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  2. Xivia's Woodcutter/Miner/NMZ/Cooker/Agility next plz. Thanks
  3. Learning Java right now so that I can someday do the same thing Good luck
  4. There is currently an issue with the TriBot Repository, we're waiting for an update! Xivia's Fisher A free Otto's Grotto fisher - Justhin Dear people, I've not written Tribot scripts before. This is one of my first tries to release a decent script. I hope you enjoy! Requires one Barbarian Rod & lots of feathers. Instructions - Stand near the fishing spots west of Baxtorian Falls. Make sure you have a Barbarian Rod & enough feathers in your inventory. Start the script once you're in position and you've followed the above steps Repository - https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3178 Highscores - Click here Important - The script will improve over time. Todo - Check if player runs out of feathers (Currently the script does not log off if you're out of feathers, make sure you've got enough or monitor the bot). Todo - Improving antiban, yes there is antiban hower, it can be improved. Special thanks to @Naton & @Netami for giving me suggestions on how to improve my code. Personal signature Proggies
  5. It's so easy to code something to avoid this
  6. Today
  7. Best thing is trial and error, no successful botters are going to give away their secrets.
  8. Will follow your updates for sure! Good luck bud
  9. Just seen a video on yt about this so be carful player tryna know the pattern of the bot (wich item they pick)
  10. Welcome back. Let me start by saying a lot has changed. Bot detection is a lot better and gold prices a lot lower. Are you writing your own scripts? You don't give a lot of information about what you are doing so I can't give advice on where to improve. I would say the best way to improve is testing. Test new things, fail and continue testing.
  11. That's an awesome project. Good luck and keep us updated
  12. Introduction Hello, and welcome to my thread. Today I have set a goal to max each skill by only using scripts I write. I thought this would be fun to attempt as a learning experience, and it also makes sense; I can write the next script while the current skill is being trained! I will be starting with the easiest, of course: Cooking. I will update this thread as regularly as I can, and see how far I can get until I'm banned! Progress April 25th, 2019: 4:30 PM: Began writing the cooking script
  13. There's an issue with the repo atm
  14. I agree with the other two try again.
  15. Hey great script there is just 1 issue that keeps occurring. I'm using the Mythical Cape method with demon butler and sometimes when he comes back with the planks, the bot hasn't taken the Cape off the wall in time causing me to recieve a full inv of teak planks with no slot for the Cape. I've had to leave my house, drop a plank and re-enter to counter this. It's happening too often now for me to keep having to manually do this. Is it something I'm doing wrong or not? Thanks for any info.
  16. I uploaded a new script and made small changes to another (including updating to a private daxwalker key) Both scripts stuck on "Pending" during upload.. Is this my code or did I just mess up the upload? It's been 12 hours
  17. Hello, my name is kyle i'm 23 years old and ive been botting for about 5 years. about 3 years ago I ran a very successful farm getting me about 80-100$ a day for about a month or two. then I had 2 accounts get banned and I was making like 60$ a day for another 2 months. eventually they all did get banned. I have started up again with a new tactic and its been a success so far. (profit). I wanted to know what can I do to improve my abilities on botting. I'm interested in learning from the ground up but I'm not sure what to study exactly. I have little experience with auto-it and it seems to work great although if 1 click is missed it results in a disaster.
  18. It's all speculation but I would say start slowly with just a few hours a day. As the account continues to survive (not getting banned) you can experiment with more hours a day.
  19. ill wait for the trial again to see if it work
  20. I'm not sure why im having this issue. It seems to happen randomly, sometimes it will go days without it and then it will happen for a few days. I'm using daxhunter script and yes, I have restarted client alot
  21. Not gonna comment on any of the issues being script or user sided, but I would suggest not opening a PayPal dispute against TRiBot as you will be permanently banned. There's a script dispute section where moderators will handle the case instead.
  22. I'll do dream mentor tonight and test and give feedback for you. So basically just buy the seeds, use humidify on the planted pot and then the bot puts the seed in and deposits?
  23. Hi Could I receive a refund? I bought 3 instances today and they're just constantly glitching out, not picking up traps, randomly walking places after certain set of time or they just get stuck. When using this on a VPS the bot just gets stuck on login even with low CPU mode enabled. I'm using looking glass. I've already sent the bug reports but I just want my money back since I probably lost even more using this. I deactivated the script so you can see I used it for around 5-6 hours only and barely got to level 40 doing swamp lizards. I will open a case on paypal since you've been inactive for a while and haven't updated the script. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE BUYING THIS SCRIPT I BOUGHT 3 INSTANCES AND HIGHLY REGRET IT I would love to be nice and type a nice review but if you sell something that doesn't work you shouldn't expect good reviews in the first place. Also where is the Tribot team to take outdated scripts down? I've spent over 500$ on this account alone on scripts and over 2/3's have been wasted cause of outdated scripts. Kind regards from an angry customer Noa
  24. Netami

    Gambling script.

    I'm pretty sure there are several people running the same method all copying each others names/adverts/outfits. I made one private script to do this so I may be partially responsible.
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