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    50 hours and 2 gallons of coffee later... Get it here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2514 How does this script work? Randomly sets a target level between 20 and 30 for the gathering skills and between 5 and 8 for the combat skills. The "processing" skills (cooking, smithing etc.) are trained using the gathered resources (ores, logs etc.), until the raw materials are depleted. The skills are trained randomly. Has a random chance of switching to something completely different. Despite the randomness, certain rules are followed in order to train effectively (e.g. it can only train cooking after we are done fishing. However, after fishing is done, there is no guarantee that it will start cooking or it will go mining etc.). Skills supported now: Strength Attack Defence Prayer Mining Smithing (bronze & iron gear) Fishing Cooking Woodcutting Firemaking (normal, oak) Features that may be added in the future: Short quests Features requested by the users Starting the script: The only item required, at the time of writing, is a hammer. (You can buy it from the general store.) This will be changed in a later version and the hammer will be automatically purchased. Start the script anywhere, it will automatically gather all the items it needs to complete all tasks. Please do not supply the bot with higher tiers tools, as it currently only supports bronze. (This will be changed soon.) What not to suggest / not bugs: Change the Draynor fishing spot! - No. Even with the occasional deaths caused by the dark wizards, the Draynor fishing spot remains the best place for fishing. An efficient combat fail-safe has been implemented, but even if the bot dies, it only takes ~ 55 seconds to get back from Lumbridge to the fishing spot. Fixed set of levels instead of random-picked targets - No. Thousands of accounts with the exact same levels may not be the best idea, given the heuristic nature of bot detection. Walking is broken! - This script uses webwalking, which is controlled 100% by the client. How does the script work (under the hood) : First of all, I would like to thank @wastedbro for the fair warning. He was 100% right. If you don't have a solid framework, the code becomes ... least to say unmanageable. I guess that's why I had to change the framework 3 times before finally deciding to go with this one. The script uses some variation of @Worthy's node framework (Check out this cool tutorial). However, instead of using the if statement, it uses while so the script will be able to do a task (e.g. fishing) until it hits the target level or until the script randomly switches tasks. The framework is explained in the image bellow. Alternatively, you can check out the source code (link). The actual source code will be released after the testing phase is over, so me and @Cypher can start our spaghetti contest, to see who is the worst scripter. Important notes about the current version! At the moment the script is in testing phase. Bugs are expected. Please report them on this thread. Do not use any valuable account. Combat temporary disabled. An adequate anti-ban will be added as soon as the testing phase ends. Start with a hammer in bank / inventory. - will soon be changed I await your bug reports and suggestions. Proggies: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2514
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    Welcome to my complete TRiBot scripting tutorial. This tutorial will take you from no knowledge of TRiBot to writing your first script with examples on different ways to do so. The tutorial is aimed at individuals who have some Java knowledge and are interested in writing scripts for TRiBot. This tutorial will not teach you Java. If you are interested in learning Java, you can check out the Learning Resources within the tutorial. I will be using BitBucket to host this tutorial. Link to Tutorial: https://bitbucket.org/Encoded/tribot-tutorial/ Note: This tutorial is still a work in progress and I hope to have it finished by the end of the week. I will post when updates are made. You can see everything the tutorial will cover in the Outline.
