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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
OhadPb OhadPb 08/28/2013 Sold me a vps! Was set up within 5 mins , Would recommend to anyone! loltja loltja
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 08/28/2013 Sold him 35m :) thanks. Jaybeez Jaybeez
mhdjml mhdjml 08/28/2013 a+++another smooth trade for 75M thank you Jimsky88 Jimsky88
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 08/28/2013 sold him 75m, went first, he sent money instantly :) mhdjml mhdjml
OmfgWdf OmfgWdf 08/28/2013 Sold him VIP thanks Violent Violent
Zeron123 Zeron123 08/28/2013 Great guy, bought off him a voucher for upgrade. Went first b3w4r3 b3w4r3
b3w4r3 b3w4r3 08/28/2013 Sold him a Voucher he went first Zeron123 Zeron123
DoinYourMom DoinYourMom 08/28/2013 Got me access to yaks on my noob, thanks Violent Violent
Nytrix Nytrix 08/28/2013 Vouch, sold 25m 07 gp Sokka Sokka
Sokka Sokka 08/28/2013 Sold me another 25m 07 :) Nytrix Nytrix
Moorbid Moorbid 08/28/2013 exchanged gold to membership card for him ,he went first ,ty RSwalmart RSwalmart
RSwalmart RSwalmart 08/28/2013 bought p2p, very good Moorbid Moorbid
Integer Integer 08/28/2013 Clue Script, excellent support, and overall great script =) dustyvirgin dustyvirgin
tried ex tried ex 08/28/2013 stupid scammer!! fuck you nate1992 nate1992
maclainus maclainus 08/27/2013 Has 2 current Vps packages with me, great customer! RaTeD RaTeD
RaTeD RaTeD 08/27/2013 baught 2 vps and they been running fine and very smooth :D maclainus maclainus
Googler Googler 08/27/2013 I use ExLoader for all my scripts. It works great! Leespiker Leespiker
Googler Googler 08/27/2013 Awesome loader, good security and easy to use! ITryNotToTroll ITryNotToTroll
ITryNotToTroll ITryNotToTroll 08/27/2013 Sold him ExLoader :) Googler Googler
nautica nautica 08/27/2013 a+++another smooth trade for 50M os gp thank you Jimsky88 Jimsky88
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 08/27/2013 Sold 50m fast and easy, received money very shortly after trade was completed +1 nautica nautica
Blue219 Blue219 08/27/2013 Thanks for purchasing Tree Tipper :) Arckos Arckos
Arckos Arckos 08/27/2013 Bought the Tree Tipper auth Blue219 Blue219
Druid Druid 08/27/2013 perfect transaction once again. Only going to him for business chrisrw chrisrw
Wuperr Wuperr 08/27/2013 sold him 35 day game card Violent Violent