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  2. Mateeee ive just been cleaned 320m nothing in my bank currently yolo botting right now fishing gonna bot the fuck out my account if gets banned oh well just them bots are good man haha my friends got one
  3. they cost a fuckton man
  4. Make me an offer, only dealing through PMs
  5. Were can i buy a staking bot from! I'm sick to death of losing to them willing pay alot of money if it's good!
  6. Is it something you will be fixing in the near future?
  7. when a bot runs of membership it should log out and not afk there the whole time or try to world hop, i have this problem in 5 different scripts, anyone have the same problem? sometimes i just forget to re bond it
  8. That's based on your client generated ABC2 profile. I have no control on when or whether it should move the mouse off screen or hover. I am told when to perform those actions and the script then performs them.
  9. Oh my fault, then just interested in buying the services
  10. Could you make it move the mouse away from screen instead of it holding over food, when idling?
  11. No account buying or selling on Tribot bud.
  12. Today
  13. @Tri Hello sir, Im having an issue with setting up the tan leather spell. Im trying to add you on skype but there are multiple people with the name tri tribot lol OK i sort of got it to work. If at the GE bank it will just run away. if i do it at another bank it will work for like 3-5 inventories, and then just say it ran out of dragonhides and log out.
  14. Hello I am interested in buying services for an account with 99 strength, 70 attack, 40 defense, and 70 prayer. Message me a price for this account, im interested in either buying a whole account, or buying services and someone training it.
  15. It's supposed to calculate how many logs it needs to cut to get to 500, but it may not be working correctly or I may have added in an energy check as well that's messing it up.
  16. I've been using vulnerability/alch and was getting 160k/hr xp. Stun should work fine, I just don't have 80 magic yet to try it
  17. @laniax is this project still in development? This is a revolutionary approach to walking which is the weakest point in almost any OSRS bot currently. Having a walking tool as dynamic as this could really improve the banrate on many scripts and give Tribot an even bigger lead over other clients.
  18. does this script have an option to log out after a slayer task is finished?
  19. I asked the same thing, unfortunately I believe that is out of his power, and I am unsure if Trilez will give a extension. :\
  20. @Worthy is there a way to get a couple day extension of the script when it is fixed?
  21. I just trade them in junk. Example. Ring of life. 11M trading price yet 24M ge price
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