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    CLICK TO ADD FREE VERSION And Many More... Support ftwAIO Fisher get the signature! Good job guys! lol [url=https://tribot.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=2122][img]http://cswebdesign.biz/scripts/Everyone.png[/img][/url] UPDATES V 10.0 Re-wrote entire script from scratch There may be bugs but I will fix them and work to make this script better Welcome to the new age of ftwFisher as promised Sorry it took so long, heart surgery wasn't very easy to go through V 10.1 Lots of bug fixes V 10.2 Shilo should now function correctly Bug Fixes Walking Adjustments V 10.3 Walking adjusted for when there is no spot Will Now count fish correctly Should find spots better since it will occasionally move if one is not found. Bug Fixes V 10.4 Fishing Guild Big Net and Cage fishing is available on free version Break times should now be set properly when hitting rerun script Bug Fixes V 10.5 Walking adjusted for when there is no spot Walking for Shilo adjusted Breaking times now are consistent Bug Fixes V 10.6 Will No longer logout after a random Walking and spot finding have been improved Free and Premium Edition are now more distinguishable Bug Fixes V 10.7 Screenshots now taken when you finish and level up Bug Fixes Updated Ids for spots V 10.8 NEW SPOT, Piscatoris temporarily disabled screenshots for levels Bug Fixes V 10.9 Will now fish sharks correctly Bug Fixes V 11.0 ABCL 10 Updated Walking, may need more work soon More Human Like Mouse Speed More Human Like Spot Selection More Human Like Antiban Unique Antiban for each account Bug Fixes V 11.1 A ton of adjustments A ton of Bug Fixes More Unique Styles Fixed Use when dropping bug fixed walking bug V 11.2 A ton of adjustments A ton of Bug Fixes Rewritten Antiban Fishing Guild Banking Adjusted No Longer gets stuck at deposit box V 11.3 Adjustments to Antiban Fully implemented requirements for abcl Switches worlds when in a Bot World Changed fishing guild walking behavior No longer gets stuck outside guild adjusted fishing at Catherby No longer gets stuck at deposit boxes no longer has crazy mouse movements Lots of Bug Fixes V 11.4 Worldhop now only hops to free if you are free Worldhop now avoids bot worlds Worldhop is not more efficient bug fixes V 11.5 Shilo Banking Adjusted Walking at Barbarian adjusted Bug fixes V 11.6 CPU is now drastically lowered Minor changes to format of code to account for no more whirlpools Minor changes to code to improve performance Guild, Baxtorian, and other locations are being looked at for next update Bug fixes V 11.7 CPU is now lowered Anti ban should be drastically improved Break times are now more human like reaction times are human like Karamja added with dropping only (banking to come) Way in which spots are clicked is changed delay between walking and clicking changed V 11.8 Karamja with Banking added (Not Test so please report bugs) KEEP IN MIND WHEN USING KARAMJA -You need coins in your inventory (60gp per trip)- -Script uses deposit box and will log out when you are out of coins- V 11.9 Karamja should be fixed now, banking with deposit box should work New Payment Methods Available (Unlimited) 1 Month = $3 2 Month = $6 3 Month = $8 LifeTime = $15 (Limited 3 accounts at a time) LifeTime = $12 V 12.0 I rewrote the whole thing, just go try it!
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    Current Version: V2.1 PLEASE POST PROGRESS PICTURES I WORKED HARD ON THIS! IF Someone can make me a paint i will <3 you for ever! 47 downloads and only one progress picture! Come on... Features: GUI now has a news feed so you will be notified when new versions are out. GUI collects all npcs in area and displays them. User can select multiple npcs to curse. Will curse the npc that is the nearest to them. Selected NPCS are painted so you can make sure you have the right NPCs selected Upcoming Features!: Instructions:: Select your spell first(Curse,Confuse,Weaken,Stun) *Yes! Stun support! Hit refresh when you start the script. Everytime you leave to a new area hit Refresh List to renew the list. Hold Control and select the Npcs you want to curse. After you have made your selection, press "Set NPC(s)". Go to the Tile that you will be at for the entire session and hit "Set Start Tile". - If your character ends up more than five tiles from this tile, it will walk back. Set the Mouse Speed~ If you want to Curse/Alch click the checkbox for it. - Hit "Refresh List" on the Select Alch side. - Select the Item ID(Would use Names but RSItem doe not have getName() Method). - click the Set Alch Item button Then Press Start! Else if it's just cursing, Press Start! Please if you have any questions, comments or concerns, post below. Please post Progress Reports for me, i worked very hard today on this, (i.e ~2 Hours). Please Report all Bugs so i can maintain a flawless script. Thank you for trying my AIO Curser, Download links are below: Need Help Installing Script? Complied Script: Version 2.1:http://www.mediafire.com/?mppjwi8uedmw7bo Version 2.0: http://uppit.com/xn2kget11lv2/AIOMagic2.0.zip Example: Progress Reports Submitted By Users: Changelog
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    Best way to find out if you need to find a different food out just get one in your inventory, go to the debug tab then click inventory it should show the i.d over it.
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    That's ok, I have had the script going on two accounts, one nearing 5 hour mark now still at 5300xp per hr, the other for 3hrs 20mins, only suggestion I could think of is to make the delays a bit shorter. But great script indeed
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    I am sorry, but random events are not handled by the script. This is likely a mistake within the client itself. Again, sorry.
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    We were getting over 4 Gbs of bandwidth a day servers should be stable now and there is a new script loader that optimizes the bandwidth usage please download the latest version
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    on the gui it says proggie contest, i dont see the details on the thread?
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    v0.29: -updated id's enjoy
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    When the game starts, it throws NullPointer, invalid parameter 'tile' or something like that.
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    @I need an account for beehive and I'll write solver for it. @I'm not sure what's up with dwarf never had any problems out of it before.
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    yeah they changed the id's again, am willing to pay for someone to update script for me
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    Portal Id's changed http://puu.sh/3S3BH.png
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    #1 bot TriBot is awesome
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    Very very nice! Will be implementing this into my slayer script!
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    FUCK YES WEB WALKING Hopefully the memory leak in 6.11_2 is fixed as well!
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    doesnt work, it stops at alter after todays update. Script Started: Warfront Nature Crafter.[14:48:32] java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0[14:48:32] at scripts.airman.tB(o:2495)[14:48:32] at scripts.airman.run(o:2210)[14:48:32] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[14:48:32] Script Ended: Warfront Nature Crafter.
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    will there be an update supporting al-kharid fishing? i'd love to power train my gold farmers there :3.. also, i found that when powertraining.. when it tries to drop some fish, it will hit "Use" instead of drop, which stops the bot from dropping anything
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