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    TRiLeZ hax0r where is my monk-phish
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    While attempting to upload my own script to the repository with JavaFX, I realized there was not a lot of information on this topic. This tutorial will explain how to incorporate JavaFX into your Tribot scripts and how to make sure it will work correctly when uploaded to the repository. Part 1 - JavaFX Why use JavaFX? JavaFX offers a high level of customization, including support of style sheets and FXML, and is the future of user interfaces in java. Prior to JavaFX, Swing was used to create user interfaces. JavaFX supports a variety of features that were previously not available in Swing. Furthermore, basic items in JavaFX have been updated to look much more modern then their Swing counterpart. Swing GUI vs. JavaFX GUI How do I learn JavaFX? Because there is already a large number of resources that currently exist to teach JavaFX, I will not be discussing everything about how to learn the basics of JavaFX. I highly recommend reading Oracle's guide to getting started with JavaFX located at https://docs.oracle.com/javafx/2/get_started/jfxpub-get_started.htm (I used this myself to learn the basics) FXML? FXML is "an XML-based user interface markup language created by Oracle Corporation for defining the user interface of a JavaFX application." as stated by Wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FXML. I highly recommend that you use FXML to design your GUI layouts. An easy to use drag and drop program that will create the FXML code for you is Scene Builder. Using this program, you don't need practically anything about FXML to get started. Scene Builder can be downloaded at http://gluonhq.com/products/scene-builder/. It is very similar to the Swing WindowBuilder plugin for Eclipse (or the Netbeans GUI builder, however, I don't recall its name). Scene Builder I'm ready to get started. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will create a basic application that has a textfield and a button and will save the value of the textfield when the button is pressed and will print it to the Tribot Client Debug. First, in order to use JavaFX in your IDE you must download the e(fx)clipse plugin for Eclipse located at https://www.eclipse.org/efxclipse/install.html. If you do not use Eclipse then you must find another plugin that will allow you to create JavaFX applications in your IDE. Do a quick google search and I'm sure you will be able to find it. Now we want to set up our JavaFX program. I recommend using Laniax's GUI API located at https://github.com/Laniax/LanAPI/tree/master/core/gui (thanks @laniax) Download the GUI class and the AbstractGUIController class and put them into your scripts package. The GUI handles all front end parts of the user interface, and the controller handles the logic. For the sake of this basic program, we are not going to use anything else from Laniax so delete everything that contains LogProxy and log in it. Additionally you may have to delete a few extra lines from the GUI class that involve other classes from the Laniax's API. Now create a main class that will extend script. We are going to create a new GUI object and display it, and wait until the GUI is complete. The URL fxml will contain the path to where we will place the FXML file. The "null" will be replaced with the path as a string. Now we want to build the GUI Controller. Remove the "getEnableNotifications" from the AbstractGUIController as we will not be using this. Create a new class called "Controller" that extends AbstractGUIController. The required initialize method is called when the FXML is loaded. Anything that must occur when the FXML is loaded can be placed within the method. In this case we will leave it blank. We will come back to these later on. Next we want to design the actual GUI with FXML. You must download Scene Builder (displayed above) at http://gluonhq.com/products/scene-builder/ to build your FXML file. An example of a complete FXML file created with Scene Builder is https://github.com/Naton1/nSand-Crabs/blob/master/fx/gui.fxml. Simply drag and drop the components you would like to use in Scene Builder. Open Scene Builder and click File, New to start a new application. Drag and drop the components as you wish to construct your GUI. I suggest messing around with this program for a bit to understand the basics of Scene Builder and JavaFX. Explore everything so that you can become familiar with all of the options you have (on both the left and right sidebars). Code Created by Scene Builder Now, in order to reference any of these objects from our java program, we need to give them each an fx id. This can be done by clicking on the item in Scene Builder that you want to reference, and then clicking "code" on the right sidebar. Type in whatever you want to call the component in your java program. Additionally, to add event handlers, enter the name of a method you want to call when an action is performed on the specified component in the onAction textfield. For this example, we will name the textfield as "textField" and the button as "startScriptButton". We will name the method that is called when the button is pressed "startScriptPressed". Furthermore, we need to set the "controller" of this FXML file. This can be done by clicking on the Controller tab and selecting your Controller class in the bottom left hand corner. Now, we want to incorporate this into our JavaFX application. Open up the GUIController and add two new