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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
PkzTFX PkzTFX 04/06/2018 Sold 8 TRiBot credits, he went first. tyvm Flax Flax
YoHoJo YoHoJo 04/06/2018 Very fast Borigo11 Borigo11
YoHoJo YoHoJo 04/05/2018 Bought80$ instant Voucher DevSuV DevSuV
Worthy Worthy 04/05/2018 always smooth and easy purchased 20m ty Baucomia Baucomia
Baucomia Baucomia 04/05/2018 GP SALE: smooth and quick transaction. timely. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/74176-worthys-gold-shop/ Worthy Worthy
Arctic Arctic 04/05/2018 Fast as hell and super nice eathorses eathorses
Realist Realist 04/04/2018 Bought 8 credits. +++++ lg1557 lg1557
Arctic Arctic 04/03/2018 Bought some credtis, fast and smooth! jona1000 jona1000
Tri Tri 04/03/2018 Used AIO combat, had a few small issues but he literally resolved them within 24 hours! I cannot fault Tri in my short time knowing of his work. Excellent Service. JonnyWomble JonnyWomble
Arctic Arctic 04/03/2018 Was fast and easy! insomniaa insomniaa
googleftw googleftw 04/02/2018 Bought 5 credits from him, I wen't first! and he instantly paid me, def trust worthy! insomniaa insomniaa
insomniaa insomniaa 04/02/2018 Sold him 5 credits. He went first, no hesitation. googleftw googleftw
Arctic Arctic 04/02/2018 Brought 1 credit, went smooth. Nice guy ty :) Yamumsohard Yamumsohard
Worthy Worthy 03/31/2018 Bought 100M, trade went smoothly and was fast. Boston Boston
Boston Boston 03/29/2018 GP SALE: smooth transaction, sold 100m https://tribot.org/forums/topic/74176-worthys-gold-shop/ Worthy Worthy
Arctic Arctic 03/27/2018 Great seller, very fast and reliable. Looking forward to dealing with again 2inch 2inch
Realist Realist 03/26/2018 buyed credits, thnx pauliusam pauliusam
Arctic Arctic 03/24/2018 Bought 25$ instant Voucher DevSuV DevSuV
Realist Realist 03/23/2018 Bought credits Vallentas Vallentas
Arctic Arctic 03/21/2018 Great seller ta ta ta ta ta ta
Arctic Arctic 03/19/2018 Bought 8 credits, quick trade Wildstrains Wildstrains
PlanetsGold PlanetsGold 03/18/2018 sold 20m smooth sale. ZuckerNN ZuckerNN
RSFireGold RSFireGold 03/18/2018 bought 37m and the whole ordeal took like 3 mins, great support for a new site and great rates leetz leetz
Arctic Arctic 03/15/2018 bought 20credits DMMGOD DMMGOD
YoHoJo YoHoJo 03/15/2018 excelente very fast mujica33 mujica33