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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
CrazyPipe-www.crazy.gold CrazyPipe-www.crazy.gold 04/15/2019 Quick and easy 35m purchase with no rush. Marx69 Marx69
YoHoJo YoHoJo 04/14/2019 fast and smooth as always :D super guy to deal with eggyboi eggyboi
gyrate gyrate 04/12/2019 very nice, quick and professional <3 cooperisnotgay cooperisnotgay
Arctic Arctic 04/12/2019 so sexy Callistocub1 Callistocub1
amDeep amDeep 04/10/2019 Middlemanned his trade, thanks for using me! :) Flax Flax
filthyfrank filthyfrank 04/10/2019 Sold settings profile for a script, MM'd through Flax, trade went smooth, tyvm! amDeep amDeep
Flax Flax 04/10/2019 MM'd 40m trade, very professional, tyvm! amDeep amDeep
infraction infraction 04/08/2019 Sold him 46.8M OSRS Gold, smooth trade. Cheers Flax Flax
Flax Flax 04/08/2019 bought 47m, quick service, low prices infraction infraction
rspkplayer rspkplayer 04/06/2019 sold 50m OSRS Gold! smooth as always. thanks =) Flax Flax
Flax Flax 04/06/2019 Bought another 50m quickly and easily. Thank you! rspkplayer rspkplayer
YoHoJo YoHoJo 04/04/2019 bought 20 credits, super fast SmelliLavelly SmelliLavelly
Arctic Arctic 04/01/2019 sold me 8 credits aaaape aaaape
Einstein Einstein 03/31/2019 Needed 1 credit to try Einstein''s bots --> Post a buying thread willing to pay 2M --> Einstein sends me 1 credit for free (I didn't state I am going to try his scripts If this is his spirit, then I am sure his work is the best lawjestaw lawjestaw
Flax Flax 03/29/2019 Bought 70m, lovely experience! Cypher Cypher
Cypher Cypher 03/29/2019 Sold him 70M OSRS Gold via Paypal, very smooth and quick transaction. Thanks :) Flax Flax
rspkplayer rspkplayer 03/28/2019 Sold him another 120M 07GP via PayPal, Thanks alot! Flax Flax
Flax Flax 03/28/2019 2nd time buying. Super quick and Flax is friendly. Thanks a lot! rspkplayer rspkplayer
daxmagex daxmagex 03/28/2019 hello good I'm disappointed and annoying buy your script thinking it was the best and turned out to be the worst I was banned the other day I had used it and had 15 accounts I lost everything I need please a refund MAIBELITA MAIBELITA
Flax Flax 03/28/2019 Great fast and very polite. hyperr222 hyperr222
hyperr222 hyperr222 03/28/2019 Sold him 25m 07gp via paypal, tyvm :) Flax Flax
gyrate gyrate 03/25/2019 Sold me credits smoothly and easily. Arunasura Arunasura
CrazyPipe-www.crazy.gold CrazyPipe-www.crazy.gold 03/24/2019 Sold 800m gold! Fast transaction TY :D dayzsa dayzsa
Ruben Eason Ruben Eason 03/23/2019 Good seller. Thanks for the 80m. hustler96 hustler96
gyrate gyrate 03/23/2019 Friendly guy, got my credits immediately. Thanks :) kankerr kankerr
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