fields, one for the new textfield and one for the button. They must be named exactly as named in the FXML. Additionally, all fxml objects must be referenced with the @FXML annotation. While you are doing this be sure that you are importing the correct javafx packages (hopefully your IDE will do this for you). We also need to add in the method that we added, #startScriptPressed Now when the button is pressed in the GUI, the startScriptPressed method will be called. Place all logic inside this method. We are simply going to have to print to the client debug. Don't forget to close the GUI so that the loop in the main script will end. Now all we have to do is go back in and edit the path to our FXML file, and we are all set to run the program. Now run the program and the text in the textfield will print to the client debug in Tribot. Congratulations! You made your first (very basic) Tribot script with JavaFX & FXML! This only shows the basics of what JavaFX can do but as you explore it more you will discover all of the incredible things that can now be done with this useful platform. Part 2 - JavaFX & FXML on the Tribot repository Obfuscation When uploading any files to the repository, they are all obfuscated, meaning the names of the objects in the code are all changed. When the FXML tries to reference a java object, it needs the exact name of the object. Therefore, we need something that can make sure the obfuscator does not change the names of important objects. This can be done by downloading an external .jar known as Allatori Annotations, also located on Laniax's API. https://github.com/Laniax/LanAPI/blob/master/allatori-annotations.jar This must be added to your build path in your IDE by right clicking on your project, going to build path, add external jar, and locating the jar that was just downloaded. Now to make sure certain names do not change, we just add the @DoNotRename annotation to the class, and all fields + methods that are related to the FXML. Example of adding in the @DoNotRename annotations Cannot reference local .fxml files When uploading your script to the repository, you cannot access your .fxml file. The only way to load a .fxml file into your GUI through Tribot is by uploading the .fxml file to a website or another method discovered by Laniax. You can either upload it to your own website and use the path of that as the argument to your URL object Example of URL of .fxml file uploaded to personal website Or you can do what @IceKontroI came up with - "I did have this problem a while back and my solution was to use Pastebin. Upload the .fxml file to https://pastebin.com/ then load up the raw FXML. That link can be used instead of a local file path, only problem is that it needs to be manually updated." The method that Laniax discovered to get around uploading your .fxml file is as follows: Quoted from Laniax The End Thanks for reading my guide, if you have any questions or if you have any other useful information that I could add, than please let me know. Hope this helps some of you from some of the problems that I had
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    It may be impossible for some users to purchase credits via the repository due to the limited payment methods or you've being blacklisted (fairly or unfairly), therefore I am offering a cheap alternative at near cost price for you to purchase credits via RSGP! Effortlessly purchase credits from a verified re-seller (Also a long standing TRiBot Premium scripter and Support member!) Current price: 1.2M per credit (minimum purchase of 5) Contact me Via PM or Skype (druid.tb) for a quick response!
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    Minimalist and easy-to-use, yet powerful goldfarming tool, this script allows you to automate you farm, saving you a lot of time and effort. automatically supplies your bots with the items they require: (e.g. a fishing bot will require: fishing rod, feathers, lobster pot etc.) automatically mules the items farmed by the bots, trading them to the master account (e.g. raw lobsters, oak logs, charged orbs, dragon bones, chinchompas etc.) The script was designed to be as simple and as effective as possible. Just click start and let the script do all the tedious job of supplying/muling. This script is compatible with the built-in script queue and the CLI starter. First and foremost, you must make a list with relevant details about your farm, such as: supplies required, items to mule, master's account RuneScape name, location of the trade etc. Simply run the script with the argument 'setup': Complete the GUI. The script will automatically write the list and save it in a file in the .tribot folder. If you bot on multiple computers/VPS, simply copy-paste the file or run setup again on that machine. You will only need to do this once. Repeat the step only if you want to modify the list. Now that the file has been configured, the next step is to start a master account. Use the argument 'master' : This account will hold all the supplies for the bots and it's also the mule the bots will offer the farmed items to. Once started the master account, just abandon it there and minimize TRiBot. It will idle until it has to offer supplies to a bot or receive some farmed items. I recommend leaving this running 24/7 in a minimized client and get the items off it every few days. Use a separate proxy for this account. It looks something like this: The bot script is the one that starts automatically, without any arguments (leave the box empty, don't write anything). Just click