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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
mhdjml mhdjml 09/06/2013 Extremely fast. ph0ne ph0ne
mhdjml mhdjml 09/06/2013 fast, bought hamoods trainer thanks! dannyyy dannyyy
Druid Druid 09/06/2013 Bought the Yew Script. Awesome guy <3 vilan22 vilan22
Druid Druid 09/06/2013 Fast and easy. GreenGuy GreenGuy
mhdjml mhdjml 09/06/2013 Bought hamoodchinner slash0r slash0r
Ownzliberty Ownzliberty 09/06/2013 Sold him auth for apeatoll script went smooth mhdjml mhdjml
mhdjml mhdjml 09/06/2013 Fast, easy, great seller. :) Ownzliberty Ownzliberty
Divica Divica 09/06/2013 very fast. A++ melikechi melikechi
melikechi melikechi 09/06/2013 sold him a 30 day upgrade for 07gp ty Divica Divica
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 09/06/2013 Sold 20m all went smooth merkkyy merkkyy
Nytrix Nytrix 09/06/2013 did a 34m trade all went good have the money in about 2min thanks again reinehr13 reinehr13
Alwayscheaprsgold Alwayscheaprsgold 09/06/2013 Sold 120m eoc and 12m07 nice guy and quick trade, will sell again! KazJames KazJames
Alwayscheaprsgold Alwayscheaprsgold 09/06/2013 Bought 10m 07, went first, legit and recommend!! Solobis Solobis
Alwayscheaprsgold Alwayscheaprsgold 09/06/2013 Bought 15m 07, went first, smooth trade and legit!!! MiekRashid MiekRashid
Usa Usa 09/06/2013 Helped me with a little thing. Thanks for the time :) VchiefkeefV VchiefkeefV
YoHoJo YoHoJo 09/06/2013 Bought 4M, Fast and Easy! Very nice guy 10/10 Pete Pete
YoHoJo YoHoJo 09/06/2013 Sold him 4m fast and easy will sell to again Dragonzfire Dragonzfire
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 09/06/2013 Quick and smooth :* 5m purchase nugga nugga
Xhyalus Xhyalus 09/06/2013 Smooth trade, first time buyin, won't hesitate to again. elliot elliot
blakerhoda blakerhoda 09/06/2013 sold him vip for 3m, ty Violent Violent
Arckos Arckos 09/05/2013 Made an amazing flawless woodcutting script !!! stryex stryex
indiobeltran indiobeltran 09/05/2013 sold him vip 3m ty Violent Violent
mhdjml mhdjml 09/05/2013 Very nice script! :) Also thank you for helping me out with some complications:) Jackjack Jackjack
rskingp rskingp 09/05/2013 Tu again sold me 6m total gogogo11 gogogo11
rskingp rskingp 09/05/2013 Legit seller ty gogogo11 gogogo11