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  2. Finally some luck with the drops Works really well since the new v1.30 update! Even with uncommon drops im able to hit ~1m/h. Well done! Ancient relic drop proggy^
  3. muradkhid

    not letting me run scripts i purchased

    i had to restart the client. it wasnt letting me run any type of script but its good now
  4. HeyImJamie

    not letting me run scripts i purchased

    Even though you have 2 premium scripts, only 1 script can be run at a time as a free user. Hope this helps!
  5. gef30

    not letting me run scripts i purchased

    you answered your own question, you can only run FREE scripts every three days if you aren't vip. Run your PAID scripts.
  6. HeyImJamie

    [Snippet] Master Scroll Book

    Ty nerd
  7. im a free user and everytime i try to run a script it says i can only run free scripts every 3 days but i have 2 paid scripts???
  8. Today
  9. FALSkills

    [Snippet] Master Scroll Book

    Here is a snippet that probably nobody will use, but I was bored and felt like making it. Code; Example usage: if(!MasterScrollBook.isDefault(MasterScrollBook.Teleports.DIGSITE)){ MasterScrollBook.setAsDefault(MasterScrollBook.Teleports.DIGSITE); } MasterScrollBook.teleport(MasterScrollBook.Teleports.DIGSITE);
  10. Netami

    Netami's AIO Combat [OPEN BETA]

    Hello welcome to the open beta thread for Netami's AIO Combat! The purpose of this beta and this thread is to quickly gather feedback for the script to improve it as quickly as possible! Below you'll find a link to the script listing on the repository (it's free!), please leave all comments below for the script, or you can discord me at Netami#0001. Thanks and enjoy the script! https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2989
  11. Dax Walker is the best but now it stuck in map and won't close it in combat even. Have done this in the past 30 days. @daxmagex
  12. You are getting this error now However, this does not stop the script. It keeps going on creating accounts without a problem. Just figured I'd mention it
  13. I don't currently have any plans to do this but maybe when the semester ends I'll change my mind. I'm not sure whether or not I want to add muling.
  14. Really need Web Walker you say you have private keys, the costum walking is not working at all for me have set tile but doesn't work. Have also deleted hooks.dat
  15. Update v3.120 Updated account creation to support the new process Modified username generation, such that usernames are generated post creation to allow for changing the username if it's not available in game Added support for manually typing in numbers into the number of accounts spinner, on the creation tab. Note: you must hit enter after the entry of a number, or it will not be recognized. I plan to improve this in the future, however I wanted to push creation fixes first Added support for the new username select screen
  16. Sorry about that! Update v1.02 Added support for more food types Fixed OutOfBounds exception when using Magic
  17. Very interesting in purchasing this bot...Is it up and running? If not, what's the ETA on when it will be up?
  18. alfonsobravo

    any bans after todays update?

    No issues on my part
  19. I have tried dax walker again and it still stopped in status leaving i realized in event log it say your using daxwalker if you havent already allowed the script to download the map please allow now ? how do i let it download ?
  20. Suggestion: I think if you added a mule support option that'd be a good addon to the script especially for gold farmers out there. It'd be cool to have an option to select if the script reaches a certain "x" amount of coins to transfer "x" amounts of coins to the mule.
  21. chlorine

    any bans after todays update?

    nothing so far
  22. @Fluffee So I tried running it again and the script shuts off the second the bank is opened. Here's the debug: I tried the script on both fixed and resizeable mode - any ideas?
  23. Derpec

    VPS Help

    I can do this for you. Shot you a PM.
  24. lMazol

    any bans after todays update?

    i've had no issues
  25. Hey thanks a million Am I mistaken in thinking the script only eats Tuna? Would it be an easy fix to allow other fishies? Thanks again
  26. asdfghjk

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Hey @Aropupu I love the script. Been using it without any issues (like all of yours these past years). Would you consider adding agility pyramid support? It's a really simple minigame and I know I'd pay a premium for it. If you need any help lmk and I'd be happy to
  27. HeyImJamie

    [Open Beta] JAIOConstructor

    Awesome Not a bad xp rate for banking at castle wars either.
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