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    Announcements The above information is largely a personal Thank You to my customers, and some explaining on my end. To those who have no interest in reading such information, know that the script will be fixed by the end of the day, and I thank you all for waiting. While most of you are simply customers, there are dozens of you who have been with me from the beginning; since the glory days of Sigma Merch. It is somewhat unusual for people to display signs of personal weakness when in business, but it is my belief that it is my obligation to be transparent with all of you rather than leaving you to wonder why (and therefore oftentimes assume the worst). Below I am going to be sharing quite a bit about myself and my personal life, so I once again warn those who have no interest or find that awkward, know that the script will be fixed by the end of the day. But I digress. I have been going through personal turmoil for many months now. This illness has certainly not helped the matter, so once I again I apologize for the horrendous timing of this incident, as well as my lack of public presence on the forums for the last 8-12 months. I will not go into detail as details are irrelevant to the vast majority of you, but know that if I could have been active, I would have been. To those who are familiar with the three most common mental health disorders — i.e., ADD/ADHD, Anxiety/Panic, and Depression — , you already know how difficult just one of the three can be to overcome, much less all three at once. Throw one of the worst cases of Perfectionism you can imagine into the mix and you've got a pretty good view into my head. (By the way, if you want an example of how even the best of us can fall, watch Iron Man 3. It's fiction, but it depicts PTSD-triggered Panic Disorder perfectly. But once again, I digress). I am not going to go into any more detail than I have above, but know that those are the conditions that I have been battling with (as well as getting my insurance to help pay for the help I need, but once more I digress). What I really want to say is thank you. Thank you to my customers who have been more than patient and understanding, but most of all, thank you to my support team for holding down the fort while I went through my crucible. I say this because I want everyone to know that I am taking no one for granted, I am ignoring no one, and I appreciate all of you. Well, that was fun, now wasn't it? Lots of feelings and what-not? Probably feels kinda strange for all of you reading this; but hey, it needed to be said. As the nice fancy italicized text says at the top of this post, Tau GE will be fixed by the end of the day, and the extension will then be given as soon as TRiLeZ has the time to apply it. If anyone has any further questions or would like to talk to me personally, please contact me via the Tau Support Discord Chat (link in signature), or shoot me a PM (via Discord). Ciao!
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    this is the kind of quality content I visit TRiBot for
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    Would you like to max out all of your runescape accounts for free? Using a script that has 99% perfect performance? Look no further! This script is for you. Description: This bot plays Nightmare Zone according to the chosen settings. The settings allow you to play the game mode in a variety of ways, supporting almost everything you could want. Instructions: Make sure to start the script on FIXED MODE Please start the account near NMZ to reduce any problems with getting to the location Make sure you that you disable user input Make sure that you have your game chat to display all - not filtered! Requirements: An account that can play the Nightmare Zone minigame, needs atleast five specific quests. Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2527 Pictures: I was going to max this account before release however I have been too busy so I just decided to release it EXP: Entirely dependent on your stats and gear, however it is possible to gain upwards of 100k xp/hr!; Features: 100% free! Extensive GUI allowing for a variety of ways to play the minigame Basic location information upon script startup that can be hidden for subsequent runs Awesome paint that dynamically displays information about XP gained Supports almost everything you could want in NMZ Save/Load settings Progress Reports: Bugs/Errors: Please leave bug reports down below. I will fix them as soon as possible - they are very much appreciated. Suggestions: If anyone has any suggestions that could help make the script even better than please let me know, I am open to any suggestions. To Do: Fix getting potions from the barrel Add user submitted suggestions Fix any bugs reported Add more spec weapons Make GUI less ugly I have been working on this for the past two months, was going to max out my account before release however I became too busy and stopped paying attention to botting my account. It supports essentially everything you could want in NMZ. Let me know if you encounter any bugs, I was playing on an account with only the five quests completed so I never had to click the "previous" button, then click start so I did a quick test before I released but this part was not tested extensively.
