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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
giankpetrov giankpetrov 02/18/2017 Sold us 846m 07 fast and easy @ www.BoglaGold.com RomeroV RomeroV
Jebbyo Jebbyo 02/18/2017 Sold him 26m he didn't pay me the gold giankpetrov giankpetrov
Bogla Bogla 02/18/2017 Sell to them 854m fast and smooth giankpetrov giankpetrov
YoHoJo YoHoJo 02/18/2017 Bought 8 credits quickly ) SGMlife.com SGMlife.com
AlphaDog AlphaDog 02/17/2017 Recently purchased AlphaSmither Pro and I couldn't be any happier, I've ran it for multiple 6 hour goes while at school and it has never failed once, always consistent in it's trips per hour and all in all a great script. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a smithing script. Will definitely be looking at his other scripts when I am trying to find a new skill to bot. skattieshack skattieshack
YoHoJo YoHoJo 02/17/2017 Bought 75 credits, quickly passed. I recommend SGMlife.com SGMlife.com
YoHoJo YoHoJo 02/17/2017 Vouch for my man YoHo. Had ANOTHER successful trade! Bought some OSRS Gold. Thanks my man! gosubear gosubear
YoHoJo YoHoJo 02/17/2017 Super quick service, responded almost instantly with confirmed goods!!!!!!!! Zhoust Zhoust
YoHoJo YoHoJo 02/17/2017 Sold me 20 credits with ease. Thanks :) ImJustTooLazy ImJustTooLazy
Arctic Arctic 02/17/2017 Bought credits. A+ seller Gwiggle Gwiggle
Bogla Bogla 02/16/2017 Sold 103M 07, trade took less than 4 minutes, literally. A++ Zulwah Zulwah
YoHoJo YoHoJo 02/16/2017 Great buyer! Gets ready quick and has a positive attitude! tehhermit tehhermit
YoHoJo YoHoJo 02/16/2017 reliable and quick, bought from them a few times now! lord daedraa lord daedraa
YoHoJo YoHoJo 02/16/2017 Fast and easy ! botftw botftw
Arctic Arctic 02/15/2017 Sent 9 credits within seconds of me paying him. nocheese7 nocheese7
YoHoJo YoHoJo 02/15/2017 Very supportive gumafa gumafa
YoHoJo YoHoJo 02/14/2017 Sold him 36M osrs, got bitcoins within seconds. koo29 koo29
cickarful cickarful 02/14/2017 He hammered a fire cape out for me and had supplies leftover. Will use again for sure! Yeti Yeti
YoHoJo YoHoJo 02/14/2017 sell to him 58M osrs gold, fast respond, fast trade and fast payment :) i use BTC for payment :) thanks yohojo :) alank3c3 alank3c3
Bogla Bogla 02/14/2017 Purchased 20M From Bogla, Nemo was the representative, very fast and friendly. icemaster75 icemaster75
YoHoJo YoHoJo 02/13/2017 Thanks YoHoJo for a nice business, super fast, impossible impossible, still selling in the future ... 100% recommended Anee67 Anee67
Butta Butta 02/13/2017  bought VIP-E from him very fast he patiently waited for me to arrive highly suggest buying from him received a reply 2 minutes after post got credits less than 5 minutes after than 11/10 fantom177 fantom177
Butta Butta 02/13/2017 Bought TriBot credits good price and a nice person with a fast service Ma3an Ma3an
Butta Butta 02/12/2017 Bought 100m OSRS Great Deal, Great Guy Dbl_frostbite Dbl_frostbite
YoHoJo YoHoJo 02/11/2017 Sold me 16 credits very swiftly and professionaly Webber1993 Webber1993