start and this will pop up. Script will automatically go to the transfer location and will hop worlds of required. Then it will analyze the bank and based on the available items will decide if should either: trade the master and request supplies offer the farmed items to the master (mule) You will run this script: before your goldfarming script starts (e.g. woodcutter, fisher, hunter, orber, gathering etc.) when you want to mule the farmed resources Using this script in conjunction with the CLI starter or a similar tool will basically allow you to manage your entire farm with a single click and just sit back and watch the gold coming in. I might write a short tutorial on how to configure the CLI starter for this script. FAQ Is this a free or premium script? Premium. How do I get this script? The script needs to be verified and approved before I can upload it to the repository. I will post the link as soon as that happens. Why doesn't this script buys items from the Grand Exchange? There are multiple ways to supply your bots with items. Having the supplies noted in the inventory and trading them is one of the fastest, effective and reliable way of supplying your accounts. How does the master account know when to accept resources and when to supply the bots? Won't other players manage to steal supplies? The script generates a unique code using a mathematical function that uses your TRiBot user ID and other factors that I'm keeping secret. This code is sent to the master account. Humans are unable to see it without a third party software, and even then, they won't be able to decipher it. Multiple measures have been taken in order to prevent other players from interfering with your goldfarm. Stealing the supplies from the account is nearly impossible. There were many ways in which I could have achieved this, but the current method is very accurate, secure and reliable. Also, it doesn't require any IO functions or networking. tl;dr: Stealing resources from the master account is almost impossible. Your supplies are safe. Repository link coming soon
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    Quick Update: While progress on the actual antiban has been slow, I've been testing what I currently have. It's doing quite well. In the meantime, I've been developing a way for my scripts to easily incorporate all of my features. The best part? It's entirely optional. Take a quick look at something that will be included in all future premium scripts of mine: I won't just have the best antiban in general. I'll have the best antiban for each and every user, because it's completely up to you to choose. Happy botting!
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    Old School Air orbs 300k + runite ore 500k + shilo gem mine (old 200k) hobgoblin limpwurt roots (old) 150k fairy ring nature runes 175k-225k mort myre fungus 300k unf potions 600k + green dragons 300k~ addy ore in alkahrid, jatiszo, under grand tree and lumbridge 100-200k house tabs/varrock tabs 200k plank picking 125k big bones (f2p) idk scrubs warriors guild shop 250k + arrowtip shops 500k + death runes 500k + battlestaves 500k + planks from mort myre shop (in aid of myreque) 750k + balls of wool from nietznot (old 500k+) jugs of water (f2p) LOL thugs (in edgeville wild) 150k + infinity boots idk brine sabres idk looting nechraeyl 400k + whiteberry telegrabbing (old) 350k + marks of grace (oldish) 200k plank making 200k tanning hides 200k telegrabbing wines of zamorak 150k saltpetere(old) 200k + lava dragons alhakid rune sudoku puzzle safe cracking (old) paladins (dmm) thread from crafting stores choclate dust/bars from nardah and grand tree blast furnace and jatiszo ores bronze bars shantay pass emptying jugs of vinegar (old) puro puro red/black chins buying beers/wizard mind bombs (old) easy clues cosmic/nature runes selling amulets on karajama selling to karamjaa shop (old) butler plank making enchating recoils cannonballs blast furnace maple longbows gold amulets (f2p) buying sharks from zeah shop rouges castle chests mining clay in yanile/under grand tree (oldish) cooking shark (varies) selling items to west ardy and rouges den shops rune arrows, maple bows shit like that buying lockpicks/throwing knives minnows snakeskin body crafting astral runes basically all magic shops, baby yaga etc bowstrings duh ~smokè
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    Hello, Everyone! I'm glad to be back. Most of you reading this have probably already seen me around and know what I'm up to. After being demoted for inactivity, I'm back. Here is my old scripter application: I post this because I will demonstrate my growth as a developer using this as a reference. I will also point out that much of the material posted in that thread still technically exists. Github Profile: https://github.com/WBScripts Snippets: Decision Tree Framework Generic Camera Movement Async Camera (Partial credit to me) + Unsourced snippets that I provide people with on the Tribot Discord More stuff on my Github that I haven't made a thread for Tutorials: Unsourced mini-tutorials on the Tribot Discord Decision Tree Framework ABCv3 Development (Not a tutorial, but oh well) Randoms/updates submitted: You lost me here. Scripts available to the public: Elite Chopper Pro (Premium - No source obviously) Elite Chopper Free I can't share this source, sorry. It is the same as my premium script, just with restrictions. I would be happy to allow the admins to read it, though, of course. Just be prepared to go through about 50-60 .java files. FreshSplasher - Source