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  2. What values are you putting in for Heal at Hitpoints and Hitpoints Variation?
  3. lau1992


    That is an excellent question... I cannot recall But I asume it wasn't as it would be visible in the screenshot?
  4. Today
  5. When it gets hit by the cold, sometimes it'll get stuck for example. After eating it doesn't continue chopping, or burning the logs. On the status it'll just say eating, even though its eaten already. When it gets stuck burning the logs (when it gets hit) it won't resume clicking on the pyre immediately, instead the script would just get stuck there while the status says feeding brazier.
  6. This is the exact reason why I can't use Auto Wintertodt Pro anymore, sadly.
  7. I just got my mining to 99, and I've been more or less botting every hour of the day for the last 3-4 weeks (not only for mining). I heard that Jagex is maybe back on their game so I'm happy I got the 99. Sorry you got the ban hammer though.
  8. Anyone have a estimate on howmuch grapes this can buy per hour in the RFD chest with a full unlock?
  9. Hi all, I have had a clue solver in development/beta for a while now, and it's ready for you to try it out! Development thread Repository link This script currently is able to: Solve all easy clues Solve all medium clues Open Baby, Gourmet, and Eclectic impling jars for easy/medium clues Use Eclectic implings for medium, Gourmet for easy. Thieve HAM members for easy clues I plan on adding: Combat methods of obtaining Medium clues - cannon guards at custom locations, etc. Thieving stone chests for medium clues (Zeah) Hard clue solver Elite clue solver ? Master clue solver ? However the higher level clues will take some time to work out! Medium clue scroll requirements: All requirements can be found here. I will also list them below and include which requirements this script will automatically get for you! If you don't meet a requirement, the script handles error based upon your choices in the GUI: it will either drop the clue, or end the script. Why complete medium clue scrolls? PROFIT Math below: Here is an awesome screenshot showing 2 ranger boots in 1 hour, and 72m/hr profit (obviously this rate will not be kept) The script has over a thousand clue scrolls completed in the past few days! Let's keep that number going up Estimated pricing at release: $5/month for 1 instance, $20/month for 10
  10. Thanks for the screenshot. I’ll see if there’s any reason why it might get stuck healing but not actually healing. What values are you putting in for Heal at Hitpoints and Hitpoints Variation? Stuck how?
  11. It gets stuck while feeding the brazier. I never set it to be idle when it hit 500 points.
  12. flamekiller999


    Google "Runescape appeal a ban" first result that comes up They say it's unappealable in the message but they lie - unbanned so many accounts this way. If using a proxy when you bot say the Reason for ban was macroing and why it should be unbanned is your account was hijacked. Also if you have accounts banned over 3 years ago you can say that you apologies as the reason for unban, or you let a friend or family member use the account. They unban these accounts occasionally too, so always worth giving it a shot.
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