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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
disav disav 10/03/2016 Helpfull Yawodo Yawodo
probemas probemas 10/03/2016 Sold him 450m 07. Smooth Falmar Falmar
YoHoJo YoHoJo 10/02/2016 Amazing Credit selling service. Transaction complete in under 5 minutes, smoothly. Would highly recommend. HackRain HackRain
Faefox Faefox 10/01/2016 bought some graphics Starfox Starfox
Starfox Starfox 10/01/2016 Made him some Script signatures. Everything went smooth. He paid first (: Faefox Faefox
YoHoJo YoHoJo 09/30/2016 very good quick & easy purchase NulledToaster NulledToaster
Zukape Zukape 09/30/2016 Sold him credits! YoHoJo YoHoJo
YoHoJo YoHoJo 09/30/2016 Pretty fast as always. Zukape Zukape
BGPSales BGPSales 09/28/2016 Sold 129m. Transaction completed in seconds. Mohamedrulez Mohamedrulez
YoHoJo YoHoJo 09/24/2016 Always a good choice to go to YoHo. Would highly recommend Netami Netami
YoHoJo YoHoJo 09/23/2016 I bought tribot credits with rsgp and i still didn't recieve my credits... Davbun1 Davbun1
Treegp Treegp 09/19/2016 Just sold me 30m 07 and sold me 30m in the past as well, get guy! MrLemonwaters MrLemonwaters
Pwningcows Pwningcows 09/19/2016 Bought VPS from him :) Aibunker Aibunker
Bogla Bogla 09/19/2016 bought gold easy and fast as usual! luck or skill luck or skill
Trustmybet Trustmybet 09/18/2016 Bought fire cape from him, fast and safe. Thanks! FALSkills FALSkills
mhdjml mhdjml 09/17/2016 sold 31m thanks sssmoked sssmoked
Wowzoor Wowzoor 09/17/2016 I bought gold from Wowzoor. Great price and safe delivery. Cognizant Cognizant
Cognizant Cognizant 09/17/2016 He Bought 50m OSGP, he went first. Great Buyer! Wowzoor Wowzoor
mhdjml mhdjml 09/17/2016 Sold him 50m, i went first fast and smooth thanks, will sell again doeejohhn doeejohhn
Tri Tri 09/17/2016 New here but read forum and Added on skype and asked for advice on bots. Answered two questions and then hasnt helped since been 5 days now. signed into my accounts today all 3 cleaned including my main... weird right after he told me where to plug in my info for bot to auto log in and take breaks. BOTTERS BE WARNED! TAKE CAUTION WITH THIS SCRIPTER! TomZyzz TomZyzz
modulusfrank12 modulusfrank12 09/17/2016 Made me a private script very quickly also updates very fast also thanks pietyy pietyy
modulusfrank12 modulusfrank12 09/17/2016 awsome great time great script will come back Frostt Frostt
Treegp Treegp 09/16/2016 Great! Very friendly, fast and great service. Will buy again! Martijn Martijn
Treegp Treegp 09/16/2016 Bought 32mil off him, I went first, fast and smooth and excellent service from Jake! Lovely and will buy again! UKF_HHA UKF_HHA
YoHoJo YoHoJo 09/16/2016 bouhgt 20 credits off of him :D Sppacely Sppacely