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    Hello, I have recently finished developing a repository/SDN for TRiBot scripts. This will give users the ability to easily add/remove and manage the scripts they use in an online interface. Here is the link to the TRiBot Repository: https://tribot.org/repository/. Adding a repository script is simple. Just find the script you want and click the "Add" button. The next time you open up TRiBot's script selector, the script should be accessible. It's just that simple! Scripters: Adding your script to the TRiBot Repository is relatively simple. Simple access the Scripter Panel (via the nav bar) to see what's available for you. Submitting a new script or updating the source to your script will place your request on the 'Script Submission Queue'. Members of the TRiBot Staff will then review your request and can either deny it or approve it. Remember, you must upload the source files (.java) compressed in a zip file (.zip). Thank you and enjoy!
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    Loving the script Brad, atm 1 acc over 20m exp, the other 2 are close to 98, and i'm running 3 accs on Knights without a problem, also I'm thinking of making a small guide of rates/amount of food/and stuff people need to get 1-99 thieving without problems, as i get pmed a lot about this topic lol, i'll send it via Pm so you can paste it in the thread, keep the amazing work Brad. <3
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    Texan and Zainy Present: Zainy and I would like to welcome you to the Ultimate Green Dragon Killer! We're excited about this new script, and the opportunity we have to share it with you! If you have any questions regarding our product, you may add our Skypes or you may post here! How do I start? --Purchase the script from the repository --Start anywhere in Varrock --The equipment tab is used for re-equiping items in the event of a death --Begin the script with your first set of gear (what you will wear to kill dragons) --You MUST turn OFF the wilderness warning message! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Competition time! This is an easy competition, and well, is extra RSGP in your pocket! The following milestones have a prize for the first users to reach them! If you're the first, you will receive the prize, as well as the recognition for achieving it! Screenies of the paint must be posted on this thread, for ANY user entering the competition. Full paint must be posted. First user to purchase script: User: Rubberundies Prize: 500k 07 RSGP First to run for 10+ hours (must ALSO have 300+ hides and 300+ bones collected in paint/one go): User: bmitch5150 Prize: 2m 07 RSGP First to collect 500+ bones and 500+ hides in one go: User: bmitch510 Prize: 3m 07 RSGP First user to run 24+ hours (must ALSO have 700+ hides and 700+ bones collected in paint/one go): User: Konami Prize: 5m 07 RSGP First user to collect 1k+ bones and 1k+ hides in one go: User: Konami Prize: 3m 07 RSGP First user to run 50+ hours (must ALSO have 1500+ hides and 1500+ bones collected in paint/one go): User: Slawa Prize: 10m 07 RSGP First user to run 75+ hours (must ALSO have 2300+ hides and 2300+ bones collected in paint/one go): User: Slawa Prize: 3 FREE Ultimate GDK Auths! First user to run 100+ hours (must ALSO have 3000+ hides and 3000+ bones collected in paint/one go): User: lifehacks Prize: 3 FREE Ultimate GDK Auths + 2 Other "Ultimate" Premium Scripts of your choosing! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Proggies: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FAQ: Q. Do I need to put the items at the top of my bank? A. NO! Our script supports bank scrolling! Q. Will you add more features in the future? A. Yes! All upgrades come FREE with your purchase! Q. How many auths come with a purchase? A. Two auths per purchase. Q. Am I allowed to share my auth? A. No, sharing auths is prohibited by our terms of service. Q. I found a bug, what should I do? A. Bug should be posted on the thread using the bug report found below Q. My bot keeps switching attack mode? A. Stop your script. Choose your attack mode. Start script. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Don't forget to leave feedback!!: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/5483-cbtexan04/ https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/user/2754-zainy/ Current known bugs: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13F5LQZ_dETTa4pRg6qRm_ZxMo40n1VdIDfaY94Bu8rg/edit?usp=sharing Change Log: Bug Report: Bot's status (if seen): Error message (if given): What you experienced: What should have happened: Please note that Random Solving may cause players to skull. This is not the script's fault, as the random solver is handled by the client. Only take items that you're willing to risk into the wild. Terms of Service: By purchasing this script, you agree to the following terms: You will not give your username/password to anyone else-- violating this will result in revocation of your authorization. Refunds will not be given, unless the scripter has grossly disregarded his/her responsibilities (to be determined by a Moderator). You agree not to chargeback-- doing so will result in a dispute (and most likely a ban) against the user. If you have concerns about the script, contact the scripters first. Where do I download?! Tribot has switched to a repository system. This means you need to go to the repository (top right of the webpage), and add Ultimate Green Dragons to your scripts.
