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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Fluffee Fluffee 11/17/2017 Bought 7 credits, very fast bbc223 bbc223
Arctic Arctic 11/17/2017 Bought 7 credits went smooth and fast, will definitely be using again!! neemohappa neemohappa
Arctic Arctic 11/16/2017 thanks neek3ri neek3ri
Arctic Arctic 11/15/2017 Needed another 14 credits, was as fast as before :D urnan urnan
Arctic Arctic 11/15/2017 Bought 6 credits trade was almost instant, great service urnan urnan
Dakers011 Dakers011 11/15/2017 Would defiantly buy again cheapest prices on the market and legit Chea123 Chea123
Arctic Arctic 11/15/2017 Bought 32 credits for 44.8M 07 gp. Trade went smooth as always, thanks! ung1v3npur3 ung1v3npur3
Tri Tri 11/14/2017 great scripts. ! tyren man tyren man
Arctic Arctic 11/13/2017 bought credits, good and fast service! xilosionx xilosionx
Arctic Arctic 11/12/2017 Fast and easy as always. Bought + than 100 credits in total so far. Vouch! rajazx rajazx
Arctic Arctic 11/12/2017 Sold me 4 credits for 6.5m ty! Activefish Activefish
PlanetsGold PlanetsGold 11/12/2017 Sold them 150M 07GP, thanks dude. Best prices on the market. Flax Flax
Realist Realist 11/11/2017 Bought 11 credits, fast and smooth. Thanks! <3 Flax Flax
Flax Flax 11/11/2017 Sold him 11 TriBot credits for 07 gold A+ Realist Realist
Tri Tri 11/11/2017 Perfect script. Even used it to level Smithing. Purchased multiple times. onlyvictimsleft onlyvictimsleft
daxmagex daxmagex 11/11/2017 Script needing constant babysitting - getting stuck putting ores onto the conveyor belt. It would often try to put the ores on once they were already on, giving a chat pop-up message, which the script wasn't written to deal with. Unable to use the script as desired / No refund partial or otherwise was issued. onlyvictimsleft onlyvictimsleft
Realist Realist 11/10/2017 bought 5 credits for btc, ty. thatpart1 thatpart1
Ruben Eason Ruben Eason 11/09/2017 20m quick and easy. would do business again vipcredits vipcredits
Arctic Arctic 11/09/2017 one credit adog adog
adog adog 11/09/2017 Sold him 1 TRiBot credit :) Arctic Arctic
Arctic Arctic 11/09/2017 Bought some credits, fast and smooth :) jona1000 jona1000
YoHoJo YoHoJo 11/07/2017 effective krozta krozta
YoHoJo YoHoJo 11/07/2017 fast, professional rsnats rsnats
gachunw gachunw 11/07/2017 Got my account banned for botting NMZ Baucomia Baucomia
YoHoJo YoHoJo 11/07/2017 Quick and easy we3f4 we3f4