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    Nothing. Just my astonishingly good looks and amazing personality, combined with modesty.
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    kCatherbyCooker v4.8 PLEASE ALWAYS ALLOW CONNECTIONS Connections are needed to run the script, they are used to update the statistics screen, and used for Premium validation. TRIBOT MUST BE IN LITE MODE IN ORDER FOR THE SCRIPT TO WORK! 1. Click File > Settings> Check "Lite Mode" 2. Restart TRiBot 3. Restart the script 4. Enjoy! Instructions: 1. Start in Catherby Bank 2. Have Raw/burnt/cooked food visible in bank on open 3. Do NOT touch bot unless you want to stop it 4. Always allow connections 5. Place Auto-Retaliate OFF 6. START THE SCRIPT WHILE TRIBOT IS IN LITE MODE! Features: -If teleported by a random, has logout feature -Runs away from aggressive random events -Utilizes Failsafe methods in case of lag -Has anti-ban features -Has live stats Click Here for more information on Premium. Progress Screens: Randoms: All randoms are working + will run away from aggressive randoms such as Evil Chicken. Changelog: Version 4.8 -Script no longer relies on IDs Bugs: -None reported. Why kCatherbyCooker? Currently there are no other cooking scripts on TRiBot that use a range. All other available scripts use the Rogue's Den open fire. Fires in Runescape have a higher chance to burn food, killing profit and exp. "All ranges have lower burn rate than fires" Source: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Range Download Link
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    Send me more Bank ID's so I can add it as an update for available bank booths. Contact me via Skype @druss016 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Notes This script works only in Lite Mode If you are making bolts or darts and you have bars available to smith more (unf) bolts, use varrock west bank for quick access to the anvil __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You can pause PFFletcher for hours without crashing. Pause the script whenever you like, log out, switch worlds, it doesn't matter. It will pick up where you left off, if you are logged in. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Automatic & Manual Progress/In-game Screenshots ~~ This script has a screenshot feature that allows you to set the time between automatic screenshots. And sure you may choose to enable or disable automatic screeshots. You are not limited, in-game you may also take manual screenshots whenever you like. All screenshots will be saved in this directory: bin/scripts/PFFletcher/screenshots When the script auto saves a screenshot, it deletes previous auto save screenshots for the current script instance, then it will generate another one. Therefore, you will only have one auto save screenshot for the current script instance so your image folder won't have like 1000 images in it. The auto save screenshot will be your most recent screenshot for the current script instance. Auto save screenshots will not affect manual screenshots taken by the player. http://youtu.be/zwo9qQGVk6g __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Multi-fletching Feature / GUI Settings Changer ~~ This script has a Multi-fletching feature, meaning you will be able to fletch different items any point during the script without having to start it over. This way you preserve your xp/hr and you don't have to stay fletching a low level item forever. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2LsL1u94zM ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Version 1 Video ~~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlz7WYYrMus&feature=youtu.be ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Purchasing the PFMasterFletcher Package ~~ Primary Package - 1 Computer & 3 Accounts Pricing: OSRS GP 3M Each additional Computer (after you buy primary): Pricing: OSRS GP 1.5M Each additional account instance (after you buy primary): Pricing: OSRS GP 1M Contact me on Skype @druss016 Each package comes with the PFHunter script and 1 authentication key. The first 1st computer to use the script will have access to the key from that point on. Other computers that try will be denied access. Free updates for life I can terminate or temporarily suspend your authorization key at any time. I can disable your authorization key at any time (doing this will end your script if you are using it). I will not change your authentication key's status unless I have a good reason. All of your information is safe, none of your important information will be used. After paying with OSRS GP message me on Skype with your TRiBot username, and the email I send the package to. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Newest Additions ~~ 7/11/2013 - Added support for Fletching then Stringing Bows Start stringing all of your bows once you have fletched them all. 7/1/2013 - Toggle Random Event solver state (on/off) You player will or will not do randoms. If the solver state is off your player will not click on randoms that Jagex or other player will notice 6/25/2013 - Automatic/Manual Screenshots Set the script to take automatic screenshots every 5,10,15, ... , 40, 50, 60 minutes Take manual screenshot when running the script, whenever you want 6/25/2013 - Multi-fletching feature added You will now be able to fletch different items at any point during the script without having to start the bot over. 6/23/2013 - Now supports fletching bolts with or without bolt tips Smiths more (unf) bolts when you have run out, using Bronze-Rune bars Crafts more bolts tips when you have run out 6/23/2013 - Now supports fletching darts Smiths more (unf) darts when you have run out, using Bronze-Rune bars ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Features & Support ~~ Super fast fletching. Earn maximum XP/Hr Fletching logs: 1,740+ Logs/Hr Stringing bows: 2,000+ Bows/Hr Multi-fletching feature / GUI Settings Changer added Supports all bank locations (Send me bank ID so I can add to script) EOC-like floating XP numbers Toggle Random Event solver state (on/off) Awesome progress/statistics layout interface (The paint does not stop you from typing in the chat Dialog window) Toggle button to show/hide progress interface (Let's you view the chat dialog at any time) Simultaneously cut and string bows Either cut only or string only Fletches bolts with bolt tips. Smiths more (unf) bolts if you have none left, using Bronze-Rune bars. Crafts more bolts tips if you have none left Darts: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, Rune Bolts: Bronze, Opal-tipped bronze, Iron, Steel, Red topaz-tipped steel, Mithril, Sapphire-tipped mithril, Emerald-tipped mithril, Adamant, Ruby-tipped adamant, Diamond-tipped adamant, Runite, Dragonstone-tipped runite, Onyx-tipped runite Supported Gems: Opals, Red Topaz, Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies, Diamonds, Dragonstones, Onyx Supported Bars: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, Rune Logs: Regular, Oak, Willow, Teak, Maple, Mahogany, Yew, Magic Bows: Regular, Oak, Willow, Maple, Yew, Magic Crossbows: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, Rune Arrows: Bronze, Iron, Steel, Mithril, Adamant, Rune Stocks: Wooden, Willow, Teak, Maple, Mahogany, Yew Other: Arrow Shafts ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Authorization Key Checking/Verifying ~~ When you start the script you will be prompted to allow the authorization checker. Click "Always Allow" for both prompts. Sure you can click deny, but then you will be denied access to the script also. