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    This release includes: Fix updater bug which was causing a bunch of issues TRiBot will no longer require manual hook fixes every time the RS client updates - the updater has been fully patched for objects Hooked login fields Improved the login bot Ability to recognize the banned/locked messages again Ability to read the current input for username and password fields If the username or password is already entered correctly, it won't be erased If only part of the username or password is already entered correctly, it won't be erased. The login bot will fill in what's missing. If there are a few invalid characters after a valid substring of your username/password, only (approximately) those invalid characters will be erased. The login bot will then proceed to fill in the missing characters. Edit: Fix skull icon hook Edit: Fix character height hook Edit: Fix Trading API NPE Edit: Fix RSGroundItem#equals Coming soon: Skull icon fix Improve screen rate and responsiveness of the RS client (both regular client and LG) Much more
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    This update will (10.2_0): Implement better canvas locking/synchronization mechanism Fix small Login API bug Remove the requirement for xbooting Java classes Use ExecutorService to perform canvas work in parallel Add "Account Management" game tab to GameTab API (thanks @Encoded) Fix NPCChat#getMessage (thanks @Encoded ) Fix NPCChat#selectOption (thanks @Encoded ) Fix Banking API after today's update (thanks @Encoded ) Fix in-game world hopper after today's update (thanks @Encoded ) This update will (10.3_0): Change all methods which accept Filter and Condition to Predicate and BooleanSupplier, respectively (thanks @wastedbro) Add ability to set the camera angle by middle mouse button (thanks @wastedbro) Add Login#getLoginMessage Fix Combat#selectIndex IndexOutOfBoundsException (thanks @JoeDezzy1) Fix GrandExchange#offer for buying items (thanks @JoeDezzy1) Update enter amount interface id (thanks @Encoded) Upcoming updates: Break handler bug fix Improved CLI support Much more Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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    Development Information: nwSlayer is being developed by Naton, a premium scripter, and WastedBro, a TRiBot developer and premium scripter The script is currently in the beginning stages of development, and this thread will be updated as we progress. With two developers working on the script, nwSlayer will be developed as efficiently and swiftly as possible, and will be unrivaled in the Slayer botting scene. nwSlayer will be a next-level slayer script, containing support for almost anything you could desire when slaying. Current Plans: We will continue to update this thread as we progress, and we are expecting a public, open beta at some point in the near future. Expected Features: Task camping - fight any of the supported monsters without actually being assigned the slayer task! Turael, Nieve, Mazchna, and Vannaka support are currently planned. Turael and Nieve are the initial focus. Customizable loot lists for each task Customizable gear setups for each task Customizable inventory setups for each task Cannon support Any gear support, including barrows Trident + blowpipe support Most magic spells Some safespotting Task skipping via turael or slayer points NPC contact for obtaining new tasks All slayer item support We have a goal to support as many slayer tasks as we possibly can for each slayer master we add! And much, much more as we progress on the script! Pictures: Progress Reports: TBA when we have a working beta (Soon!) Suggestions: Feel free to offer any suggestions you would like to see in a slayer script! This is the perfect time to ask as we are in development. We are very open to hearing what you have to say. Leave a comment below.
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    Tribot seems to be moving in a really good direction with all of these improvements. It's making me think of botting again. When the licensing model changed I was not positive about it at first. Mainly because I bought quite a few lifetime scripts that I didn't use much but decided on because lifetime seemed the best value for the money. However seeing now that with that change a lot of improvement to the overall structure of tribot came i like it. An extra administrator and more developers got added to the client. A lot of improvements to the client got made. And I'm sure many more will follow now.
