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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
dustyvirgin dustyvirgin 07/16/2013 Very quick and great communication. Definitely recommend. imjoshie imjoshie
imjoshie imjoshie 07/16/2013 Very flexible customer, the kind every seller wants dustyvirgin dustyvirgin
TheBotterCalibre TheBotterCalibre 07/16/2013 Did Tree gnome village, Grand Tree and MM for him, great guy o4v o4v
o4v o4v 07/16/2013 Did 3 quests and one was Monkey Madness. For Free! Very Quick! A++ TheBotterCalibre TheBotterCalibre
shawnrep1 shawnrep1 07/16/2013 Powerleveld him 4 accs to 25 mage and 40 con. Everything went smoothly again :) Violent Violent
HappyBot HappyBot 07/16/2013 Sold 35m, and got payment within a minute or 2 at most. This guy is trustable. Cheeseman123 Cheeseman123
Bradsta Bradsta 07/15/2013 bought master thiever epic script litovcas litovcas
Akkie Akkie 07/15/2013 Scammed me for 50m sfa2007scape sfa2007scape
wussupwussup wussupwussup 07/15/2013 He scripted an AIO combat script which works very good. He must be very smart ^^ Threebot Threebot
Threebot Threebot 07/15/2013 Sold him CombatAIO didn't ask a lot of questions so he must be smart wussupwussup wussupwussup
Krazy Krazy 07/15/2013 Bought a VIP Voucher off him. I went first, smooth transaction. A+ Bigbuckz Bigbuckz
DetroitGFX DetroitGFX 07/15/2013 Great Graphics, really quick and 100% how I described! <3 A+++ Mouldy Mouldy
Mouldy Mouldy 07/15/2013 Made him a piece of GFX, very nice guy to talk to! DetroitGFX DetroitGFX
wussupwussup wussupwussup 07/15/2013 purchased both is aio hunter/combat a while back. Provide support for both 100% guy69 guy69
melikechi melikechi 07/15/2013 a+++Quick and easy trade for 10m thank you Jimsky88 Jimsky88
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/15/2013 Great and super fast. TYVM. Sold him 10M melikechi melikechi
o4v o4v 07/15/2013 Great guy, did the 3 quests fast and smoothly. Violent Violent
Jaybeez Jaybeez 07/15/2013 Sold him some powerleveling, Nice guy and ive sold before to him :) Violent Violent
wussupwussup wussupwussup 07/15/2013 Instant delivery after purchase. Since I'm new he even helped me set it up! +1 Cumshot Cumshot
wussupwussup wussupwussup 07/15/2013 Purhcased a while ago, very fast support via Skype. I'm pleased. eki11 eki11
Akkie Akkie 07/15/2013 Sold him 10m fast and easy LowieFTW LowieFTW
LowieFTW LowieFTW 07/15/2013 bought another 10m smooth, ty Akkie Akkie
TRiLeZ TRiLeZ 07/15/2013 Helped me out with a paypal issue, was responsive + dealt with my ignorance..A++ datrunepure datrunepure
Threebot Threebot 07/15/2013 Have done multiple quests for him now. Great guy (: Jantzen10 Jantzen10
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/15/2013 sold 70 m to him , very nice and fast hanks hanks
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