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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
cbtexan04 cbtexan04 07/07/2013 Very Trustworthy and Caring! Been Amazing working with you! Zainy Zainy
The Black Tux The Black Tux 07/07/2013 sold me vip and was really quick! dwoodsfinest dwoodsfinest
The Black Tux The Black Tux 07/07/2013 sold me a vip code and help me out for the bot !!! astrax astrax
Zainy Zainy 07/07/2013 Would recommend Zainy to anyone! Extremely helpful, and a great guy!!! cbtexan04 cbtexan04
The Black Tux The Black Tux 07/07/2013 Bought a VIP voucher with 07 gold Defender Defender
cbtexan04 cbtexan04 07/07/2013 Sold me an amazing script (pestcontrol) works like a charm thanks! Volatile Volatile
Jaybeez Jaybeez 07/07/2013 Jaybeez is the type of user that every seller wants-- great experience!! cbtexan04 cbtexan04
cbtexan04 cbtexan04 07/07/2013 Gdk sale - very easy awesome people to chat with :D recommended to all Jaybeez Jaybeez
NewCode NewCode 07/07/2013 Sold him a VIP Voucher,, easy trade thanks BawsZ BawsZ
shawnrep1 shawnrep1 07/07/2013 Bought a 1.75gb vps off of him i went first working like a charm thanks! Volatile Volatile
Defence Defence 07/07/2013 Sold him 5mil nice guy didn't take long and received payment very quick Volatile Volatile
shawnrep1 shawnrep1 07/07/2013 5/5 latosaari latosaari
Jebrim Jebrim 07/07/2013 bought 2 m osgp from him went smooth jwtersteege jwtersteege
jwtersteege jwtersteege 07/07/2013 Sold him 2M 07 gp for 4.5$ through PP, great guy A++ Jebrim Jebrim
Defence Defence 07/07/2013 Sold RS cash 2007 to this user - recieved payment fast Lord Jay Lord Jay
Defence Defence 07/07/2013 Great buyer. Sold 5m to this user smooth as hell Pint Pint
shaf9 shaf9 07/07/2013 Wanna sell the spot for 1m each p hat I get? Botftw123 Botftw123
The Black Tux The Black Tux 07/07/2013 Sold him 5m, I went first, no issues. sssmoked sssmoked
TheD TheD 07/07/2013 Very friendly and great service and communication, also a great script milamber milamber
Mouldy Mouldy 07/07/2013 Huge vouch for Mouldy, got me torso and fighter helm on my zerker. Ice_b4rrage Ice_b4rrage
Manager Manager 07/07/2013 Sold script, easy & fast, good buyer. TheD TheD
TheD TheD 07/07/2013 Bought a script from him, smooth with no problems A++ Manager Manager
Divica Divica 07/07/2013 Sold 75m+ to this user, went first everytime, A+++ shawnrep1 shawnrep1
shawnrep1 shawnrep1 07/07/2013 Bought 75m 07gp via paypal Divica Divica
shawnrep1 shawnrep1 07/07/2013 Thanks very much. Bought VPS casino casino