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    What does it do? This script will attack monks at the Edgeville MonasteryThe bot will heal at the head monkSome antiban included, to be improved on What requirements to use this script? No requirements to use! How do I start this script? Add the script from the repositoryYou must start the script at the monksWear the armour/weapon you'd like to train with already equipped Special thank you to flamekiller999, who provided a paint for this script. Disclaimer: Please babysit, in no way do I claim this is flawless. If you find any bugs, please be sure to let me know.
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    Not sure if u are already trying, but you should make it where you buy a meele only rumble for like 30-50k. So we can get max xp/hr. would be epic , and i would buy as well as all my friends lol.
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    12HR Proggy from today. Going to try to find out why it doesn't run for others, hopefully by today It'll be released.
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    Just hit 96 with this, still absoloutely no issues! Although I would suggest to other users that having an ava's device equipped is not recommended, came to check the bot and had a broken arrow in my invo for god knows how long!
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    Purchased this about 4 and a half hours ago and has ran flawlessly since, very fast replies on skype. 100% satisfied! Thank you!
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    your script does not work worth shit... does not jump ditch, does not grab food from bank, and if you start it at dragons it gets stuck at west wilderness wall heading back to the bank 100% of the time.
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    Releasing it VIA Repository in a matter of minutes, all those that were in the que list PM me to retrieve the Cannonball version.
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    Even when the update happened on the 3rd, your alcher still worked compared to other scripts which were premium! Just like your Theive premium script. this is also flawless
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    BUG: Area: Barbarian Village Fishing: Trout/Salmon Banking: Yes Status: Checking Spot Problem: Sometimes banks and then sits there inside the bank interface, status saying checking spots...
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    thanks Bradsta for this amazing script! My thoughts : you could make alching a bit smoother which would increase alchs per hour as sometimes it glitchs while alching, it double clicks high alchemy wasting a alch.
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    add me on skype and I will give you a auth that will work on the loader while I solve the issue with the repository
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