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    This release will: Fix prayers and world hopper API (Thanks @JoeDezzy1 and @erickho123) Improve banking API (Thanks @Encoded) Adds methods for returning and using Java Lists, rather than arrays Slightly randomizes some hardcoded behaviour Removes sleeps from waitConditions; the efficiency saving potential is negligible in these use-cases, therefore cleaner code is preferable Other back-end improvements Note: If you are using LG, please restart both the RS client and TRiBot.
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    Sadly you won't find anyone willing to give away their gold farm methods. You'll have to try to figure out what is profitable while avoiding bans. You could find some ideas by checking out the repository and seeing what profits some script achieve then reading the threads to find out more about them.
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    Script has been updated. Thank you for your patience.
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    Neither. The Mouse / DynamicMouse are primitive classes that grant you "low level", direct access to the virtual mouse. You should be using the Clicking class / Clickable interface instead. By default, both are using dynamic clicking. You can check or modify the dynamic mouse usage from ThreadSettings. I've seen this behavior in a client instance that successfully loaded the human mouse data collection upon starting up (not the same as DynamicMouse / DynamicClicking). However, it doesn't happen very frequently, and I am not sure if it's still doing it if the data collection was not loaded.
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    Hey guys, it looks like TRiBot still has not updated to fix the Prayers API which as you know this script relies on. If you have purchased the script recently and lost 5+ days of runtime from this update delay please send me a TRiBot PM or a discord PM at Netami#0001 and I will refund your purchase so you can re-purchase when the bot is fixed. Unfortunately I can't do anything about lost VIP days but I hope this will be of some help.
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    Thanks lol, time already expired on script due to the 6 days we been waiting for any update though. Probably won't renew until we get any word as to why tribot updates are taking so long now Nothing against Netami or the script, i 100% understand this is in the hands of TriBot devs alone.
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    Don't blame you for leaving anyway. Paying customers are being left waiting to hear about updates for nearly a week. Prayer API was "Fixed" 5 days ago and it still doesn't work, meanwhile Trilez vanishes and says fuck all. Lost $500 in premium scripts, losing time & $$ because of lack of interest in updating the bot. It's actually a joke, tribot used to be respectable. Maybe that was the reason for removing lifetime auths on scripts? Why should i repurchase monthly auths to scripts i already owned lifetime versions of when i only get to use them for 50% of the auth time & they cost the same amount as when it was lifetime? Maybe if updates were actually pushed regularly and issues were addressed within a working week of being brought up. So much for being treat like a paying customer. ecksdee.
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    Tribot thought it was a good idea to remove all lifetime scripts and post a thread on the forums and not even send an email to let users know that lifetime scripts are being removed.
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    - Lost City - Fight Arena - Tree Gnome Village - Vampire Slayer - Mountain Daughter These are the quests I usually unlock for NMZ.
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    Hey guys, the Prayer API in the client is still not working even post update. The devs are aware of this and we're waiting for TRiLeZ to push another update. This is not a script related issue.
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    This happens to multiple scripts, not just one. Even if its somehow their issue, how Tribot fails to communicate with the developers? What kind of incompetence is this, or is it too much to ask for to have a functioning client?
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    prayer still isn't working correctly for @Naton's nightnmarezone script or @erickho123
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    Automatic. I know this was answered, but honestly i just need the post count. Love you.
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    00: 01: 02: 03: 04: 05: 06: ++ 07: GOTO 00 Can confirm, Noob Account Leveler v2 will definitely have this. ETA this summer, when I'll have more time to work on free / side projects.
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    I think he's referring to the flat package presentation, whereas he wants hierarchical. Click the v across from the Package Explorer. Edit: Just to clarify, what you have in both pictures are the same, they're just displayed differently. @Zully
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    I saw a guy once training behind Lumbridge castle on giant rats. He had a tinderbox, axe, and some combat equipment. He would collect the rat meat, then chop a log, light a fire, cook the meat, heal up, and start fighting again. 100% self-sufficiency, which I thought was pretty clever.
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    This is exactly why equipment buying can be disabled or enabled from the GUI. But of course this requires the user to read the GUI settings before starting the script, which doesn't always happen. This is a purely experimental feature that has been added to gather user feedback. Based on it the feature will be modified and improved, or deleted from the script. Until I make the decision, you should be aware that no script action is determined by the chat filter's result. Currently the warnings are merely for notifying the user of what might have been discussed in the game, so the users can opt for using the world hopper if the world is too crowded and other players appear to be discussing about bots, reports etc. If you do not agree with the chat filter notifications, you can simply ignore them. They do not play any role besides informing the user for what might have happened. If you're referring to the ABC2 delays, they are based on statistical analysis of real human playing data. Some users choose to reduce them by using the slider on the GUI, but again this implies that the user is intelligent enough to read and understand the GUI before clicking the start button. Your credits have been refunded and you have been permanently banned from using this script.
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    Open a support ticket on their site, they'll help out. Make sure you're using correct IP, port, user, pass. yw for code
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    When will the update be pushed?
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    If its mobile method he probably needs your osrs acc info
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    Having a private script could reduce banrate because you're the only one using it, but Worthy's Zulrah script is very well made, and if you intend on starting a farm use his script first, unless you want to invest over 1k+ into a private script, and then on top of that buy multiple accounts or train them yourself, fund them, and then start. My 2 cents.
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    Before you tried botting you should've realized the inherent risks of botting. I'm assuming this is your first time botting, which is unfortunate, you ran a bot on a account you care about and got banned. It happens, no one on this website is claiming you can get away with botting forever but you should've used @Encoded fisher instead, I've gotten many 99s from it on various accounts.