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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
wussupwussup wussupwussup 07/12/2013 Purchased it and he instantly gave it to me. +1 Devilbyte Devilbyte
nickrze nickrze 07/12/2013 Sold him a copy of wHunter AIO above average customer! wussupwussup wussupwussup
wussupwussup wussupwussup 07/12/2013 Smooth. nickrze nickrze
Akkie Akkie 07/12/2013 ty m8 sold him 3m. easy trade BawsZ BawsZ
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/12/2013 Very good business, Fast and Easy just the way i like it sonny987 sonny987
Graqhical Graqhical 07/12/2013 He helped with the order, hes really fast legit, recommend him to anyone! wixl wixl
Crimson Crimson 07/12/2013 Amazing, quick, friendly and really fast +1 recommend them to anyone! wixl wixl
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/12/2013 fast, recieved money within 20 minutes of pming. very good, would recommend sonny860 sonny860
shawnrep1 shawnrep1 07/12/2013 Great seller quick and easy highly reccommended!! zeak477 zeak477
goldmenow goldmenow 07/12/2013 Sold me 40m quick trade he went first all went easy and smooth nice guy ty BawsZ BawsZ
Konami Konami 07/12/2013 a+++Quick and easy trade for 150m thank you Jimsky88 Jimsky88
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/12/2013 sold him 150m eoc thanks! Konami Konami
cbtexan04 cbtexan04 07/12/2013 Flawless script with timely updates Fantastic! qwsd9 qwsd9
druss016 druss016 07/12/2013 quick,friendly,professional slashmoo slashmoo
shawnrep1 shawnrep1 07/12/2013 Very helpful guy, referred me to cheaper Voucher site just as a good deed. negrodamus negrodamus
wixl wixl 07/12/2013 Easy guy to work with. Took care if an issue. Come back ANYTIME! Crimson Crimson
raman559 raman559 07/12/2013 Thanks for the location for Phats! :) rMBP rMBP
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/12/2013 VERY TRUSTED ALREADY BOUGHT OVER 1B FROM HM level95 level95
YoHoJo YoHoJo 07/12/2013 Smooth deal; thanks for the VIP! the bot the bot
raman559 raman559 07/12/2013 Provided Useful Insight and Assitance EpicMayhemTime EpicMayhemTime
raman559 raman559 07/12/2013 Gave me a party hat spot at no cost. Very generous. Says something about the man youarel00t youarel00t
raman559 raman559 07/12/2013 Isn't greedy, nice trait to have here HappyG HappyG
BMAlShamsi BMAlShamsi 07/12/2013 bought 4m thanks he went first BawsZ BawsZ
Cory5 Cory5 07/12/2013 Did another service! Did MM for me! +1 Aprofit Aprofit
Mouldy Mouldy 07/11/2013 Legit, has no sense of humor though. Powerful Powerful