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    Ultimate Paypal Chargeback Prevention Guide Why I Made This Guide I decided to make this guide as I myself have been Chargebacked for over $2000 using paypal. I do not blame anyone for my loss, other then the people that done that fraudulent activity. I made this guide so that you guys won't fall into the same trap that I did. What is a Chargeback? A Chargeback is a method a user uses to "Regain" or "force refund" a payment that has been made to your Paypal account from them. It doesn't matter how small or how big the payment is chargeback's can ALWAYS occur, unless my guide is followed. You could tell someone to send you increments of $1 until you hit $1000, they would still be able to chargeback the whole amount within seconds. Why do Chargebacks Occur Chargebacks Occur because users think scamming is a cool thing, and users obviously want an easy way to gain money. Users plan to receive the 07 gold, send the paypal payment then a day or even hours later setup the chargeback "scheme". People make over $1000 a day just pulling on the scam.. and it works.. since many people "believe" paypal is a safe and easy way to receive payments. How do People Chargeback There are 4 Known methods people use to create the chargeback "scheme" I thought it would be a good idea to tell you how they do it before telling you how to prevent it. You only learn when you know what goes on. VPN/VPS Credit/Debit Card Balance Payments Fruad/Unauthorized Account Use Goods/Service Payment How do I Prevent a Chargeback? I am going to tell you the Four BEST EVER methods to prevent a chargeback. If you get chargeback'd after following my methods i will personally give you $2000 and kill myself. No actually i won't.. but you get the point. 1. ID Verification 2. Paypal Balance 3. VPN/VPS Thats pretty much it guys. I will be adding more to the guide soon later. It did take a couple hours to write the guide so i hope you all gathered enough information and hopefully this will prevent any type of scam you come across. How to Spot Scammers There is no real way to spot scammers however there are some small ways you can tell if a scammer is really trying to pull one off.. One thing I really look at is the thread they create. Most of the scammers are buying gold at extremely ridiculous high rates: http://puu.sh/3tk2R.png Most of the scammers only offer Paypal http://puu.sh/3tkgc.png Final Tips: - Most people advertise they are buying gold over the average price through "PAYPAL ONLY" are mostly Scammers. http://puu.sh/3oCqg.jpg http://puu.sh/3oCrl.png http://puu.sh/3oCsc.png http://puu.sh/3oCuu.png These guys MIGHT NOT be scammers but im just using them as an example and from my knowledge 99% chance that they are attempting to scam. - Don't rush into any trades, always make sure you feel comfortable with who you are trading with - Using an MM/OMM will not prevent you getting scammed, the MM will not take the paypal money he will make the user send it directly to you.. so make sure you do your checks before using an mm for your trade. At first i was going to try and sell the guide, until i realized how bad i felt when i was scammed.. so i just decided to release it. Feel free to add my skype if you have more questions. Not going to ask for donations but a like is appreciated, thanks. -YoloSwag69420
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    Start a livechat to order! https://YoHoGold.com Discord: YoHoJo#4756 Why choose YoHoJo? •#1 In Trader Feedback score at TRiBot •Thousands of successful trades, Billions of GP handled. •Over 10+ years of black market experience •Professional, smooth trades, without any hiccups! Buy TRiBot Credits with Runescape Gold, PayPal, or Bitcoin Use Credits to Buy VIP & Scripts Credits: 2.1M Each VIP - 6.5 Credits VIP-Extended - 8 Credits Start a livechat to order! Discord: YoHoJo#4756
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    Hey guys, I made a world hopping class and thought that if anybody needed one, feel free to use this one: http://pastebin.com/pmFyCp2B It works perfectly and I'm not sure whether there are any other ones but this one is flawless and will press down the arrows to order the worlds correctly if necessary. You will need to set the login state off when switching worlds and turn it back on after, it does not do that for you.
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    Is your scripts paint on top of the players chatbox? I know mine is. I'm going to go through some steps on how you can let your users toggle on and off you're paint. So lets start off by first implementing MouseActions into our main script. You're going to have to implement some methods from MouseActions so go ahead and do that. Leave them for now, and I will get back to them later. public class AThief extends Script implements Painting, MouseActions { So we want to make a rectangle on the screen for our users to click on to toggle the paint. You can have it as anything but for this I will be using a simple rectangle. Along with that, we will want to have a boolean that we can toggle for the paint to turn on and off. private static final Rectangle Toggle_Paint = new Rectangle(722, 136, 16, 16); public static boolean Hide_Paint; Now go into your painting method. First get your rectangle on the screen, put this above all the other things you have drawn to the screen. g.draw(Toggle_Paint); After you've done that, we want to put an if statement checking if Hide_Paint is false, meaning we will show the paint. This is an example from my code. if (!Hide_Paint) { if (Game.getGameState() == 30) { g.drawImage(img1, 0, 323, null); g.setFont(font1); g.setColor(color1); g.drawString(Status, 420, 342); g.drawString(hours + ":" + minutes + ":" + seconds, 115, 342); g.drawString("" + level, 288, 395); g.drawString("" + expGained, 42, 408); g.drawString("" + Math.round(expGained * 3600.0D / h), 42, 450); if (stealfrom != null) { g.drawString("" + stealfrom, 322, 415); } }} Now the last thing we have to do is check if the mouse has been clicked in that area. Remember when we implemented MouseActions into our script? Well now we are going to use it What we want to do is check if the mouse has been clicked, and if it was clicked in a certain area; that certain area being our rectangle. public void mouseReleased(Point p, int arg1, boolean arg2) { if(Toggle_Paint.contains(p.getLocation())) { //This checks for if we clicked in the rectangles location Hide_Paint = Hide_Paint ? true : false; //What this does is everytime the rectangle is clicked, our Hide_Paint boolean will switch to the opposite value of true or false. } } Congratulations you're done! If you followed every step you should now have a working paint toggler. If you happened to use the same location as my rectangle then you will find it right here I don't feel like I forgot anything but if so let me know
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    For a MM you give the MM the pin - He will test it (I think) then the person buying will give you the money and the MM will give the person the code.
