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    Just a typo, it's quantity in my snippet now.
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  4. Rij


    Correct me if im wrong but when u say private boolean canUseVarrockTeleport(){ return RunePouch.getCount("Law rune") >= 1 && RunePouch.getCount("Fire rune","Lava rune","Smoke rune","Steam rune") >= 1 && RunePouch.getCount("Air rune","Mist rune","Smoke rune","Dust rune") >= 3; } isn't it suppose to be private boolean canUseVarrockTeleport(){ return RunePouch.getQuantity("Law rune") >= 1 && RunePouch.getQuantity("Fire rune","Lava rune","Smoke rune","Steam rune") >= 1 && RunePouch.getQuantity("Air rune","Mist rune","Smoke rune","Dust rune") >= 3; } Because u have no getCount method or should I make an extra one, or just use getQuantity
  5. Ran it overnight on a few accounts, overall it did really well. I tried it out with a fresh off tut island account and it did perfect. It had one hiccup that happened twice overnight on different accounts though; it got caught up in the GE trying to buy Steel Bars To me that's so minuscule though because of how well this script runs, just thought I'd let you know
  6. leoshiro

    need private script

    no it doesn't lol
  7. 103371

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    can someone share tips to get 99 ???
  8. I've thought about it but there is no reason to use super ranging potions instead of overloads because overloaded stats will never decrease until the 5 minutes are up, whereas ranging potions will decrease until you drink another dose
  9. Encoded

    Why can't I add local scripts?

    Compile directly to .tribot\bin folder.
  10. TheManWhoBots

    Why can't I add local scripts?

    I export the code from eclipse in to .jar format, extract the data in to .class files, then add it to the local scripts repository. What else am I supposed to be doing?
  11. I’ll look into changing the fighting zone. Interesting. I’ll check the save system when I get a chance hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday.
  12. luberda

    barrel balancing at warriors guild

    I guess your right, I guess what i mean, is it cant be glitchy, has to be stable, and atleast basic anti ban compliant. hours ran are more like 5-7 and days out the week will be more like 4-5 days outta 7 not asking for a guarantee, that would be naive of me. But some testing should obviously be done to make sure its stable, and not getting insta banned, or easily banned thats what the test account would be for.
  13. Naton

    barrel balancing at warriors guild

    Nobody can guarantee you that a script will be capable of 7-8 hours a day 6 days a week with no bans
  14. Wanting to buy a private script. Its gotta stand still and drink E potions, then bank when out. Bank is very close. would like to have atleast basic anti ban, capable of 5-7 hours a day, 4-5 days out the week. I have an alternate acc that can be used for testing if need be. just need a serious price, and will awnser any further questions. I do know about mutes private script for this, but hes been veryyyy afk. so id rather someone whos more active.
  15. Account preparing beta should be released tomorrow after some final tests (note that its still in beta), I ran the script on a fresh level 3 just off tutorial island with 1.7m on it within an hour or two it was at blast furnace running great
  16. zdogg

    why is it so slow

    depends how much monkfish you got stored in the inventory.
  17. It should log out after it detects that you're out of rings or runes. Try unlocking the bank setting where it keeps a stack of 0 as a placeholder.
  18. Yesterday
  19. Yeah that's how I restarted my botting farm is through this Twitch Prime Deal. Once I get more hardware in I'll be around 30 accounts running at a time, those are some nice profits I see your point on the Knight's Sword quest, I guess the only reason I was able to easily do mine with that was I manually made them and did the quests. I am truly excited for the potential with this though. I saw earlier in this thread you needed accounts to test with this; if that ever happens again and you need an account to test this or anything else, send me a message and I will be happy to assist.
  20. Thanks It really does have potential to make good money, especially with the twitch prime deals right now. When I first began creating this script, my plan was to have it do knights sword. However, I realized that trying to make a level 3 account with 10 hp survive through ice giants and ice warriors would be a little harder/more risky so I decided to simply go with the easy solution of just manually training. I probably won't switch anytime soon but I could end up changing my mind.
  21. This doesn't exactly have to do with your script, but I have the issue only when using this script. Going on 1.5-2 months now my log in bot does not work while using this script, which for me makes this unusable. I just bought this script *again*, is there anything you can tell me about this problem, anything, is there anything I can do? Thanks Tri.
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