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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Optimus Optimus 05/27/2019 He updated the script 5 weeks ago it caused major bugs and he has done nothing in 5 weeks to fix any of the bugs he created by updating the script and I've been using this script for years it's never been this bad tyson1234 tyson1234
YoHoJo YoHoJo 05/25/2019 Perfect as always since years. :) MausaufTisch MausaufTisch
Arctic Arctic 05/25/2019 Bought 35 credits fast & flawless trade. Thanks again <3 sulocancetin sulocancetin
YoHoJo YoHoJo 05/24/2019 Vouch - purchased some credits with ease! sheporsb0t sheporsb0t
Flax Flax 05/23/2019 Fast and smooth transaction. Bought 98m from him using BTC. Highly recommend! fearful65 fearful65
fearful65 fearful65 05/23/2019 Sold him 100m OSRS Gold via BTC, thankyou. Flax Flax
greekz greekz 05/23/2019 Sold 10x primes, hope to sell him more~ filthyfrank filthyfrank
filthyfrank filthyfrank 05/23/2019 Bought 10 prime accounts greekz greekz
filthyfrank filthyfrank 05/22/2019 Bought 10 twitch prime subs, fast and easy! shaiguy shaiguy
cheeko cheeko 05/20/2019 Sold him 10x primes fast and smooth <3 A+ dfewsloc dfewsloc
dfewsloc dfewsloc 05/20/2019 Bought twitch prime memberships from help. Quick and smooth. He went first as well. :) cheeko cheeko
1gate 1gate 05/20/2019 Sold him twitch primes, he went first! filthyfrank filthyfrank
filthyfrank filthyfrank 05/19/2019 sold me 5 twitch accounts, went quick, and I gave my gold first and had no issues. Would recommend. 1gate 1gate
Failed4life Failed4life 05/19/2019 Bought another 150m - he restocked very quickly and good rates. TYVM! Will purchase again! t3l3 bl0ck3d t3l3 bl0ck3d
t3l3 bl0ck3d t3l3 bl0ck3d 05/19/2019 Sold him another 150m. Thanks! Failed4life Failed4life
Failed4life Failed4life 05/18/2019 Bought 150m osrs gp. Good rates, fast and smooth. Would buy again A+ seller. t3l3 bl0ck3d t3l3 bl0ck3d
t3l3 bl0ck3d t3l3 bl0ck3d 05/18/2019 Sold him 150m Oldschool GP, He went first! Thanks <3 Failed4life Failed4life
filthyfrank filthyfrank 05/18/2019 bought 130 twitch testing1 testing1
filthyfrank filthyfrank 05/18/2019 Bought 10 twitch primes, super quick toshibalover toshibalover
CrazyPipe-www.crazy.gold CrazyPipe-www.crazy.gold 05/17/2019 Bought OSRS GOLD ,Easy communication, very fast after my order was confirmed and verified. Great prices for all his products. Orlandoisit407 Orlandoisit407
ineverbotlol ineverbotlol 05/16/2019 Sold 100 primes fast and easy filthyfrank filthyfrank
filthyfrank filthyfrank 05/16/2019 Bought 100 twitch primes!!! very good thanks ineverbotlol ineverbotlol
filthyfrank filthyfrank 05/16/2019 Bought 10 primes was fast and smooth. FieryWaterWS FieryWaterWS
YoHoJo YoHoJo 05/12/2019 Good and fast, ty. gagiujo1 gagiujo1
YoHoJo YoHoJo 05/12/2019 Bought a lot of credits from him over My Time of being here blasphemy blasphemy
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