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    Hello community, I have started working on a new project aimed at making TRiBot's mouse movements as human-like as possible. To do this, I plan to implement real mouse movement data, replacing TRiBot's pseudo mouse movements. Real mouse movement data will be generated by users, clicking strategically placed circles, all with different sizes. The data recorded will be movement locations and timings. After enough data is collected, I will work on analyzing the data and implementing it in the client. That's right, TRiBot's mouse will use real, human mouse movements. We will be able to further throw off Jagex's detection systems, especially because Fitt's Law will be used along with the human mouse movements. We are currently in the data collection stage, where I need the community's help. The details for providing help are listed below. What will you be doing? You will need to run a certain script. The objective will be to click ~628 red circles, which will take approx. eight minutes. After finishing, a file will be generated. You must upload the file in an attachment in a post in this thread.When should this be done? The sooner the better.Will you receive compensation? After you submit the required amount of files, you'll be given access to bot using the Human-Based Mouse (with your collected data). This will make all of your bots seem more human-like.How many data files are needed per user? I need between 20 and 22 data files per user. The higher, the more human-like the mouse will be. Instructions: Open TRiBot's Mouse Data Collector tool via "File > Mouse Data Collector" Read/do: You will be clicking the solid red circles, one after another. Your goal is to click each circle quickly, and to only click once per circle (try not to misclick). Your clicks need to be as accurate as possible. If you can, set your mouse's reporting rate to the maximum. Set the client delay to the lowest. Do all of the clicks on one sitting. Do not do anything else other than clicking those circles for all of the ~628 circles. This will take approx. eight minutes. Post all of the data files under a single TRiBot account. If you use multiple TRiBot accounts to post the data, your data will be ignored. Do not post the same data files twice. I can tell if you do so. After clicking all of the circles, a file will be created, and the location will be stated in the debug box. Upload that file to a post in this thread.The system to integrate human mouse movements is complete. All we need now is mouse data. Thank-you, TRiLeZ
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    Having 2 or more RSNs added to your Zybez account is no longer required. Glad to hear it
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    Improvement is all we ask and I'm sure you'll get there, welcome to the team!
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    He might have forgotten the id for Dspear because come to think of it, I've never looted one in the time I ran this script! lol
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    Updated to v0.8.2 - World Claimer will now trigger after worldhops- World Claimer will now trigger when walking to/from bank- Possible Fix for anti-pking idling bug (hasn't happened to me since I added it)- Looting bag storing a bit more efficient- Fixed error loading armour message- Melee protection changes- To-safespot walking is now smarter (It will ajust the camera after the first failed attempt)- Prayer flicking support added to Magic and Ranged- Trident charger in bank added (It will switch or charge your trident) - Use at your own risk, only tested once (yet)- Cleaned up a bit of the code to make future updates a little easier- Encouraging message will now be displayed when gp p/hour gets below 100k xD
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    I don't believe so. When it says "visible items", it means things like arrows and rings.
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    I'll change it so if the other player removes all of their items/gold, the script will leave what it has offered.
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    You could at least even attempt to read the above post...
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    That's because you create an integer overflow error here. For instance 1M exp * milliseconds in hours > INTEGER.MAX_VALUE. So it starts agains from INTEGER.MIN_VALUE It's good idea to use longs when dealing with large numbers.
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    v7.2 - 9/29/2014 - Fixes for Al Kharid - Fixes for Varrock - Fixes for Pollnivneach
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    now get 85 slayer with mute's aioslayer
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    Added, will do my duty to god and the queen. To help other botters at all times, and to carry out the spirit of the Botter Law. Amen.
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