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    This script will complete the quests Plague City, Biohazard, Underground Pass, and Regicide. The script functions only via script arguments, no GUI at the moment. Everyone should learn to use arguments, we are here to automate things after all so why have to fill out your options every time?! A skippable GUI is in development. There are a lot of features I want to include in it, so no ETA currently. Features: Completes all quests from pretty much any step in the quest, from most locations in RuneScape. Three certain steps are unable to be started from currently, please see documentation below if you are experiencing issues with starting mid-quest. Can purchase all required items for you Equips best detected gear depending on the mode selected: magic or ranged Supports up to magic shortbow (i) with rune arrows or trident of the seas / toxic trident Automatically uses summer pies if needed Avoids Underground Pass traps when possible Customizable item purchase list, so you can get the script to purchase whatever items at whatever prices you want TRiBot ABCL v2 10/10 Also includes a unique implementation of ABC2 which uses data from every attempted and every completed action to encourage unique behavior on every account that runs it. Full Looking Glass support. All 400+ accounts I have ran through personally have been on Looking Glass, and I encourage you to use it as well! Requires: 51 agility 25 ranged 50+ ranged OR 75+ magic Never used script arguments before? This is where you include them when running a script: These are the arguments I usually use: Ranged accounts: purchaseItems;endAtGE Magic accounts: magicMode;purchaseItems;endAtGE These can be generated using the Arguments generator google sheet below, with other options as well! Script is found here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3148 Arguments generator: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xe7NTbBn3svJGkLDt0hJdxIdgTcjykl6F9k-ERs6_Ls/copy That link will ask you to make a copy of the document. If you are unable to use Google docs, contact me. Use the arguments generator to customize the script to your liking until a GUI is available. Documentation found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I9FSZtGtyhd2BXsxxms9OE8tTntNt3QcKX7guP3t6oo/edit The documentation is more-so an explanation of arguments, some known-bugs that are being worked on, and general info about the script. Bugs do still exist! Report them to me here or on discord, FALSkills#1985. I will reply and fix them as quickly as I can! Please check the client debug first, it will print information that may be explaining what the script is doing! Bug report format: Future Development: Data tracking / high scores Ability to purchase desired gear sets Ability to bring an axe and kill/cook a rabbit rather than purchase one Break handler support (Currently does NOT support TRiBot break handler) Much more to be included with GUI Pricing: This is my first time pricing a script! Please leave feedback or suggestions if you are unhappy with the available options. The target for this script is gold farming. The auths are priced assuming that you will complete this questline on multiple accounts. If you are just looking to complete it on a singular account, there are numerous service providers you can talk to. Assuming that you would be paying at least 10m OSRS gp per questline to a service provider, you would need to run it on ~4 accounts per month using 1 auth to break even, with the added benefit of not having to deal with a service provider! I am very dedicated to minimizing ban-rates and keeping this script available as a tool for Zulrah farmers and account builders. Please send me suggestions, complaints, anything to improve the script! Screenshots:
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    The premium review process should be beginning tomorrow. Hopefully it goes smoothly!
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    After some private use, I finally decided to start releasing this script to the public. There is a lot supported, most of what is is listed on the thread below but there is more supported now than there was. However some of it has been restricted for this beta since I want to ensure a smooth release. The script should be stable and not get stuck however please babysit it just in case if you care about the account you are using it on The goal of this script will be to support Nieve & Taurel at the moment. At this moment for the beta, it will be released with Taurel support only. I am open to any and all suggestions regarding what features you may like to see. Currently the GUI is very bare and only input is food type, I will be expanding this. Currently this script will not attempt to bank to find a teleport for a shorter path. It will only use whatever is available to it inside of your gear or inventory, so I recommend the following inventory for fast navigation. The script will automatically take out more glories/games necklaces/duel rings to keep in inventory Recommended Inventory: To use this script: Must have talked to a slayer master and gotten assigned one task (if you've never trained slayer) Must have a rope attached to Lumbridge swamp dungeon Must have in bank the following items Lit Candle Lantern Earmuffs Ice coolers Enchanted Gem Waterskins (4) Antidote++ Shantay passes - Have multiple charged glorys in bank, and rings of dueling, ganes neckalces Planned Features: Point mode (9 tasks at taruel, 10th at nieve) Cannon support (for certain tasks) Tentative release schedule: Initial beta release: Taruel only Bug fixes, anti-ban tweaks GUI expansion Adding additional areas to complete Slayer tasks (at the moment only one option) Premium release: Taruel only Next update: Nieve support Skipping tasks via points instead of taruel reset Support for lunar task getting Cannon support for certain tasks Proggies: Please use the following bug report format to help me identify bugs faster. Bug report format
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    Load up Tribot, connect to proxy you want, then use LG to hook Runelite. You will be playing from your proxy
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    Whats up with you not asking this question in the thread of the script you got it from ?