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    Find helpful botting resources like this at RSBotSpot Join the RSBotSpot Runescape Botting Discord Chatroom Disclosure: This guide contains affiliate links How to Create & Register Runescape Bot Accounts through a Proxy Most experienced botters know about the benefits of proxies for Runescape botting, and how they help avoid chain bans. However, an often overlooked step by new botters is making sure to create their accounts through proxies. This guide will cover how to properly create & register your Runescape account though a proxy. Why This is Important If you only use proxies through your bot client, but not for account registration on the website, all of your accounts could still be linked to your home IP address. An important rule to remember is to use proxies from account registration to ban. Our Favorite Runescape Botting Proxy Providers We've tested and had great results with Runescape botting proxies from: Virmach Proxy Fish Your Private Proxy Blazing Proxy How to Create Runescape Accounts through a Proxy on Windows 1. Download Maxthon Browser Maxthon Browser provides great SOCKS proxy support. You can download Maxthon Browser here. 2. Open Maxthon Settings Once installed, open up the Maxthon proxy settings by navigating to: Menu > Settings > Advanced > Proxy Settings > Use Custom Proxy Settings Maxthon Settings Maxthon Settings 3. Enter your Proxy Information Here, you can enter your proxy settings, and you’re good to go! Maxthon Add Proxy How to Confirm You’re on a Proxy Simply Google: What’s my ip to check your IP address. Google should display your proxy IP address, and not your home IP address. To check your home IP, you can Google: What’s my ip on a regular browser without a proxy applied. What’s next Congratulations, you did it! Now you can safely register your accounts through a proxy before botting. Make sure to check out our other guides: All About Proxies for Runescape Botting and How to use Proxies with TRiBot for more information!
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    FmFeed'nFight The circle of life. Fight barbarians and catch fish for food. 99% self sustaining! Features: Automatically changes options on startup if they are not set properly for the script (enables shift dropping in game, mouse camera, zoom, etc.) Fights barbarians in barbarian village When out of food, walks to barbarian village fishing spot and fishes trout and salmon, giving you have a fly fishing rod & feathers in inventory. Cooks the trout and salmon (Drops them if you don't have the cooking level for the particular food. Example: drops salmon if cooking level < 25) on the endless fire at barbarian village fishing spot. Drops burnt fish (all dropping uses shift click dropping) various ABC2 features including ABC2 eating, ABC2 waiting functions In the works: JavaFX GUI to toggle multi combat fighting (to attack other players npcs, since it's a multi-combat zone) Looting & burying bones toggle Attack style toggle Obtain supplies from bank (Maybe - This could be handy if the player dies) Implementing more ABC2 Known bugs: Can get stuck outside/inside the pub if target is inside/outside when player is not and door is closed. I'll fix this soon. (Doesn't happen often and when it does, it doesn't last long) FIXED None currently - Please let me know if you find any. Change log: 09/07/2017 - Added an unstucker for the longhall - will not get stuck inside or outside of it anymore. 09/08/2017 - Replaced aStarWalk with daxWalker. ^^^^^^^^^^ - Fixed a cooking bug causing the bot not to use the raw fish on fire if fire not on screen. ^^^^^^^^^^ - Switched multi combat off - bot will only attack NPCs that are not already in combat. This will be toggle-able once GUI is put together. Source: https://github.com/fmtrick/FMFeednFight Repository: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2523 Images: Proggies:
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    Tau GE has been updated and should once again be fully functional. If anyone continues to experience any problems, please let me know ASAP, preferably via Discord. Thank you all for your patience! As promised, an extension will be given as compensation for the downtime. As previously stated, the extension will only be applied to users with active Tau GE subscriptions. As such, all users have until (at least) Monday night to re-purchase Tau GE, at which point the extension will be applied.
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    I personally don't think it makes a difference. I'm sure others will argue it does. Doesn't make a difference. It's all about the proxy being used. Yes Not worth using. If you're not botting f2p it might help. Because you'd rather get spoonfed answers than experiment yourself.
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    The memes write themselves. Eclipse has nothing to do with the ban-rate. Or maybe...
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    That gilded altar script's mouse was annoying af
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    Evolution of this thread: Tutorial Island request > random users give tips > jealousy > tips on how to commit arson > drugs > sexual harassment
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    Calling swagg a shit poster when you're the type of person that keeps me away from the forum. Leech ass nigga x
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    So I tried the script for some time in f2p and managed to not get banned. The stats that the script gained me is the row from mining down to woodcutting. The rest of the stats I botted with other scripts. The bot is still going strong and have yet to be banned. Sometimes the bot would get stuck but it didn't happen often. Cool script, definitely has a lot of potential. Well done!
