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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Arctic Arctic 01/09/2018 Great service 6.5 credits bought urnan urnan
Arctic Arctic 01/09/2018 Smooth and fast! the way trades should be done! LL09 LL09
ujustgotlold ujustgotlold 01/08/2018 sold 29m, smooth trade Worthy Worthy
Worthy Worthy 01/08/2018 Bought gold off worthy today, everything went smooth and fast, 100% trust worthy with the cheapest prices on the market. Definitely going to go back for more. ujustgotlold ujustgotlold
Ownamaticv2 Ownamaticv2 01/07/2018 Sold him 7 TRiBot credits. He went first. Encoded Encoded
Encoded Encoded 01/07/2018 sold 7 credits to me fast and smooth, thanks! Ownamaticv2 Ownamaticv2
insomniaa insomniaa 01/07/2018 Bought fighter torso was done fast and was very cheap, highly recommend doran16 doran16
doran16 doran16 01/07/2018 Bought a f torso service from me, he wen’t first and allowed me to take a few breaks. Such a legend insomniaa insomniaa
PlanetsGold PlanetsGold 01/07/2018 sold 10 mil very smooth, very fast Xtracorrupt Xtracorrupt
we trippy mane we trippy mane 01/06/2018 Made me a insane trippy looking gif, what a legend! insomniaa insomniaa
Druid Druid 01/05/2018 Simply amazing. To read more about my experience with druid please visit his private script service thread. SPOILER: He is a very good scripter, friendly, reasonable. baumi1992 baumi1992
insomniaa insomniaa 01/05/2018 Bought firecape on a 62 range account. Great service, fast and cheap. dananaa dananaa
dananaa dananaa 01/05/2018 Did a firecape for him, I wen't first and he paid after! insomniaa insomniaa
Johnfromthecon Johnfromthecon 01/04/2018 Sold him credits, thank you! Druid Druid
Druid Druid 01/04/2018 test YoHoJo YoHoJo
degalbo degalbo 01/02/2018 He requested a bond for his f2p acc (with memb items), trusted him gave his bond. In return he gave me money + extra money in return! what a lad insomniaa insomniaa
insomniaa insomniaa 01/02/2018 Awesome guy loaned me a bond! very trustworthy degalbo degalbo
troxin troxin 01/02/2018 Sold him 2 credits for gp thanks Netami Netami
Netami Netami 01/02/2018 I bought 2 credits and went first, it went very fast and smooth. troxin troxin
Realist Realist 01/02/2018 sold me 20 credits Trynabot Trynabot
Worthy Worthy 12/31/2017 BOUGHT 100m, SMOOTH TRADE. WILL DEF COME BUY AGAIN. zMurdaaa zMurdaaa
zMurdaaa zMurdaaa 12/31/2017 sold some GP, smooth trade Worthy Worthy
Realist Realist 12/31/2017 fast and good rickytimonsson94 rickytimonsson94
Realist Realist 12/31/2017 Sold me 25 credits, thanks man! Jab Jab
Druid Druid 12/30/2017 Druid made me a script in less than 12 hours overnight and made it universal and added some extra feature for me. Thanks so much. I will be back Aroxez Aroxez