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  2. I was only running 1, and was breaking every hourish for 15 mins-20mins
  3. Yes, it is a .jar file. If the problem is that you aren’t able to open the jar file (nothing happens when you click it), you probably need Jarfix. Jarfix can be found at: https://johann.loefflmann.net/en/software/jarfix/index.html
  4. Today
  5. Attempted to test but the script just sits there not doing anything.
  6. still having trouble making it a .exe file it just says .jar file
  7. Mate this script is insane, you are a legend! Do you think taking breaks is worth it? if so what pattern would u suggest? Im seeing accounts with like 60m+ xp and fuck all other stats.
  8. Really cool script so far, just testing it out now. Only issue i've found so far is when using it on F2P, it tries to grab Falador teleport / Varrock Teleport, but then fails afterwards. Then when re-running the script without the purchase argument, it'll go off and try to find the items itself rather than using the ones that are in the inventory. Would be great if it could check the inventory for pre-acquired items! Running it through 5 quests so will see how that goes! // One quick "bug" per say, on the Rune Mysteries quest, it doesn't check if the item is in the inventory before trying to chat to Sedridor, just starts a loop of it. Thanks!
  9. Banned on first acc using at seers village and banned again running at canifis/fally - just a heads up to anyone thinking of purchasing to use at these locations.
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