Lunar Flax Spinner - Source Elite Combat Free - Source Short biography / Coding Experience: I graduated from a 4-year University in Spring 2017 with a major in Software Engineering and a minor in Statistics. I love coding. I love AI. I find data science interesting. I work a full time career as a professional Mid-Level Software Engineer. I like to code in my spare time. I am not wanting to be a premium scripter just for the money; I genuinely enjoy it. I've been scripting at Tribot since I was in High School, back in 2013. I was one of the original scripters back when I barely even knew how to code. I've done so many things since then and learned how to write software professionally. I want to bring that professionalism to Tribot. I want every customer to be satisfied and I want to push the limits of what Tribot is capable of. Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: I've contributed a lot to this community in the past 5 years. I was one of the original scripters. And, I'm bringing in a professional software engineering mindset. I deserve scripter because the innovation I'm pushing at Tribot will provide a refreshing change to this community. What you plan to provide the community with: Let me start by saying that for every premium script I write, there will be a free script or a free version. I can guarantee that my free scripts will be more desirable than even some of the premium script competitors here. Let's face it, we need new scripts. Not only that, I'm here to innovate. I'm not rehashing old ideas. I'm improving upon them. The community already has a lot of scripts. What we need more of is improvement. I'm here to improve antiban, improve efficiency, improve user experience, improve customer support. If this community needs it, I'll do everything within my reasonable power to provide it. Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? Sure Note: If I'm approved, please ensure I'm given Premium Scripter status so I can edit the prices on my current premium scripts. Thank you. Also, could my premium script, Elite Chopper Pro, be taken out of "Expired", as well as re-added to the Repo Search? It seems like it's available for purchase, but you can't find it unless you click a link to it. Edits: @laniax No, I'm not the person who you are talking about. I honestly have no idea what or who you're referring to. I would also like to point out that my splasher is actually 3 scripts in one, considering it buys items off the GE and from 2 shops, as well as exchanges armor sets for actual armor and equips it. I'm sorry, but my boring splasher is more advanced than most free AIO skillers, in terms of technical detail. Remember that there is no working GE API and no API for setting autocast. I'll agree with you on the Lunar, but you should take a look at some of the antiban I included with that. Also, look at my old application. There's a few free, open-sourced scripts there, too. @laniax I appreciate your comment, but it heavily implies you only looked at the titles of my work and not the content. If you would like to see some snippets of my WCer, I can post that. The entire source is 50+ files, though. It's as far from "beginner" as you could possibly get. @laniax Added another script and source (Elite Combat Free) @Netami Thank you for your response! I would like to ask that you treat my application as any other. Using my absence against me seems extremely unfair. I would like to point out that I've been back for about 4 or 5 months now. The first time I got Premium Scripter, my account was less than 2 months old. I disagree with your definition of "jumping back in". This has been as slow as any other member of this forum. Edit: I see that you're actually approving of this application. Well, I must point out that I do have 2 active premium scripts. I have existing customers. You may voice your opinion on my new premium script requests (once they exist), but I need Premium Scripter Rank simply to maintain my current customer base. This is merely a technicality. Premium Scripter Rank just allows me to maintain my current premium scripts, it doesn't mean I automatically get new premium script approval. Clarification: Non-Premium-Scripters can't edit their premium scripts without forcing them to become free. I learned this the hard way and now must go through this process to re-instate one of my intact premium scripts. It's a customer issue.
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    Credits and VIP have been sent to the winners! Thanks go out to everyone who participated.
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    Hello! I'm releasing my Witch's House quest script. It's not fully tested yet but works great for me as it is now. Please make sure to babysit while running. And please write here if you get any errors It safespot after two first monsters and all my testing has been at level 3 accounts. Req: none; Items needed: 3 Cheese 1 Leather gloves 1 Staff of air 500 Mind runes 18 Trout You can start the quest everywhere Dax walker function. I recommend starting at Falador either with the items in bank or all of them in your inventory. Click here to try it now! :) Thanks to: Dax for his Webwalker and all the people helping me at tribots discord. EasyAsPie for helping me with packaging errors
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    Well, that's it boys. Pack up TRiBot, he listed them all.
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    Third Place! Second Place! First Place and winner of this years Mr. Santa Claus Badge!
