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  2. It's okay you should be using 64 bit windows anyway
  3. Hi there! I'm an admin for Solar Services & we are looking for workers. You can send your application to either my discord (Janne#1565) or post it below. There will be 2 kind of workers: Worker Contract #1: Worker Contract #2: Application Form: Which contract are you applying for? : How much hours will you be able to work per day? : Do you have any special skills (low prayer fire cape, HC ironmen, ...)? : Do you have the required deposit? : What's your discord? : Do you agree to my Terms of Service? : Terms of Service: - You must be able to provide Runelite/OSBuddy screenshots when asked for - You must have a clean reputation on OSBot & on Sythe - You must be able to speak understandable English - You agree to communicate with us and clients via Discord - You agree to not work for another service provider - You agree that all payment goes through management - You agree that orders will be denied to you if an account has higher wealth than your deposit - You agree to keep all customer details to yourself (unless asked) - You agree that (part of the) payment might be denied if the order was not fully/correctly/in time finished - You agree that you will hand train at all times & not use any banable plugins - You agree that any refund will be denied to you if you break any of these worker rules
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  5. I pushed some updates today which should hopefully resolve the issue. It was related to having the amount "0" for food_count, which should fill remaining inventory with food, but instead was behaving improperly. If you continue to experience issues please contact me on via private message or on discord and I will help resolve them.
  6. Basically, i dont bot. I use the client with the zulrah helper "which doesnt bot for you, it only shows overlay that's helpful", but the tribot client is running with so low fps that it's actually quite hard to play. is there any way to increase the fps? a year or so ago I did the exact same thing on my main account and killed zulrah more than 700 times like this, and had no problem at all, no fps issues or anything, i just recently came back and wanna kill zulrah some more which is hard with the low fps that im now getting.
  7. youre a goddamn lifesaver bro!
  8. My mistake, it's not a .rar. Same thing though, change the .zip extension to .jar. As in right click and rename the file in windows explorer. If you can't see file extensions then press ALT in windows explorer and click Tools -> Folder Options -> View Tab -> untick "Hide extensions for known file types"
  9. how do you do this?it isnt a .rar extrension its a .zip extension. ive seen no way of working with osbuddy i just use palemoon still
  10. TRiBot do not allow for account sales, we do not deal with account sales disputes. This trade did not happen on TRiBot, so dispute closed. We do have a no tolerance for off-site scamming, although. @Exe - if you believe you were scammed offsite, please post a new dispute with undeniable evidence of offsite scamming and the banned user. It appears CrazyGold is not banned on major rs trading platforms. @CrazyPipe-www.crazy.gold - If you wish to pursue @Exe for offsite scamming, please read below as well.
  11. osbot his case is closed, on sythe they said the scam victims (he scammed many people, ban evaded a few times(proof in the sythe report) fund, powerbot, tribot and dreambot left
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