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    so sad man. im soooooo sad atm. and depressed to hear that every rare will be like this. this is horrible for the community tho not just botters, rares are literally useless now for real which means that there is no incentive to keep playing for legit high lv players they will get bored as f and quit b/c there is no "rich" in this game anymore if you have the basic full guthans, fury , fire cape, maybe dfs and whip thats it your pretty much done. third age are the new rares i realize but still realistically people want rares and now that they arent rare AT ALL you can see 07scape dying even more.
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    ★★★ Advanced Paint Tutorial ★★★ So, you made a script and now you want to know how much gp/h or xp/h it makes for you? Or perhaps you already made a paint for your script, but you just think it's too ugly with the white text everywhere? Here's a few examples of different paints (all rights to the image owners): Table of contents 1. Adding a paint 2. Let's edit the font & color 3. Calculations & time etc. 4. Adding image background & little style to your paint 5. Mouse paint [COMING SOON] 1. Adding a paint Ok, let's add a paint to your script. Import these: First we need to change something from your script. Find a line looking about like this: and add before the bracket "implements Painting" Now your IDE will probably tell we need to add an unimplemented method called onPaint(). I like to add onPaint() at the end of script: Great! Now we can actually draw something to the screen: The text you want to display is in quotes, the 300s are the coordinates on the screen, (x,y). 2. Let's edit the font & color Ok now let's edit the look of the text. You can of course change the font, styling and the size. Add something like this: Let's edit the color. Colors are made in RGB. 3. Calculations & time etc. So you want to display the runtime for example? Before your onPaint() method, add something like this: and on your onPaint() add this: Now every time your onPaint() method runs, it calculates the runtime, so let's print it on the screen: Now you'll notice that the time looks pretty weird. Well, it's in milliseconds so lets convert it: And now we can see for how long the script has ran. Let's add something else... Current lvl for example: Notice I used coordinate (200, 100) this time: Let's add gained levels and a few xp things: Notice I also changed the color and coordinates to make the paint look better: Starting to look a little better, huh? 4. Adding image background & little style to your paint So, you wanna make your paint look superdupercool? Well, let's add some images to it. First you should edit your code like this: Replace "your_img_url" with your image url and edit the coordinates so it looks good. I used coordinate (0, 300) as you can see. I made these images for my tutorial in just a few minutes with Photoshop: Finally I changed the text color to light grey and aligned the image correctly: And the final result: 6. Antialiasing I already posted this to snippets but I think it's good to add it here too: Just a quick trick to make your paint look smoother. This works with shapes & text. Antialiased is on the right. I assume you already have added a paint. I think onPaint() method only accepts Graphics as an arg0, so you need to "convert" it to Graphics2D in order to make antialiasing work: before your onPaint() add this and inside your onPaint() add this Also import any needed stuff like java.awt.Graphics2D and java.awt.RenderingHints. Finished code:
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    My first video. I might start a scripting series. Personal info: My name is Mathias, I'm 17 years old and I live in Belgium. My intrests are computers hard/software, and having a good time. I've been a Scripter/developer on a few forums and was know as 'range inc' or 'qxy'. How to setup eclipse 1080p HD How to make your compiled files appear in the tribot folder automaticly 1080p HD Scripting tutorials 1080p HD Tutorial 1: => Basic powerminer. Notice: English isn't my main language, I do not have any experience in making video's and I'm not a java expert.
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    Download on the Repo Source: qqqFiremaking, qqqFiremaking_GUI, qqqFiremaking_SETTINGS Longest Proggy:
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    If you a gym freak or just want to get in shape watch this hope it helps http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO_EMmxVY3k
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    ORDER FORM: What type of trade: Have you and your partner sent a request on Skype: Have you both agreed to use a MM:
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    It works perfectly, i run this overnight. Its more like 25-50k an hour at the most but hey a free bot is a free bot
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    The reason I pay for VIP is access to an oldschool bot. It's not a donation, it's payment. A donation is optional, paying is required for service. If Tribot Oldschool did not cost money, I would not donate. The only reason I spend money on Tribot is because it is required to use the Oldschool bot. It's not a free service, it's a product. Volunteering time just to improve someone else's product is not really something I'm open to. That being said, it's okay that it's a product. I pay for it, I enjoy it. I really do like using Tribot. The API is pretty shitty, but it works well enough, I've been able to do most of the things I need to with it. But I'm not an employee of Tribot, I'm a customer. If it were free, then yes, I would volunteer my time.
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    arghh error connecting to server lost all sorts of pouchage
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    I dont think this is working for me anymore
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    Updated for new ID's - If they are wrong, don't blame me, they were sent to me in a PM! http://justin.pm/Barrowtunnels.class
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    35% Complete - Release date: 27/07/2013 Hey guys I decided little over a week ago I wanted to make my very first script and I noticed there was a lack of fletching scripts. So I have took it upon myself to make a fletching script which will hopefully be flawless and will get countless 99's for the TriBot community. Features Will use a variety of banks. (Open to suggestions) - Varrock West and East - Falador West and East - Pest Control Bows: Normal, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew and Magic - String bows Arrows: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant and RuneTo - Do List Repair banking methodsAdd version checkerHover over bank, have menu's ready (time saving)Create paintTurbo Fletcher: Low levels. Have in your inventory a Hatchet, Knife and Feathers. Cuts normal trees, creates arrows shafts then adds feathers to create headless arrows. This will get 1-25 Fletching in under an hour. This script will be free to the community and I do not intend on making this script premium. This is my first project and I intend to iron out all the bugs so that it is flawless. Hopefully will be a massive learning curve.
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    you are a fucking idiot.. Lmao i can't believe i just read this post. you obviously have no idea what the prohormone did to your body but you'll find out soon. Don't try and tell other people their safe to take, when you don't know shit.
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