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    Summary Hello everyone, I've started a project that I hope can benefit our antiban technology. Since ABCv2, there really hasn't been much improvement in antiban. I think the concepts behind Trilez's creation are the key to staying under the heuristic radar of Jagex and prolong bot life. This project is an extension of the current implementation of ABCUtil, and serves to replace some functionality, and also add some. Since my class extends ABCUtil, you still have access to everything ABC has to offer. I'm not replacing all of it! Why? There are three main reasons behind this project: Put simply, ABCv2 is cumbersome. It's annoying to implement in most cases, and very difficult to implement correctly in a lot of cases. This mainly applies to the new addition of Reactions, which requires a lot of unnecessary input from the script. Some of the human data behind the new Reactions of ABCv2 isn't ideal. Bots should not emulate the average player, because the average player plays RS like an AFK game. That's how these reactions were recorded. We want our bot to be very efficient, but not abnormally efficient. We want our bot to be a no-life, caffeine-driven player, but still human. (Though we still want each bot to be heuristically different than other bots, but we'll get to that). There are more things to add! Replacements Reactions I've already pointed out the problems with the current Reactions System. Anyone who's watched their bot wait 13 seconds between killing seagulls are likely also frustrated. Not to mention, ABCv2 does not cover reactions for predictable events. ABCv3 will offer a set of Reaction Types that allow the scripter to replace nearly all arbitrary sleep times with something that looks human, and takes into account RS username, mouse position, and a dynamic sleep. Here are some examples of Reactions that you can use in your script. Each one will use an equation that produces data that matches human data that I will collect: SHORT (generally around 200-600 milliseconds) MEDIUM (500-1000) LONG (1000,3000) BANK_APPEARS (used after bank screen opens. Based solely off of human data collected from people opening the bank) BANK_CLOSES (used after bank is closed) INTERFACE_APPEARS (used for non-bank interfaces) INTERFACE_CLOSES (used for non-bank interfaces) Now, we must also account for AFK Reactions, which are performed after long, idling tasks, such as chopping a tree. The current implementation takes into account 9 factors. My system will take into account the majority of those factors, and some of them will be auto-detected. For example, ABCv2 forces you to tell it whether or not you're in combat. My reactions will determine that for you. Also, the Abc3Util class will now provide helper classes for keeping track of idle events so that it can take into account average idle time. It will also make it easy to keep tasks separate. ABCv2 is really only meant for generating reaction times based off of a single Idle Task. But let's say your bot chops oaks AND Willows. Those each require separate reaction generating variables. Abc3Util will allow you to easily track data for any number of events at the same time, and generate reactions based on them, with only a few lines of code. All of the old Reaction Methods will be Overriden and marked "Deprecated" (they will still function normally, however). Preferred Target ABC preferred target is annoying to implement, and sometimes doesn't make sense. For example, it requires you to call it for hovering the next Target, then you must store that target for when you decide to actually click something. The problem, however, is that in order for this to make sense, you must make sure that not only is the Target valid, but also that it hasn't moved or anything else has spawned or even if your mouse isn't on it. Also, this method only takes into account distance, which isn't a good metric, because it ignores any and all obstacles. In effect, the ABCLv2 Preferred target system is useless. .... but it's a good idea. I'm going to replace this by calculating many of the above variables I mentioned inside the API. Therefore, instead of calling the method when going to hover and storing the result, you can just call it whenever. It will be a more expensive call, but it will take into account Mouse Position, Weighted Distance to targets, Competition, and it will be adjusted to allow for human-like decisions, which include not always picking the absolute most optimal targets. New Features Timed Action - Accidental Input Performing actions in a human way is important, but our input in general must also look human. Even though our actions are performed at human times, they still all have a purpose. Hell, even most of the times actions have specific purposes. How many times have we accidentally pressed a key on the keyboard while playing a video game? A lot. This action in meant to be performed while the game screen is focused, and it simply presses 1 or more keys on the keyboard. It works the same as all timed actions, except the "should" method will rarely return true when the mouse is on screen (though it's possible, to avoid heuristic detection). The method will also return different results (over time) based on the RS account username (like normal ABC). This method will also be affected by fatigue. Basically speaking, the longer the script running, the more likely these accidents (although they will still be rare). Predictive Inputs Now that we have human reactions, we must explore how humans have compensated for our slow nervous system! The answer is predicting the future. It's not hard. When we click the banker, we expect the bank screen to appear. Our reaction may be slow, but we compensate by moving our mouse near where we think the deposit button will appear. My API will simply provide a "shouldPredict()" method, which will return true most of the time, but the actual calculation will