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    Gods Revenants - TRiBot's best Revenant script! View the new high scores here Revenant High Score Table After a small open beta that saw over 1B in profits from this script, it is ready for a full release. This script is capable of killing any revenants you would like inside the revenant cave in any location that is offered by the GUI. All major bugs have been eliminated, there may be a few minor bugs that I could have missed. Report it using the format at the bottom of the thread and I will swiftly fix any bugs that pop up. Features: Traveling methods (Currently only one supported) Burning amulet to lava maze (41 wilderness) Salve amulet support Supports all salve amulets (normal, i, ei) Only supported by Clan Wars banking. You must use Rings of Wealth instead of Glory's as this is the fastest way to teleport out while using salve amulet. Special attack support Supports only blowpipe at the moment but any requested special attack can and will be added. Equipment recharging Blowpipe recharging. Bracelet of ETH recharging (150 Ether per charge) Custom Revenant selection Select the Revenants in the order you'd like them to be prioritized. Custom Revenant HP % to attack above This option means, we will only attack Revenants above the health % entered into the GUI (Ex. 35) Banking Edgeville. Clan Wars. Death-walk Currently only supports Lumbridge death spawn (It is free to change it to/from this location) Custom inventory value to bank at (Does not count supplies in calculations) Advanced Anti-Pk If you are inside your selected Revenant area, and you are not in combat. We will attempt to hop worlds using the ingame world hopper, if we are in combat, we will run to level 30 wilderness and teleport out. All bow/ammo combination support If you wish to use ammo, you must be logged in while starting the script to avoid any potential bugs. Prayer support Highly recommended to use Eagle Eye if you're using ranged for better chance at kills! Supports all prayers. Will activate protect from magic if you are walking to the Revenant cave and a Green Dragon gets too close! Clan Wars portal support only if Clan Wars banking is selected We will use the portal only if you are using prayer and you have below half prayer points left. Custom world hopper support You can enter in any worlds you'd like to hop too if you don't want to use the default world selection. You must enter it in the format 3,5,8,10 with no spaces between the worlds and using commas. Supports all potion types Gear selection and saving. GUI saving & loading. The script will end when you are out of the following Any item in your gear set. Your selected food. If you're using blowpipe, and out of scales/darts. Bracelets of Ethereum. Revenant Ether. Burning Amulets. Glories or Rings of Wealths (Depending on your selected options) Rings of dueling. It will print out whatever gear you're missing in the Client Debug. Plenty of various options and anti-ban offered in the GUI! When selecting an area, you can choose all the revenants if you'd like however it will only attack the ones available inside your area. Whole cave: All revenants Upper cave: Ork, Hellhound, Dragon, Knight, Imp, Goblin, Pyrefiend Lower cave: Hobgoblin, Ork, Cyclopse, Pyrefiend, Dark Beast Middle cave: Demon, Ork, Dragon, Knight, Hellhound, Pyrefiend Left cave: Demon, Ork, Imp, Goblin, Hellhound, Pyrefiend Right cave: Demon, Knight, Hellhound, Pyrefiend, Imp Planned Features: Improved anti-pk (Forever ongoing) Automatically hide attack options on players. NOTE: The following features/options on the GUI are not yet supported. Agility shortcut ( I do not have an account with high enough agility to add support for this yet ) Royal seed pod banking ( I do not have an account with this item ) Stopping after condition support ( This option will become available soon™ ) How to run the script: You should change your "Mouse Speed Variance Limiter" setting in your TRiBot client to 0 if it is not at 0. This will ensure the mouse speed will not be restricted as it increases when trying to escape a pker You can find this settings on the TRiBot client by clicking File -> Settings. You should start the script at your selected bank for no chance of errors on start. You need to set your gear using the GUI, if you are using ammo instead of a blowpipe, you must login when setting the gear for the script to grab your ammo successfully. You should have your blowpipe charged with enough ammo and scales to last a long time, if blowpipe recharging is selected make sure you have your selected ammo type in bank along with scales. Highly recommended to start the script at your selected bank, the script loads all the prices for the loot and it takes ~20-30 seconds to do so. You should manually hide attack options on players so you don't accidentally skull and lose your gear. You should also right click on your bracelet of Ethereum and toggle automatic absorption This will ensure your bracelet stays charged and reduce the time needed to be spent traveling to bank to recharge the amulet You only need to do this one time per account, it is always saved in-game. You need the following items in bank: Charged glories (Eternal not