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    RUN WITH CLIENT IN LITE MODE (FILE -> SETTINGS -> LITE MODE)! Masks become available at 01:00, 17/06, BST. To convert this to your time, use this: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html What it does: Logs in, checks if a scythe OR a PUMPKIN is near by. If not, switches world. Will stop once scythe (not for pumpkins, will carry on) appears in inventory. WILL SAY LOCATION OF RARE IN CLIENT TRAY IF NOT ON SCREEN. Will teleport using VARROCK or HOUSE tabs if below HP set in the GUI. FAQ: Received: Masks: Pumpkins: Scythes: DOWNLOAD: BELOW - USE 1.70 FOR SANTA HATS! Rare Hunter v1.10.zip Rare Hunter v1.20.zip Rare Hunter v1.30.zip Rare Hunter v1.40.zip Rare Hunter v1.50.zip Rare Hunter v1.51.zip Rare Hunter v1.52.zip Rare Hunter v1.55.zip Rare Hunter v1.60.zip Rare Hunter v1.61.zip Rare Hunter v1.65.zip Rare Hunter v1.70.zip
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    A quick API to get all of Zybez's information, even the not so useful things. Tribot is extremely slow at the moment, probably another DOS. I'll post some basic usage once it clears up a bit! package scripts;import java.io.BufferedReader;import java.io.InputStreamReader;import java.net.URL;import java.util.HashMap;import java.util.Map;import java.util.regex.Matcher;import java.util.regex.Pattern;public class ZybezRSItem { private static String Json = ""; public ZybezRSItem(String ItemName){ try { Json = readUrl("http://forums.zybez.net/runescape-2007-prices/api/"+ItemName.replaceAll("\\s","+")); } catch (Exception e) { Json = ""; e.printStackTrace(); } } public int getAveragePrice(){ Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<=\"average\":\")[0-9]+"); Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(Json); while (matcher.find()) return(Integer.parseInt(matcher.group())); return 0; } public int getRecentHigh(){ Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<=\"recent_high\":\")[0-9]+"); Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(Json); while (matcher.find()) return(Integer.parseInt(matcher.group())); return 0; } public int getRecentLow(){ Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<=\"recent_low\":\")[0-9]+"); Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(Json); while (matcher.find()) return(Integer.parseInt(matcher.group())); return 0; } public int getHighAlchPrice(){ Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<=\"high_alch\":\")[0-9]+"); Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(Json); while (matcher.find()) return(Integer.parseInt(matcher.group())); return 0; } public String getImageUrl(){ Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<=\"image\":\")[^\"]*"); Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(Json); while (matcher.find()) return((matcher.group()).replace("\\", "")); return ""; } public String getZybezID(){ Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<=\"id\":\")[^\"]*"); Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(Json); while (matcher.find()) return((matcher.group()).replace("\\", "")); return ""; } private static String readUrl(String urlString) throws Exception { BufferedReader reader = null; try { URL url = new URL(urlString); reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(url.openStream())); StringBuffer buffer = new StringBuffer(); int read; char[] chars = new char[1024]; while ((read = reader.read(chars)) != -1) buffer.append(chars, 0, read); return buffer.toString(); } finally { if (reader != null) reader.close(); } } public static String getAllOffersAsJson(){ Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<=\"offers\":\\[)[^\\]]*"); Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(Json); while (matcher.find()) return((matcher.group())); return ""; } public static Map<String, String[]> getAllOffersInMap(){ Map<String, String[]> ReturnMap = new HashMap<String, String[]>(); String JsonOffersAsString = getAllOffersAsJson(); Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<=\"selling\":\")[0|1]"); Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(JsonOffersAsString); int sizeofreturn = 0; while (matcher.find()){ sizeofreturn = sizeofreturn + 1; } String[] SellingOrBuying = new String[sizeofreturn]; String[] QuantityArray = new String[sizeofreturn]; String[] PriceArray = new String[sizeofreturn]; String[] DateArray = new String[sizeofreturn]; String[] RSNameArray = new String[sizeofreturn]; String[] ContactArray = new String[sizeofreturn]; String[] NotesArray = new String[sizeofreturn]; int counter = 0; pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<=\"selling\":\")[0|1]"); matcher = pattern.matcher(JsonOffersAsString); while (matcher.find()){ SellingOrBuying[counter]=((matcher.group())); counter = counter + 1; } counter = 0; pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<=\"quantity\":\")[0-9]+"); matcher = pattern.matcher(JsonOffersAsString); while (matcher.find()){ QuantityArray[counter]=((matcher.group())); counter = counter + 1; } counter = 0; pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<=\"price\":\")[0-9]+"); matcher = pattern.matcher(JsonOffersAsString); while (matcher.find()){ PriceArray[counter]=((matcher.group())); counter = counter + 1; } counter = 0; pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<=\"date\":\")[0-9]+"); matcher = pattern.matcher(JsonOffersAsString); while (matcher.find()){ DateArray[counter]=((matcher.group())); counter = counter + 1; } counter = 0; pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<=\"rs_name\":\")[^\"]*"); matcher = pattern.matcher(JsonOffersAsString); while (matcher.find()){ RSNameArray[counter]=((matcher.group())); counter = counter + 1; } counter = 0; pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<=\"contact\":\")[^\"]*"); matcher = pattern.matcher(JsonOffersAsString); while (matcher.find()){ ContactArray[counter]=((matcher.group())); counter = counter + 1; } counter = 0; pattern = Pattern.compile("(?