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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Wuperr Wuperr 07/17/2013 Trusted Customer, bought 6 TuT island orders. Mouldy Mouldy
Aropupu Aropupu 07/17/2013 Amazing script +1 JordanH JordanH
The Black Tux The Black Tux 07/17/2013 Great service, fast, nice ooglesentme ooglesentme
ooglesentme ooglesentme 07/17/2013 Bought 4m off me The Black Tux The Black Tux
The Black Tux The Black Tux 07/17/2013 Sold another 5M Sexual. Mat Mat
Saturday Saturday 07/17/2013 Sold me a Voucher, awesome dude! thanks jbkl jbkl
TossPOT TossPOT 07/17/2013 Thanks for being legit! A++ Tzerker Tzerker
Vaniska Vaniska 07/17/2013 Did Powerlevel Service for him. Nice & easy to work with. Good guy! dasboot dasboot
dasboot dasboot 07/17/2013 Really good guy, Awesome service and really fast. i recommend! Vaniska Vaniska
king cam king cam 07/17/2013 purchased 26m osrs. thx for the deal HappyBot HappyBot
HappyBot HappyBot 07/17/2013 Sold 26m i went first he paid instantly king cam king cam
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/17/2013 Boguht 5m - quick and easy HFai1996 HFai1996
saanteeh saanteeh 07/17/2013 Sold vip voucher, very fast and smooth. shawnrep1 shawnrep1
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/17/2013 sold him 10m 07 thanks :) Saturday Saturday
saanteeh saanteeh 07/17/2013 sold vip voucher A++ Buyer =] Saturday Saturday
Saturday Saturday 07/17/2013 Nice guy!! Sold me a vip voucher fast and smooth :) saanteeh saanteeh
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/17/2013 sold him 436m eoc and 16m 07 gold! and it when smooth! good guy tripzterial tripzterial
kodek0 kodek0 07/17/2013 Sold her VIP code! YoHoJo YoHoJo
YoHoJo YoHoJo 07/17/2013 Thank you again my friend. Bought another vip! kodek0 kodek0
Justin Justin 07/17/2013 Bought a private script. Went smooth! BoT BoT
BoT BoT 07/17/2013 MMed 5M Trade YoHoJo YoHoJo
YoHoJo YoHoJo 07/17/2013 Middleman 5m, Legit. BoT BoT
shawnrep1 shawnrep1 07/17/2013 Went SOOO Smooth never been happier really hoping to buy another! sszero sszero
Jebrim Jebrim 07/17/2013 a+++Quick and easy trade for 4m thank you Jimsky88 Jimsky88
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/17/2013 Sold 4M, Flawless as always thanks :) Jebrim Jebrim