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ~~ Updates ~~ V1.0.0 - 06/08/2013 - Added mouse speed GUI and upgraded detections and functionality V1.1.0 - 06/10/2013 - Added support for crossbows V1.2.0 - 06/23/2013 - Added support for Bolts and Bolt tips (involves crafting and smithing) V1.2.1 - 06/23/2013 - Updated Runtime pausing (when pausing the script). This will preserve your XP/Hr V1.3.0 - 06/23/2013 - Added support for Darts (involves smithing) V1.3.1 - 06/23/2013 - Updated Runtime pausing (when player is in a random). This will preserve your XP/Hr V1.4.0 - 06/25/2013 - Added Multi-fletching feature. The player will be able to change the GUI settings at any point during the script. V1.5.0 - 06/25/2013 - Added automatic/manual screenshot feature. Take a screenshot manually, or let the script do it for you. V1.5.11 - 07/01/2013 - Updated GUI. Added Random auto-solver option. Other minor fixes. V1.5.13 - 07/02/2013 - Improved Auto Updater system V1.5.20 - 07/05/2013 - Added bank withdrawal fail-safe option. When withdrawing items from bank, the script waits until that item appears in your inventory before continuing. If not it will try withdrawing it again. V1.5.23 - 07/06/2013 - Extra banking fixes. V1.6.0 - 07/11/2013 - Fixed logout/login feature. Also Preserves your xp/hr when you logout then login. V1.6.0 - 07/11/2013 - Added support for fletching then stringing bows. V1.6.5 - 08/17/2013 - Fixed repetitive item deposit when fletching arrow shafts. V1.6.6 - 08/30/2013 - New tribot api implemented V1.6.7 - 09/15/2013 - Updated ID's and Banking algorithm V1.6.11 - 09/30/2013 - Updated Bank ID's and Banking algorithm, now includes scrollbar dragging
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    [9/24/2013 - Download version 2.1.10] ~~ Free version supports Port Phasmatys, Falador & Al Kharid Furnace Locations ~~ Contact Info: Skype me @druss016 for a faster reply Only Tested in Lite Mode Smelts Bronze, Iron, Silver, Steel, Gold, Mithril, Adamant and Rune When smelting iron ore, you can choose whether to use a Ring of forging or not. ~~ Special Instructions ~~ Instructions on copying files to script folder: Unzip the main zip file Copy all of the class files including "PFAIOSmelter.zip" (a zip file of images, do not unzip this!) to the script directory If you find that the script is still not acting right try the following: Make sure you have enough ores for what your are smithing Try blocking all user input (You can do this form the "Client" menu) Try restarting TRiBot.jar If none of these options works, contact me asap with error logs and I will revise the script ~~ Screenshots ~~ ~~ Updates ~~ Updates (FREE): V1.0.0 - 05/14/2013 - Added a better detection of Ring of forging V1.1.0 - 05/14/2013 - Added a better progress display interface V1.1.1 - 05/14/2013 - The user will now be able to toggle the progress/statistics interface on and off V1.1.2 - 05/15/2013 - Banking as soon as your Ring of forging is destroyed (So you never lose any Iron ore/Iron bars) V1.1.3 - 05/15/2013 - Other Minor changes to script V1.2.0 - 05/15/2013 - Fixed bug where player would keep re-banking because they had only 1 coal left instead of the required amount needed (for example: Steel bars need 2 coal, but you would re-bank and not log out because you have 1 coal left in bank) V1.2.1 - 05/17/2013 - Added control click support/running instead of walking V1.2.2 - 05/18/2013 - Added login support if logged out V1.2.3 - 05/21/2013 - Fixed lag issues V1.3.0 - 05/21/2013 - Intelligent bank withdrawal method implemented. The user no longer needs to have ores and rings at the top off their bank. They can have them anywhere in the bank, and the script with find it! V1.3.1 - 05/24/2013 - You may now run the script without entering a PIN number. V1.4.0 - 06/09/2013 - Fixed bank withdrawal issue. V2.0.0 - 06/08/2013 - Added Port Phasmatys furnace location and bank V2.0.1 - 06/08/2013 - Added mouse speed GUI V2.0.2 - 06/08/2013 - Upgraded all functionality and IDs that were changed due to RuneScape update V2.1.0 - 06/09/2013 - Added Falador furnace location V2.1.4 - 06/16/2013 - Updated ID's from RuneScape update V2.1.6 - 06/23/2013 - Updated Falador bank booth ID ~~ Script Downloads ~~ (FREE) PF AIO Smelter Version 2.1.6 (DropBox) ~~ Open Source ~~ https://www.dropbox.com/s/ezt1l8hedepbnng/PFAIOSmelter.java ~~ Other Notes ~~ Please keep me informed of any bugs/errors that you find, I will fix them asap, I am online almost everyday Post proggies if you gained a lot of xp!!
