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  3. XmQ

    Get equipment from player(s)

    Equipement.getDefinition().getID() or something like that.
  4. dantan

    Game crashes when pressing any keys

    This is a tribot related issue. Admins are aware as far as im concerned.. they have been aware for the issue for months now. @Fluffee Maybe remind the devs ?
  5. slurge

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    Hey Encoded, First of all, great script! got me to 80FM atm with no problems however if there is one thing i could change is for "500 point afk" mode, can we make it so if you do eat a food and a inventory spot clears up, can we make the script not go back and chop for that one more wood? It lowers exp and its not very human like to go back for that one piece of wood when usually I have empty 20 inventory spots and its not necessary at all. Thanks!
  6. boe123

    Game crashes when pressing any keys

    This is a common issue with RuneLite at the moment that will hopefully get fixed soon. Just close RuneLite and only interact with the Tribot client
  7. filthyfrank

    Game crashes when pressing any keys

    Check if you have GPU plugin enabled on RL, im using RL Looking glass and its working fine
  8. Skiller6222

    Skiller6222's AIO Questing (all quests but DT)

    Open for services
  9. Title says it all, whether its pressing any key on the keyboard, hovering using the arrow keys my runelite client and tribot client bot crashes. I am using runelite with looking glass, graphics disabled. If this is caught by a log please inform me how to find the directory, thanks.
  10. gyrate

    New Goal: Suicide Botting to Max

    lol I get where you're coming from. Before I join you in Yolo land, I want to actually have a main. After I get my max cape (if i get my max cape), I can fool around too. Until then, I'll be a little disciplined
  11. I saw a guy once training behind Lumbridge castle on giant rats. He had a tinderbox, axe, and some combat equipment. He would collect the rat meat, then chop a log, light a fire, cook the meat, heal up, and start fighting again. 100% self-sufficiency, which I thought was pretty clever.
  12. trkgosu

    New Goal: Suicide Botting to Max

    Fuck throwaway accounts lol. I been yoloing my main for years. It's a "let me see how far I can get" thing lol. Doing it much more smarter this time around than any other time.
  13. gyrate

    New Goal: Suicide Botting to Max

    Can definitely be used for the 99. Adjust as many settings as you can and attempt on throwaway account first though
  14. smfdandgoml

    Success botting after a 2 day

    In my experience 2 day bans have little to no effect on any future bans.
  15. Killnon2

    Relative Agility - Written by Einstein

    At the Seer’s course, the camera angle somehow got changed and it was stuck clicking on the chat box at the first obstacle. If it happens again, I’ll screenshot. Also, there have been multiple misclicks going into the seers bank.
  16. Version 1.005 Release Notes: - Adds failsafe for people having issues with re-sizable mode on the abyss method - Re-adds shift emptying of pouches (all methods) Warfront1
  17. Netami

    [ABCL10] nBarrows

    Sorry I can't be of much help without some more information
  18. adamhackz

    Just Another Dumb Heap Size Question

    I believe the allotted heap size isn't that big of a deal because it won't use that amount unless it needs to.
  19. adamhackz

    Perma Ban using FTWfishing scritp

    Yeah, the script is old and bad and the scripter is MIA but for some reason tribot admins think its a good idea to advertise a script thats outdated and sucks with a MIA dev on the front page of their website.
  20. rightryan

    Just Another Dumb Heap Size Question

    Absolutely! I've actually got a long background in computers and networking, webpage development etc. but a lot of this specific area is new ground or forgotten knowledge from the academy days. Looking to learn this software and client in and out and later get into scripting, cant be all that far off from webpage development considering I hear its all Java. Thanks again!
  21. coffeedog

    Just Another Dumb Heap Size Question

    Everyone has gotta start somewhere People who are willing to ask questions and learn from it are always welcome, I mostly learned through sifting the forums and trying stuff out myself. People who just expect others to tell them methods are in for a rough time when they figure out it won't always work for them aswell. Good luck friend.
  22. siilentalk

    Refund for broken premium script

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