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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
mhdjml mhdjml 09/18/2013 trusted seller Perfectz Perfectz
ibot4funn ibot4funn 09/18/2013 100% Satisfaction, Fast and Trustworthy coso coso
sszero sszero 09/18/2013 scammed me for 8$ Violent Violent
Usa Usa 09/18/2013 Working out for me, ty! mmorpg mmorpg
I Smack It I Smack It 09/18/2013 Sold him probably around 40m+ 07 over the last few weeks. ty :) Divica Divica
Divica Divica 09/18/2013 Fast and smooth like always! Best service out there! I Smack It I Smack It
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 09/18/2013 A++ buying service. Sent money with in minutes!! timothybraun1 timothybraun1
Eyerome Eyerome 09/18/2013 Sold me 35m 07 Top Guy! PokemonNerdBoy PokemonNerdBoy
darkdragon darkdragon 09/18/2013 Great Middleman I trusted him to mm 35m 07 PokemonNerdBoy PokemonNerdBoy
PokemonNerdBoy PokemonNerdBoy 09/18/2013 Fast and Easy. Trusted. Eyerome Eyerome
darkdragon darkdragon 09/18/2013 Great MM Nice and Fast Eyerome Eyerome
YoHoJo YoHoJo 09/18/2013 Bought a pin. Fast and legit. Shatterhand Shatterhand
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 09/18/2013 fast to reply :D illuminathi illuminathi
Fluorescent Fluorescent 09/18/2013 a+++Quick and easy trade for 7m 07 gp thank you Jimsky88 Jimsky88
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 09/18/2013 bought 3m 07 ty bradd22 bradd22
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 09/18/2013 sold me 7mil 07gp A+++++++ Fluorescent Fluorescent
Nytrix Nytrix 09/18/2013 sold 10m went first and he sent money isntantly DaNkS DaNkS
DaNkS DaNkS 09/18/2013 Vouch sold me 10m 07 :) Nytrix Nytrix
trapgod42 trapgod42 09/18/2013 He scammed me for 50m Moorbid Moorbid
Alwayscheaprsgold Alwayscheaprsgold 09/18/2013 Got scammed 10 mil 07 gold. Never sent me the PP money hanks hanks
ibot4funn ibot4funn 09/17/2013 Did firecape at 63 range, fast and smooth. Trusted with 25m+ Nut Nut
Astrapi Astrapi 09/17/2013 Sold him another 30m 07! Nytrix Nytrix
Nytrix Nytrix 09/17/2013 sold me 30m rs07 A+ Astrapi Astrapi
rskingp rskingp 09/17/2013 sold 35m 07 gp. A++ Clawzor Clawzor
Astrapi Astrapi 09/17/2013 Sold him another 60m 07. All went well as always! Nytrix Nytrix