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  2. I'm also having trouble loading my settings all the sudden. Been running fine for a few days, but now it's saying "Error loading settings" no matter which option I try to load.
  3. Some recent proggies from the past 24 hours:
  4. Don't worry about it, I want to make sure the script runs flawlessly. Just submitted a slight update, may want to restart script but it should still run fine regardless.
  5. It looks like I did hit the re-run button when I captured the above gif. So, I may have been a tad bit overzealous in trying to get you a gif lmao. No complaints right now, watching it closely for any changes and will report back if any further issues are found. Also, sorry for being a pain in the ass the last couple of days.
  6. Did you also use the latest version of the script? Without pressing the rerun script button?
  7. Is there any way you could make the gif more clear? I can’t really tell what happens it pauses right before it’s about to click
  8. Today
  9. @Naton Hey, As promised, when I get the chance I'd provide a gif. I'd like to apologize for the slowness on it and the fairly abrupt looking cut off , it's my internet connection at home that's doing that. It's fairly quick in the VM itself. Anyway, here's what I recorded: As far as the bot and client debugs, please see below spoiler:
  10. Why does this require food id for cosmic runes makes no sense? Also it doesn't use shortcuts at cosmic reliably. Sometimes it uses it there and not back or just doesn't use shortcut. Should also support house to glory to fairy ring -> cosmic. Very bad for this low level stuff especially considering the price.
  11. border

    Client of Kourend [Open Source]

    Ahh easy! Thanks for clearing it up!
  12. FALSkills

    Client of Kourend [Open Source]

    You put arguments in the box highlighted in this image:
  13. border

    Client of Kourend [Open Source]

    Thanks for getting back to me @FALSkills, I did read that but I'm not quite sure what it means? Do I have to open up the script source and add in the skills i'd like to use the xp lamps on?
  14. FALSkills

    Client of Kourend [Open Source]

    Check the arguments instructions on the first post
  15. godspower33

    [ABC2] Taverly Blue Dragon Killer [120-400k/hr] [Low reqs]

    Have you deleted hooks.dat and restarted client 2 times since last update? Do you have food in your inventory when it does this loop?
  16. Doesn't work at all. It's full of bugs. Glad I didn't buy
  17. BoredPanda29

    Auto Cooker [Open Source]

    This is very slow at wines. It doesn't use keyboard shortcuts for things like how many wine to make. Also doesn't click 'deposit all' to bank and instead uses more time with a right click. XP drops before it starts the second inventory of wine = way too slow. Maybe if it mixed up the methods it would be a good anti-ban but it does this the same slow way every time. So it only gets about 330kxp an hour.
  18. SlarkenTV

    [ABC2] Taverly Blue Dragon Killer [120-400k/hr] [Low reqs]

    Script says "I broke the loop teleporting." Script says "I have something looking at me teleporting." That's all it does, it runs from bank to dragons, attacks one dragon, then teleports away, and just repeats itself. Seems pretty broken to me. I have no other problems with the scripts I use on a daily basis. [21:36:22] Downloading script 'Gods Fally BDK'. [21:36:26] Script Started: Gods Fally BDK. [21:38:06] [ABC2] Sleeping: 1266 ms [21:38:07] [ABC2] Sleeping: 2340 ms [21:39:51] I broke the loop cuz of position [21:39:56] [ABC2] Sleeping: 182 ms [21:39:57] [ABC2] Sleeping: 159 ms [21:39:59] [ABC2] Sleeping: 415 ms [21:40:00] [ABC2] Sleeping: 729 ms [21:40:02] [ABC2] Sleeping: 1278 ms [21:40:03] [ABC2] Sleeping: 2131 ms [21:40:06] [ABC2] Sleeping: 463 ms [21:40:07] [ABC2] Sleeping: 1131 ms [21:40:28] Script Ended: Gods Fally BDK.
  19. adamhackz

    Any other client of LG?

    Not sure actually I just assumed they were being updates as normal.
  20. Quick 16M in an hour https://gyazo.com/3f3f2921e12493d6a6679edb32442c10 . ended up getting serp, tanzinite fang, magic fang and onyx in 3 hours on one account lol.
  21. PixelFire41

    Einstein's Fisher - Probably the best Fisher on TRiBot

    I've had a few glitches where F2P Suicide mode gets stuck near Rimmington after about 20-30 minutes of running. If I move the bot close to Port Sarim, it corrects itself.
  22. Takesoul

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Just took a break and coming back after losing my main (not from this script) .. Current account is 18 days old and 95 quest points completed and currently grinding B gloves as we speak 917 total level / 8.4m total exp. I've had great success with this script and I do know how to use it very well. My question is: Is this still too early to start botting a new account? I know that fresh/new accounts are much risker and I don't want to lose the account because of it being new and not because of the way I bot.
  23. Shoot me a message on Discord or a private message
  24. That's fine. I see you accept Bitcoin for credits. Let me know when youre available and I'll just purchase 50 credits via BTC or if you accept Litecoin thatd be great since it has a faster transaction speed and lower fee. Just let me know how many LTC or BTC to send. LTC preffered.
  25. I would have to rewrite this script to support ge support, probably not soon (while schools in session) but it's definitely a possibility. Don't we already have a premium herblore script with GE support?
  26. border

    Client of Kourend [Open Source]

    @FALSkills How can I make it choose what skill to use the xp lamp on?
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