supported) Charged or Uncharged Bracelets of Ethereum Revenant Ether if you plan on recharging bracelets, 150 Ether per recharge Dueling rings ( If you are banking at clan wars) Burning amulets Food of choice Potions of choice Stamina potions if you plan on using those (Useful for keeping run energy high, if you are using melee it will drink them while in cave running around, however if your using ranged it will only drink one sip before running to cave) Multiple sets of your gear for when/if you die. If you are using Salve amulet, you MUST have Rings of Wealths in your bank, as this ring will replace glories as your method of escape/banking. You also need rings of dueling as is required for clan wars banking. An example ranged gear set up would look like this Skill recommendations: Range builds: 75+ Range (use blowpipe) 40+ Defense Melee builds: 70+ Attack, Strength 40+ Defense This script can be ran with any defense level as with bracelet of ethereums you do not get damaged nearly at all. Defense mainly helps with being able to equip gear that will provide higher bonus's. SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT SCRIPT: Progress reports Known issues: Pricing: 1 Auth | 5 credits for two weeks 1 Auth | 8 credits for one month 5 Auth | 30 credits for one month 10 Auth | 48 credits for one month 15 Auth | 58 credits for one month 25 Auth | 76 credits for one month Purchase it here Bug Report format:
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    This release will: Fix bytecode manipulation in order to prevent the modification of parameters within the Filter and Condition classes themselves (thanks @wastedbro) Fix NPE caused by non-null value in GE API (thanks @erickho123) Add and fix equals methods for api2007.types (thanks @JoeDezzy1) Modify Mouse#leaveGame to make the mouse leave the game from top, left, right, or bottom (thanks @erickho123) Add Entrana area to Ships API (thanks @erickho123) Fix raid prayers index/settings in Prayer API (thanks @erickho123) Upcoming updates: Break handler bug fix Improved CLI support Much more Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot
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    If you complain about not enough free scripts then obviously you havent tried @Naton's scripts. From his back then free crabkkiller, to his free NMZ and now you got what, magic and herblore and and the upcoming slayer script.
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    This library provides a fully-featured API for obtaining data from the Official GE API, as well as the RSBuddy Exchange API. You can use either service separately, or together to provide redundancy in case one goes down. You can also add your own service for other price APIs! Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/WBScripting/rs-item-services Requirements: Google GSON library (from the tribot dependencies folder) Allatori-annotations library How to add to your project: Download the repository, Extract the "scripts" folder into your script's source directory. Example Usages: 1. Getting ground items over a certain price (using the Grand Exchange Wrapper) /** * Make sure to have this import * import scripts.wastedbro.api.rsitem_services.GrandExchange; */ public static ArrayList<RSGroundItem> getGroundItemsOverPrice(int minPrice) { return Arrays.stream(GroundItems.getAll()) .filter(item -> GrandExchange.getPrice(item.getID()) >= minPrice) .collect(Collectors.toCollection(ArrayList::new)); } 2. Getting ground items over a certain price (using dependency injection) public static ArrayList<RSGroundItem> getGroundItemsOverPrice(int minPrice, IRsItemPriceService priceService) { return Arrays.stream(GroundItems.getAll()) .filter(item -> priceService.getPrice(item.getID()) >= minPrice) .collect(Collectors.toCollection(ArrayList::new)); } To call it: RsItemPriceService priceService = new RsItemPriceService.Builder() .addPriceService(new RsBuddyPriceService()) .addPriceService(new GrandExchangePriceService()) .build(); // This will try using the RsBuddyPriceService to look up the item // If that fails, it will try the GrandExchangePriceService // This will rarely, if ever, fail to get the price getGroundItemsOverPrice(500, priceService); Or you can call it like: GrandExchangePriceService priceService = new GrandExchangePriceService(); getGroundItemsOverPrice(500, priceService); 3. Getting an item's icon URL via the official grand exchange GrandExchangePriceService priceService = new GrandExchangePriceService(); String fireRuneIconUrl = priceService.tryGetItemData(554).orElse(new ExchangeItem()).getIconUrl(); // Will either be the icon URL or null Notes: RsBuddyPriceService caches every item in memory and on the file system. It will work even if the RSBuddy API is down, assuming there is still a cache in the filesystem. You can specify how often to update the cache, as well as set a time at which the cache is considered invalid. The RsBuddyPriceService will very rarely make network calls. It mostly uses caching. GrandExchangePriceService caches items in memory as you look them up. You can disable this. All of the methods via services return an Optional. This is useful because it informs you whether or not it successfully looked up the item.