<=\"notes\":\")[^\"]*"); matcher = pattern.matcher(JsonOffersAsString); while (matcher.find()){ NotesArray[counter]=((matcher.group())); counter = counter + 1; } ReturnMap.put("selling", SellingOrBuying); ReturnMap.put("quantity", QuantityArray); ReturnMap.put("price", QuantityArray); ReturnMap.put("date", DateArray); ReturnMap.put("rs_name", RSNameArray); ReturnMap.put("contact", ContactArray); ReturnMap.put("notes", NotesArray); return ReturnMap; } public String getFullJsonReturn(){ return Json; }}
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    Hello, As the title says, we need your help to be able to locate and fix the error causing the client to constantly freeze. TRiLeZ needs to know the answer to the following question from the people who are experiencing this error to help him address the issue. The more info we have, the easier it will be, and the quicker a solution will be found! For those people who are experiencing freezing clients, please answer the following question with as much detail as possble. Questions: What version of TRiBot are you running? Is it the RuneScape client that is freezing or is it the TRiBot window? Do you get anything in the debug boxes or in the TRiBot Loader console (if you chose to run console mode)? What operating system are you using? What Java version is TRiBot using? How much memory are you allowing TRiBot to use? Do you get any java error logs? Does the error occur at specific times? (e.g: when randoms occur?, specific time?, specific tasks? etc.)Thanks!
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    Username: Threebot Reason: Blade gave me 2 warning points for saying "wise advise from a banned guy" Issueing authority: Blade Points: 2 link to the thread : https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/15303-understand-supply-and-demand-botters/page-1#entry210425 Explanation: In my point of view it's exactely the same as saying "I don't agree with your statement" or "I agree with your statement" In this case it thought it was a bit ironic in my point of view. He was giving advise which I didn't agree with for a fully 100% but afterwards I noticed that he was banned. So I didn't bother posting a whole explanation of why I didn't agree. I decided to post :"Lol, wise advise from a banned guy ^^" Which indicated that I didn't agree with his statement. At least that's what I ment by saying that. I had absolutely no intention to spam the thread, which was what blade made of it. I thought it is Obvious that you can express your opinion In eather an ironic or a formative way. We are all here, as botters, to have some fun and maybe do some business.. But I mean.. Can't you express yourself, ever, in a sarcastic way? Does every single post have to be written like you would write a letter to your boss? No offence he blade, but if you call that 'spam' than 95% of the posts here could be reported as spam. Not to be rude or so but I could provide you 1001 examples if you want so.. Some examples I've found by looking 1min on 1 thread (probably all people who didnt receive any warning point) : I'm really feeling like you are keeping an eye on me, blade. I think you've acted a bit too fast but no offence, mate! Thank you very much for understanding, YOURS SINCERELY, Threebot.
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    BUG THREAD POST ALL BUG-RELATED THINGS PERTAINING TO THIS SCRIPT HERE PLEASE AND THANK YOU. LOOKING FOR THE DOWNLOAD LINK? GO TO THE OFFICIAL THREAD:https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/17622-darks-poh-curser/ ARCHIVE: Bug Report Format: Time Running: Xp/hr: Xp Gained: Status: Version: Description : FIXED:: Current Bug: Will try to run to ring even through the door is closed. Not sure why yet. May just be as simple as a simple check... SOLUTION: Change Log:Version 0.8 : Fixed Fail safes.It will now properly use a tele tab to get back. If it is not your house, it will leave and join the Host's House. Version 0.7 : Fixed all the temporary static sleeps. It's now fully dynamic sleeping.Version 0.6 : Fixed the Door finding algorithm.Version 0.5 : Initial Release
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    Maze - Does NOTHING. Molly - Does NOTHING. Mourdaut - Complete random, when it is time to leave it does not attempt to find door. [02:05:23] Mordaut: We have completed the exam. The door ID is: 2192 But doesnt search for it. Freaky forester - Completes random but right clicks instead of left clicks the portal.
