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    https://tribot.org/forums/topic/43632-my-friend-mccune/ I report a user because they chargedback $300 USD from me, plus a lot more from Bawsz and Probemas totalling around $2000. The rules of Tribot state; It is decided that the user gets a TWC because its 'off-site'? Where do I find this mystery rule? By that logic Violent should have never been banned. By that logic I could scam every person who orders from/sells to my website and it wouldn't matter here. And then today, the user posts a gold selling thread https://tribot.org/forums/topic/44440-mccunes-gold-farm-shop/ which is a joke since he has $2000 of outstanding debt to three users on this forum. I posted on the thread that he scammed me for $300, and other users for more. Which is the honest truth, and the post gets removed by a moderator? I am very much looking forward to a response.
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    We dont handle off-site disputes, we are not the world police. You are a trader by nature and it is not surprising that you had a negative trade with a user. TRiBot is a client first and a market second and we don't restrict users from using services they paid for. TWC's are warranted on select cases at Staff discretion. If you are seeking justice, return to the forum where the trade occurred and post there.
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    Need to verify your Paypal on this site first. Go to your user panel and click Purchase Credits: Click "Unable to use any of these payment options?" Then you'll see this option to verify your PayPal email. Guide/Pictures from @chrismoon
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    Haven't run into a single issue yet and no deaths, great script. Is there any chance you could add profit/hour - pulling prices from zybez for runes/pure essence/teletabs?
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    @chrismoon Okay if you could lend that to me tomorrow that would be great. And thanks Black dragons are working perfectly I'm thinking of creating a repository full with training presets for this script, so anybody can just click 'Load black dragons preset' and it will set it all up for you, you will just have to select basic things like food. I could give you guys the ability to upload and share your own GUI settings with others. This would make things much easier and more understandable for beginners with the script. What do you think?
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    Current bond stock : 40 Current bond price : 1.3m 07 each bond Want more than 1 bond? Negotiable prices! Add my skype : Kalvin.Trades Currently 22 offsite feedback!
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    Why not a market ban then
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    The script will be able to tell users if they're in an existing party already on the next update
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    Good luck with your shop my friend McCune!
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    The bot will have a red path through a wilting wheat barrier. It right clicks on the left square of the barrier "not the wall" and tries to go through it but instead goes through the side. When it is on the other side, it clicks on the wall to get back to the red path, which is still before the wilting wheat barrier. When it gets back to the red path it does the same thing. I think it is clicking to close to the wall to get through the wilting wheat which is making the client think it want to go through the wall. It does this every now and then and it will eventually get through the wilting wheat but it takes a couple tries which is slowing you down and making you look like a bot. Something to look into. Also this happens to be a picture of my first dragon impling too lol. Edit: A cool feature to add for those of us that watch the bot would be a "Hopping in: 1m 30s" display, where it would count down the time since you've found an imp. ---------------------------- When snaring an imp and the imp is at the very top of the screen, the bot moves the mouse erratically up and down; i'm assuming because it cant successfully find the "snare imp" action. Also been pretty lucky on the dragon imps so far.
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    be careful with this. Ppl can do anything once they log on. it could put your account in danger
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    Correct, it only brings one in the inventory. No thank you m80 i'm paying for my rs mem in my sleep!
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    Thanks for the paint but I don't plan on changing my paint layout anytime soon UPDATES: I've made quite some progress on the upcoming updates for daxBlackChins. It will be renamed daxHunter and will support all birds and chins. I'm working on a new feature which is a trap timer. Traps that haven't caught anything within x amount of time is automatically assumed "faulty" and will be retrieved. I've also rewritten the hunter logic and thrown away the chain laying feature with another hunting method what will go along much better with ABCL10 (Meaning minimal xp/profit loss). Profit per hour is removed. Instead it is now Catches per hour. I'll be needing some beta testers soon. You do NOT need to have purchased daxBlackChins to beta test. Those of you who want to join in the beta can simply PM me with a picture of your runescape stats. I'm only looking for ~10 testers. What I'll be looking for Those who are able to use canoe(57 Woodcut) / Afford glory or tabs for stress testing Those able to hunt black chins (73+ Hunt) Those who don't mind DYING in wilderness (You won't lose much other than box traps) When reporting me a bug, I expect the following GIF of issue BOTH bot and client debug Explanation of bug.
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    Yes x10000000. Being able to load a fight area without actually having been there, as well as preloaded loot options specific to monsters, would especially be a huge help to beginners and are great selling points. With all the new additions, I think you'd be safe to increase the price as well. For $15, this script is a steal.
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    He knew it was against the rules, hense saying "Well Done You Passed the Test" The fact of whether he got the account share or not, if you're adding people asking them to share accounts it should be punishable. ------------------------- After doing some research on Sythe, thanks to "ThatNameIsTaken" I found out that by clicking on his Sythe profile and then "Perform user/ip audit on FearJan" that it showed me this: As you can see, earlier on I did a trace of the IP and both end with 16, what are the chances Also the fact that his Sythe account has only ever bought bonds, gold and offered a "League of Legends Dropper/DDoSer". His TriBot account feedback is from bonds and gold. The fact that this user wishes to try and evade the fact he asked to share accounts , it's rather clear it was him. Call me Sherlock Holmes.
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    But... but... you don't even have the Scripter rank?
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    Guys if you are not part of the dispute please do not post. It makes it difficult for everyone trying to read the dispute as well as moderators trying to handle the dispute. Just let staff handle it.
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    What does it do? This script will get more shields from the Duke in lumby It will drop, get more, pick up, and note the shields What requirements to use this script? You must start this script at lumby top bank You must have started (but not finished) Dragon Slayer Must be far enough in the quest to ask Duke for a shield How do I start this script? Download the .tribot file into your .tribot/bin/scripts folder You must start this script at lumby top bank Script is uploaded on my dropbox (I have hit a cap on uploading files): https://www.dropbox.com/s/0hwpfqysl6ba5sm/TexanShieldStasher.tribot Special thank you to visual basic who provided a paint! Disclaimer: Please babysit, in no way do I claim this is flawless. If you find any bugs, please be sure to let me know.
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