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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Doctor Doctor 11/02/2017 Sold another 20m. A++++ trade! Gratz mate! RonBeastly RonBeastly
Arctic Arctic 11/01/2017 sold me 8 credits ! Memberino Memberino
Memberino Memberino 11/01/2017 Sold him 8 TRiBot credits. Thanks! :) Arctic Arctic
RonBeastly RonBeastly 11/01/2017 Bought gold, went first 24m for 21$ PP xcendrox xcendrox
xcendrox xcendrox 11/01/2017 Sold him osrs gp, paypal. A+++ trade! RonBeastly RonBeastly
Realist Realist 10/31/2017 Good seller thank you bro! daimanmeijers daimanmeijers
Baucomia Baucomia 10/31/2017 Did 67-80 str for him. Brilliant customer and Fast payment. A honor to work for him gachunw gachunw
PlanetsGold PlanetsGold 10/31/2017 Sold him 50m, went smoothly border border
Tri Tri 10/30/2017 tri has possibly some of the best scripts' on this site, which is expected, and if he works on the customer service side a little better he'll continue withhold the title of one of the greatest public/premium scripters out right now across all botting platforms. I bet his private scripts are even greater, looking forward to working with you in the future :) if only you would attend to your skype and pm's ;) switchonline switchonline
Arctic Arctic 10/30/2017 Awesome seller. Very quick and professional. Took less than 5 minutes to buy credits from start to finish. Highly recommend! Lathargic Lathargic
Arctic Arctic 10/29/2017 Was really fast and good to work with will buy again. Haze37 Haze37
Arctic Arctic 10/29/2017 smooth afxcel afxcel
Fluffee Fluffee 10/29/2017 Bought credits. Thanks! Einstein Einstein
Fluffee Fluffee 10/28/2017 Very fast and easy! Fluffee provided me with the amount of credits I asked for a very reasonable ingame price. I will definitely purchase more in the future. Ext-Ares Ext-Ares
Baucomia Baucomia 10/28/2017 Sold him 100M 07 @ www.RealistGold.com vouch! Realist Realist
Realist Realist 10/28/2017 bought 100m quick and easy Baucomia Baucomia
border border 10/27/2017 Sold him 26 TRiBot credits. Thanks! Arctic Arctic
Arctic Arctic 10/27/2017 Bought 26 credits, quick and easy! border border
Arctic Arctic 10/27/2017 Really nice really fast killaaaa killaaaa
Realist Realist 10/26/2017 Whent well would trade again. :D killaaaa killaaaa
Ownamaticv2 Ownamaticv2 10/26/2017 sold 5 credits very easy to work with, thank you. Pkpower Pkpower
Pkpower Pkpower 10/26/2017 Sold me 5 credits fast, great seller :) Ownamaticv2 Ownamaticv2
Lrug Dord Lrug Dord 10/26/2017 Bought twice now so far, 150m 07GP in total. Quick and easy both times, I went first with no issues. Will definitely buy again. T-S-G T-S-G
Worthy Worthy 10/25/2017 10m fast and easy, I was taking forever lol thanks for patience brother, will buy more! Baucomia Baucomia
Baucomia Baucomia 10/25/2017 Sold 10m, smooth trade Worthy Worthy