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    I feel this is obvious to say, but should you decide to refund via your bank you will be banned and you will lose any other scripts you have purchased. You are botting one of the most profitable bosses in the game and it should be clear that there is a high risk of being banned. For those with experience, accounts can last, but based on your attitude and your inability to debug I can see why you unfortunately got hit quickly. Best of luck with your future endeavours.
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    Nope, still working on it privately. Might release another public beta sometime in April.
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    nMagic is a complex magic bot that supports an incredible variety of features. These include a powerful progression system, lunar spells, grand exchange restocking (for gear and spell items), and muling. Note that some features are still in beta, specifically lunar spells which require achievement diaries or dream mentor. Repository Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3166 Information/Instructions: It's recommended to start where you want to cast the spells. However, you are able to configure locations to travel to using the progression system. Set up the GUI to how you would like to run the script Ensure everything is properly filled out (ex. dont leave the item to alch empty), advanced preferences can be ignored if you wish Note that while restocking is supported for all spells, make sure the script can actually reach the grand exchange (by walking), and return to the location without issues (ex. don't use restocking if you're alching in your house). Feel free to join my discord if you need any assistance, link is further down in the post, in my signature, and in the GUI If you are having issues, please follow the instructions below Please delete hooks.dat and the jagex cache before running the script Please disable the TRiBot firewall as it does nothing but cause problems If you run windows you can use this: (https://tribot.org/forums/topic/77307-windows-delete-hooksdat-and-the-jagex-cache/) Requirements: Supplies to cast the specified spell(s), or gold to purchase the items Pictures/Videos: Features: Splashing Alching Cursing Teleporting Stun alching Tele alching Superheating Enchanting bolts Enchanting jewelry Lunar spells: All teleports Bake pie Humidify Tan leather String jewelry Superglass make Spin flax Plank make Other features: Grand exchange restocking Progressive spell changing Progressive gear changing Progressive location changing Progressive purchasing gear from GE Muling - cash in gold/mule off gold Custom GE pricing A ton of other customization options ... and much more, try it out yourself with the free trial! How to set up Mini-Breaking/Random-AFK'ing: Click the spoiler to open the guide View Free Trial: A free one hour trial is available at https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3166 if you are VIP Progress Reports: Dynamic Signatures: To be added (data is tracked already) Highscores: http://nscripting.com/highscores/magic/ Pricing: Pricing is subject to change at any time (may increase slightly when the script gets more users) $5.99 for 2 instances per month $11.99 for 5 instances per month $19.99 for 10 instances per month $34.99 for 20 instances per month Refunds will only be given in the case that there is an actual issue with the script. Need Help? https://discord.gg/RKRJTzV Bugs/Errors: Please delete hooks.dat and the jagex cache before reporting bugs. Also make sure that you have good internet connection and are not disconnecting/having extremely poor FPS. Please ensure to post a detailed bug report including a detailed description, a gif of the bug report, both the bot and client debugs (paste these to hastebin/pastebin), and script stack trace (if applicable). If you do not provide an informative bug report I may ignore you. Saying "this doesn't work" wastes both of our time. I will attempt to fix bugs immediately, if provided with a proper bug report
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    Creating this thread to provide an easy way for me to link new users to my tutorials, as well as have them all in my Signature, without making it obnoxious. -- Fluffee's Ultimate Guide to Botting Series -- -- General Tutorials -- -- AutoHotKey Releases --
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    You should post the debug. Edit: Sorry, I mean: YOU SHOULD POST THE DEBUG!
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    Id highly recommend recording more than just 30 minutes lol Maybe like 10-15 minutes per session before you actually start the bot.
  16. 2 points
    11 hours a week? I do a solid 24 hours a day
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    Just want to say that if you send this guy a problem he will have it fixed and updated for you within the hour. It is amazing how quick he works. If he asks to test it on your account let him.
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    This should be fixed now, sorry for the delay!
