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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Worthy Worthy 01/14/2018 bought rsgp, fast and safe kenny427 kenny427
Worthy Worthy 01/13/2018 Bought RSGP, fast and safe as usual kenny427 kenny427
kenny427 kenny427 01/13/2018 sold some gp, smooth transaction :) Worthy Worthy
Druid Druid 01/12/2018 bought credits fast and nice melat97 melat97
Druid Druid 01/12/2018 Thanks neek3ri neek3ri
Arctic Arctic 01/11/2018 second trade smooth as the first, thanks again. LL09 LL09
Druid Druid 01/11/2018 Bought a private script from him and he was very easy to work with and got the script done extremely quickly with no problems. Very professional and helpful. Would definitely recommend working with him. starlito starlito
Arctic Arctic 01/11/2018 Fast and easy bought 10 credits ownu1hit99 ownu1hit99
Arctic Arctic 01/11/2018 Bought some credits, smooth as always! jona1000 jona1000
Arctic Arctic 01/09/2018 Great service 6.5 credits bought urnan urnan
Arctic Arctic 01/09/2018 Smooth and fast! the way trades should be done! LL09 LL09
ujustgotlold ujustgotlold 01/08/2018 sold 29m, smooth trade Worthy Worthy
Worthy Worthy 01/08/2018 Bought gold off worthy today, everything went smooth and fast, 100% trust worthy with the cheapest prices on the market. Definitely going to go back for more. ujustgotlold ujustgotlold
Ownamaticv2 Ownamaticv2 01/07/2018 Sold him 7 TRiBot credits. He went first. Encoded Encoded
Encoded Encoded 01/07/2018 sold 7 credits to me fast and smooth, thanks! Ownamaticv2 Ownamaticv2
insomniaa insomniaa 01/07/2018 Bought fighter torso was done fast and was very cheap, highly recommend doran16 doran16
doran16 doran16 01/07/2018 Bought a f torso service from me, he wen’t first and allowed me to take a few breaks. Such a legend insomniaa insomniaa
PlanetsGold PlanetsGold 01/07/2018 sold 10 mil very smooth, very fast Xtracorrupt Xtracorrupt
we trippy mane we trippy mane 01/06/2018 Made me a insane trippy looking gif, what a legend! insomniaa insomniaa
Druid Druid 01/05/2018 Simply amazing. To read more about my experience with druid please visit his private script service thread. SPOILER: He is a very good scripter, friendly, reasonable. baumi1992 baumi1992
insomniaa insomniaa 01/05/2018 Bought firecape on a 62 range account. Great service, fast and cheap. dananaa dananaa
dananaa dananaa 01/05/2018 Did a firecape for him, I wen't first and he paid after! insomniaa insomniaa
Johnfromthecon Johnfromthecon 01/04/2018 Sold him credits, thank you! Druid Druid
Druid Druid 01/04/2018 test YoHoJo YoHoJo
degalbo degalbo 01/02/2018 He requested a bond for his f2p acc (with memb items), trusted him gave his bond. In return he gave me money + extra money in return! what a lad insomniaa insomniaa