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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Einstein Einstein 12/01/2018 Great private script was created for me. I would highly recommend. thirdi thirdi
Fluffee Fluffee 12/01/2018 Excellent and smooth trade daledd daledd
Arctic Arctic 11/30/2018 Bought 13$ voucher from him. Good and fast trader. briefcase235 briefcase235
bt3kk bt3kk 11/29/2018 Sold him credits for RSGP, he went first, smooth trade! YoHoJo YoHoJo
Arctic Arctic 11/27/2018 Great Transaction as always! Thanks 3zekial 3zekial
Fluffee Fluffee 11/27/2018 Bought credits fast as! kushad kushad
Fluffee Fluffee 11/27/2018 Bought 11 credits fast & flawless trade. Thanks again <3 sulocancetin sulocancetin
Naton Naton 11/26/2018 Awesome script writer! Great stuff. Puts alot of effort into his work. Brandonz92 Brandonz92
Fluffee Fluffee 11/26/2018 fast and smooth Callistocub1 Callistocub1
Arctic Arctic 11/26/2018 Bought credits fast as! kushad kushad
Fluffee Fluffee 11/26/2018 Trade went fast and smooth, good seller Boston Boston
Arctic Arctic 11/25/2018 sold me 6$ voucher. good guy briefcase235 briefcase235
Arctic Arctic 11/24/2018 sold me 8$ good guy briefcase235 briefcase235
fdfretes fdfretes 11/23/2018 Sold him some credits! Fluffee Fluffee
Fluffee Fluffee 11/23/2018 Excellent alessiox741 alessiox741
Arctic Arctic 11/22/2018 bought credit, A+ ekselent ekselent
Derpec Derpec 11/21/2018 Bought RSGP from him, great guy, always a pleasure! YoHoJo YoHoJo
YoHoJo YoHoJo 11/21/2018 Sold YoHoJo 30m for $20. Fast & Smooth! Derpec Derpec
Fluffee Fluffee 11/21/2018 Bought 1 credit off of him! Fast & Cheap Derpec Derpec
Derpec Derpec 11/21/2018 Sold him some credits, smooth transaction! Thanks! Fluffee Fluffee
Fluffee Fluffee 11/20/2018 Really good and trustable person! The transaction went super smooth gaborondix gaborondix
Fluffee Fluffee 11/20/2018 fast & ez minbot minbot
Arctic Arctic 11/19/2018 Bought 5 credits, responded quickly and trade was fast lavabender lavabender
Fluffee Fluffee 11/19/2018 Bought credits fast and cheap A++ SparkySin SparkySin
kushad kushad 11/19/2018 Bought a zulrah account, 70m, paid first. good guy 100% will buy again arnoldswataniga arnoldswataniga