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  2. https://tribot.org/forums/announcement/63-tribot-down-may-23-2019/ dont mind me just getting my post count up kappa
  3. Looks like the recent update broke LG and it isn't a simple fix. It probably isn't safe to bot for a while even if you do manage a workaround for it.
  4. are all looking glass clients broken after the recent update or is it just me?
  5. IPs have almost nothing to do with bans. If that were the case, you'd get banned for playing on a proxy normally. The number one factor in bot detection is mouse movement, I know this because they literally track mouse x and y on the deobfuscated client. Many scripts still pay no attention to this, moving the mouse at consistent tick rates, creating easily detectable patterns that result in bans. Tribot thankfully provides tools to deal with this, but I can't comment on how well every scripter uses them yet. Make sure the scripter takes advantage of human mouse data or lets you set mouse movement parameters and your bots will last longer.
  6. After the latest game update, the aMiner V2 script will not work automatically at the digging site outside. But the mining guild can work again. What is the reason???????
  7. Ran into a few bugs. With the drop feature, it was dropping seeds over the minimum and when it came to banking, it never banked. I would have to click bank manually and then it would continue on.
  8. Dev version fixed break handler, don't think they've actually implemented it yet.
  9. Today
  10. Gonna need to fix this with zeah update
  11. Hello I purchased this yesterday and am not able to use it yet, the script just says "downloading" and then never changes anything, I have been using a free script in it's place I just wanted to reach out to you.
  12. Can add Steel Bar GE replenishment? And if not, any chance that you might add it?
  13. Oh man I am so sorry to have bothered you then. I appreciate the rapid response regardless! Can't wait to get back to the script lol
  14. The client is down today due to an RS update that TRiBot's auto-updater was unable to handle. We are patiently awaiting a fix from the admins. Sorry!
  15. Hello, Used this script for 5 hours yesterday and loved it. Started it up today and it just ends immediately, still a VIP member [12:28:48] Script Started: EzConstruction. [12:28:48] Setting up global walk condition. [12:28:50] Disabled all randoms. [12:28:50] java.lang.NullPointerException [12:28:50] at scripts.Utilities.ba.h(PlayerOwnedHouse.java:57) [12:28:50] at scripts.EzConstruction.K(EzConstruction.java:1127) [12:28:50] at scripts.EzConstruction.getInitialState(EzConstruction.java:62) [12:28:50] at org.tribot.script.EnumScript.run(cn:161) [12:28:50] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [12:28:50] Script Ended: EzConstruction. also if anyone knows how to copy more than one line of the text at the bottom please share, that was tedious for only 10 lines
  16. Please read the banner at the top of the forum, today's game update broke the tribot client and we need to wait for it to update.
  17. The hosidius rework has finally been released. This script will be updated once tribot is working again.
  18. Tribot is not working correctly after the latest osrs update. Wait for devs to fix. https://tribot.org/forums/announcement/63-tribot-down-may-23-2019/
  19. Tribot is not working correctly after the latest osrs update. Wait for devs to fix. https://tribot.org/forums/announcement/63-tribot-down-may-23-2019/
  20. I will be pushing a fix for this once the bot is back up. It's a client issue https://tribot.org/forums/announcement/63-tribot-down-may-23-2019/
  21. Edit: Just seen the big red banner at the top derp
  22. Will fix right now (although the script likely won't work atm until tribot is fixed)
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