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  2. For sure man. Botting is not like it used to be like it was pre-2010.
  3. Thanks man, this definitely helps a lot. I used to bot heavily back in 2007-2010. Like you said, back when bot bans were almost unheard of unless you were stupid about it. I was running 4 different accounts on a VPS. All 4 accounts mining rune ore. I always had them running for like 10 hours while I was getting ready for bed at night. I turned them off when I left to school in the morning. Each account brought me in around 8-10m each account every day. I wish things were the same now. However, you even said yourself. Things are different now and we must be more smart about what we do and how we do it. Right now, I am working on having ten accounts running at once. I will only have them running for 5 hours and then I will have ten different accounts on for 5 hours. The next day, those accounts will have a day off and I will do the same with 20 more accounts. I know 40 accounts is a bit much but I am trying to make about $2,000+ a month off of this and I will be smart about it too. The breaks and days off on the accounts will be completely random and I will never go over 5 hours a day on each account. I am looking forward to this. Once I get it up and running then I will be more than happy to post on here and let everyone know how things are going if anyone wants to know?
  4. Today
  5. just hired him for a script. paid a couple hundred dollars. waiting for it to be finished. looking forward to it.
  6. IceKontroI

    Filter class deprecated

    Lambdas are just super useful and clean the code up. It's probably best for TRiBot to shift over to that style of coding anyway.
  7. hey erik! just trying out the free 2hr trial and things seem to be pretty damn good so far. at the moment, been going for 45 minutes, however i need to ask - Doing the DH method i have the RFD monsters enabled for maximum points, but it has no real support for fire or ice. is there a way i can set it so that it brings ice gloves for fire and a blowpipe for ice or something like that to get the maximum points per hour? or would you recommend until 80-90 stats not to do dharok?
  8. gyrate

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    Thanks for the 98 and pet (should have been 60 hr progress except pc got shut down accidentally).
  9. wastedbro

    Filter class deprecated

    There's no problem with using the pre-defined filters within the "Filters" class. As long as you're not creating your own Filters, it's fine. If you need to create a new filter, use Predicate instead.
  10. iEatApplez

    Filter class deprecated

    I'm somewhat at a loss since the Filter class got deprecated. Where at first I'd use this; boolean somethingNear(String s) { return Objects.find(10, Filters.Objects.nameEquals(s).length > 0; } I'd now resort to using this for the same method. private boolean somethingNear(String s) { return Objects.find(10, (rsobject) -> rsobject != null && rsobject.getDefinition() != null && rsobject.getDefinition().getName() != null && rsobject.getDefinition().getName().equals(s)).length > 0; } Can someone who knows what they're doing explain to me if there's a better way?
  11. i got perm ban not too long ago like 6 months but i was using full script and botting hardcore so i was asking for it, right before rewrite
  12. WYD

    Optimus Combat & Magic V2

    No need for range.
  13. Thanks! I, finally MAX a skill without getting banned. Nervous to try and max out another one.....
  14. notguilty

    TRiBot Release 10.12_2

    So I re-downloaded RSbuddy (Cross-Platform) version, and LG shows the screen now, but the client becomes un-clickable and unresponsive, until I close the tribot client again.
  15. What methods are you using to max out the account? I personally believe staying simple is key. I have never done DH or absorption. I have been doing prayer pots with no special weapon for a while. Sometimes i even hit 18 hours a day. No bans so far.
  16. With that being said means use an account with quests done and other stats vs a lvl 30 with 75 smithing?
  17. Fluffee

    CC Gambler

    It appears that script was a private script, I've gone ahead and removed it from the repository. I'm sorry for the confusion!
  18. alfonsobravo

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Always thought that the mound misclick was part of the antiban lmao Hopefully this means more chests/hr
  19. Bought 3 proxies from @Fluffee, 1 shared, 2 private, and all working perfectly. Had terrible luck with past proxies (bans and whatnot), but none so far with these. Would highly recommend this service. Very quick with responses and willing to help you with any problems that may arise.
  20. Strobing

    Best way to suicide bot?

    True that. Whenever I try to get accounts to start gold farming, they get banned with 24 hours.
  21. Strobing

    2nd botting offence?

    On my account, I've been banned twice for botting, three times for macroing. I think as long as it isn't deemed as gold farming, you're fine. Don't quote me on it (These bans all had more then a year time difference)
  22. mallaki

    CC Gambler

    Hello, I was looking to use the Cc gambler script but I do not have permission to use it. How do I gain access?
  23. Your bunny drawing has scarred me for life
  24. monkaSman

    [FREE] Lazy Progressive Chopper

    Looking forwards to what else you add and what I can learn from this Congratulations on release!
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