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  2. My own script, Why does the rest matter in this situation? I'll probably make a mule, but most likely a few Thanks for the long and detailed response I'll probably go with the "transfer the money through like 2 different accounts, AND THEN through a friend" but I have access to a few IPs which I haven't used for runescape so making a new account there would be a viable alternative to the friend right? (since I don't really know anyone on runescape, just started again after a long break) Also, if you're still keen on helping others I'd definitely like some advice. I don't have Teamspeak/Discord but I could just download them if you're still up for sharing! Thanks all for your responses!
  3. @Superfooddude Me https://yohogold.com/buy-tribot-scripts/
  4. If one of our lovely credit-reseller mods could PM me, I need 10 credits (since I can't buy them with a card anymore...) thanks in advance !
  5. Yours supports binding necklaces but you still have to use fire talismans which are around 2.6k each. that's 2.6k each run + stam + duel Using magic imbue costs around 400gp if using a staff and runes + stam dose + duel ring costs. It's significantly cheaper
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  7. I haven't received bans with and without LG.
  8. [22:37:29] Downloading script 'Tri AIO Combat & Magic'. I accidently clicked block with firewall. What file is it called to allow through firewall? Can't find it.
  9. Try loading RS on your browser, does it work? There was a major DDOS attack on a company called Dyn which many sites use as their DNS. Look up how to change your DNS, switch to google's DNS which is &, and make sure to flush/renew your DNS. This might solve the issue. Otherwise you'll just need to wait for Jagex to fix the issue on their end.
  10. bump
  11. My bot keeps getting stuck on loading client params, it worked yesterday and then some point last night it just stopped. i use a mac and just downloaded the new java, anyone know what to do?
  12. what do you mean?
  13. added you on skype, looking forward to buy some credits.
  14. 1. Script Author: @iant06 2. Link to Script's Thread: 3. Date Purchased: Sat, 15 Oct 2016 18:56:57 +0000 4. What type of duration did you purchase: 1 month 5. Proof that you have tried contacting the author about your issue(s): https://gyazo.com/cec3bbfc802efa3c206d0c8a777480f4 6. Issue(s): script will get stuck no matter what after 30 mins
  15. Didn't know it was called paint, but yes I that's what I meant. And thanks for clarifying that up!
  16. Yeah, everything looks OK on my end. Please let me know if you have any issues or suggestions
  17. really nice script!
  18. It's a problem with the client painting the game image incorrectly. If this happens, restarting should do the trick. After you restart it, try to not move the client or re-size it, otherwise the game image may not be painted correctly.
  19. @Montreal yes you ment to send it out but there was an error and its has been replaced and working fine, thanks Montreal!
  20. I can't comment on gold farming, but in my personal experience I haven't noticed large differences.
  21. Vip E is a must for anyone who's looking to bot with a low ban rate
  22. The lifetime of the previous slayer script ended. This script is completely new and rewritten; however, this will not be released as premium for the foreseeable future, and will be free for now.
  23. Luckily it was only a 2 day ban
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