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  2. Worldhopper is outdated or bugged, as it tries profusely to send me to an aussie p2p world, when I have favorite worlds set to f2p worlds. Web walker from duke horacio is also bugged and it just rotates.
  3. fraudulent purchase fix

    I've been on it for two years, still on it. :/
  4. Einstein's Bot Farm Manager

    @lets be friends @YoHoJo @adamhackz @Aroxez @IceKontroI @Naton @Halenir @kayrad2 @Genka @arvydaslt123 @we3f4 @HeyImJamie @auryzas242 @Fluffee @wastedbro You have been granted free access to the closed beta. Most likely will start an open beta after more testing. Until then, you are the only users that have access to this script. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2642-farm-manager-closed-beta/ Have fun
  5. I mean, instead of buying small amount all the time like this: It should just buy all the logs for the next upgrade in 1 go. For example from 45-55 it needs 3060 maple logs. Instead of buying it like that ^ it should just buy them all at once
  6. I have decided to re-release a mostly fixed version of my old script aTrainer. aTrainer is a script that you can use to train multiple skills (currently Fishing, Cooking, Woodcutting, Fletching) and you can decide when it moves to another activity. You can also train skills together: - Fishing and then cooking the fish - Woodcutting and then fletching the logs Please keep in mind that this script is old and not complete. Be careful while using it and keep in mind that bugs might happen frequently. I have no plans to release this as a premium script (might never happen) so it will remain free for now. I abandoned the script about more than year ago (was never even officially released) because I just didn't have time to keep it up and develop it. I'm now releasing it in hopes of someone having some use for it (otherwise all the work would be for nothing) and I'll be developing it and fixing any bugs whenever I have the time. I'll also have a place to test new things that I want to try in my scripts. It will also hopefully in the future serve as a replacement for my aFisher script since I have been wanting to rewrite it for some time now. If you do encounter an issue, please make a proper bug report. Thing like full client debug information are very important. Suggestions are also welcome but things like new activities might be added very very slowly. You can find the script here: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2134-atrainer-test-version/
  7. fraudulent purchase fix

    Had the same issue for more than a year, but it seems like I'm somehow removed from the blacklist again. Maybe it was because of new year but idk.
  8. Oh I see, if so don't you think it would be better to calculate how many of each logs it needs to achieve 55 fletch? So if the account is lvl 1 fletch it will calculate and buy the amount of logs it needs to achieve lvl 15 for the upgrade to oak logs. When lvl 15 it will do the same but this time to 30 for willow Then 30-45 for maple and finally 45-55 so it can start making maple longs I'm not gonna use progression mode anymore but just a thought
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  10. In progressive mode, it will ignore the amount you specify an buy exactly what you need to progressively level up.
  11. Would it be possible to have a custom task system? I know it has the automatic level progression, but would be awesome to make my own task system. It could use dax walker for traveling Also could you add a list of which NPCs/Stalls the progression leveling does?
  12. fraudulent purchase fix

    All my info was flagged by the fraud detecting thing and I haven't been able to make a purchase for 2 years. I know that back then there was no recourse, but I wonder if there is an appeal process yet? It doesn't make sense that I can prove I am who I say I am if given the option but yet I'm forced to pay for overpriced tribot credits from 3rd parties.
  13. Crypto related Discord [free]

    reminds me of stock investing tips or betting tips :))))))
  14. So I ran this script over night, with progressive mode starting lvl 1. I was using resupply, and set it to 5000. Could you please make it buy somewhere around that amount? Most of the time it was buying 100-500 and 2 times it was buying 2.1k and 1.4k which is still far away from 5k Other than that great script - Not sure if that was fixed in todays update, if not what changed then? Also did you remove the dynamic sig? I miss it
  15. Thank you for the reply, maybe i should get that diary done.
  16. Also on rsbuddy.com https://rsbuddy.com/exchange?id=11920& https://rsbuddy.com/exchange?id=11921& First one is un-noted, second one noted. Use the first one
  17. I never used dodgy necklaces. Before doing ardy medium diary I got around 100k xp/h at level 80 or so. After doing the medium diary I got like 50k more xp / h.
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