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    I have issues with the world hopping but everything else works. When it recognizes a player it'll log out and not do a single thing after. As far as actual running, the script does well esp. for low level requirements. I made 800k from a over-night run.
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    They're stupid IMO, they'll probably be caught after targeting these large games, the FBI have already seized some of there systems. Fucked up what they did to James, really fucked up.
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    This is hoow it went for me http://gyazo.com/90fd04c65ddbb1915a1019879a3db2fe
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    Yes. I used this script from like 93-99 str or something. On average i had like 60-65k str xp per hour and like 23k hp. Didnt use spec so idk about that but you always pray melee so they dont hit you. Currently training range there with rune cross bow and mith bolts since i cant chin due to completion of MM and get like 46k range xp per hour at 82 range.
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    Ah, I see! Thanks for the bug report. I'll try to improve combat running in a day or two (I don't have time right now with updating my thiever script and working on RS3 scripts). I hope though that the script in its current state will suffice enough. Thanks again! E: AMAZING report, by the way! I wish you got a picture of the paint, haha.
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    Fantastic explanation. I'll get right on fixing your issue which you explained in great detail. OT: Add me on Skype.
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    What he meant was, he doesn't use VPN's or VPS's for his bots. Anyways, I figured i'd finally introduce myself to TriBot, I'm Mench's partner. Me and Him run the goldfarm. Him mostly, I guess i'm kinda just renting out my machine and managing the bots on my desktop alone. Hopefully Mench won't get mad at me for posting this, but recently I've decided to start my own farm since I've been learning from the best. Mench takes care of mostly everything, I just make sure the bots on my side are running and stay running for however long Mench wants them to. He handles everything else, the bonds, the accounts, the supplies, everything. A little info on how I became Mench's partner and such: At the beginning of this year, I had just finished putting together my gaming rig. Before my build I had an 5 year old Desktop, that was barely capable of running 4 Bot clients. At the time I wasn't big on bots, I personally only use RiD, but I had always dreamed of becoming a goldfarmer. Making all the GP's everyday then at the end of the day selling it all. I guess at the time, I thought that if you ran a goldfarm, you were the shit. So in 2012 for Christmas I got a gaming rig, something that would be able to run today's games on highest settings, and also be able to run a good number of bots at the same time. So around June or July, I knew Mench on RiD Forums, and he contacted me asking if I was interested in running a goldfarm. I would have started one myself before, but I didn't have any money to invest. So I decided to give it a try. After the first week or so of setting everything up, and getting the bots running correctly I got my first payout, I believe it was 60$? Might have been less, but for a 16 year old who cannot get a job it was some great money. Then from there on, I've been working with'em, until recently I decided to try out my own farm, since I had some money to invest I decided to say "Fuck it". I'm now making $30-$50 daily. I did learn from the best, and I'm actually glad I waited before I even tried my own farm. I highly highly advise you take Mench's advice in this thread. And Jesus YoHo, you're like a mod everywhere except RiD lol.
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    Updates: Multibuying (seperate with comma with item id and price, it will buy all items in one trade or individual, it does not matter.) Custom item delay timer (adjust it if you want it to input items slower) Custom blacklist timer (adjust it if you feel if it's blacklisting too soon or too early) Custom blacklist clear timer (adjust it as necessary, after x amount of time, it clears all blacklisted people)
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    Yeah take some pictures of your settings and post an imgur album link to them. Then, explain what happens when you run it.
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    Don't threaten me with chargebacks, go ahead and do so, and I'll get you banned on tribot for not going through with the dispute process. The only issue I see is that it misses clicking herbs. The energy pot option was not in the features list, and is completely unreasonable to expect it to be seen as an 'issue'. I've obviously been very busy, and I will get to updating this script later today.
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