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  1. Yesterday
  2. This script is awesome thank you so much!!!
  3. the only thing the resources tab doesnt record is broken/lost ammunition when using a crossbow or anything that isnt a blowpipe if im correct, is this something that could be implemented?
  4. what gyrate said, keep this one or atleast put it on the back burner til the heat dies down a bit. start a new acc on a proxy and start a new journey like swampletics
  5. Update 20/03/2019: - Fixed an issue in which the script would purchase quest items for the quest it had recently completed. Thanks to @Runnwith for bringing this to my attention.
  6. the 6-way switch works fine but I havent had success having an 8 way switch without it rearranging
  7. As of recent, JAIOPrayer now supports Necromancy! As a celebration for this new addition, I've decided to give everyone who wishes to try 10% off for any purchases made prior to the 1st April! To redeem, just use the code 'NECRO' at checkout Why not give it a try? Other features include: - ABC2/ABCL10 Compliance - Gilded Altar - Wilderness Altar - Bone Burying - Supports all bones (Including Hyrda!) - Multiple banking methods - Clean, JavaFX GUI. Click here to purchase: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3016 Click here to view the script thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/78704-abc2abcl10-jaioprayer-javafx-gui-necromancy-wilderness-altar-gilded-altar-bone-burying/
  8. just get 75 magic for trident lol
  9. Iban's makes it way more efficient no?
  10. why do you even need Regicide for Barrows my dude
  11. Script has worked well for me so far. I feel rev teleport scroll support would be worthwhile for using craws since deaths prior to reaching revs happens more often, or at least seems to. I've run into some issue where the bot will be at grand exchange and will be clicking in the top left where the chest would be if it was in clan wars, seems to have gotten stuck where it needed to tele to clan wars still. One other time happened where it was constantly right clicking the emote tab for some reason while sitting at grand exchange. Was using resize when both instances occurred.
  12. They said bring back waterfall quest. Does that mean it is not working as of now?
  13. When can we expect the premium version I don't want to do the whole quest line manually to bot Barrows
  14. I face the same problem, I know that this is outdated, but did you find a solution eventualy? tia
  15. No! Maybe it's just hindsight speaking (I miss my 1600 main ) but don't bot anymore on it It's already an amazing account good enough to enjoy end game shit with and look cool Start from scratch, see if you can pull it off twice and if so, hook a fellow botter up with a guide
  16. can this walk from the bank into taverly dungeon? works great otherwise. can't figure that bit out to get it to return. otherwise im ready to purchase.. edit, figured out the walk back, but any chance on getting agility spots added based on agility level?
  17. Partyhat

    Selling OSRS gp

    How much stock do you have? Do you have discord?
  18. Gear re-arranging works as you intend with a 6-way switch right? I will likely not be adding this soon. If my calculations are correct, to fully charge the ring costs 2M and equates to 2500 rings. From some empirical data, we know about 0.5-0.6 rings are used on average per battle attempt. So 2M equates to 4.5-6k trips. ____ Aside: fixed issue with hiscore data tracking
  19. Promotion is official ending in 7hrs 30mins, get them NOW before it ends (higher prices after promotion over)
  20. Is there any way to get it to use the "default quantity = all" button when doing something like humidify? A person isn't going to right click every time, they're just going to change the setting and click once.
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