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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
darkdragon darkdragon 09/21/2013 sold 15M eoc ,ty rskingp rskingp
Divica Divica 09/21/2013 bought 4 more membership. ty danilotron danilotron
rskingp rskingp 09/21/2013 Sold me rsgp ! thanks darkdragon darkdragon
es random es random 09/21/2013 sold him mems Violent Violent
Frankenstein Frankenstein 09/21/2013 sold him VIP for 3.4m 07 ty Violent Violent
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 09/21/2013 Payment came as a service, have to wait 2 weeks, but good customer service. The Nubeb The Nubeb
Divica Divica 09/21/2013 Lwgit sold me 10m gogogo11 gogogo11
Kevin001 Kevin001 09/21/2013 Trusted user DaNkS DaNkS
introvert introvert 09/21/2013 Great sent first instant delivery recommended chaos121192 chaos121192
Divica Divica 09/21/2013 Sold 127m via PP. Went first. Thanks again :) kenshin713 kenshin713
kenshin713 kenshin713 09/21/2013 Sold him a vip and bought 127m 07 from him :) ty Divica Divica
TriB0tPaul TriB0tPaul 09/21/2013 Sold him 5m. Great experience! introvert introvert
introvert introvert 09/21/2013 Very Fast good seller thankyou :) A****** TriB0tPaul TriB0tPaul
Leespiker Leespiker 09/20/2013 Very kind, friendly and professional. Thank you! Gorilla Gorilla
Gorilla Gorilla 09/20/2013 Sold him a private script. Nice guy. Fast payment. Thanks. Leespiker Leespiker
Divica Divica 09/20/2013 Ty legit gogogo11 gogogo11
dragannm dragannm 09/20/2013 Sold me 30m 07 :) Nytrix Nytrix
Nytrix Nytrix 09/20/2013 Sold him 30M 07 GP. Great transaction. dragannm dragannm
Divica Divica 09/20/2013 Sold 50m fast, easy and trustable lol3 lol3
Crimson Crimson 09/20/2013 a+++Quick and easy trade for 2.5m os gp thank you Jimsky88 Jimsky88
Randydrew6 Randydrew6 09/20/2013 a+++Quick and easy trade for 24m thank you Jimsky88 Jimsky88
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 09/20/2013 Sold gp. Vouch for Jimsky88. Legit! Crimson Crimson
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 09/20/2013 Quick and easy, good price too Randydrew6 Randydrew6
b0tt b0tt 09/20/2013 Bought my IntClueSolver auth. Tyvm! Crimson Crimson
Nytrix Nytrix 09/20/2013 sold 20m thanks reinehr13 reinehr13