify all users in the chat of a message @user_moderator Kick members Remove messages Create an instant invite to the discord chat Move members between channels @scripter - All tribot scripters get this role This role is given to people who have the scripter role on TRiBot. You can ask these members questions about programming and script writing. @verified - This role is given out to people who have confirmed their identity on TRiBot. @market_banned - These members are banned from the black market on the TRiBot forums. @trade_with_caution - These members have the TWC pip on the TRiBot forums. @everyone - The default role for anyone in the chat. If you would like to become @verified, simply private message @Starfox or @TacoManStan on TRiBot and discord stating that you would like to be verified. Moderators and User Moderators, you have the ability to create instant invites to the TRiBot Chat. To create one, click the symbol next to the cog on the #tribotchat text channel. You can replace my global invite link with your own in your signature. I can use this as a metric to see how many people are using your link to join. Who knows, maybe I will reward the users who are getting more people to join =^). Moderator Application Format: Link to your tribot profile List past experiences moderating other forums (with sources) A brief description of your character as a person Send your application to Starfox on discord through a private message. TRiBot Discord Chat Channels: #tribotchat1 The main chat channel for general discussion #tribotchat2 The second chat channel for general discussion overflow #tribotscripting The chat channel to talk about scripting, ask questions, or get help with scripting #oldschoolchat Talk about anything old school runescape related here TRiBot Discord Chat Rules: You must make your Discord chat username the same as your TRiBot forum username. Do not impersonate any TRiBot member. Do not spam the text channel with tons of the same message or similar messages. If you are purposefully annoying or otherwise unnecessarily argumentative, expect a ban. Do not flame other members of the chat. Arguing is allowed. General in-good-taste banter and harmless comments are also allowed. No Black Market transactions are allowed to take place on Discord. You must conduct them on the forums or elsewhere. Do not purposefully start arguments for the sake of trolling and/or provoke people in the chat. No doxing/hacking/phishing. Do not brag or talk about hacking/doxing other users. You cannot advertise anything of your own such as a website or service. If you break any of the above rules, you will be immediately un-verified and removed from the discord chat. If you'd like to support the TRiBot Discord Chat, copy this text into your signature (credits to @Encoded for the image): [url][img=http://i.imgur.com/YDz8pP0.png][/img]https://discord.gg/2bYcdjB[/url] I hope to see you in the chat soon!
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    kSpinner KiwiRun I have written this script as I have found spinning flax at Seers Village to have a lower ban rate than when spinning in Lumbridge, which makes up for it being slightly less bow strings per hour. Features Spins flax in Seers Village.Logs out when out of flax.Deposits all items when banking.Will logout and end script is bot is lost.Can be started anywhere (Theoretically). Uses webWalking to get to Seers Village.Usage To use this script, simple start it while near Seers Village. If have flax on you it will run straight to the Spinner otherwise bank for flax. If your character is not near Seers Village it will use WebWalking to get there. Changelog Download
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    pFisher Welcome to the pFisher, a simple and unique all in one fishing bot! Features Dynamic wait times before moving to next fish Mouse keys dropping Custom inventory listener Simple and clean exp dropper Experience / Yield tracker Beautiful and simple movable retro style paint Handfishing/Powerfishing support World Hopping support (supports F2P) Antiban calculator + odds & ABCL Supported Areas Al Kharid Barbarian Village Barbarian Outpost (Must have at least 15 agility / strength & started sub quest) Catherby Draynor Fishing Guild Karamja (F2P deposit box) Lumbridge Swamp Observatory (OP powerfishing) Rellekka (Must have Peer the Seer sub quest uncompleted in Fremennik Trials) Seers Village (North of bank) Note: Ported proggy from another bot Note: Ported proggy from another bot
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    Yeah everyone on botting forums are WAY too concerned with posting some stats like that. Anyone who thinks you'll get banned cause of this post is a dumb ass.
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    Looks like you're right! "The weapon's special attack increases its damage by 50% and heals its wielder by half of the total damage (rounded down). The special attack uses 50% of the special attack bar." Shows how much we pay attention to the script running.. Thanks for help, i would've figured it out once he showed me his settings/video. <3 Hey sexy
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    Got these some weeks ago. Got 99 Strength with this too but it was before it took level up screenies. Proggies XP is lower in the second one because it kept running when I was out of overloads.
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    No problem and yes LG is working and will work with ExRc (LG still in beta but works well with ExRc). Its pretty resource intensive though so you may not be able to run many accounts. LG is usually intended for mains/accounts you care more about, unless you have a beast PC
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    I know you said you don't want to buy a premium script but Sigma Magic is only $5 for 30 days. I used it from 80-90 magic in a few days with stun-alching. It has an hour trial. You can buy it OSRS GP: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/21887-supermoderator-950k-ea-selling-tribot-credits-for-scripts-vip/
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    When you start the script, you had auto-relog selected so you'll login when you logout. It doesn't save, it just memorizes your details for that session. Don't worry, its safe. You need VIP extended to use and read about Looking glass (LG). If you get VIP extended, you can read this so you understand LG better: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/47328-introducing-looking-glass-beta/ If you want to set up LG, read this: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/50084-noob-tutorial-to-start-using-looking-glass-with-pictures/ Edit: Missed out some part
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    Yes, for me it started to drop 5-6 days ago. Now it is a bit better due to the weekend.
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    If someone actually put in the man hours to stumble upon this and filter thought a possible 29 account stat matches, check over previous history of account and then proceed to process the account to the bot detection system to have it banned 12 hours later. Yeah... I'd fire him.
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    Oh, okay. Nobody had posted an update and I'm still in the midst of fulfilling the requirements. Wanted to check in. Thanks for what you've done.
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    One guides you through killing the boss and one kills the boss for you. Helper also advertises a 0% chance at a ban
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    Have you tried deleting your .hooks? Or have you tried this? https://tribot.org/forums/topic/52980-aio-tribot-help-guide/
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    Half way to 99 strength! Visit my progress to multiple maxed accounts using ExNMZ here: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/57149-the-road-to-maxed-accounts/
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    Go to run search %appdata% then go to the .tribot folder>Settings> delete hooks.dat
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    @bottingislife @Dastardly Thanks for the update. bottingislife is now placed under TWC and has a Black Market Ban since he was caught lying in an attempt to scam you and only refunded once he knew he was caught. Dispute complete.
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    Alright, so for the last 2 months as some of you are aware, I've been botting hard in looking glass, seeing what it is capable of. I had two accounts going off the same IP, both looking glass. I had never logged into either from the standard client. Now, last night, I was sick of the amount of CPU resources looking glass required, so I used the standard client on my alt for just one night. Insta-banned. Thank god it was only a two-day... But I mean, is this just a massive coincidence? Or is my suspicion correct - standard client is detected. I got away with 2 months of 20+ hours a day on two accounts at once, and the day I use the standard client is the day I get banned?
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    Hey guys, sorry for the lack of contact, I've had the stomach flu for the past week, and still am not better, I'll try and provide support this weekend if I'm better then!
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    @Macetheace Hahaha exactly.
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    @Twitch I've known the guy for nearly a year, he's trusted me with many things and I've trusted him as well. Maybe he was honeydicking me haha ( The interview movie reference ).
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