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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Akkie Akkie 07/07/2013 Sold card , Great person! :) NewCode NewCode
xtouchyux xtouchyux 07/07/2013 Bought a quest! Very smooth! Crimson Crimson
NewCode NewCode 07/07/2013 Sold me another pin, thanks. Akkie Akkie
Rico21 Rico21 07/07/2013 Bought a quest! Legit guy! Crimson Crimson
Brian Brian 07/07/2013 Did a few quests for him. Really nice guy! Goodluck on your slayer script! Crimson Crimson
Lucster Lucster 07/07/2013 Ordered powerleveling & tut isle on 10 accounts. Paid after service. Legit guy! Crimson Crimson
TheBotterCalibre TheBotterCalibre 07/07/2013 #1 Customer so far! Calibre is specific to what he wants, and understanding. :D Crimson Crimson
TehRhio TehRhio 07/07/2013 Nice guy. Trusted me with his 30m+ account. Very friendly & easy to talk to. Crimson Crimson
raphmagar raphmagar 07/07/2013 Raph worked for me. Never scammed. Always available. Trustworthy. 100% recommend Crimson Crimson
shawnrep1 shawnrep1 07/07/2013 Bought 1 membership from him. He went first, was smooth. DanDan DanDan
Bradsta Bradsta 07/07/2013 Bought many times from him. GREAT Seller! Fast and easy. Would recommend him. protoheroexe protoheroexe
The Black Tux The Black Tux 07/07/2013 Sold me vip, went smooth! MK8 MK8
Shatterhand Shatterhand 07/07/2013 Sold him VIP, he went first. Akkie Akkie
iPetrified iPetrified 07/07/2013 User purchased BrMasterThieverPro, and was provided their auth! Smooth trade! Bradsta Bradsta
Akkie Akkie 07/07/2013 Bought VIP voucher from him. I went first. Shatterhand Shatterhand
The Black Tux The Black Tux 07/07/2013 Sold him 10M 07 Akkie Akkie
The Black Tux The Black Tux 07/07/2013 Sold me VIP Akkie Akkie
NewCode NewCode 07/07/2013 Sold me membership, I went first. legit Akkie Akkie
Akkie Akkie 07/07/2013 Sold mems , thanks :) NewCode NewCode
Bradsta Bradsta 07/07/2013 <3 The script. iPetrified iPetrified
Akkie Akkie 07/07/2013 Really good service, I went first, no problems +1 wixl wixl
wixl wixl 07/07/2013 Did a bunch of quests for him totalling up to $43, hes legit. Akkie Akkie
Akkie Akkie 07/07/2013 Sold me 10M RSGP The Black Tux The Black Tux
Akkie Akkie 07/07/2013 Sold VIP Vouchers :) The Black Tux The Black Tux
Defence Defence 07/07/2013 Was on this forum to try and sell 11m via WU, took me 5 mins! thankyou bye Gold Seller Gold Seller