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    Please delete I will reapply at a later date.
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    Vouch! Just bought a 30-day VIP fast and trusted seller. Ty
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    I did not put this in this section and do not want it in this section. Delete this thread now thank you. new thread https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/14653-ultimate-paypal-chargeback-prevention-guide/
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    Just bought a 30-day pin, super fast service. Definate vouch.
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    I have the solver done except for that chat picture I need. I'll submit it to TRiLez after I have that, so I can finish the outside cave portion.
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    So yea, lets make it short, what WE want to see is (talking for atleast 80%+ of the Community) that u show us the Update logs of the client! Like if it changed, so i know what got fixed, as example if it says Updated, fixed > Dwarf random, etc. or just anything a small update topic to keep us up dated, as example what happened from v1.55 to 1.57?? just stuff like that, id really like to see that
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    I've got some random accounts afking trying to get randoms, but it's not working :c I'll make them cut trees or something
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    Create a folder labeled 'ThieverSettings' in the main part of your TRiBot folder, the script will work then. Edit: Uploaded new version still 3.019, restart client. If the directory required doesn't exist it will auto-create it now. No need for you to do it
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    Version 0.18 Pushed: Feature Set: - Corrected rare Walking error that caused Bot to walk into Brimhaven - Added Failsafe in the rare case that bot misclicked the ladder in the General Store - Slightly adjusted safe route to go north out of the store As always to download use the link on my first post. Post if any complications/errors should occur. Thanks, Warfront1
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    Personally never experienced your Bugs, Although I will be implementing a fail safe for both cases within the hour. As for the dying, what combat level are you? This is extremely hard to account for as you could have died virtually anywhere from anything. If I can pin point of the location of initial contact, I could prevent similar deaths. Thanks, Warfront1
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    No. It's in beta for selected few and when it gets released it will not be free for premium users. So it will cost more money if you want to use that feature for obvious reasons...
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    I made the runTheFuckAwayFromTheChicken method recursive, so now it will keep running away until it's out of combat
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    My runite miner should win those scripts pretty easily cause it remembers all the worlds it has mined runite from and will go back to those worlds when the runite is respawned.
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    This is also a fair point, as a lot of scripters seem to be predominantly applying by making mediocre scripts, and then just disregarding free ones for making money, which I don't think the community is about. However, another point is that, although I don't think he currently deserves the scripter rank, you're being slightly hypocritical here as his code is not fair off [if he works on what I posted below] what we ourselves applied and passed with. Not to mention, he does seem like he's focused on providing and returning to the community by making more free scripts. As above, I believe his code is not far off in comparison (when applying), so it seems slightly unfair for you to say this. Not to mention, neither of you have even bothered to provide examples of how he could improve and learn, which is basically what the whole process is about: if (!Banking.isBankScreenOpen()) { Banking.openBankBooth(); sleep(1500, 2000); Banking.deposit(banker, coalOre); sleep(200, 450); }//TOif (!Banking.isBankScreenOpen()) { Banking.openBankBooth(); for (int i = 0; i < 30; i++, sleep(40,50)) { if (Banking.isBankScreenOpen()) { break; } } }That's one example, maybe using Timing and waiting for a condition is more suited for you; play around with the API. Also: while (Inventory.isFull() && !BankIsOnScreen()) { println("Full invent and no bank"); toBank(); sleep(100, 200); } while (oresInvent() && BankIsOnScreen()) { println("Ores Invent and bank"); sleep(100, 200); Bank(); } while (!oresInvent() && !Rock()) {I'd change all of that; practically, it will be VERY easy to get stuck in one of the while loops, so why not just use if statements?
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    You guys are overreacting, 9$ for a AIO Fletcher is a very good price. Druss016 is a very good scripter who will leave you with a flawless script..
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    To make this worth the price. Bolts and enchanting them would do it.
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    finally a bot i've been looking for. I'll gladly buy this once it comes out!


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