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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
MNO MNO 06/06/2016 Completed 4 hard quests for me within 4 hours or so! Great price! Great guy! MrLemonwaters MrLemonwaters
Bogla Bogla 06/06/2016 Bought 12m 07. Everything went smoothly and was fast. dirtbikr88 dirtbikr88
YasuoRS YasuoRS 06/04/2016 Thanks for swapping my RSGP 10/10 Zyphernox Zyphernox
Zyphernox Zyphernox 06/04/2016 Swapped his RSGP YasuoRS YasuoRS
Arctic Arctic 06/04/2016 Bought 10 credits, fast and easy, thank you man dodgedave dodgedave
Pwningcows Pwningcows 06/03/2016 Sold us 32$ worth of BTC <3 thanks once again ~ BoglaGold BoglaMenno BoglaMenno
Pwningcows Pwningcows 06/03/2016 Sold us 175.80$ worth of BTC, thanks so much! ~ BoglaGold BoglaMenno BoglaMenno
Bogla Bogla 06/03/2016 traded $180 btc for pp Pwningcows Pwningcows
Montreal Montreal 06/03/2016 Bought VPS from them, everything went smooth lol123125 lol123125
Pwningcows Pwningcows 06/03/2016 I bought Runescape Platinium Server 2nd time, its really perfect :). You couldn't find a better server around this price rvqx rvqx
Flax Flax 06/03/2016 Bought vip statu, very smooth trade sn3pro sn3pro
Hasselihas Hasselihas 06/03/2016 Sold him 8 TRiBot Credits via 07GP, he went first. Flax Flax
Arctic Arctic 06/02/2016 Fast trade, thank you for this. abby1904 abby1904
Ruffski Ruffski 06/02/2016 Bought 4 fresh 07 Tut Island accounts. Very fast service and easy to work with! Totes_Mcgoats Totes_Mcgoats
iFlex iFlex 06/01/2016 Sold him 5m via the Virtual Buddy Marketplace. Good buyer. justpixels justpixels
Bogla Bogla 06/01/2016 Bought 10m 07gp. Fast and easy transaction. dirtbikr88 dirtbikr88
mecker42 mecker42 06/01/2016 Sold him 8 TRiBot credits via 07GP, he went first. Flax Flax
Arctic Arctic 06/01/2016 Bought 8 credits, fast and smooth disav disav
Sphiinx Sphiinx 05/31/2016 BIG vouch for Sphiinx, literally downloaded windows for me using teamviewer and helped me step by step with any problem I had. Very nice guy and definitely trustworthy. ibot4funn ibot4funn
ibot4funn ibot4funn 05/30/2016 Fixed his computer and in return he got me a Firecape. Quick and awesome! Sphiinx Sphiinx
erickho123 erickho123 05/30/2016 Bought 10 credits once again for his NMZ script :)! Great guy MrLemonwaters MrLemonwaters
erickho123 erickho123 05/30/2016 Bought 10 credits, not first time buying! Great guy :) & Great system MrLemonwaters MrLemonwaters
Ruffski Ruffski 05/29/2016 Did some more quests for me, thanks again! FALSkills FALSkills
Arctic Arctic 05/29/2016 Nice service, 10/10 Frankiz Frankiz
marlboro marlboro 05/29/2016 Sold marlboro some 07.Smooth and easy! :) ibotfarmi ibotfarmi