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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Arctic Arctic 08/05/2018 sold me 28 credits ty fast trade briefcase235 briefcase235
filthyfrank filthyfrank 08/05/2018 I bought 5 credits for rsgp. I went first and it was a quick and easy trade. Great seller JIBoyle JIBoyle
Arctic Arctic 08/05/2018 bought 5 credits for 07 gp wow fast efficient good seller Skids Skids
Worthy Worthy 08/03/2018 bought gold from him fast and trusted tbones31 tbones31
tbones31 tbones31 08/03/2018 GP SALE: smooth transaction, sold 50m quick and easy https://tribot.org/forums/topic/74176-worthys-gold-shop/ Worthy Worthy
Arctic Arctic 08/02/2018 Great service, thanks for the fast transfer dwell dwell
Crimson Crimson 08/02/2018 Did the achievement diaries and got me the music cape dogexl dogexl
Rifscape Rifscape 08/01/2018 Sold him 6.5 TRiBot credits. Thanks! Arctic Arctic
Arctic Arctic 08/01/2018 Bought tribot credits from him went smooth! Rifscape Rifscape
OfficialRsGoldRush OfficialRsGoldRush 07/31/2018 Just bought another 130m using Bitcoin! Was very easy and worked great. Awesome customer service, as always. Many thank to Anie! doom9237 doom9237
drawax drawax 07/29/2018 Bought twitch prime accs, I went first. Thanks. FALSkills FALSkills
FALSkills FALSkills 07/29/2018 sold him 20 prime accs, he went first, smooth trade drawax drawax
drawax drawax 07/28/2018 Bought 3 twitch prime accounts, thank you! Flax Flax
Flax Flax 07/28/2018 Sold him 3 accs, smooth deal! drawax drawax
drawax drawax 07/28/2018 Sold me 3 accounts, fast and easy :) Also helped on redeeming the membership :) Castro Castro
Castro Castro 07/28/2018 sold him 3 accs, he went first, smooth trade! drawax drawax
drawax drawax 07/28/2018 bought 15, good transaction and deal adamhackz adamhackz
adamhackz adamhackz 07/28/2018 sold him 15 accs, he went first! LEGIT! drawax drawax
drawax drawax 07/28/2018 Bought 2 twitch prime accounts! They worked! jamamma jamamma
jamamma jamamma 07/28/2018 Sold him two codes, he went first! drawax drawax
Oh_My_goth Oh_My_goth 07/27/2018 Sold him 3 twitch primes, I went first. Smooth trade drawax drawax
MuleTraveler MuleTraveler 07/27/2018 sold him 3 accs, I went first drawax drawax
drawax drawax 07/27/2018 sold me 20 twitch prime accounts=) vapaxyownz vapaxyownz
vapaxyownz vapaxyownz 07/27/2018 sold him 20 accounts! He went first. drawax drawax
JCY JCY 07/27/2018 Sold him 3 accs, he went first! drawax drawax