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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
RestfulZen RestfulZen 02/02/2018 GP SALE: smooth transaction :) https://tribot.org/forums/topic/74176-worthys-gold-shop-07gp-105m-bulk-pp-eth-credits-e-transfer/ Worthy Worthy
Worthy Worthy 02/02/2018 I bought gp from him again. Great person and great attitude. This is my second time and I hope to make more transactions with him again! RestfulZen RestfulZen
YoHoJo YoHoJo 02/02/2018 Super fast, and easy. bl00dbull3t bl00dbull3t
BigBoyAfghan BigBoyAfghan 02/02/2018 Sold him 25m 07 Kaii Kaii
YoHoJo YoHoJo 02/01/2018 Bought 50 M rs07 at a very nice price. Thank you. killerjanne killerjanne
killerjanne killerjanne 02/01/2018 Sold person 50M, good trade YoHoJo YoHoJo
Arctic Arctic 02/01/2018 Bought 8 credits, quick and easy. Very trustworthy and clear about whats going on during the trade. Would recommend others purchase any credits through Arctic as well :) itstoms itstoms
rajazx rajazx 01/30/2018 Sold credits, Quick and easy :) https://tribot.org/forums/topic/75664-worthys-credit-shop-pp-07gp/ Worthy Worthy
Worthy Worthy 01/30/2018 Bought credits, fast and friendly, tyvm rajazx rajazx
selldatrsgp selldatrsgp 01/29/2018 Sold this user 270M via Dutch Bank Transfer, He went first, smooth trade! Flax Flax
Flax Flax 01/29/2018 Bought 200M+ osrs gp through iDeal, quick and good confirmations. selldatrsgp selldatrsgp
RestfulZen RestfulZen 01/29/2018 Sold him rs07 gold, good trade YoHoJo YoHoJo
YoHoJo YoHoJo 01/29/2018 Bought Gold. Great seller and amazing service! RestfulZen RestfulZen
Netami Netami 01/29/2018 Great service, very quick in making my private script. Definitely the most kindest and supportive. I will be back for further business! RestfulZen RestfulZen
RestfulZen RestfulZen 01/29/2018 Sold him a private script, great guy to work with Netami Netami
nicshare nicshare 01/28/2018 Sold him some GP, smooth trade :) Fluffee Fluffee
Fluffee Fluffee 01/28/2018 Smooth transaction, good guy nicshare nicshare
GoldMineProductions GoldMineProductions 01/28/2018 Sold him 100m 07 gold, thanks a lot! Slicedgold Slicedgold
Slicedgold Slicedgold 01/28/2018 Sold this user 100m Oldschool Runescape gold as an introduction to future business. Hope to do more again. Thank you. GoldMineProductions GoldMineProductions
Druid Druid 01/26/2018 bought 22 credits gargs gargs
Worthy Worthy 01/26/2018 sold me gold 40m in 2 days you da man! Baucomia Baucomia
Worthy Worthy 01/25/2018 Great service, will be back! packedabowl packedabowl
packedabowl packedabowl 01/25/2018 GP SALE: smooth transaction :) https://tribot.org/forums/topic/74176-worthys-gold-shop-07gp-105m-bulk-pp-eth-credits-e-transfer/ Worthy Worthy
ik_own_ziek ik_own_ziek 01/25/2018 sold him 3 credits for 07 gold nice guy Realist Realist
Realist Realist 01/25/2018 2 min trade for 3 creds, quite high price @ 2m/1cred but ye quick and reliable ik_own_ziek ik_own_ziek