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    Spiker Blackjacker Purchase Plans What's Blackjacking? Estimated XP Rates 45-54 = 40k+ 55-64 = 60k+ 65+ = 80k+ (up to 260k) Features Built-in antiban + ABCL 10 Knocks out and pickpockets bandits, bearded bandits, and menaphite thugs efficiently Lures mobs in and out of buildings when necessary Closes curtains to keep mobs in and out of buildings Eats when necessary Unnotes food fast using Banknote Exchange Merchant Buys jugs of wine from Ali The barman if not using noted food Switches to better mobs when needed Uses double double hit technique for max xp Up to 260k thieving xp/hr Up to 120k gp/hr Requirements 45+ Thieving 30+ hp (small chance of dying if lower) The Feud (quest) A blackjack equipped Noted food in first inventory slot and 5k+ starting gp (or coins for jugs of wine) Recommended Fill rest of inventory with unnoted food (or jugs of wine) on start Start in dye shop with one bandit or bearded bandit if thieving < 65 on start Start in tent southwest of camel shop with one menaphite thug if thieving >= 65 on start Progress Reports Without breaks With 1-3 hour breaks Please post your progress reports, bugs, and suggestions.
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    ...always use start script, never use re-run Assume Staker Premium Assume Staker is the most advanced staking script ever created. Created by Assume, a co-developer on Combat AIO, Lite and Premium editions, and developer of Logic Pro. Assume Staker is the most advanced staker ever created. It calculates your odds to win duels using an advanced algorithm. Are you tired of being poor? Get Assume Staker and make millions*! Price: $9.99 per auth per month How to buy: 1. CLICK HERE To purchase JUST the calculator for $10 monthly or $35 for life please go here: How to buy: How to buy: 1. Monthly 2. Lifetime Please add me on Skype for support. My Skype name is assume.support or join Discord chat Get your dynamic signature: [url=https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/24614-assume-staker-15am-2147b-2147bhrddswhipboxscim/][img=http://polycoding.com/assumestake/USERNAME_HERE.png][/url] A few features: Calculates % chance of winning duel based on your stats vs their stats Allows you to enter a max bet Allows you to enter a minimum bet Custom spam message Custom minimum win % to accept duel Anti-scam that will fix all settings that person messes up. Spam saving (only type in once!) Item support DDSing Whipping Boxing DScimming FAQ: Q: How many accounts can I run off one auth? A:You can run one account on a single auth, anything more requires another auth. Q: How do I get updates? A: Updates are applied automatically every time the script is ran. Q: What % odds should I use? A: I recommend people use 70% odds if they are scared. I personally use 52% Q: It is taking 20,000+ milliseconds to calculate win %. What should I do? A: You have two options: enable both preload mode and low cpu mode (recommend if a decent PC) or use the beta calculator Q: Do you guarantee I will win if I have odds on the opponent? A: Of course not! No matter your odds, staking still has a degree of luck. You never know when this will happen: Terms of Service: You accept the terms of service by purchasing the service. Terms of service include, but are not limited to, the TRiBot premium script terms of service found HERE. By purchasing an authorization code you agree not to share this service among any other individuals. Purchase entails ONE user access. You may not resell or share an authentication key, if you do so your key may be subject to immediate ban without refund. Authentication keys are only sent to locations specified in payment details. Failure to specify a location is considered buyers failure. I am not responsible for losses you may incur based on losing stakes. I may add to or edit my terms at any time, by continuing to use my service you accept these terms. Buying a lifetime auth entitles you to support for the lifetime of the script, not your lifetime. All calculations are based upon my estimates. You (the customer) are in no way entitled to a refund if you disagree with the calculations. You are not guaranteed to make a profit. Losing money while using the script or the calculator does not entitle you to a refund. Proggies:
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    First off hes the on of the easiest guys to deal with just about from every time i've went through... his prices are also very affordable and he is flexible as hell. (had several issues with different payment services but we worked it through) also gave me a free 200k freebie <3. If someone were to ask me the best person to buy gold from without a doubt it would be this guy right here!!
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    Last location before getting banned?: Tutorial Island Skill botted?: No Breaks or no? No If so how long?: 6 minutes How long did you bot per day?: 0 minutes Banned before?: No Type of ban?: Perm Macro Major VPS/VPN/Proxy?: Yes Scripts Used? eTutorial Other Bots Used?: none How many bots at a time were being run?: 1 Date banned?: today Fresh account/Days acc used?: yes Also banned doing tutorial island legit on tribot client.
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    you really shouldn't have to pay for this script. it moves at the same rate between tree to tree, obvious bot mix it up alil, and it stops working after an hour max. ive done this at edgeville and seers. i'm pissed i spent 10 dollars on this and i want my money back so i can buy that other woodcutting script. and at edgeville it clicks on the screen to get to the other tree(not the map). the bot gets stuck running around the wall opposite side of the trap door(on the outside of the wall) other times it just stays at one tile and doesn't attempt to move (usually around the same time because this happens at seers to). and this has only happened to me with yews. with willows it wasn't a bad script. just make the times in between clicking on the next tree change every time for way better anti ban.(way way better because this will get people banned alone). and for an extra anti ban you can make the mouse move all the way to the edge of the screen so it looks like people are half afk doing something on their computer, like watching a movie.
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    You think you can just waltz in here and expect people to tell you answers to your questions, that will hurt their business/interests?? Welcome aboard! Fishing and woodcutting are one of the if not most bannable activitys you can do, it is true that setup cost is very low and you can acheive around 100k/hr fishing sharks and around 100-120k/hr doing yews-magics, although you will get banned a lot. My suggestion is to do something that takes a little longer to setup, you will make more money/hr and your accounts will last longer. Something like smithing steel bars and cballs will yeild over 100k/hr and supplies are easy to buy and sell. Thats my opinion anyway take what you will.
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    Bot went off, I started on Saturday night with 44 RC, already got 75+ RC and this:
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    i think i would have punched my monitor if I saw that happen lol sorry for your loss
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    Updated to v.0.5.4 - It now withdraws pestle and mortar in deathwalk - Fixed a bug with Anti-Pking world hopping (was taking too long to logout)- It will now hop worlds if the safespot is already occupied- Random events improved and solving spot changed Note: I only tested the new spot on 5 random events (they get rare when you're trying to get them), I will continue tomorrow and tweak anything that might not be right In other news I now have uploaded 2 more versions of this script: Original Version - 1 Instance - 9,99$ - (Running 1 acc, will take you around 45h of runtime to pay back the script)Multi Version - 5 Instances - 24,99$ - (Running 5 accs, will take you around 23h of runtime to pay back the script)Goldfarm Version - Unlimited Instances - 39,99$ - (Running 10 accs, will take you around 18h of runtime to pay back the script)
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    This man is the reason I'm earning triple digits daily now.
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    Good luck with sales, Hope it goes well
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    I would contact Leespiker for it, hes really good
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    Couple different session from this weekend, everything looks smooth and stable.
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    Repository Link Possible updates: More shops and items(Request some) User-made paths Smoother pathing Changelog: v0.25 First release Only buys Vials and Eyes of newt Ability to add more shops/items extremely easily v0.26 Runs to and from the shop Added buying box traps and bird snares from yanille Fixed a few bugs
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    Added Gertrude's Cat If anyone runs it while watching could you take a screenshot of the box it gets the kitten at? Edit: Can now queue quests for completion. It will complete them in order from top to bottom. Edit2: Added Witch's Potion


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