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    This is my new script for TutIsland just wrote it so its is still beta but i tested on 25 account and all went great and still 0 ban after 40 hours so IDK about ban rate .... DONT FLAME IF YOU GOT BANNED WE ALL KNOW THAT TUT HAVE VERY HIGH BAN RATE ****** U need to Name the account and design it before start THIS support Walking to GE after TUT if u wan it to do that just use arg >>>>> GE SCRIPT HERE UPDATE: 1- The first 10 account i tested on wasnt using LG i got 2 out of 10 account banned 2- The second 15 account was using LG and without a single ban yet . those 25 account were made and botted on the same ip all the 25 on my home ip and were created and botted on last satrday PS: I recommend using LG as it do reduce ban rate Good Luck guys and if u think bans sucks then STOP THE FUCK BOTING leave a comment if u found a bug will fix asap
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    At the moment running 3 accounts on my IP and 3 on the proxy (using Gmail). None of them got insta banned like when I used GMX email service. Not running them 24/7, around 10-12h/d Basically if I get banned Its a 1 day (12 hours) of botting to get a new account for my gold farm. Also, Instead of having them just lv3 (I'm dumb AF), now I train them a little bit different things before I acually get them ready for the farm. Will post tomorow what are the results
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    had it 2 days, used it total of roughly 6 hours, just got banned....cheers for the shit script
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    Professional paint & graphics design services for botting scripts, advertisements, banners, etc. See below images for portfolio. I work with the biggest scripters in the scene & create unique, high quality graphics with distinguishable branding. I also do logo work for scripters, as well as for real world businesses. - nGreenDragonKiller signature tracker. - - nSmither signature tracker. - - nCooker signature tracker. - - nHerblore signature tracker. - - nRoguesDen signature tracker. - - nMagic script paint. Full suite design including custom 3D render of background image, post-processing, & after effects. - - nRaids paint. - - ahWintertodt script paint. - - nPrayer script paint. - - nTheatreOfBlood paint. - - Netami's Barrows script paint. - - OneClickRegicide script paint. Text is white color, enlarge image for dark background.- - ezQuester script paint. Text is white color, enlarge image for dark background. - - ezNMZTrainer script paint. Text is white color, enlarge image for dark background.- - rMule script paint (unreleased personal project). - - rLumberjack script paint (unreleased personal project). - - Custom 3D render scene. Commission work. Featuring Rune gear (chainbody/med helm/platelegs/scimitar), setting is beyond the Shantay Pass. - - Custom 3D render of slayer master Krystilia. Commission work. Example of in-game character presented on the left. - Please contact me on Discord if interested in ordering a custom paint or graphics. rsperson111#5473
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    o wow, i used to copy paste id from google search now when i typed it manually it works! strange part is i think i did that for couple days and it worked before lol thanks for all the help man
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    Vouch for scripts produced by Nation! Have used nNightmarezone and Ncooker without any problems. Also botted minnow fishing with Einstein's Fisher and no problem at all.
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    It doesn't currently support edgeville. I've updated the thread to display the locations which are supported.
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    nEverything! yes nRunecrafting next!
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    TRiBot currently needs to be updated.
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    Thanks for the info man! After a research I think that I might need a residental proxy to be able to run decent time? what do you think? Also, If I get banned on IP, should I start a new account on the same IP or thats just stupid? (this way everytime the IP get "busted" and I need to change it/dip it)?
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    Try switching your jar out from the TRiBot loader to the actual TRiBot jar. You can find that one in your .tribot/dependancies folder
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    I can confirm that it also works for me now.
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    Thanks! It's working now.
