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    Another one for you! Edit - A 24Hour too, would go longer but need to update laptop. Maybe sometime in the future!
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    I am in the process of reworking the structure of the bot in order to increase average run times
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    Bump for a good script, got me 70 Magic from 43 and 72 Smithing via Steel bars, it would be awesome if you could put the speed of the mouse optional like in your Smelter/Smither script, as most of the times it clicks superheat too early and it makes it idle for some seconds, if it happened a few times it wouldn't be that big of a problem, but it normally does that each 1-2 inventories, or maybe slow down the speed while superheating. Thanks again. Edit: Omg happy 500 posts to myself lol.
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    Havn't been able to run this for more than 3 hours without it fucking up. Msg you on skype to ask whats up and let you know bugs that need fixing and no reply even if your online. WHYYOULIKETHISTOYOURCLIENTS?!?!?!?
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    Will try soon after I make more accounts, got a little demotivated after the last ban wave, prepare to have moar progress reports/bugs reports, good day Brad.
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    Naming conventions ik don't bring up................. enum Spells { HomeTeleport("Lunar Home Teleport", 0, 16), BakePie("Bake Pie", 65, 15), CurePlant("Cure Plant", 66, 31), MonsterExamine("Monster Examine", 66, 6), NpcContact("NPC Contact", 67, 4), CureOther("Cure Other", 68, 1), Humidify("Humidify", 68, 7), MoonClanTeleport("Moonclan Teleport", 69,20), TeleGroupMoonclan("Tele Group Moonclan", 70, 32), CureMe("Cure Me", 71, 23), HunterKit("Hunter Kit", 71, 8), WaterbirthTeleport("Waterbirth Teleport", 72, 24), TeleGroupWaterbirth("Tele Group Waterbirth",73,33), CureGroup("Cure Group",74,3), StatSpy("Stat Spy",75,9), BarbarianTeleport("Barbarian Teleport",75,0), TeleGroupBarbarian("Tele Group Barbarian",76,34), SuperglassMake("Superglass Make",77,25), KhazardTeleport("Khazard Teleport",78,18), TeleGroupKhazard("Tele Group Khazard",79,35), Dream("Dream",79,10), StringJewellery("String Jewellery",80,22), StatRestorePotShare("Stat Restore Pot Share",81,27), MagicImbue("Magic Imbue",82,13), FertileSoil("Fertile Soil",83,2), BoostPotionShare("Boost Potion Share",84,26), FishingGuildTeleport("Fishing Guild Teleport",85,17), TeleGroupFishingGuild("Tele Group Fishing Guild",86,36), PlankMake("Plank Make",86,11), CatherbyTeleport("Catherby Teleport",87,21), TeleGroupCatherby("Tele Group Catherby",88,37), IcePlateauTeleport("Ice Plateau Teleport",89,28), TeleGroupIcePlateau("Tele Group Ice Plateau",90,38), EnergyTransfer("Energy Transfer",91,5), HealOther("Heal Other",92,29), VengeanceOther("Vengance Other",93,19), Vengance("Vengance",94,14), HealGroup("Heal Group",95,30), SpellbookSwap("Spellbook Swap",96,12); private final int level; private final int childid; private final String name; Spells(String name, int level, int childid) { this.name = name; this.level = level; this.childid = childid; } public String getName() { return name; } public int getLevel() { return level; } public int getChild() { return childid; } public int getParent() { return 430; } }
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    This script works very well and I thank you for making it! I did find a bug, though. Sometimes the script will attack the level 7 farmer in ardougne, and it isn't just a 1 time thing. It often does attack the farmer and I'm not sure why. I haven't seen the bot click on the farmer to attack, but I do regularly check on my bots to find them attacking him on occasions. Also, it won't attack the farmer back sometimes causing my bot to keep getting hit and not able to pick seeds from the master farmer. It isn't a huge problem, but it is causing me to lose some gp/ph. Hopefully you can look into this issue further and find a fix soon. Thanks.
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