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    To add to the existing Game#Options() the TRiBot API offers, here's a bunch of methods to toggle game options on/off. I made this because a lot of the current Options API simply do not work - I also added a few extra that didn't exist. Features: setShiftClick - boolean param. True = toggle on, false = toggle off, setMouseCamera - boolean param. True = toggle on, false = toggle off, setMouseWheelZoom - boolean param. True = toggle on, false = toggle off, setAcceptFirstAid - boolean param. True = toggle on, false = toggle off, setRemoveRoofs - boolean param. True = toggle on, false = toggle off, setGameBrightness - int param between 1-4 for which brightness to select (see @param setting in source for more info) setPlayerAttackOptions - int param between 1-4 for which option to select (see @param setting in source for more info) setNPCAttackOptions - int param between 1-4 for which option to select (see @param setting in source for more info) setKeybindingDefault - boolean param to toggle Esc key to close interfaces. setDataOrbs - boolean param. True = toggle on, false = toggle off, All methods return a boolean - will return true if the condition requested is met. Update: Added setLootDropNotification method! Source
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    First of all, welcome! TRiBot's API is fantastic and very simple to learn - here's the documentation if you haven't found it yet: https://tribot.org/doc/
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    Thank you for the suggestion, I will definitely be changing up the script arguments system to support fully customizable profiles.
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    Alternatively, upon launching the tribot client and selecting proxy, if it logs you in, then the proxy is working. If the proxy is not working it will fail to login to the client.
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    Just pushed an update @filthyturban and @Charvie Should be fixed now, but let me know if it isn't
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    Moderators cannot distribute credits for no payment, but I sent you one so you can buy the VIP trial.
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    I am incredibly sorry about the longer-than-expected downtime. I have been largely bedridden for almost a week now, but have recovered enough to post this. As pointed out above, this shouldn't take me long once I have recovered enough to get to work. I am optimistic that this will be by the end of the today, but I will make no promises due to the unpredictability of illnesses. That said, my personal circumstances are no excuse for the extended downtime. As such, once the script is fixed, I will be providing all users with an extension as compensation for the downtime. However, note that due to current technical restrictions of TRiBot, only active users will receive the extension, so be sure you have an active subscription when the extension is given.
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    Update - v2.0984 - Added Script Argument Support Type in the RSN of your character in the script argument box. Note: You need to fill out the GUI once, with your character logged in for this to work.
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    Please @erickho123 seems like it's a simple fix of just detecting the account was created. Would be greatly appreciated by the community <3 <3 <3 Your script is pretty much the reason I'm able to bot today and I even wrote a guide that uses it. Extutorial was the best tutorial island script for osrs on any botting site, will we see it returned?
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    Well, actually Taco is working on a specific fix for his script. The OP is explaining why the issue is occurring in the Tribot client. Don't snap at people when you don't even understand what they're talking about.
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    No. It depends on the number of instances / auth. For exapmple: if you get 3 instances/ auth you will be able to run 3 accounts for each auth you purchase. Check the script's page in the repository.
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    Working on a fix. Should be posted within 36 hours (optimistically within 12).
