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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
drewbbex drewbbex 06/17/2016 Sold him 30m 07 , went first :) peoplebot peoplebot
Pwningcows Pwningcows 06/17/2016 Bought 5 proxies for 2 months in a row. Awesome proxies zero downtime. Awesome customer service. When I had a problem pwningcows fixed it and made it right by giving me a few extra proxies for a month. osrs42 osrs42
Bogla Bogla 06/17/2016 Sold them 20m. Fast and easy transaction. osrs42 osrs42
Bogla Bogla 06/17/2016 Excellent! ashxciv ashxciv
Pwningcows Pwningcows 06/16/2016 bought 5 Elite Proxies Pack, A++ seller :) rvqx rvqx
Pwningcows Pwningcows 06/16/2016 Sold me a vps and showed how to use it :) sane90 sane90
Pwningcows Pwningcows 06/16/2016 Completed more services, just as I expected! MrLemonwaters MrLemonwaters
totalytal totalytal 06/15/2016 Sold him a private script, great guy to work with! Netami Netami
Netami Netami 06/15/2016 Script works flawlessly, and he got it done incredibly quickly. He was also a real pleasure to work with. Will be back ASAP. Highly, highly recommend :) totalytal totalytal
g g 6 g g 6 06/15/2016 Sold 50 credits, awesome guy! Netami Netami
Netami Netami 06/15/2016 Bought a ton of credits, thank you! g g 6 g g 6
Netami Netami 06/14/2016 Bought an amazing private script from the one and only Netami! Working beautifully 50 hours flawless, recommend A++! Pwningcows Pwningcows
MrLemonwaters MrLemonwaters 06/14/2016 did him a service! nice guy Pwningcows Pwningcows
Pwningcows Pwningcows 06/14/2016 Completed service for me, did as exactly expected by him! Great guy to trade with MrLemonwaters MrLemonwaters
V Toxic V V Toxic V 06/14/2016 Bought a private script off me, great customer! Netami Netami
Netami Netami 06/14/2016 Bought a private script off him, he did it really quick and was on a maxed main I lent him to test it out, he is very trusted. V Toxic V V Toxic V
gavin101 gavin101 06/13/2016 smooth transaction with private script sale Worthy Worthy
Worthy Worthy 06/13/2016 Bought a private script and it works great. Fast turnaround time and fixed the bugs the first day I had it. gavin101 gavin101
leoshiro leoshiro 06/13/2016 Got me a fighter torso same day, trusted with main Netami Netami
Ron_Paul2012 Ron_Paul2012 06/13/2016 Bought from VirtualBuddy, great customer to have! Netami Netami
im not donnie im not donnie 06/12/2016 bought our vps/proxies! Pwningcows Pwningcows
ob1ac ob1ac 06/12/2016 smooth transaction with private script sale Worthy Worthy
Worthy Worthy 06/12/2016 Bought a Private Script, works great ob1ac ob1ac
Netami Netami 06/12/2016 Netamia at VirtualBuddy is the best. Helped me with some issue I had accessing the proxies I purchased. Everyone at VB actually made it their priority. Very friendly and professional. Recommend 10/10 I bought a VPS and 3 ELITE SOCKS5 Proxies. I also got the 10 premade accounts they offer. I look forward soon to ones who have finished Tutorial Island! Ron_Paul2012 Ron_Paul2012
Falmar Falmar 06/12/2016 Quested for him, great guy :). INeedMoneyBro INeedMoneyBro