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    1) Snipplets: Beginner Mining Methods 2) Tutorials: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/14355-video-snippet-walking/ 3) Randoms/updates submitted: None 4) Scripts available to the public: kWillows [source] <----Completely re-wrote this after I made this application. Lot less junk in it, and more efficient. kThiever [source] kSwamp [source] kClay [source] In the process of creating a Tutorial Island solver with another user from this site, and an AIO Crafting script, which will include nearly EVERY method for crafting. Dragonhides, Gems, Battleslaves, everything, while keeping up with my AIO Thiever. 5) Short biography / Coding Experience: I'll keep this short and sweet by saying I love computers in general. Coding aside, I've been fascinated by the way computer's run, reason why I got into CompTIA and got certified in A+. Next year I plan on certifying in Networking and Security+, as well as taking Computer Prog. and AP Computer Sciences. I plan on basing my future around Computer Sciences, and going to college to pursue something in that subject. I've been "scripting" for a few years now, mastering the starter language of HTML and CSS, and moving on to VB, but haven't really gotten into it until I heard that Oldschool Runescape was coming back. Previous to this, I worked on Private servers, where I held some pretty respected and well known servers, holding up to 150 players at once with very unique content. After I decided that Private servers weren't for me I refreshed my memory with Powerbot, where I made some private scripts for myself to goldfarm with. Then once TRiBot was released, I quickly started making some scripts for myself and the public to get my name out there. 6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: [1-3 short paragraphs] My passion for coding is unexplainable. Regardless of if I get the Scripter rank or not, I will continue to make quality scripts that the public can use for their own use. I will continue to script until TRiBot(let's not jinx us) goes down, and even beyond that. Also as my knowledge grows, I DEFINITELY plan on making a bigger impact for newer scripters like I used to. I will make WAY more tutorials, and even 1 on 1 via Skype or Teamviewer. 7) What you plan to provide the community with: [1-3 short Paragraphs] As I said above, even if I don't get Scripter, I will keep making quality scripts for the public. Whether this be completely All-In-One scripts, or a simple script that somebody requested in the request sub-section(Which I lurk quite often for ideas ). Also, since I'm not too afraid to show off my sexy voice, video commentaries will come from me as well. I personally find that somebody talking is easier to learn then just watching somebody script, and plus it can prevent people from just ripping code and not learning at all. 8) Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? [YES/NO] YES. Edit: Thanks Word for the suggestions, I really appreciate it Edit2: Released yet another script today, very useful tool/Hunter script. Edit3: Completely re-wrote kWillows. A lot more efficient Edit4: Released another script today. kClay, soon to be AIO Clay Miner/softener. Edit5: Another script released today. kMaples. Edit6: Changed the scripts and added the sources. Edit7: Made a video tutorial.
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    Sorry for being a retard about the color. I changed it when I first used the script, and then changed it back for quests and forgot about it. My bad. Ok look forward to see this buy my Mace now I will keep you posted on any other bugs etc. (Probs flawless though )
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    Should be better with 3.21. We made attacking a bit faster (well.. noticeably faster!), so that should come up. But that's still a great proggy!
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    have been babysitting this bot for 30 minutes watching it work and by far the most impressive bot i've seen yet. not only because of how complex it is the script a pc bot but to work like its working. (so humanlike it may be better than regular players at the game!) features such as spinners priority supports attacking all portals! man im speachless to say this is one of my top bots i've used on tribot.
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    I may as well post mine as well.
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    with three accounts you can make more than enough to pay for another license in just one day. i find that tribot membership and all premium scripts are too cheap for what you can profit off of them, tribot being the leadership website on 07 botting only charging 6.50$ while i used to pay for another trainer of another game (MapleStory, Bizarro Trainer) 50$ a month for a limit of 6 accounts that can be botted and it was less profitable than runescape.
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    could it possibly be because my computer lags at 3 bots and the password starts getting mistyped?
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    Word i voted for you, keep up making awesome scritps bro. ONE QUESTION: When i run more than 1 bot on your rare script, it usually has the 5min login error message within 10 mins of running. This doesn't happen when i just run one account on it, only when i run multiple ones (2-3) thanks
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    Word is without a doubt the first pick, think most agree on that. Second I'd say MattBomer, cause he seems like a pretty laid back person, need more moderator's like that. My application didn't make it! Not surprised, well, at least I tried. Think I actually spent more time thinking about what Elmo meant about text file than writting the application...
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    I have no need to be mod. I'm just disappointed my 2 sentence application didn't make the cut.
