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  2. Hello. Does this script have an option to use the moonclan island bank without the seal of pass as you have the diary completed?
  3. I'm not sure if it was you that commented in the Discord, but I've explained this. It's down to RSBuddy, and there's no alternative available that I can think of atm that would work. It already goes RSBuddy -> GE API. If they're both not working, you'll need to just buy the items yourself. If you can offer an alternative that doesn't involve hardcoding prices, I'm open to it.
  4. It wasn't happening yesterday, so I do not know what is causing it. I am using the veteran boat. I apologize if the first message came off as rude; I love this script, and was just confused by this seemingly random occurrence (though I was able to duplicate it multiple times).
  5. Today
  6. This shouldn't be happening, what boat are you using?
  7. Netami

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    For starters you'll need a spade, and I would take about half that food
  8. YoHoJo

    buying 20 credits in osrs GP

    I can do this at https://www.yohogold.com/buy-tribot-credits/
  9. your scripts are buying everything from the at a really low price they will never buy for
  10. botuser420

    Been out of the scene a LONG time, botting safe?

    Obviously. The name partyhat does certainly imply that
  11. when i fail to pickpocket ardy knight or guard , i get the message that my account is in combat and it starts running away. Also it immediately starts running outside of the building (by clicking on minimap) when some1 open doors at ardy knight. i paid 5$ so i can pickpocket ardy knights with this script but I cannot use it becouse of this bug.
  12. Einstein

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    Updated Substantial GUI improvements. Started a poll regarding the future GUI development. You can cast your votes here. Thank you!
  13. Hi Netami, After each game the bot will continually click the gangplank while waiting in the boat for the next game to start. This makes it look extremely bot-like, because it will continually get the message "I can't reach that." Any advice? Thanks!
  14. kfcswagger

    buying 20 credits in osrs GP

    title says it all
  15. There is definitely more to it; it will always print out the reason it is ending provided you let the script naturally end
  16. leoshiro


    ur the only web walker working right now in tribot
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