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  2. Hello, I've recently started to get this message after I login to my vps for around 10-20 seconds and get kicked off. I thought this would be an issue with the firewall not allowing connections but I can't seem to see anything wrong unless I am missing something. Is there any other issues that could make this happen? Thank you
  3. Today
  4. Hi, yesterday I made a payment through paypal and a message saying the payment is pending appeared. The money was deducted from my paypal account and the credits have not appeared yet here. I'd like to get the credits to buy a premiun script (I don't need a refund). I have already tried making a help center ticket, pming a couple of admins and through discord too. But it feels like I'm just getting ignored so far. Any help please? I can provide info/details of the payment / transaction. Thanks for your attention. I’m looking forward to your reply.
  5. ichildishhhh

    can we openly discuss RS3.

    Quit rs3 1 year ago and never looked back. Terrible what they've done to that game. They must be making a killing off of the Solomons store.
  6. There's not much I can do without any information from you. Your settings are extremely important for me to know. Will send you a PM reply to that.
  7. keep getting stuck on "antiban" while in the bank debug stops at Disabled all randoms
  8. gaborondix

    Impossible to get support...

    I'm having this same issue since yesterday, been trying to contact you @Fluffee, so far made a ticket on the help center, sent a couple of private messages and even pmed on discord.
  9. The bot stops alot by opening the map and then it cant move.
  10. Underpaw

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    @AropupuScript is spamming "Interface outdated (PNC)! Updating..." under client debug. Edit: restarting the client fixed it.
  11. This looks amazing! As a noob, who just configured his IDE to work with RS, the complexity of this script is waaaay beyond me. Looking forward to the end product.
  12. Support for Lunar Spell book " Cure me" instead of anti-venom?
  13. ianiam

    [COMBAT] JJ's AIO Fighter Pro

    still works like a charm!!
  14. Unfortunately this will not collect items for the 7qp - it goes to the GE to buy them. Not a good idea for brand new lvl 3s
  15. I was using a residential proxy that came with my usernet group sub for nzbs. Also have a vps running now so will see if that helps
  16. Not sure this was ready to come out of beta but whatever gz on release.
  17. https://rsbotspot.com/post/how-to-unlock-runescape-bot-account/ - Try doing tut by hand - Try using 'residential' proxies (often expensive though) - Sometimes either resetting your password, or verifying a valid email address will also unlock the account
  18. Take your time, the script already got me to 60 wc. So I thank you again lol and no problem
  19. Thanks for release, glean GUI.
  20. Im actually shaking in my swade Monkfish gaming chair. Hype!
  21. horatio

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Script is working great, thanks for the hard work. My top feature requests would be. Multiple runs per inv Runepouch support Special attack support Seperate gearing/prayer select for maze up til final room Multiple runs I think is the most important feature for me, I'm using only 1-2 inventory spaces in supplies per run.
  22. YES! Now i can store my monkfish! Love you
  23. i have auto retaliate on and abc at 2-3, using melee. The script taking me to the portal then attacking a few times then it goes to the next. Anyone else have this issue?
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