be complex. The implementation will be up to the scripter, except for APIs that I package with this project (for example, I might offer a Banking extension that uses this). The method will also return different results (over time) based on the RS account username (like normal ABC). This method will also be affected by fatigue. Simply put, the longer the script time, the fewer predictions (although it will normally still be true). Improvements Easier Implementation Singleton In ABCv2, you must get a new instance of the class and use it in all of your code, until a new RS account logs in. That's not necessary, and really annoying if you have a lot of source files. My implementation stores an instance of itself in a thread-local variable (works with tabs, but can only be retrieved on the main thread). Here's how you use it now: Abc3Util.instance().shouldHover(); You're of course welcome to store the result of "instance()" in your script for easier use, but now you don't have to pass it to all of your objects if you don't want to. Timed Actions In ABCv2, you must do something like "if(shouldDoX) { doX(); }" for each action. You probably have a method that goes through each action and performs it if needed. My implementation has a built in method for that. As a bonus, it randomizes the order in which it checks and performs the actions. By doing so avoids certain behavioral patterns. Even though checking your stats and moving the mouse are humanized behaviors, always performing them in the same order can be dangerous, even if it doesn't happen often. Abc3Util.instance().performTimedActions(); Release Schedule I have not yet decided if I will release this publicly. If it ends up truly helping with banrates, it will be a very valuable tool. I don't want to sound greedy, but I might have to charge for this (maybe offer it to Patreon subscribers?). How You Can Help? I will be asking for private Beta Testers eventually. I will need human data. But the human data I collect will be much more controlled than what Trilez collected in order to produce the results I want. Remember, we want to be human, but an efficient human. If I had enough developer support, I would consider allowing this to be open-sourced for contributions. Other than that, I have no way you can help other that be loyal to Tribot and spread the word. I may eventually have a Patreon where you can subscribe for certain benefits and I will put the money towards things that will speed this development along. Let me know if you'd be behind that. Credits Shotdox - For providing a base set of calculation methods for generating distributions (jogged my statistics memories) TRiLez - For inventing ABC and showing that human data is important. If we want to fight against heuristics, we need to implement heuristics of our own! If you have any question, feel free to post below, or contact me on Discord (wastedbro#9955).
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    buy a bond on the account, then run them for 20hrs no breaks. that is my advice
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    Resolved, user had an issue where his firewall wasn't allowing the LG to hook. After resolving that, downgrading to JDK 102, and installing the 64 bit JDK on the C drive, LG hooked fine!
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    If you want to get your own account display name: Player.getRSPlayer().getName() Or if you want to get names of all people and filter by a certain name you can do something like this: Players.getAll(Filters.Players.nameEquals(targetPlayerName))
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    You can also make a living from Bitcoin speculation investing and reselling kitchenware. I know your intentions are good, but I hope you're not advocating this as advice. Newcomers should treat goldfarming as a hobby. Never as a primary source of income. Maybe a supplementary source. If you can make good tribot scripts, you can learn to code real world projects. You can even work from home as a freelancer. Nothing wrong with making a living with bots. I completely believe you're correct in your post, but I don't want OP to think goldfarming for primary income is good advice.
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    Every few days there is a new post like this... Just use the forums man, there is all kind off information in here, atleast take time to do that, no one is going to spoon feed you
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    Great tutorial, thanks for giving credits! There is in fact a way around uploading your .fxml file somewhere online, and thus preventing the TRiBot firewall prompt and any possible downtime of the webhost. If you change FXMLLoader loader = new FXMLLoader(fxml); into FXMLLoader loader = new FXMLLoader(); And Parent box = loader.load(); into Parent box = loader.load(new ByteArrayInputStream(fxml.getBytes())); Now instead of passing an URL into the GUI constructor, you can pass the entire contents of your .fxml, as string as the argument. (ie. instead of new Gui("http://...") you can do new GUI("<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>...")
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    Update - v2.1651 - If looting and inventory is full, the bot will drop vials first (if any) then eat food to make room
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    Update - Version 1.3.3 Increased the time between accounts maximum from one hour to 24 hours. Updated the paint to use my new Paint API (will make a thread for the snippet later)
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    YESS Fat dork keep banning my bots.
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    I rewrote this script completely pretty recently. The code is not really old The core function of the script always worked (combat with complete ABC2 integration), just the tracking was off. However, before I rewrote this script, oh man..
