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  2. The muling script has been discontinued.
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  4. Copped a 2 day ban after 90M exp on one account, don't think the script is the problem I just happened to get chain banned from my other account botting mining. First ever strike using the bot, would still recommend to anyone. Going to run a few more accounts.
  5. Update - v4.010 Add help documentation (found under the ? icon in the script GUI) Resolve NPE when trying to set the gender of the account @BenDol Add failsafe to ensure arrows and bow are both equipped before attempting to range rats Fix generating numbers when a username is already in use Update - v4.011 Update warning popups to include directions to find the help documentation.
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  7. My personal favorite would have to be Auto Wintertodt Pro by @Encoded I've purchased quite a few premium scripts, and this one takes the cake! Followed closely by aAgility V2, for all of the same reasons. Auto Wintertodt Pro started off as an experiment for me, and quickly turned into a script I would run for a long time. I ended up starting my own small business selling Hardcore Ironman accounts with 99 firemaking, as a sort of starter account. I would use @Einstein's woodcutter (which is just as good, by the way!) to level up to the 50 woodcutting required and then a simple firemaking script to level up to the 50 firemaking requirement. This would work almost without fail every time, running the bots 17 hours a day. I've stopped since, but man... that was definitely one of the biggest highlights of my TRiBot experience! If I had to name a second, it would easily be a very old, and outdated script made by @Integer . It was a script that would complete easy clue scrolls. This one I would also run for many hours at a time and gain a pretty decent profit. I would pay good money for a script that solves medium clues. The feeling of waking up and checking your accounts to see if you hit the jackpot is like no other. Epstein didn't kill himself.
  8. Online 24/7 For the fastest resOnline 24/7 For the fastest response, contact us via Discord/Skypeponse, contact uOnline 24/7 For the fastest response, contact us via Discord/Skypes via Discord/Skype
  9. Hey! How do i add an argument to load a specific profile? I can't get it to work with a client starter.
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