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  2. omg great news cant wait
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  4. When I am blackjacking, It buys the wines then it doesn't exit to change worlds. It stays in the store screen. [01:04:34] [Shop]: Store is out of stock [01:04:34] [Buy Wine]: Out of stock, worldhopping! [01:04:35] [Shop]: Store is out of stock [01:04:35] [Buy Wine]: Out of stock, worldhopping! And keeps trying to change world. When i click the X to leave Bar shop it changes world and continues going.
  5. If im not wrong, the 'expire in' isn't accurate. Someone can correct me if im wrong
  6. Nice post. But isnt it just a lot cheaper/easier to get a gps?
  7. Coca Cola


    Looked for a while trying to find something that would help me find VarBits, and couldn't find one that worked. I came up with this and I hope it will help some people. EDIT: Link will come when it's on repository.
  8. I finished school friday and have been out of town this weekend. Should have it finished and back up for sale sometime this week.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hey, I have been testing your script at caged ogres and I ran into an issue with using tele grab to get the item. Every time a seed drops, the script will select tele grab but then hover over the item. It appears to try and click, but when it does it just keeps repeating the action. I also found it stuck on the filters pane just now. Are you able to take a look?
  11. Hi I'm new around here and I just bought a premium script. It works really well and I'm happy with my purchase. The only problem I have now is that when I go to instance manager there is a countdown clock that says (Expires in...) I wouldn't mind if I could edit this to a longer time but I can't so what should I be doing now? Thanks
  12. Did you have attack player options on hidden? If it was on right click, it could've still accidentally skulled and died. I believe the script automatically turns off auto retal now which prevents skull tricking from occuring
  13. Some how came back to have lost my blowpipe + salve (ei) after leaving this script running for a few hours unattended.
  14. Yeah you can bot after 2 day ban, but change the IP! I think over all the years of botting only one with a 2 day ban has been permed lol, the rest i just kept botting till i was content.
  15. I'm not sure what your talking about buddy but it surely wasn't me. I'm on multiple forums with multiple thousands of dollars of reputation and believe me I wouldn't risk it for 22m or any amount of GP in that nature.
  16. Thanks Fluffee that link did the justice, although after i've setup a new VPS which might turn out to produce more in the long run.. Cheers
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