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    Currently 18 hours away from hitting the 75 hour proggy!!! Hopefully I don't get a Molly random at work :0
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    Love how people complain at you for randoms when there are posts from mods saying dont blame the script developers.
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    Feel free to complain in the bot development section of the forums. Randoms are handled through the client.
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    If 100 people say they are getting banned and one person says he isn't, who are you going to believe? Do you also think the earth, sun, and moon revolve around you?
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    Love the script so much, I decided to buy a second auth hours before I bought my first one - if that shows you how great of a script it is. Just waiting for my account to be created, but I'm sure it'll happen ASAP.
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    yeah, but this one actually uses Polygon under the hood -> Non rectangular areas unlike the rest of them.
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    I've had one of my five accounts banned. I dont take offence when you tell me you've had an account banned.. that is out of my control. The script performs fully, botting in general is inherently a risky action however. Some factors that contribute are, Botting on a VPS (a VPS IP is dangerous and Jagex knows what you're doing then)Botting on your account 24/7Player reports (This is your biggest enemy)Player moderators roaming
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    If there's a player in the same cave as you, bot may sometimes just stand there trying to find the next npc to attack. the npc is usually at the edge of minimap or not even visible. This is seen in every experiments killer released on here.
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    Zainy/Texan, Strength XP isn't working for me. It goes to the RSTile but doesn't actually interact with the Void Knight. Before you ask, I am on the second lowest brightness.
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    works good. kinda wish the camera would move and had some anti ban aspects. but other than tht its solid. people are dumb if they dont alch in the PC boats lol. no randoms kiddos. ill post a juicy proggy if it dosnt crash or i don't get banned lol So good so far been running it for 9 hours straight ;P 60-73 mage so far. good shit! ill post a juicy proggy when im done
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    When you guys are looking at payment processing options you should have a look at accepting mobile payments, that could basically double (or more) sales compared to just online payments.
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    Someone promote this man to a Mod. He speaks what is on everyone's mind and there's nothing more to add to what he said, because that's exactly how I feel as well. We are paying monthly for a working bot, yet you guys don't want to put in the work? If you guys are planning on doing a "one time" fix, then why not make this bot a "one time" payment? If we are paying continuously, then we expect this bot to be worked on continuously as well. I see no point in botting when I have to sit at my computer and solve every random that comes up, considering randoms pop up every 5 minutes. What exactly am I paying for then? I have never complained either, and I've been botting for many years and have never had this issue with randoms. I understand taking a few days to get a fix and everything... but for a month straight of unsolvable randoms over a simple ID? It's really not that hard to get in a random... I myself get randoms every 5 minutes. Definitely not happy with the support here and the time it takes to get things done when we are paying for a bot that doesn't work. What could have taken me about a week of botting has taken me well over a month because this bot can't support over 30 minutes without being babysat. Please take your customers into consideration when running a client-based business.
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    [12:37:12] java.lang.NullPointerException [12:37:12] at scripts.CombatHelper.CombatHelper.getEquipment(CombatHelper.java:125) [12:37:12] at scripts.CombatHelper.CombatHelper.run(CombatHelper.java:97) [12:37:12] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [12:37:12] Script Ended: CombatHelper.W WHY DONT WORK
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    Nice! I like this idea. Basically, if someone who has Trusted Trader Credits scams, then they will be banned, and the person who was scammed, given that they provide proof of being scammed, will be refunded out of the scammer's "Trusted Trader Credits" and now that the scammer has been banned, Trilez would get to keep the remaining "Trusted Trader Credits" That's a really nice idea. It's pretty much an insurance policy, not guaranteeing that you wont be scammed, but garunteeing that if you are scammed, you will get refunded from the scammer's "trusted trader credits." There should also be a rank for people who do not pay money for Trusted Trader Credits, but are known to be a trusted trade, that way it is still fair for the people who do not want to pay the money for the credits, yet want to be trusted. I summed it up because a few people seemed confused. 5/5! I hope this can be put into action!!!
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