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    I decided to stop harassing users, and do something more productive instead. (Hi @Morty123 ) F2P progressive lobsters https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2503 Does exactly what it says on the tin: trains effectively until it gets lvl 40, then switches to lobsters. It's similar to other progressive fishing scripts, but it has a nice function that makes the setup much easier (explained bellow). How to use this script: Create a new account/ run a tutorial solver. Note: If you want to transfer the lobsters before the 18 hours of in-game time, use a quester to get 7QP. Run the script, then log in your "main" and trade 10k gold to the bot. All trades/ windows will be automatically accepted. Done! From this point on, everything else is automated! Buying fishing equipment... 1-20 fishing... 20-40 fishing... 40+ fishing: Lobsters You can easily transfer the lobsters to your main using Naton's nMule. Didn't test it myself, but based on the feedback on its thread, I think it works really well. (Good job @Naton) Thanks: @fmtrick - I used some bits of code from your feather buyer for the shop part, because I was too lazy to write it myself. If the equipment buying is not working properly, you are the one to blame. @godspower33 - atm the lobster price is hard-coded into the script (lol). On the next update I will use the getPrice(int) method from your Gods_Man_Killer. @auryzas242 - I am still waiting for MY MONEY!! @deva - A huge thank you for the multiple bug reports and suggestions both in this thread and via PM! F2P progressive lobsters - updated to version 2! Fishing in Lumbridge & the combat problem The bot used to get bullied by goblins, spiders or even ducks. This often resulted in deaths and equipment loss. A proper fail-safe has been implemented. More space, more lobsters, more profit The script used to hold the IDs of the fishing equipment in a fixed array. This worked fine, but the users demanded more efficiency. Now the IDs are held in a dynamic list that modifies upon leveling up. The bot drops the equipment that is no longer needed. The auto-buying part has also been rewritten, so it won't buy things that it doesn't need. Inventory at level 40 fishing: The "report-player interface" bug Has been patched. The bot will no longer get stuck if the interface is accidentally opened. Activate the script: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2503 User submitted proggies:
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    Updated. All reported bugs have been addressed. The bot used to start mining iron from level 15. This was effective, but it was not gathering enough tin and copper ores to get to 15 smithing, therefore causing the smithing iron bug. This was fixed. Now the bot will switch to mining iron when both of the following conditions are met simultaneously: the account has level 15 mining AND 140 tin & copper in the bank. If the player dies, the script will now check if we lost some equipment and will attempt to recover it. Dying while fishing will not trigger this fail-safe; this was implemented because the small fishing net is the most valuable item in the inventory and it cannot be lost upon death. Special thanks to: @wafel @Black Knight @Castro
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    Yes. Each Tribot client uses a single instance of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Each JVM has its own RAM allocation, which is why when using more than one tab, you need to allocate more memory to Tribot when it asks you to log in. Since each tab shares memory, they practically run as a single program. When a static member is initialized, it's written into this shared memory. This can be a static variable, class, method, etc. Per JVM, there can't be more than one instance of each static member, so the tabbed bots must share. Think of it like declaring a variable and having multiple threads change it without implementing mutual exclusion or any other methods of thread safety. Bad things can and will eventually happen, and they are extremely hard to debug. Technically, this can also be a great advantage. For example, my scripts (unreleased) get Grand Exchange data from the web and caches them in Tribot's memory (as variables). I then set up a singleton pattern so that once I pull up data for an RSItem, I never look for it again on the web until Tribot is restarted. I let my scripts share this cache, so that your other tabs can use the data that the first tab may have collected earlier. This makes using tabs more efficient. My script never looks to the internet for GE data unless it needs it. And it shares this finding with other tabs, so they don't have to look it up (using bandwidth) or store them (using RAM). I hope this helps people understand that the suggestions to not use tabs are mostly based on poor coding practices used by the average script writer. It's not a bad thing, but it's certainly an area that can be improved!
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    Jesus, you've been told multiple times that the update on the creation page is causing errors on ExTutorials account creator, further more if you have problems with a script post a response on the scripts thread. It's not mandatory to post a thread every single day with questions even if they've been answered.
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    There are some free tools that can help you achieve that (suggested above). However, if you want a one-click goldfarming system, you would either have to build it yourself or pay someone to do it. You should learn how to goldfarm and make profit before trying to implement an automated system.
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    I only use windows defender. I've never liked third party antiviruses and I've found just being knowledgeable about what you download is the best antivirus.
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    hey can you add ge support and muling
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    uhh yeah. I don't think this is the place you want to be searching for 100,000 proxies daily....