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    BTW, Gotta say, I LOVE THE PAINT! haha best paint I've seen! +1 to the scripter
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    I can vouch that CW works. I've been running the script non-stop for about a week now, no issues so far. Only stop it to load off chins to my mule & buy more traps.
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    Uhm, how can you just change the instance rate from 6 to 3? Seems a bit unfair when I paid to be able to use 6, not 3. Seems like a money grabbing attempt on your part, and judging by how the admins handled a report on the gdk bot when the scripter changed the instance count, you are in the wrong. You can't just modify what someone has alredy paid For.
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    the combat detection in 3.018 really messed up, ive been running out of cammy tabs on my bots to get back to ardougne
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    hey, i know u said u wont touch the con script u made, but can u at least get it to run again, it only takes like 2 sopranos episodes to legit to 47, but its also annoying to click a lot, i dont need it anymore, but just for the future people.
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    Word is there any way to make a selection tool for what worlds to hop in? If you have a good spot and multiple accounts you can set it that they will not hop on the same worlds so lets say bot 1 does world 1-60 and bot 2 does 61-120
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    Yes it is broken , you better stop using it , or you risk getting your account banned for no reason ... The identifier is broken it will just keep logging in and out!
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    From the code I got sent, which wasn't from Swag this is what showed up. Mat
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    Really love that I bought this when it was 8.99 awesome script still Bradsta is a great scripter I've already received 99 thieving. Thank you
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    While I have spoken to you on a couple of occasions on Skype, and you are progressing as a scripter quite well, I'm going to have to say no on this one. Trust me, you're better off not getting scripter yet. I'm not going to name names but a couple of people have gotten scripter and it has ruined their reputations as the premium scripts they have released are not up-to-par. You're better off releasing a couple more free scripts and asking for feedback on the code to see how you can improve. A good example of this is Cloudnine. He has committed to releasing 15 free and open source scripts before applying for scripter. You don't have to release 15, but I think you get my point.
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    banned within 2 hours of using this woo........... so after the 2 day do you have to quit botting pretty well forever?
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    Nice. I don't have the best locations because I am just running it on 2 throw away accounts. 1st proggy is from a location in falador lol it could be worse
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    Application: HappyG History: - I have moderated BIG Runescape clans (300+ members between main and sub clans) 2008-2011, so I know how to help out with small things - I know the market very well. I owned gold shops on several sites (A few big ones), but now I mostly sell to resellers. - I have been a part of the botting community since around 08 and have had several unranked cleanup positions on a few small sites Abilities: - Fast typer - Very good at understanding customers (useful for those with english as a second language) - Very good at problem solving and some tech support. Plus I know my way around the client and the site's inner workings - I know some Spanish/French - Lots of others. Kind of a jack of all trades so I can do it all. Availability: - M-F 6 A.M to 8 P.M --- Mondays may sometimes need to start at 8 A.M - Scattered hours throughout the weekend Extra Info: - I have the site notify me 24/7 via e-mail, so I will regularly be available any time I am awake, day or night. If interested please contact me by PM or thru my skype: HumbleWords
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    i have a gr8 idea can the maker of this try to make it so when it says [09:36:03] Rare Hunter v1.40: Rare is nearby, but not on the screen can u make it so that it says the world it was on so we can go back and check if its still there
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    Will be released today for free.
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    I'll release mine today, but haven't had much time to perfect it: All it does is drink range potions, prayer potions and then teleport/teleport if out/teleport if below 10hp.
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    Hey, can you please contact me or Josh on skype with all the issues?
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    PM me your teamviewer information and I'll help you Special Notice Price for the script has been increased from $8.99 to $12.99 effective immediately. Limitations per auth is going to be changed from 6 instances down to 3 instances to control the price of seeds due to goldfarming.
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    Script needs updating and he needs to answer Skype no reply in 3 weeks
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    nah but i do use trojans when i fuck your mum, so i could understand the confusion
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