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    Uninstall jdk12 and download java 8
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    Underground pass hasn't been saving the grid paths for you, had a mistake in my file/path generator That fix among with a few others will be uploaded shortly. Fixes: Saving grid path Full inventory when trying to pick up Witch's cat - drops junk Brings/buys more arrows if low range Ability to re-navigate the underground pass to obtain: Barrel of coal-tar, Sulphur, Book o' bangs if needed Random isolated issue with PURCHASING_SUPPLIES Script will complete Tree Gnome Village if it detects that Grand Tree is complete but Tree Gnome Village is not, due to a major dax walker bug Improved detection/navigation of the Rotten apple in Biohazard Brings 10 arrows instead of 5 if low range (for shooting rope-bridge) Enables NPC attack options if they are hidden.
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    Updated! Goldfarming Mode Brand new feature Teleports to Burthorpe using games necklace Sells marks of grace Automatically trades the amylase crystals to the mule account A free plug-in has been released for this mode: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3143-rogues-den-mule/ Many thanks to @CyberWizard for testing this feature upon its release, a few hours ago. Full ABC2 implementation The custom reaction generator has been replaced by ABC2. Teleporting to courses The script is now capable of teleporting to courses: Draynor: Lumbridge Home Teleport Spell Seers' Village: Camelot teleport tab Falador: Falador teleport tab Varrock: Varrock teleport tab Brimhaven Agility Arena (Karamja) Has been restored! This script is once again the only one in the repository to play this minigame. Thank you for using my software!
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    Have been beta testing v3 for awhile now, have gotten 3 accounts with 45m/40m/41m agility xp. Honestly @Aropupu is the best. Have more screenies but you get the idea..
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    Can I just trade you my bank to make the process easier?
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    Yes, make sure to download the ALL PLATFORMS version
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    I agree, the bot have started to stop randomly the past days. No accurate error or so but it stops. I don't know why. Can you look at it ?
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    Got full void in one day the script isnt perfect but it is way better than Optimus's pest control script
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    Yes, everyone is getting it, it's a website wide issue.
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    Searching by ID is the most efficient1 way of finding game entities. The reason is that integer comparison will always be cheaper than string comparison. I've recently had a discussion with @Fluffee on this subject. In this particular test, the ID search was 23 times faster than name search. Sure, a 22 millisecond difference is completely neglectable, but it was a 2300% increase in efficiency nonetheless: Also, as @Miracle pointed out, IDs also have the huge advantage of allowing you to distinguish between two objects that have the same name. That's the recommended way to do it (if you don't need to use the ID trick mentioned above, of course). 1 - Source: TRiLeZ
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    Thanks for the tip, yeah I'll do that before every session :)!
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    This script is actually insane. I tested it for 2-3 days and my god its a literal masterpiece
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    Yee haw, congrats on (re?)release! Used progressive splashing in the past, worked great!
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    Liking the script so far, used the free trial but uses all the keyboard shortcuts and has plenty of options to customise your afk times etc. Nice simple and well made script. Will 100% be buying.
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    Thank you for the suggestion, this will be patched on a future release.
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    I can confirm that @WillB is a top scripter.
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    You will not be able to reach the rates of the wiki they are extremely high and assume perfect tick usage
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    for the love of god dont use that lol
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    Wow I almost activated this script, but thanks to this comment now I happily use Grand Exchange for all my buying and selling needs. Nice try @Worthy.
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    10/10 script, been waiting a while for this release already ran multiple accounts through
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    hi all, i cant seem to manage to get the script to flick rapid heal? the overload/ppot method works flawlessly, gained over 1m xp already...but its expensive gp, any ideas on how I can get it to flick pray/absorbtion method? edited lol, this is crazy, you really are amazing man thank you. I see how it works now without the flick! strictly guzzle!
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    Unfortunately the minimum auth duration is 14 days, otherwise I would love to have a shorter-term option!
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    Why use nmz when you can use the best free nmz script
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    Thanks Adam it help me too now I can 9o crafting on ironman!!!
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    Thank you for applying so much effort, your older open-source scripts have been a tremendous help. Have a great day
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    Nothing as of right now, binge-watched mindhunters last week. Kinda waiting for a new season of The 100.
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    Stupid, but stupid enough to be entertaining for me
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    This demon porno /slash/ fucked up text over there - why don't you fix this? looks terrible dude.
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    But now a BooleanSupplier is a functional interface which means you can do this: Timing.waitCondition(() -> your condition, 5000); E.g. Timing.waitCondition(() -> Inventory.getCount("Monkfish") > 0, 5000);
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    how long should i bot an account?
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