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    I believe this is due to resizeable. If you want a better botting experience i would try to do it again but with fixed mode.
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    @FALSkills A lesson for both of us.
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    I don't come across this much but I've usually just searched for something that could tell me what I'm doing, usually a unique object nearby as you said - I've done this for construction to ensure I used the same location after re-entering.
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    I don't think you knew, but we do have a fungus bot, and it's free, which is neat. While I can't really comment on your other points, as whether or not a script is good is mostly subjective, when I was primarily using free scripts, I was usually able to fill most of my needs with them. I'm terribly sorry to hear you haven't though. Perhaps you could request the authors of the scripts you're using to add the features you're looking for? You mentioned other clients provide better free scripts, while I can't comment on that one myself, as I don't use other clients, I am always open to suggestions as to how we can improve. Currently, we try to ensure the free section of the client is well served, by having our Scripting team, each maintain a minimum of three, free working scripts. This in the past, has worked quite well to ensure the free scripts section was well populated, and allowed users to bot successfully with just a VIP subscription, or no subscription. As for bugs, while those are never ideal, they are usually fixable. I know many of the Scripters on site will have most bugs fixed within a day or two, sometimes sooner, assuming they are reported. Overall, I'm sorry you haven't had an enjoyable experience thus far, but I do hope you manage to find a solution that works for you
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    Never used it but Screen#getColorAt
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    All the reported bugs have been fixed in today's update. Thank you for your reports!
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    Script has been updated
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    Huge fan of this suggestion. When I am watching the script competing in a crowded world I am just hoping for a pker to come to make it world-hop. Also looking forward for Craw bow support!
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    Wow! We can one click "Withdraw X" now! I think this will make fletching/herblore/etc. scripts easier to create and emulate legit play now that we can click once to "Withdraw 14." Anyone else really happy about this? Jagex rules for this. Can anyone think of other applications that are now possible with this new update? Also, shouts out to Encoded for getting TriBot back and fully functional the same day as the update as well! Was afraid I'd have to go to sleep without getting my daily hours of Wintertodt botting in
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    We've released TRiBot Release 10.3_0! Check the first post for more details.
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    Sweet! Nice job Encoded. Its cool to see the new devs doing good work
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    Jamie is a dreamer. He has big and interesting ideas, but when it comes down to getting dirty and grinding for that last drop of stability and consistency, sometimes he can come up short. Maybe this release will motivate him to improve his own script. The more competition, the better for us, customers. Very interesting release, I'll probably try this out. Hopefully it performs better than I play manually, heh. Runescape wilderness PvP, brrr, I'm terrible at it.
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    Fixed skull icon hook.
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    Hey guys, the rewrite is currently about halfway finished (completely re-written base script action logic along with defending knight, special attacks, quick prayer usage, etc). Expect new version to have increase responsiveness along with lower resource usage and improved Anti-ban.
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    Thank you for letting me know! Should be fixed in the latest version of the script.
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