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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
campbell campbell 07/18/2013 did abyss uest for me, thanks bud dustyvirgin dustyvirgin
Konami Konami 07/18/2013 MM'd, went fast + smooth. Ty for choosing me. Matt Matt
Matt Matt 07/18/2013 MMed 5 Pins for 12.5m 07! Ty! Konami Konami
Analog Analog 07/18/2013 Did abyss mini quest. Kept me well informed and did it fast. Would reccomend! +1 Graqhical Graqhical
YoHoJo YoHoJo 07/18/2013 Bought vip with PP, trade went fast and smootly, Thank you! Aksu177 Aksu177
YoHoJo YoHoJo 07/18/2013 fast and smooth tyvm brunogj brunogj
dustyvirgin dustyvirgin 07/18/2013 Did a quest for him. :) Analog Analog
Analog Analog 07/18/2013 Did Dwarf Cannon for me, really fast. Recommend dustyvirgin dustyvirgin
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/18/2013 Legit buyer, bought 07 gold smoothly and quickly mhdjml mhdjml
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/18/2013 First time seller, sold 15m easy, went first, A+ Sadel Sadel
Pengar Pengar 07/18/2013 sold vip voucher A++ Buyer =] Saturday Saturday
Saturday Saturday 07/18/2013 Two minutes trade, I gave cash, got VIP A+++ legit Pengar Pengar
dustyvirgin dustyvirgin 07/18/2013 Completed Shield Of Arrav for him darkdragon darkdragon
darkdragon darkdragon 07/18/2013 Did a quest for me, Very quick dustyvirgin dustyvirgin
YoHoJo YoHoJo 07/18/2013 Sold me vip via RSGP quick and easy really nice guy to work with, professional spark2217 spark2217
dustyvirgin dustyvirgin 07/18/2013 got me 1-47 con thankyou! again! Jaybeez Jaybeez
RSwalmart RSwalmart 07/18/2013 Sold over 1b eoc gp. Awesome trader. TAKITO TAKITO
TAKITO TAKITO 07/18/2013 bought eoc , trade smoothly , ty RSwalmart RSwalmart
The Black Tux The Black Tux 07/18/2013 Well, that was easy! gabber1 gabber1
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/18/2013 Sold another 14m i went first A+++ Naterz Naterz
Jimsky88 Jimsky88 07/18/2013 Sold gold i went first. Naterz Naterz
Todd Todd 07/18/2013 Awsome vip selling service, professional & fast completed within seconds! koekhapper koekhapper
cbtexan04 cbtexan04 07/18/2013 Helped me on some scripting issues THANKS ALOT! sszero sszero
YoHoJo YoHoJo 07/18/2013 Ty again man 3m paid fast and safe gogogo11 gogogo11
YoHoJo YoHoJo 07/18/2013 Very nice guy and helped me get what i needed fast frotonbar frotonbar