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  2. I need help with that to help plz
  3. i can't find anything.. Can anyone help? What error it shows: http://prntscr.com/dg7t0e
  4. Thats the reason why, unfortunately I can't remember how to get x86 java on linux, but I'm sure you can google it, if not any other member here can help you out
  5. On a new account? I few months back, I was able to achieve 45m cooking xp on 1 account before it got banned Sadly @Starfox doesn't like to reply at all, so it doesn't look like he wants to fix the script.
  6. No, i'm at VPS. http://prntscr.com/dg7ggh
  7. only problem i see is if you have 1 food left it will not bank if you do not get a crate meaning the next game it will bank mid run and you will repeat the cycle
  8. Are you running the tribot client in Java x86 bit? - Like this http://prntscr.com/dg7eu7
  9. So , when i'm starting new client looking glass at tribot , it says : No runescape client was found. How to fix that? Please help
  10. May I ask what lvl etc your account got? I haven't yet decided whether or not, to risk getting 99 hunter on my main account with 1800+ total level I assume you're using LG with breaks, I wouldn't go for more than 4 hours a day though
  11. That sounds like a Looking glass bug which I cannot fix if all smithing scripts experience it. Unless the other smithing scripts don't even have a proper failsafe for the banking issue. I can try to extend the failsafe, but something could be wrong on your end if looking glass takes that long to load bank items. The problem with looking glass is that it can take longer to load the items sometimes, which makes Tribot not able to detect items in the bank. Anyway, the failsafe should be extended in the latest version. Restart the script without using the rerun button to update it.
  12. Today
  13. I've been using this script on my main for about 10 days now, 12 hours a day, profiting about 6m per day, and i haven't been banned, set the bot to log out when seeing another player in the wildy and this basically means people dont get the chance to report you. I imagine the ban rate is higher for methods besides black chins because you interact with more players doing red chins etc. Anyway you'll definitely profit with this script just dont do it on a fresh level 3, get some levels and stats on whatever acc you wish to bot. Good luck.
  14. online
  15. welp, i just kinda figured out to be honest, it seems that i haven't really got hacked, it seems that i got banned, because in the recovery it says character name is unavaliable, and not only that, when i try to recover it from the website it tells me that" due to ur account status u have to recover it using the client, it's weird because it says invalid user and password, its supposed to tell me i'm banned i guess it's jagex then...
  16. Hello Guys please help i purchased 2 capatcha credits and all i got is that message in the tribot client and i lost like 2 dollars in under 2 mints and not 1 single account created would some one explain to me what am i doing wrong please ! Side Note : i used the standard script arguements i only edited my 2 capatcha key here is SS of my TriBot client https://gyazo.com/90e63ce1ecf6ae1830c886a44ab8ba97 it kept saying the same message over and over with out any delays here is my 2capatcha profile view https://gyazo.com/126c8d227702aa4bcccd74a53f25fb8f i purchased 5 dollars worth of credits and lost almost 2 dollars in like 2 mints please some one tell me what did i do wrong
  17. Glad I could help, hopefully you figure out what happened.
  18. Numerous issues with this bot as posted above, also bot gets stuck in Zaranthis(Fairy ring default location) which led to my ban. Would not recommend purchasing this script, to many issues
  19. It was going to be open source, but that would mean other bots would have access to it as well. I'll be thinking of a way to make it tribot exclusive.
  20. thanks alot, and yeah vncpasswd worked thanks to @yojoedude and u, so yeah i think im gonna have to reinstall my server again.
  21. Hello Dantan, I think you should go for Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphone. It has a very good sound along with eye catching modern retro design, is well-built, and comes with a nice carrying case and a second headphone cable with an Apple-friendly integrated remote and microphone for making cell-phone calls. Check the reviews as well and this would cost somewhere between $100-130.
  22. there is a script named...Its free script, in tool section i think. Its script where you can make your own script or smth like that.. anyways, i did my own cannon fixer + refiller. Worked perfect. Need to do manual breaks tho, as it only possible to make it to repair and re-load cannon.
  23. I literally don't listen to anything the mods say. IF they do "show" ill take that in, but they seem to be empty words to me because it would bring the whole debate up as how people can bot 99's and such. Idk I just ignore the mods when they talk about Detection or w.e. Dude got banned botting Zulrah. Lmao. gf decent account. RIP
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