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  2. A talking about totems and relics... because a roll down on client if i get any relic ... i see loot for example 4m.... in bank nothing.. under loot see i die... i watching 3 hours and waiting for drops about relic totem ect... after finaly 3 hours later get medallion... acc pick up loot, after use ring of wealt to GE. Next dueling ring for banking... BUT character use burn ammy without banking ... char stay in cave and continue farm revs...till pk comes.. and next you know... lost medallion... yesterday i check loot... 4x items today 3x..20m gone idk why acc do not banking rare... other items are ok like magic seeds,parts of armor ect...
  3. I'm sorry, I don't fully understand, are you saying the bot didn't bank and went back to the caves with loot in inventory? What is your loot threshhold at? It should bank them, and even if you did die with them, you should keep them unless you are wearing 3 items worth more than the emblems
  4. Today
  5. Yay, finally I can sign in again. In an effort to fix the problems I cleared my cookies and afterwards I wasn't able to login anymore
  6. Bot yesterday drop 4x ancients... today 3x... every time mine acc will be killed ... ofcourse they tele but ancients items ignore and teleport back to wild where acc after die.. no rebank.. 20m gone in 2 days...please fix this
  7. You need to fill out a proper bug report, including picture of your GUI so I can see what is going on. Common issues are: Manta rays as food (They are not supported) Bank at value needs to be 100000 not 100k Hp % needs to be 50, not 50%
  8. It is not broken, you need to fill out a proper bug report for me to help you get it working. I am currently running it now as are many others. Common issues are: Manta rays as food (They are not supported) Bank at value needs to be 100000 not 100k Hp % needs to be 50, not 50% 500k/hr without tinkering with settings to find the optimal ones isn't bad That's not very helpful, you probably didn't set it up properly or didnt set up the client correctly. These proggies are very recent
  9. The script uses DaxWalker for getting around. It sees your charged glory as the fastest way to a bank, so uses that. If you stick your glory (and other tele items) in the bank before running the script it will walk as intended.
  10. I remember in RSPS its a server sided configuration that determines which animation ID which will be used in the dialogue. I'm sure you can some how dump these configurations but I'm not sure our API supports that (yet). If I'm wrong please correct me but I don't think you'll be able to get the Animation ID bud.
  11. Which JDK is the best version to use currently?
  12. Potentially the model ID of the interface which displays the head. Might be something else such as sprite ID but that seems to be returning 0 for everything so the hook could be broken.
  13. In this thread, I will use this image as an example: https://i.imgur.com/gPMG27O.gifv The NPC's chat head in dialogues is (usually) performing an animation. What I have been trying to do for a very long time is to create a tool to dump those animations, to no avail, hence this post. I was wondering if there is anyone out there that may have more experience in the field that could figure this out or has figured this out? Thanks for the help.
  14. Script stops working after I press start. Restarting the client helps but its quite annoying. Any ideas? Also, it does not repot pray/range pots even though they're turned on at the start.
  15. Thank you for perpetuating the insanity.
  16. Of course. Feel free to submit suggestions until July-August. That's when I will re-write the script.
  17. Shift dropping was originally implemented into the script, but it was removed after the script was re-written. It may or may not be re-added; I've yet to decide.
  18. Hi! Sorry for a delay, didn't get nitifications from this thread for some unknown reason. You got your promocode in the PM, please check. A promocode proposition still active, but there is only 1$ promocodes left.
  19. I plan to work heavily on this script when I'm on break from school, which starts in three weeks. Primary objectives will be manual margin checking, and more customization. Secondary objectives are more variants of the dynamic "merch handling implementation type" which will be explained further when added.
  20. Yes it supports world hopping but it really isn't meant to be used in the wilderness so I can't guarantee it will insta-hop I've personally been running it a couple hours a day on my account but I would recommend to not bot on any account you care about because there's always a risk of getting banned.
  21. @Laniax While using charged glory it teles to edgeville after crossing bridge and then proceeds to walk over wolf mountain to get back to ardouge, idk if this is a webwalker bug?
  22. thanks, your other combat script was 10/10
  23. ?????????????????? has it been implemented or not?
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