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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Arctic Arctic 06/09/2018 25 credits, fast itstoms itstoms
Arctic Arctic 06/09/2018 Fast and Easy reapercory reapercory
montime montime 06/08/2018 Bought RSGP from him, smooth trade, no problems! YoHoJo YoHoJo
RSFireGold RSFireGold 06/08/2018 Sold 220m rs3 and 41m osrs. Buyer was very easy to work with. we3f4 we3f4
Arctic Arctic 06/06/2018 Very fast and professional service, would recommend to anyone Dankonome Dankonome
YoHoJo YoHoJo 06/05/2018 Bueno prices & quick. epicfailmagnet epicfailmagnet
YoHoJo YoHoJo 06/02/2018 Bought175$ instant Voucher DevSuV DevSuV
Arctic Arctic 06/02/2018 Bought 98 credits off him, thanks zachory123 zachory123
Arctic Arctic 06/02/2018 Bought 13 credits thru his discord, ez clap as usual itstoms itstoms
YoHoJo YoHoJo 06/01/2018 purchased credits, went smooth and pretty quick! vouch for this dude :) martinking martinking
YoHoJo YoHoJo 05/31/2018 Bought credits for osgp, fast and easy! offiasd offiasd
Arctic Arctic 05/30/2018 Bought 15 credits thru discord, quick and easy itstoms itstoms
Arctic Arctic 05/30/2018 Bought 20 credits off him, thanks zachory123 zachory123
Arctic Arctic 05/30/2018 Bought 60 credits off him, thanks zachory123 zachory123
Arctic Arctic 05/29/2018 Smooth, Clean, Everything. exily exily
Cypher Cypher 05/28/2018 Bought some gold off him, super smooth transaction! Thanks again :) Fluffee Fluffee
Fluffee Fluffee 05/28/2018 SOld 80m, Top service! Cypher Cypher
Fluffee Fluffee 05/24/2018 +1 bought tribot credits off him again. zachory123 zachory123
RSFireGold RSFireGold 05/23/2018 very quick and easy would recommend lava123 lava123
Fluffee Fluffee 05/22/2018 boguth 5 creds from him ty leetz leetz
ik_own_ziek ik_own_ziek 05/22/2018 Sold him 6 credits, smooth transaction Fluffee Fluffee
Fluffee Fluffee 05/22/2018 awesome guy, and online when i was!! the miracles havent left the world yet :D ik_own_ziek ik_own_ziek
zachory123 zachory123 05/22/2018 Sold him some credits, smooth transaction! Fluffee Fluffee
Fluffee Fluffee 05/22/2018 +1 bought tribot credits off him, quick and smooth. zachory123 zachory123
Fluffee Fluffee 05/21/2018 bought 6.5 credits. thanks again i traded osrs first aswell marlboro marlboro