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    Update - v2.022 - Added idle timeout - the bot will automatically log out after a few minutes of no combat (timeout set longer if banking) - Added ABC2 resource tracking - shows how many cows you got and how many others people stole from you (useful statistics!) - Fixed resource trackers (note the bone tracker counts buried bones) - Fixed script running without banking (input -1 to either amount or food id)
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    I can you help with this, here are the settings: For the runner: Turn off auto realiate on the runner and make it right click on NPCs also you can use stamina potions and food. Please be aware that this is at Rock crabs west and it sometimes get stuck because of camera rotation here: You might be able to fix it by disabling anti ban but not sure. Cannon: I put on auto realiate on the cannon account so it will attack crabs with iron knifes when they hit you but will stay at cannon and not run around
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    Yeah the reason for this is that the login handler relies on colour and colour recognition bugs out when the client you're hooking onto hasn't been minimized. This is why you have to keep it minimized and never maximize it during the same session because as soon as you maximize it, it has a chance of bugging out. Surprised it still hasn't been fixed yet tbh, it's been nearly half a year I believe since I first noticed the problem.
  29. 2 points
    How have I never managed to connect those dots
  30. 2 points
    The break handler works in terms of Run-time. For what you described you should input it like this: 02:00:00 +/- 45:00 | 02:00:00 +/- 01:30:00 (would lower this break variation to maybe 10-20) 04:40:00 +/- 20:00 | 00:10:00 +/- 00:09:00 ^^^^^^^ Relates to the time shown on the script paint, so you need to input your breaks accordingly, while remembering to factor in the break you applied previously. I would suggest having a much smaller variation on the break duration otherwise depending on RNG your first break could overlap all the way until your second break. Also, if you wont be available to stop the script, you may wish to add a very long final break so that it doesn't suicide bot. I hope this helps.
  31. 2 points
    Hi, I'm attempting to do a repository checkup to hunt down scripts that aren't working as to clean out the repo a bit. Script Status: Working, with issues The script spams the debug at random times, usually when entering combat, at an alarming rate. Please add sleeps into that loop, or better conditions to reduce the CPU usage.
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    All of the following scripts should probably be hidden from the repo to reduce clutter, as the sales have been disabled. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1245-supreme-green-dragons/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/506-assume-staker-6-months/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/501-exmerch-pro/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/839-mute-s-chinner/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/398-warriorguilddefender/ - No longer a Premium Scripter, if you can make this free it apparently works? https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/392-warriorguilddefender/ - No longer a Premium Scripter, if you can make this free it apparently works https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/786-wmotherload-premium/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/684-tau-motherlode-miner/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1987-spx-aio-miner/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1044-sigma-zybez-poster/
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    @Condor In short, no. Anti-ban measures such as prolonged idling can't be applied during combat as you everyone would be experiencing similar to what you are describing. I would safely assume the problem you're describing is down to something specific to you, but it's hard to know without more information so if you could provide your settings, bot/client debug and perhaps a GIF or video of the issue occurring. Other than that I can only recommend tweaking with your mouse speed to make sure you can do your switches/flicking quick enough, make sure you have F-keys enabled, and rule out the possibility of a connection issue. I can't stress enough how much information is in the documentation thread that can help fix the majority of problems people sometimes have.
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    Botting is still possible. I'm currently making a new main since my current main have almost 2k total and too risiky to bot on, but I still enjoy botting so that is why I made a new account. From my experience quest scripts have fairly high ban rates (Atleast if it is a relative new account), you are probably better of either paying for the quests or doing them yourself. I make my accounts p2p before doing anything else, f2p is known for faster bans but p2p is also a lot faster (Waterfall quest gives 30 att and str and plenty of other quests that are pretty usefull early on). If you have the money I would recommend making more than 1 account at once. I made 3 accounts incase some of them got banned so I don't have to start all over again. It is easier to train all 3 accounts at once rather than having to do it 1 by 1. I was lucky and unlucky, I had 2/3 accounts banned so instead of having to start from scratch again I can still continue. The accounts were almost maxed melee which was like 5-6 weeks I believe. So if I didn't have that extra account I would basicly have to start all over again. Be sure to use breaks (Don't bot 5 hours straight and then break for 6 hours, be a bit more human) Don't bot quests, agility, hunter or runecrafting For melee training I can recommend exnightmarezone which is premium but, you can probably use a free one on the repo, but I haven't tested it myself. exnightmarezone has really low ban rate, only reason I got banned was because I was botting waaaaaay too many hours Stay away from money making / gold farming methods, make an alt instead that can supply your account. I'm having a small zulrah farm to supply money to my main / new projects. The first 1-2 months of botting is from my experience where most of my accounts get banned. Btw private scripts are really not worth it when it comes to non-goldfarming. They could be usefull but they are hella expensive I would say ~$100 minimum and that would probably be the price of something basic. Don't even bother looking into private scripts lol You should also use Looking Glass.
