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leoshiro leoshiro 03/31/2020 Bought a torso off him and would definitely recommend anyone to use his services for Minigames/Quests/Gold. Virtgold can be described as very responsive, reliable and affordable. He gives amazing prices, and always provides the services very fast. Furthermore, I was only 50 combat. (The gear was atrocious as I'm an Ironman and he still managed to complete the service in a short amount of time) Here is a picture - https://imgur.com/gallery/UBWoWlm I can say I am positive to purchase more. Innuz Innuz
ShootinnStar ShootinnStar 03/30/2020 Awesome service did lots of quest for me for a great price last one was mm2. xnition xnition
leoshiro leoshiro 03/30/2020 Great trader. Fast and reliable. +1 WallasSwag WallasSwag
Arctic Arctic 03/30/2020 bought a few credits. best seller on tribot ItsYounes ItsYounes
ShootinnStar ShootinnStar 03/29/2020 amazing service lol from 92 to 99 str in 6 days really amazing love it zedany117 zedany117
Fluffee Fluffee 03/29/2020 Bought credits from him with osrs gp, had no problems, everything was fast and smooth will buy from him again for sure ! BrainWashington BrainWashington
Fluffee Fluffee 03/29/2020 Very helpful, took his time to help me multiple times free of charge. blueberrymuffin blueberrymuffin
Fluffee Fluffee 03/29/2020 Very fast trade! Friendly A++ framble framble
Arctic Arctic 03/28/2020 always smooth, like lube Callistocub1 Callistocub1
Arctic Arctic 03/28/2020 tyvm for credits !!! zoxie zoxie
Fluffee Fluffee 03/27/2020 Great Communication! Fast Delivery! Defiantly recommend to anyone looking to purchase credits. Has my trust and will defiantly be back! zebuling zebuling
Fluffee Fluffee 03/27/2020 Spent around 30min teamviewing me and helping fix my looking glass. Absolute legend! bongripper12 bongripper12
TomG63 TomG63 03/27/2020 Thanks for killing Zulrah, can be trusted with 147m bank Drakon669 Drakon669
TomG63 TomG63 03/27/2020 Thank you TomG63, for completing my fire cape on my main account, also for a very cheap price much appreciated. HCI_OSRS HCI_OSRS
leoshiro leoshiro 03/26/2020 bought tribot credits from him, quick response, best rates, will do more business with him in the future :) droola droola
leoshiro leoshiro 03/26/2020 ++ Great service! Nice person SixRosesX SixRosesX
licosi licosi 03/26/2020 sold him credits, really respectful person! leoshiro leoshiro
leoshiro leoshiro 03/26/2020 Bought 24 credits in total fast and smooth will buy more in Future thx mate licosi licosi
Ruffski Ruffski 03/25/2020 Sold 5m osrs gp very friendly client komle komle
komle komle 03/25/2020 Great seller fast and honest bought 5m. Ruffski Ruffski
Fluffee Fluffee 03/24/2020 tyvm for creds zoxie zoxie
Fluffee Fluffee 03/23/2020 Bought 9 credits with OSRS GP. Everything went fast and smooth. BrainWashington BrainWashington
Fluffee Fluffee 03/23/2020 Thanks so much, flawless:))))) even helped with stupid questions hahahah thanks bro! daronja daronja
framble framble 03/22/2020 bought credits from me, very fast trade! leoshiro leoshiro
leoshiro leoshiro 03/22/2020 Bought credit, fast trade framble framble
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