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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
RonBeastly RonBeastly 12/29/2017 smooth gp sale! Worthy Worthy
Arctic Arctic 12/29/2017 bought 15 credit went smooth melat97 melat97
Worthy Worthy 12/28/2017 Sold me osrs gp, very smooth trade A++ RonBeastly RonBeastly
TheOmen TheOmen 12/28/2017 Bought F cape thx rsbotmoo rsbotmoo
Worthy Worthy 12/28/2017 Bought 15mill...Very trustworthy!! I sent the money first and he quickly delivered the gold, thanks! proshots proshots
proshots proshots 12/28/2017 smooth gp sale Worthy Worthy
lolowned777 lolowned777 12/28/2017 smooth gp sale transaction Worthy Worthy
Worthy Worthy 12/28/2017 thanks for selling me cheap gp! lolowned777 lolowned777
TheOmen TheOmen 12/27/2017 got a fire cape, safe and fast amiiros amiiros
Worthy Worthy 12/27/2017 his zulrah script is amazing, 100% brilliant scripter, well done. stevo1991 stevo1991
Arctic Arctic 12/27/2017 bought 13credits 19.5m quick n ez DMMGOD DMMGOD
Crimson Crimson 12/26/2017 ive used many difference services over the years and Crimson​​​​​​​ is the fastest and great prices luck or skill luck or skill
Arctic Arctic 12/26/2017 Awesome and friendly as always. Thanks a lot! Bought +33 credits. rajazx rajazx
luck or skill luck or skill 12/26/2017 Completed Regicide for him, good customer as always! Crimson Crimson
Arctic Arctic 12/26/2017 Bought credits clean, ty! Trynabot Trynabot
Kekyon Kekyon 12/25/2017 This guy is awesome. Sold him some RS stuff and he paid right away. Respect. 5/5 Thanks I appreciate it! we trippy mane we trippy mane
Worthy Worthy 12/24/2017 Bought 75m through pp, fast and easy kenny427 kenny427
kenny427 kenny427 12/24/2017 sold some gp, smooth trade Worthy Worthy
BuddyGold BuddyGold 12/24/2017 sold 13 mil, smooth trade Xtracorrupt Xtracorrupt
Xtracorrupt Xtracorrupt 12/24/2017 Sold me some gold, Thanks a lot ! :) BuddyGold BuddyGold
Arctic Arctic 12/24/2017 Purchased 2 credits went well will use again. :] Shinxed Shinxed
Searchy Searchy 12/23/2017 Bought 70M went first, smooth trade thanks! riianguxx riianguxx
Montreal Montreal 12/23/2017 Reallly awesome service, proxy server was down for few days and he refund and gave 1 free month proxy!! amiiros amiiros
we trippy mane we trippy mane 12/22/2017 Made me a gif. THANK YOUUUUUU!!!! reanox reanox
Arctic Arctic 12/22/2017 bought a vip extend,all went really fast and easy! thanks very much!! rskiller2010 rskiller2010