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    Because I'm extremely busy, and working on things that are more important for all of my users, with my extremely limited amount of time. It is being worked on, and the more you pester, the less it helps.
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    Made a gui for this Have the tribotstartergui.jar at the same folder where the publicstarter.jar is tribotstartergui.jar Usage: Select the rows with accounts you wanna start and press start. Use ctrl + click to select multiple rows.
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    I Googled "TRiBot discord" and found this
  38. 2 points
    There is no display of rank on the client. You need VIP-E for human mouse data and looking glass.
  39. 2 points
    Yes. There hasn't been a good track record for those who have gone inactive and then tried to make a comeback, but hopefully you can be an exception.
  40. 2 points
    First one covers the very basics on how to write a script for TRiBot: The second one covers this:
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    Source: Total Marketcap All Coins Logarithmic Regression Source2: Logarithmic (non-linear) regression &nbsp;- Bitcoin estimated value This was a prediction OP made in 2014: [QUOTE=]Calculate today's trendline price HERE Projected: 1.000 24-04-2015 10.000 22-11-2017 100.000 16-07-2021 1.000.000 06-09-2026 [/QUOTE] Don't get blinded by all the "2018 will be crypto year" talk everywhere. I marked the beginning of 2017 with a red circle, this is where the majority (hopefully) of us here either joined the Ethereum(ETH) train, which makes me less concered, because we (luckily) caught the bottom of the bubble bursts. However I see many new threads (offsite) being opened lately with new "investors", which is why I decided to post this. To sum up: Don't raise your expections, make sure to take out some profits to rebuy at a cheaper point and be don't be greedy, which is why i'll probably cashout 50% very soon. My guess: we will touch the 1 Trillion market cap and then collapse, which would be a nice opportunity to rebuy. NOTE: this is a BTC chart, i am assuming that alt coins will follow BTC, if not alts will go up even higher and BTC will lose in terms of market cap hence why I dont cashout 100%.
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    Weren't you the guy who leaked scripter info? Also, you need to apply with 3 open source scripts, one of which implements ABC2 level 10. I only see a splasher and a flax spinner (yawn). I like your activity though and you seem mature enough. If you would add a source of a non-beginner script i would probably vote yes. --- Edit: I've talked to wastedbro on Discord to clarify the info leak i mentioned. He claimed that it happened from his account when it was hacked in early 2015, when he himself was inactive and as such it went unnoticed for a while. @wastedbro I don't judge anything not included in this application, so saying that your WC script source is far from beginner, or that your old application has content is irrelevant. Also the point that your script is 'multiple scripts in one' is a poor argument, most of those things wouldn't stand as a stand-alone script. I still stand by my original comment, you should add a 3rd script. (as is required anyway)
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    You can either unlock them and continue to use them, or create more accounts and run them through tut island, whichever takes less time for you. Personally, I find it easier to just create 5-10 accounts per proxy and I'll have about 2-3 survive per proxy that I can use. Unlocking is tedious, because if you got locked while still on tut island, you have to unlock twice. Not to mention unlocking requires registering an email, responding to it, changing the password. Creating a new account takes like 5 seconds.
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    This years winners will receive their spoils over the next week, @TRiLeZ has the results and will be issuing your rewards! Without further ado,
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    Got a double visage drop, uncut onyx like 10 kills after. On an account with 78 magic.
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    Hi everyone, I'm working on a new feature that deals with how humans handle information overload. It's called doubt. When players open the bank and start messing with items, it's much different than our bots. Humans can't analyze all those bank items in less than a second. This causes some patterns that bots don't emulate. First off, we have analyzing. Depending on what the bot needs to do with the bank, my banking reaction times will be different. Withdrawing items will cause the highest reaction times. These reactions will changed based on the number of items in the bank. Second, we have doubt. Humans often move the mouse to one item, and then click another. This can be due to the player changing his/her mind, or it can be due to the natural tendency to use the mouse to focus our analysis of what we are searching through. Either way, I will be implementing this in my banking. Stay tuned.
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    I'm really liking the pulsating, 3 testicaled, black penis shape you used to censor your username. Very creative.