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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
EldoradoGG EldoradoGG 07/10/2020 Bought 400m 07 GP using the Eldorado.GG website. Went smooth after ID and CC verification was done. briareos2285 briareos2285
Virt Virt 07/09/2020 Sold me 2 credits, fast and nice guy MrBotit MrBotit
Virt Virt 07/09/2020 Bought 10 credits with BTC. Quick and easy. A++ flamekiller999 flamekiller999
Einstein Einstein 07/09/2020 I misunderstood and made the wrong transaction. Einstein explained everything to me and fully refunded me. Of course I repurchased his amazing bot right away. Commodus Commodus
Dentist Dentist 07/09/2020 Very nice person, helped me through dm's in discord to fix any bugs I have, excellent script too machoflops machoflops
Arctic Arctic 07/06/2020 Went very smooth, 10/10 buffweclap123 buffweclap123
ShootinnStar ShootinnStar 07/05/2020 2nd time using service, helped get full void extremely quickly! thank you, will definitely be using services again :) aloysc aloysc
racozy racozy 07/04/2020 bought 20m, easy and fast! mossontree mossontree
YoHoJo YoHoJo 07/02/2020 Sold me 300 credits, Super quick thanks ! eggyboi eggyboi
YoHoJo YoHoJo 07/02/2020 Sold me 300 credits, Super quick thanks ! eggyboi eggyboi
Arctic Arctic 07/02/2020 Sold me 500 credits, Super quick thanks ! eggyboi eggyboi
ShootinnStar ShootinnStar 06/28/2020 Got some questing services. Received prompt assistance from very friendly people. Would support again aloysc aloysc
flamekiller999 flamekiller999 06/25/2020 Smooth credit sell, Elliot is the best person walking on this earth at the minute im writing this feedback, idk why but i feel he is. Virt Virt
Virt Virt 06/25/2020 Bought 7 credits, quick and easy. Great service A++ flamekiller999 flamekiller999
Virt Virt 06/23/2020 Bought more credits serna gopa serna gopa
Virt Virt 06/23/2020 Bought credits,thanks serna gopa serna gopa
Virt Virt 06/23/2020 vouch bought credits epicman1331 epicman1331
Virt Virt 06/22/2020 Bought credits. Fast and smooth as usual. Thanks. DowntownIndustries DowntownIndustries
DowntownIndustries DowntownIndustries 06/22/2020 sold him 30 credits @VirtGold Credit Shop, thank you bro for being a great trader as always! Virt Virt
Arctic Arctic 06/20/2020 Fast and smooth transaction :) widers widers
Jamie Jamie 06/20/2020 We agreed to a private script and price. I paid for it. I was told it would take 2 weeks, but he might be able to do it sooner. A month later, different excuses, no script. Only positive is he refunded me. mrpie mrpie
Arctic Arctic 06/18/2020 Very fast transaction, no bullshit and very friendly. Thank you. checkclear checkclear
Virt Virt 06/17/2020 Purchased DS2 + requirements, extremely fast and reliable. Great professional Nightclaw Nightclaw
Virt Virt 06/17/2020 Great and fast service! Easy! larstils93 larstils93
Ark Ark 06/15/2020 Fantastic Slayer Bot - responds to feedback and bug reports very quickly, with very quick fixes! Open to sensible suggestions too! lewrj lewrj
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