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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
smokeweed smokeweed 09/10/2013 sold him a 30 day upgrade for 07gp ty Divica Divica
Divica Divica 09/10/2013 thanks, bought a pin. fast smokeweed smokeweed
Divica Divica 09/10/2013 sold 35m, smooth n legit ibtx1 ibtx1
Alwayscheaprsgold Alwayscheaprsgold 09/10/2013 sold him a 30 day upgrade for 07gp ty Divica Divica
Divica Divica 09/10/2013 Bought an upgrade for 07 gp smooth trade and quick!! Alwayscheaprsgold Alwayscheaprsgold
visualbasic visualbasic 09/10/2013 good guy, very fast, no B.S., placed order for $20 rsn.pounds rsn.pounds
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 09/10/2013 sold 10m quick and east skrone skrone
nautica nautica 09/10/2013 a+++another smooth trade for 55M thank you Jimsky88 Jimsky88
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 09/10/2013 sold him 55m, easy trade received money no troubles. +1 nautica nautica
Leespiker Leespiker 09/10/2013 Made a private script. Great guy to work with. Realest Realest
gogogo11 gogogo11 09/10/2013 Sold 4m 07 gp, guy sent money before I even logged in, legit!!! Alwayscheaprsgold Alwayscheaprsgold
Alwayscheaprsgold Alwayscheaprsgold 09/10/2013 Tyvm man gogogo11 gogogo11
Alwayscheaprsgold Alwayscheaprsgold 09/10/2013 Sold me multiple times never had prroblems, legit :) gogogo11 gogogo11
gogogo11 gogogo11 09/10/2013 Sold another 4m 07 gp, quick and easy trade; he went first!! Alwayscheaprsgold Alwayscheaprsgold
mhdjml mhdjml 09/09/2013 very fast deal. 100% legit Zombiechild Zombiechild
melikechi melikechi 09/09/2013 sold him a 30 day upgrade for 07gp ty Divica Divica
Divica Divica 09/09/2013 very fast. A++ melikechi melikechi
Divica Divica 09/09/2013 A+++ Sold me 40M RSGP Thanks! ENG ENG
Divica Divica 09/09/2013 Very fast! Quick and Smooth!! Frankenstein Frankenstein
Leespiker Leespiker 09/09/2013 Private script made fast and efficient recommended to anyone. lost lost
Divica Divica 09/09/2013 Bought 6 memberships, very fast Hrick90 Hrick90
Moorbid Moorbid 09/09/2013 bought 40m 07 via Paypal, smooth trade! Thanks very much Divica Divica
Divica Divica 09/09/2013 Went first selling him 40m, very fast and trustworthy Moorbid Moorbid
Divica Divica 09/09/2013 Bought 4 Game Cards, CHEAP! No hassle! LnKChronic LnKChronic
visualbasic visualbasic 09/09/2013 Very Nice guy Trade went smooth Will buy from again! I went first! TriB0tPaul TriB0tPaul
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