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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
YoHoJo YoHoJo 07/09/2013 Nice and quick gooseyguy gooseyguy
Bradsta Bradsta 07/09/2013 36+ accounts 99 thieving :D sanderty sanderty
Bradsta Bradsta 07/09/2013 Always committed to his scripts! Great service, would always recommend Bradsta! sanderty sanderty
The Black Tux The Black Tux 07/09/2013 Trusted buyer. Hope to do future transactions. Crimson Crimson
Akkie Akkie 07/09/2013 sold him 5m quick trade, thanks BawsZ BawsZ
YoHoJo YoHoJo 07/09/2013 bought vip ty trusted sandro123 sandro123
The Black Tux The Black Tux 07/09/2013 quick and easy msm msm
Crimson Crimson 07/09/2013 did monkey madness for me :) thankyou! nice person! Jaybeez Jaybeez
Jaybeez Jaybeez 07/09/2013 Great guy to work with! Bought questing! No problems! Come back any time! Crimson Crimson
Akkie Akkie 07/09/2013 Fast and smooth trader TheJake TheJake
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/09/2013 Very quick, easy, and reliable! spurs2651 spurs2651
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/09/2013 ,fast,legit sold 20m 07 , will keep selling to him mkghetto mkghetto
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/09/2013 Great Buyer, Trust Worthy, Sold over 100m to him Nike Nike
Akkie Akkie 07/09/2013 Bought 90m eoc gold :) Jannemus Jannemus
druss016 druss016 07/09/2013 Amazing Scripter excepts nothing but perfection for his scripts Nike Nike
Jannemus Jannemus 07/09/2013 Sold him 90M, quick and legit, not expecting any chargebacks. Akkie Akkie
Akkie Akkie 07/09/2013 Cheap + walked me through the whole thing and made sure I got what i paid for. Fishyqueef Fishyqueef
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/09/2013 Bought 60m from me, I went first. Got payment minutes later. Trusted. GoonSquad GoonSquad
Akkie Akkie 07/09/2013 Bought 1 VIP Voucher 3.5M 07, trade went smoothly danjainc danjainc
AGoldGlove AGoldGlove 07/09/2013 Face and efficient, did Monkey Madness + prequests, Thanks so much! imgaybro imgaybro
AGoldGlove AGoldGlove 07/09/2013 Fast and friendly Ice_b4rrage Ice_b4rrage
Poliwrath Poliwrath 07/09/2013 smooth deal for 6m 07. thx mate! HappyBot HappyBot
HappyBot HappyBot 07/09/2013 Great trade! Bought 6m Poliwrath Poliwrath
HappyBot HappyBot 07/09/2013 Sold 125m, big vouch I 0ld fug i I 0ld fug i
Mouldy Mouldy 07/09/2013 Also did grand tree quest for me Jaybeez Jaybeez