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    It was just an example. I just always prefer maintainable and/or extensible code, but it certainly depends on what your goals are. No need to study and learn how to make "proper" code if you don't need to. I just wanted to let OP know of potential downfalls by using that style.
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    Ooh bullied soul trying to revenge the world through internet.
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    Does either of these suit your needs? https://www.teamviewer.com/en/download/mac/ https://www.howtogeek.com/180953/3-free-ways-to-remotely-connect-to-your-macs-desktop/
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    This tutorial will teach users how to reduce CPU usage. Client Paint Delay This settings controls how much delay TRiBot should give the client with every frame. The more to the left, the higher the FPS, resulting in more CPU being used. The more to the right, the lower the FPS, resulting in less CPU being used. MOST SCRIPTS DON'T NEED 40 FPS TO BOT. MOST WILL BE FINE WITH 4-10 FPS. NO, THE CLIENT DOES NOT LAG WHEN YOU SLIDE THE BAR TO THE RIGHT. THAT IS DELAY, WHICH REDUCES CPU USAGE. I recommend using between 40-100ms delay, depending on how good your processor is and if you want to save CPU. For my desktop, TRiBot uses about 6% CPU on average with 40ms delay. I'm not trying to run as many bots as I can, so I leave it at 40ms. Client Sleep Modifier The more to the left, the more CPU usage. The more to right right, the lower the CPU usage. This setting is hardly even used within TRiBot, so just leave it at 1.0. Lite Mode Use Lite Mode if you want to reduce CPU/memory usage. Minimize TRiBot When Not Interacting With It Minimizing TRiBot will lower the CPU usage. If you aren't interacting with TRiBot, please minimize TRiBot. Max Heap Size This controls how much memory you allow the Java Virtual Machine to use. Please do not use more than 256mb per client that you run. Ex: Don't use more than 256mb if you are only running one client. Do not use more than 512mb if you are only running two clients. Do not use more than 1024mb if you are only running four clients. Try using this formula for the amount you should allocate: 256MB + ((amount of clients - 1) * 128MB) Warning: This formula isn't perfect. The higher you set this value to, the more amount of RAM the Java Virtual Machine will use. If you give one client 1024MB of a heap size, expect higher RAM usage than you would when using 256MB. TRiBot does not directly handle memory usage and allocation. The Java Virtual Machine is responsible for handling memory, and in a very complex way.
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    @MC1923 Account created 2 months ago @swagg Account created 4 years ago. Respect your elders and you'll get a lot further than yelling at them and calling them a shit poster. I've asked questions too but good god man! Sometimes you just have to try at least a little before asking.
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    great script! averaging about 7-8 chests per hour at 84 combat with 62 def and my setup (78 range 82 mage)
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    ran overnight(probs not the best idea) but woke up with these stats from a fresh level 3, only bug i could seem to find was something to do with smithing as it was just sat there with one bronze bar in inventory at varrock bank and 200+ iron ore in the bank but overall is a good script!
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    Switching OS from windows to Linux will have little to no effect on how many bots your hardware can run. I'd say you're better off botting on your PC as is.
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    I made two cannon ball bots. The first account was gonna be a barrows bot, but I wasn't bothered questing that much on it. I botted 40+ range and 70+ magic on it before I quit trying to finish it. I let that account rest for like a week and then I played on it myself for a bit, did Knights Sword and some other f2p quests. I got 35 smithing on it and then waited again. While I was waiting I made another account which I hand played untill I was 35 smithing and like 16 combat. I waited till Thursday before bonding them since I've heard that Jagex don't work on Fridays. During the weekend I made back what the bonds cost and they the bots still haven't been banned as of yet (I run still run them 7-8 hours a day). I also had an account that I handplayed till 75 WC. I've currently botted 14m+ xp on it without using LG and using a free WC script. I think that hand playing them at first plays a huge role in reducing bans.
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    you meant @TRiLeZ ?
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    Because this is a botting website