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    At the moment all scripts on TRiBot are for the old school servers. This script is very flawless. You can buy here for 18 Credits = 18$ USD. If you don't have credits and want to pay in 07GP then Let me know on skype and we can work out a deal Hope this Helped.
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    Uhh Profit of 180,621gp / 427 cowhides = 423gp per cowhide but according to zybez http://forums.zybez.net/runescape-2007-prices/939-cowhide the price is 202 ea So your profit should be 86,254gp and your gp/hr should be 36,360
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    I just moved my character from moss giants to cows and I've went from 50k xp/h to 120k xp/h now. Thanks for the idea man. On a more serious note.. if you would think for a few seconds or look around you would have realised that people with 70+ stats using AIO combat scripts get less xp than you do at cows. On a low leveled account. That is banking cowhides. Come on man. I hope you can find the mistake soon...
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    You shouldn't use a progress report that is completely inaccurate to attempt to sell your script on the premise that you can achieve 60k xp / hr and 60k gp an hour when it is more like 8k xp a hour and 25k gp per hour, then you may not get so much "flame".
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    There is no way you can get 60k xp/h at cows. There is no need to call a simple substraction an algorithm as it certainly isn't an algorithm. Even if you would one hit cows all the times you wouldn't be able to get 60k xp/h. Here are some snippets. private final Skills.SKILLS[] skills = {Skills.SKILLS.ATTACK, Skills.SKILLS.STRENGTH, Skills.SKILLS.DEFENCE, Skills.SKILLS.RANGED, Skills.SKILLS.MAGIC, Skills.SKILLS.HITPOINTS}; private final int[] startXps = {Skills.getXP(skills[0]), Skills.getXP(skills[1]), Skills.getXP(skills[2]), Skills.getXP(skills[3]), Skills.getXP(skills[4]), Skills.getXP(skills[5])};private int[] xpGains = new int[startXps.length];// Calculate xp gains for(int i = 0; i < skills.length; i++){ currentXps[i] = Skills.getXP(skills[i]); xpGains[i] = currentXps[i] - startXps[i]; }
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    This script will never be safe to use again, Jagex is on it. They do weekly, if not multiple weekly sweeps of all bot scripts. I would lose 9 Abyss botters on the weekly to the point I've just given up on the script. I just tried a little farm on Iron ore had 16 accounts farming it for two days until jagex Perm Banned all 14/16 accounts all manually done as I could tell by "Script Ended times" all 6:11AM-7:15AM PST
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    Just bought this script it's fucking bomb....If you don't like farming you've came to the right place. Also Erick has a great support system and reply's almost instantly....I would recommend this to anybody.
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    How would i go about getting my money back from tribot? I payed for a working bot and my first day into botting I found that developers did not take the time to make the bot solve all of the randoms that the game has to offer, this is not the biggest problem since i baby sit alot of the time but it is still very unnecessary considering I payed money for this bot. it seems as if the developers just made their money already and have no interest in even addressing these problems. thanks
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    Take a look here mate, http://thenewboston.org/tutorials.php best place to start.
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    VIP is needed for TRiBot Old School. Users can purchase VIP vouchers from the official re-sellers here: Paypal: Yohojo RSGP: Yohojo VIP vouchers can be redeemed here: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?app=vip
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