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    I think I might know a solution to this. I did some googling of that error, and it looks like your issue is caused by a registry key that Java requires not being created, and being unable to be created. There's two options (I think) to fix this. One which is easier (but I'm not sure if it works) and another which is more work but I'm more confident in it. Method One Open a Command Prompt as an Administrator (right click, select "Run as Admin" or something similar) Run your cli command from that elevated command prompt. This should allow Java to create the required keys Method Two Go into your Start Menu and type regedit into the search field. Navigate to path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JavaSoft If this path does not exist, try this path instead: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WOW6432Node\JavaSoft Right click on the JavaSoft folder and click on New -> Key Name the new key Prefs and try your CLI command again. Sources https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23720446/java-could-not-open-create-prefs-error?lq=1 https://stackoverflow.com/questions/16428098/groovy-shell-warning-could-not-open-create-prefs-root-node
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    Phase 2 has already been released, you can visit this to see the arguments: https://help.tribot.org/support/solutions/articles/36000043771-how-to-use-cli-arguments-to-launch-tribot If you would like a graphical interface for TRiBot's CLI, you can view the Graphical Client Starter linked in my signature
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    Thanks for info guys i actually had no idea about proxy's and what not i shouldn't have jumped the gun and did some research. The good news is i appealed it even though it said it wasn't able too. They said i was banned for macro but they un banned me and locked my account saying i may have been hacked. Still confused here but i do have my account back, at the end of the day i honestly never botted on him but im still surprised aha
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    Thanks for your fast response. Ill stick with 30ms client paint delay for now. Awesome that you will look into the CPU uses on a programmatical level as well. Let me know if you find anything that could be of value in reducing my CPU usage. Really appreciate the effort man! Furthermore, I had some issues with tabbing before with other scripts (exactly the problems you are describing now), so I will stay away from that for now. Once again, awesome script! Keep up the good work and let me know if you find anything CPU related :D.
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    My guess would be that when you open the cluescroll it opens an interface with text (the clue). I've never done clues so I don't know if it's always text or also an image sometimes. For images you would need to get more creative. The tribot api doesn't include something like OCR
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    gz on release, tribot needed a good rogues den script
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    looks good, congrats on the release
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    Hey man love the script, but i would remove aerial fishing as it looks super sketchy, i noticed this happens a lot and it won’t correct itself. was babysitting the bot but it happened multiple times. And also when the bot has a full inventory it will only create 1 free inventory slot at a time, @Einstein
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    Another amazing release by Naton! Never fails to dissappoint
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    He made me a script that works flawlessly, within a few hours of me initially talking to him. Thank you very much for the help!
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    Got full barrows on my ironman in just over 1000 trips with many, many duplicates. Thank you sir for a reliable script - I never would have done that legit.
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    Will fix this soon edit: Reuploaded the constructor. I tested it myself and it should be working now @nykko could you please try again?
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    @godspower33 Bro, I went from 80 to 99 ranged only using this script. Amazing! Thank you!
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    From 65 road to 99 fishing. Best script, thank you @Einstein
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    Updated the script to support further jewellery. Version 1.1 - 29/12/2019 ================================================ - Changed name from Gold Ring Crafter to Gold Jewellery Crafter - Added support for necklaces, bracelets, and amulets - Created a GUI for users to choose what they want to craft - Added support for the script to log off the account once the script has used all the gold bars
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    @Einstein Can you check on the sacred eel fishing,when I start it up it runs to the bridge.Thanks
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    Most memorable skills is 89 smith and 65 agility will take 30m and will update email address and give you all info.
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    Very neat designs, good luck!
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    hit 18m fishing xp and made 210m so far! thanks again @Einstein
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    Amazing script. Ran for 6 hours/day with no errors or bans, got me 99 cooking doing only Wines in less than 5 days.
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    I had been using it for my mule for about a week now on my home desktop without problems but as soon as I went to do it on my VPS It auto locked the account fortunately for me I was lazy last night and didn't mule the stuff over so it happened with nothing too special on the account. Is there a way to make sure that my clients connected and using the proxy?
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    Right, human mouse is VIP-E only, and priority is given to those who submitted data. Re: "Since you are not a VIP user, you may only run free scripts for 2 hours every 3 days. Please try again later, or purchase VIP.", have you used your 2 hours? If not, can DM @Todd/ @Fluffee to look into it, or just wait for the reset.
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    Would purchase this if it would support the green drags at the myths guild, the walkers dont support that area. Its about 7 clicks away from the bank if you could add it?
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    A good place to start is not mining for 2 days straight. You could understand that comes across a little suspicious.
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    replace forum moderator with discord owner xd
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    The real masterminds wouldn't join a group, it would just cut into the competition
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    game setting is 638, if it returns > 0 then the stamina potion is active. I suggest using an setting explorer (some are on the repo) and drinking a stamina potion to see how settings work.
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    @YoHoJo Why do you keep repping those sites? They are trash. You deliberately try and post as frequently as possible so you can have your sig visible..when they're trash. I dont get it. You pretend to care about your fellow brothers, but to you theyre just refs
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    UPDATE - V2.83 - add antipattern features to many core functions of the zulrah battle itself edit: running stable
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    Most people use @daxmagex's Dax WebWalker -
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