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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Joto Joto 06/06/2017 Bought memship code, easy trade! jakebeal123 jakebeal123
jakebeal123 jakebeal123 06/06/2017 Sold him a membership code Joto Joto
Joto Joto 06/06/2017 Bought membership code off him, easy fony fony
fony fony 06/06/2017 +1 mem code Joto Joto
HT BaaFly HT BaaFly 06/06/2017 membership code Joto Joto
Joto Joto 06/06/2017 Bought 4 codes and more to come, thanks! HT BaaFly HT BaaFly
Oh_My_goth Oh_My_goth 06/05/2017 Bought RSGP from him, smooth trade! https://yohogold.com YoHoJo YoHoJo
YoHoJo YoHoJo 06/05/2017 Sold 110m, great buyer, thanks :) Oh_My_goth Oh_My_goth
YoHoJo YoHoJo 06/05/2017 Really easy and fast trade, bought some credits rajazx rajazx
YoHoJo YoHoJo 06/05/2017 Great seller! Love the service django023 django023
pardox pardox 06/05/2017 sold him a membership code for $2.00 paypal Joto Joto
Joto Joto 06/05/2017 bought a prime code via Paypal pardox pardox
Arctic Arctic 06/05/2017 Bought 8 credits thank you! foodhmmyummy foodhmmyummy
iFluffee iFluffee 06/05/2017 Bought 15 TriBot credits for btc, went smooth. Would recommend. Desync Desync
Realist Realist 06/05/2017 Have bought gold on and off from Realist and his website, pretty great service and quick. Payment of fees is a win over most times when I decide to buy gold. Much props for doing that. Will be buying more in the future no doubt. captainblast captainblast
Arctic Arctic 06/04/2017 Bought 8 credits fast and smooth gmanas gmanas
Bogla Bogla 06/04/2017 Dealt with "lucas" was fast service, good customer service will be returning. Tricorn Tricorn
Arctic Arctic 06/04/2017 Bought 12 credits from Arctic, all quick and easy! kalen248 kalen248
Realist Realist 06/03/2017 Order went smooth and easy, thank you. omg omg
Joto Joto 06/03/2017 Bought a Twitch Prime Memship.. Easy! +1 jakebeal123 jakebeal123
jakebeal123 jakebeal123 06/03/2017 +1 member code Joto Joto
Cosca Cosca 06/03/2017 sold him mems code jakcorb jakcorb
jakcorb jakcorb 06/03/2017 sold me a membership code Cosca Cosca
Apotix0 Apotix0 06/02/2017 sold 1 30 day code ericcc1029 ericcc1029
Dollarbill Dollarbill 06/02/2017 Sold him credits, was quick and easy :) kelthstone kelthstone