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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
ITryNotToTroll ITryNotToTroll 08/27/2013 Sold him ExLoader :) Googler Googler
nautica nautica 08/27/2013 a+++another smooth trade for 50M os gp thank you Jimsky88 Jimsky88
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 08/27/2013 Sold 50m fast and easy, received money very shortly after trade was completed +1 nautica nautica
Blue219 Blue219 08/27/2013 Thanks for purchasing Tree Tipper :) Arckos Arckos
Arckos Arckos 08/27/2013 Bought the Tree Tipper auth Blue219 Blue219
Druid Druid 08/27/2013 perfect transaction once again. Only going to him for business chrisrw chrisrw
Wuperr Wuperr 08/27/2013 sold him 35 day game card Violent Violent
Druid Druid 08/27/2013 bought 07 gold ,trade smoothly , ty. friend RSwalmart RSwalmart
RSwalmart RSwalmart 08/27/2013 Sold him 110m Druid Druid
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 08/27/2013 sold 23m faast and easy :D kazu kazu
Dgaf Dgaf 08/27/2013 User chargebacked. Avoid doing any deals with him. cbtexan04 cbtexan04
Saturday Saturday 08/27/2013 i love you bro, 10/10 man your the best Violent Violent
Druid Druid 08/26/2013 sold me his script ;) Zeron123 Zeron123
Fluorescent Fluorescent 08/26/2013 Sold him 27m 07 via pp, ty :) Divica Divica
Divica Divica 08/26/2013 sold me 27mil 07gp fast and easy A+++ Legit Fluorescent Fluorescent
Druid Druid 08/26/2013 Awesome, trade went smoothly, got my VIP Voucher :D lucasrahn09 lucasrahn09
Druid Druid 08/26/2013 Purchased Vip Zeei Zeei
Druid Druid 08/26/2013 bought was flawless! thanx superjaimy superjaimy
Arckos Arckos 08/26/2013 wicked trade trusted!!! Flawless.Creation Flawless.Creation
Flawless.Creation Flawless.Creation 08/26/2013 Thanks for purchasing Tree Tipper :) Arckos Arckos
AIR AIR 08/26/2013 sold 10m . good ! RSwalmart RSwalmart
OhadPb OhadPb 08/26/2013 Sold me Advanced VPS, Thanks :) Hope this works out well Violent Violent
Arckos Arckos 08/26/2013 Purchased his maginificent Tree Tipper script :) Dj_Sammy Dj_Sammy
Dj_Sammy Dj_Sammy 08/26/2013 Thanks for purchasing Tree Tipper :) Arckos Arckos
Divica Divica 08/26/2013 Bought another membership from him, incredibly fast a++ service! Jaybeez Jaybeez