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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
neek3ri neek3ri 12/22/2017 Sold him 16 credits for gp, thanks Netami Netami
BuddyGold BuddyGold 12/20/2017 amazing service, fastest buyer ive ever dealt with. Xtracorrupt Xtracorrupt
Xtracorrupt Xtracorrupt 12/20/2017 Sold me some gold fast and ez :) BuddyGold BuddyGold
Druid Druid 12/19/2017 Very happy with Master AIO Fletcher ddooppee ddooppee
Arctic Arctic 12/19/2017 Big vonuchA! danik5000 danik5000
Dakers011 Dakers011 12/19/2017 Bought 5m. Fast. Rainee Rainee
Baucomia Baucomia 12/18/2017 sold gp, smooth trade Worthy Worthy
Worthy Worthy 12/16/2017 I went first, the process went smoothly got my gold he got his money. Great guy. EyeYamStewPeed EyeYamStewPeed
EyeYamStewPeed EyeYamStewPeed 12/16/2017 smooth gp sale transaction. Worthy Worthy
we trippy mane we trippy mane 12/15/2017 Bro, look at my gif, it talks for itself, thanks! arvydaslt123 arvydaslt123
Worthy Worthy 12/15/2017 Excelent scripet AA++ wrote me 3 private scripts and counting, always up to date, always there to help you out with your dumb and unprofesional questions, thank you for your help ! auryzas242 auryzas242
we trippy mane we trippy mane 12/15/2017 wow what can I say... he created artwork for me for free and he's amazingly kind. EyeYamStewPeed EyeYamStewPeed
Arctic Arctic 12/15/2017 10/10 would do bizz again scru1000 scru1000
Fluffee Fluffee 12/15/2017 Smooth, thanks. N0tN33d1whydowe N0tN33d1whydowe
Worthy Worthy 12/13/2017 Sold me osrs gp A++, plus sells very good scripts! RonBeastly RonBeastly
RonBeastly RonBeastly 12/13/2017 sold some gp, smooth trade Worthy Worthy
Flax Flax 12/13/2017 Sold him credits. I went first, very quick and easy going. googleftw googleftw
googleftw googleftw 12/13/2017 Bought 4 TRiBot credits from him, he went first. thanks again. Flax Flax
Arctic Arctic 12/13/2017 Bought 20 more creds. Arctic was fast and courteous. we3f4 we3f4
Dakers011 Dakers011 12/13/2017 Very fast transaction, ordered and received gold in less than a minute. fearful65 fearful65
jsand5048 jsand5048 12/12/2017 sold 150m. smooth trade :) Worthy Worthy
Worthy Worthy 12/12/2017 bought 150m, went first. thanks boo jsand5048 jsand5048
jsand5048 jsand5048 12/12/2017 Bought 5 credits from him again, thanks! :) Flax Flax
Flax Flax 12/12/2017 sold him 5 credits, thanks again jsand5048 jsand5048
YoHoJo YoHoJo 12/12/2017 Thanks for fast and easy service. OSRS GP boomko boomko