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    Hello, I would like to annouce one small thing. When you have a problem and decide to make a thread, please be as specific as you can be. For example some keyword you could use: Those are just keywords that you could use. This is a example how I would describe my problem: This would help out a lot of our support staff. also, before I close this topic, another thing I would like to say. This is more like a reminder, please watch where you post on the forums. This means if you have a question, you shouldn't be posting in this section. This section is only for those who got problems with there bot. Problems what should be posted inside the bot help section: Problem while starting up tribot. problems with clicking on the start script button. problems with any other kind of button clicking or boot up problems. problem with the repo. What shouldn't be posting here: Problem with a script problems with randoms, or the login bot. OR questions about scripts. This section is for those who have a problem, not those who got a question. Thank-you, TriBot Staff
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    Deception's AIO Smelter AVAILABLE IN REPOSITORY Automated BanMeter Feature coming soon for the script overall! PROGGIES INSTRUCTIONS: BUG REPORTING: What was the State during the bug: What was the location: In detail, please explain as much as you can and what the bot was doing (VERY DETAILED): What were you making?: Was it a problem due to a random?: Change Log: Download: Search Asura in Repository and click Add!
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    Alright, I'll make it check if it's in the bank before trying bank.
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    Reach high mining levels while making a profit! Mines coal in the mining guild very nicely. Features - Fast ( Dynamic sleeping ) - AntiBan - Pickaxe head retrieval ( Should find, and once picked up script will stop atm ) Just left it on for a bit , I'm using an addy pick btw I couldn't find a rune one Available on the TRiBot repo! (soon) GuildMiner.tribot
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    Added an option to manually enter fishing NPC ids in case I don't manage to update the script after a RuneScape update.
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    it only clicks a lot when no rock is spawned and it clicks on the next respawning rock
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