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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Walking Dead Walking Dead 05/30/2017 Sold him 150 TRiBot credits. Thanks! Arctic Arctic
Arctic Arctic 05/30/2017 Bought 150 credits for 190m 07 thank you Walking Dead Walking Dead
Bogla Bogla 05/30/2017 +rep foogidaman foogidaman
iFluffee iFluffee 05/29/2017 Quick, talktative and efficient. Would recommend ZarosLoyalty ZarosLoyalty
iFluffee iFluffee 05/29/2017 fast and ez AyyLmaoo27 AyyLmaoo27
iFluffee iFluffee 05/29/2017 Trusted ;9 thx koteczek91 koteczek91
iFluffee iFluffee 05/29/2017 Awesome seller PkzTFX PkzTFX
jens4626 jens4626 05/29/2017 Bought twitch codes. Went first, everything worked fine :) acquire1 acquire1
acquire1 acquire1 05/29/2017 Sold him 2 twitch prime codes, thanks! jens4626 jens4626
Arctic Arctic 05/29/2017 Transaction went smooth! negro000 negro000
iFluffee iFluffee 05/28/2017 Quick trade nothin more to say SexyCatGirls SexyCatGirls
Attitudes Attitudes 05/28/2017 A+ Mr snewo Mr snewo
Mr snewo Mr snewo 05/28/2017 Bought some prime codes, went smooth. Attitudes Attitudes
Mr snewo Mr snewo 05/28/2017 Bought Twitch prime codes! Took about a min! He's fast! jakebeal123 jakebeal123
YoHoJo YoHoJo 05/27/2017 Thanks you! Bought Credits received in secounds! PkzTFX PkzTFX
lych lych 05/26/2017 Sold him credits, smooth trade! YoHoJo YoHoJo
YoHoJo YoHoJo 05/26/2017 Bought a few credits off him,smooth and fast! lych lych
WYD WYD 05/25/2017 got me 99 str and 99 range on my main account 7 months ago, i never changed the password since then, the most trustworthy member i have ever dealt with! highly recommend! leoshiro leoshiro
Mr snewo Mr snewo 05/25/2017 Bought 2 more Twitch Memberships! Good guy! jakebeal123 jakebeal123
jakebeal123 jakebeal123 05/25/2017 EZ- PZ Mr snewo Mr snewo
YoHoJo YoHoJo 05/25/2017 Sold him 150m , extremely quick ty. Killzone9298 Killzone9298
YoHoJo YoHoJo 05/24/2017 18.5 Credits, smooth trade friendly service =) 1337LTD 1337LTD
hustler96 hustler96 05/23/2017 Vouch thanks for trading with us @ www.RealistGold.com :) Realist Realist
Realist Realist 05/23/2017 Really fast easy transaction, will use again at some point for sure. A++ hustler96 hustler96
tomelis3211 tomelis3211 05/23/2017 Sold him 100 TRiBot Credits. Thanks! Arctic Arctic